Rum Buffalo + Felix Holt + Brooke Sharkey + Leonie Evans


Every Monday at Jamboree a tight-knit collective of musicians conduct the audience through the evening from attentive folk and blues appreciators to a joyous rabble dancing and cavorting to uplifting Americana, Gypsy Swing and Balkan. Below are this upcoming evening's act's on the bill!

Playing a fusion of surreal western swing, bastard bluegrass and contemporary dixie ragtime, Rum Buffalo brings edgy old time classics to the stage and the streets.


Furnace Flowers tickles the belly of his mahogany guitar (named 'Brother' after a psychic dream that lead to his discovery) until their voices wind round each other, weaving intricate harmonies that tiptoe between traditions, waltzing through the infinitesimally structured songs of an obsessive lyricist. Felix, the real-name of north London based singer-songwriter Furnace Flowers, spent his formative years avoiding school in any way possible before taking it upon himself to get a whole new education, saturating himself in the history of folk, blues and lyric poetry. Lost in an auto-didactic blur, he spent months at a time wandering the urban forests of Europe, busking and sleeping in a hammock. Echoes of his experiences, in both the musical and continental labyrinths, turn up sometimes in the shadows of his songs.

With a constantly evolving plethora of material, Furnace Flowers' live shows can be a kaleidoscopic experience. Love-sonnet lullabies twist into image-saturated incantations and then into howls of callous desperation. A show that starts at the full, frowning intensity of songs such as 'Somewhere to Fall' and 'Oh My Fate' can very quickly transform into the hip-twisting grins of 'After You' or the grin-twisting irony of 'Talking Suicide Blues'. But throughout, it is the earnestness and attention to detail that tie the ends together, in a knot of musical authenticity. The gentleness of Furnace Flowers' voice could leave you adrift in a musical sea of serenity, but let the gravity drag you under and it speaks to a loneliness that very few could reach.


Inspired by gypsy blues and country folk music, Brooke Sharkey is a dedicated troubadour who has carved out an exciting musical niche with expressive and spiralling vocals of delicate English and French ballad's. The themes in her song-writing are achingly personal, presenting the tribulations of life and complex intimacies in all their vibrant, heart-breaking glory.

She is accompanied by Adam Beattie on double bass and backing vocal which brings an added tenderness and weight to the compositions, whilst Alastair Caplin fuels a fire in the songs with his passionate and evocative violin playing, tied together by the rich sound of Jez Houghton's French horn.

Brooke Sharkey is cooking up a delicious ingredient for success with the strength of her songs, the talent of her fellow musicians, pooled with her unique mix of folk, gypsy-Jazz and French ballads.

Leonie is an extremely talented songwriter, blessed with a rare vocal prowess. Her songs mix a variety of styles, soaked in New Orleans spirit, but also encompassing blues, folk and jazz standards, spiced in her own particular way.


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