Rootmaster goes Mediterranean with Rhythm Passport

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Rootmaster goes Mediterranean with Rhythm PassportSUN 23.9 (8PM) - Balothizer - FREE ENTRYSUN 28.10 (8PM) - Colomboloco - FREE ENTRYSUN 25.11 (8PM) - Amaraterra - FREE ENTRY*******************************************************************We might have just come back from holiday, but we are already thinking about our next one. And this time, we want you to set sail with us!How? Join us at Hootananny Brixton on the fourth Sunday of the month, and you’ll take full breaths of Mediterranean air.For the next three months, Rhythm Passport will curate three FREE ENTRY episodes of the Rootmaster music series at the Brixton venue, and we will let it travel to South Europe with three sea-scented, dancy and exciting gigs.*******************************************************************For the first stopover of our Mediterranean musical cruise, we will visit Greece, more precisely Crete, on Sunday 23rd September. Balothizer will bring their Cretan anarchic, as much as traditional, sound to Brixton for a far-out night.The trio, which was formed in London in 2016 by Greek musicians enriching the London music scene, aims to unite the rootsy and archaic vibes of the Greek island and its millennia-old history with distortions and raging arrangements.Their theatrical shows inevitably turn out to be sound experiences and “rocky presentations on Cretan culture”. So, head for Hootananny on Sunday 23rd September and get ready for some incandescent “Cretan music from hell”!
European harbours will welcome the Rhythm Passport sailboat for the following show on the agenda on the 28th October, when Colomboloco will present the full spectrum of South European folk music, from Andalusia to Turkey, stopping over in Southern Italy and Greece.They define their sound as “Mediterranean Gypsy music”, so it’s no wonder that people inescapably dance their gigs away, allured by their upbeat vibes.
last docking for 2018 is on schedule for Sunday 25th November, with Amaraterra spinning the Hootananny’s helm. The third episode of our Rootmaster series will release all the rhythmic and enrapturing power of Southern Italy and Greek traditional music enhanced by a contemporary London twist.Pizzica, tarantella, rebetiko, Mediterranean joie de vivre and London eclectic attitude will tempt Brixton on the last Sunday of November, and there’s no serum that can cure you from the tarantula rhythmic bites: you’ll be heartily doomed to dance until exhaustion.

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It’s been ten days since the latest appointment with Arsenal of Sounds. On the 4th of November, we went fully Mediterranean, welcoming on to the Woolwich Works stage pizzica and gnawa rhythms and imaginary. This was all thanks to the wild musical drive and dedication of Amaraterra and Gnawa London…

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Amaraterra is a multi-national band reviving and reinterpreting traditional music from Southern Italy and the Mediterranean in a very London way.   Check out their new single ‘O Diu Quantu Sta Casa’:   …and don’t miss their (virtual) set part of Jam in a Jar online festival, happening in…

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It goes without saying that we will miss Bandcamp Fridays… Today, till midnight (Pacific Time), is indeed the last appointment with one of our favourite initiatives meant to support and bring some well-deserved fee-free income to the pocketsof labels and musicians. So, to celebrate the 10th Bandcamp Friday of this…

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Preview: Amaraterra + DJ Aly Prince @ Hootananny (London; Sunday 26th April 2020)

One Sunday night in Autumn 2018, they turned Hootananny upside down with their frenzied pizzica and taranta rhythms. So, we thought it was time to set the tarantula free and let it bite Brixton once again. On the 26th of April, Amaraterra will liberate into South London all the Mediterranean-scented…

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London Gig Guide (May 2019)

At times, we are the first to lose track of how many exciting music events happen in London each month, so we have decided to offer you some sort of “public musical service”, meant for all the locals and passers-by, with the aim of suggesting where to listen to some…

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Daily Discovery: Amaraterra feature video

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Artists: Amaraterra

Interview: Amaraterra (June 2016)

On 13th June Italy played its first match of the European Championship 2016 against Belgium. The football was the perfect excuse for Rich Mix, the Shoreditch independent multi-arts venue stretched over five floors, to organise an all-Italian event, inviting Amaraterra to perform on stage after the match, either to celebrate…

Artists: Amaraterra

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