Rumpus: Fallen Empires


The Coronet Theatre
Oct 2nd

Tickets on Sale at 12:00pm 6th August from here:

Summer might end, but Rumpus won't let the festival season die! We're coming back with our biggest event to date!

We've got headliners like The Destroyers, Deekline and Gypsy Hill alongside Rumpus-favourites like Happy Slap Boutique, Hot Cakes and The Wonderland Crew, and we've got a bunch of new acts and surprises lined up!

Will you join the quest to find all pieces of the ancient Rumpsu Amulet, scattered around the various lands and empires of the event? Will you digitise and upload yourself into the mainframe to play Rage of Empires live on the giant cinema screen, high above the dancefloor?

We've already got one of the biggest line ups ever seen in London, but never fewar: we will keep adding to it!

Tickets on Sale at 12:00pm 6th August from here:

RUMPUS: Fallen Empires
(More acts to be Announced)

★★Main Arena★★
☆Deekline☆ bassbin-shaking bravado from a world famous artist who's cooking up a storm right now.

☆The Destroyers☆Stomping leads and chilling strings from Birmingham's Mega-folk maestros

☆Gypsy Hill☆ an intoxicating mix of Balkan brass, Mediterranean surf rock, ska & swing.

☆Sambattlion ☆ a colossal artillery of infectious Samba rhythms

☆VJ Harper ☆ A tidal wave of visuals will caress your eyes!

★★1st Floor★★
☆The Boom Dogs ☆ The stankiest, funkiest, slap-bassiest, nastiest, danciest, filthiest funk band you'll ever lay ears on.

☆Troz Minster ☆ UK Funky, Future Garage, Bass House, 4x4 with some tropical bizness for good measure.

☆LordJustice ☆ Not one, not two but three decks pumping out electroswing madness!

☆Jamie Moon ☆ Sticky funk and scorched soul on a bed of dirty rhythm & blues, washed down with Latin licks and a shot of Afrobeat.

★★Hot Cakes presents: An Empire of Bass★★

Rambunctious, no-nonsense bass music cut through with junglistic drums and firing b-lines, from the crew that fills dancefloors around the globe, from Miami to Russia.

☆Deekline ☆ Effortlessly balancing cutting edge tunes with dancefloor classics, head of the London to Brighton-spanning Hot Cakes collective of producers, promoters and DJs.

☆Jurassik ☆ We ran some of our first ever parties with this giant of Breakbeats, famous for combining jungle, garage and breakbeat flavours into the rich matrix of roughneck riddim bass music.

☆Martin Flex ☆ One of the freshest names on the booty breaks scene, a producer who knows how to drop the 808 boom and send the bodies flying around the room.

☆Final Conflict ☆ Forged on the Manchester breaks scene back in 2003, all things bass, from trap to glitch hop, breaks to dnb.

☆Bob B-Wrong ☆ Suck My Rock and Boink! Lynchpin Bob B-Wrong can do no wrong when it comes to tunes!

★★Happy Slap Boutique presents The Shaman's Shop★★

Deep in the jungle lies an ancient forgotten city, its edifices built of bass, beats and the spilled blood of human sacrifices. If you press your ears against the ground you’ll catch the echoes of rites, rituals and unearthly spectacles, carried out to appease gods whose names have not been uttered for millennia.

☆Ocelus ☆ a genre defying producer and DJ gaining international recognition through his live DJ sets, mix-tapes and his own musical productions.

☆DJM ☆ The master of putting tunes you never thought would work together!

☆Mikey J ☆ The hardest working DJ in the north of England comes south to lay the freshest tunes at your feet.

☆Arnivore ☆ Head honcho of Cool Beans, this party-starter extraordinaire is making a welcome return to Rumpus. Warning: may contain air horns.

★★The Travelling Tavern★★
When every empire has blossomed and wilted; when every wind of change has blown its course; at the end of all roads and outside of all time there will be a lone saloon stationed at the edge of everything where the liqueur flows unceasingly, where bodies whirl, desires unfurled, unfettered from the grip of the grave. And the music! Pure as the dawning of a new day, wild as the night and sublime as the stars. Leave the follies of the waking world behind you and join us in the perpetual twilight of the Travelling Tavern.

☆The Hoffman Trio☆ - Explosive jazz-hop and deliciously funky trip-swing

☆ Le Skeleton Band ☆ Hadean shanties and chanson du cirque from this marauding mélange of France's finest freaks.!videos/c1oyj

☆Garance and The Mitochondries ☆ Experimental post-musette chaotica spiced with exotic rhythms foraged from her travels in New Orleans and South America.

★★Rokit presents: The Seven Ages of Empire★★
An immersive and interactive space featuring the finest in vintage and fantasy clothing and costumes for your perusal, with a liberal sprinkling of performances for you to lose yourself in.

★★Wonderland presents: Atlantis★★
The Wonderland crew welcome you to the drowned glory of the lost city of Atlantis.

☆Duzmoore☆ Smooshing up breaks, funkyness and 90s classics

☆Elementum B2B Slutdrop☆ UK Garage mania from the 2-stepping twosome. When the crowd say 'Bo'...!

☆Imo Loves Dick ☆The Queen of Hearts and the Dormouse get up in your grill with classic RnB, Hip Hop and booty bass

☆King Mix A Lot ☆ His highness treats us to more big beat and warped electronic plus some kazoo bootlegs

☆Fat Sam☆ Coming at us with a mix of electro swing, glitchyness and silly classics – a grand slam from Fat Sam!

☆Miss White Rabbit ☆ the fluffy-tailed one sorts us out with a fine selection of calypso and African beats

☆J.Ravens ☆ A solid mix of electro, house, future and classic dance vibes. Banging tunes for a banging dancefloor!

★★The Rumpus Art Exhibtion★★
The Rumpus pARTy Collective gather to display an exhibition filled to the brim with London's finest and freshest talent. Witness the glory of the Live Art Battle, and step into Lozzy Bones' and Harlot von Charlotte’s Victorian photobooth, which in 5 minutes flat will present you with a portrait, powered by nothing but historical anachronism and the fastest pencils this side of the Equator.

Featuring art by:
☆Lozzy Bones☆
☆Harlot von Charlotte☆
☆Amie Dearlove☆
☆Emily Manning☆

★★Silly Ideas Factory presents: Rage of Empires★★
Wander up to the opulent cinema balcony and enter the digitization booth, create your avatar, and upload yourself to the Rage of Empires mainframe. Select your quest then explore and interact. Use your wit/intellect/silliness to reach your goal without dying (or getting distracted).

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