SBC Roof Garden With Chouk Bwa Libète & The Hanoi Masters


The Nest Collective take root on the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden for a series of summertime gigs during Festival of Love.

Providing a summer soundtrack to the London skyline - Folk with Altitude returns for a 4th year under the banner ‘New Folk, Old Folk & No Folk' - Bring brollies, pillows and an eager ear!

28th July : Chouk Bwa Libète & The Hanoi Masters

Chouk Bwa Libète continue the tradition of Haitian 'mizik rasin', or 'roots music', staying close to the essential elements of Vodou culture: rhythm and dance. Their songs are a blend of traditional songs and original compositions by Jean Claude 'Sambaton' Dorvil. The drummers are unanimously recognized as masters of their instrument in the Vodou communities of Gonaives, in Northern Haiti, and the band's vast knowledge of Vodou rhythms is on display in their debut album.

The Hanoi Masters - These musicians all have deep personal connections to the upheavals of the Vietnam War and the group's mood navigates the blurred line between raw beauty and sadness. The songs are performed by elderly Vietnamese musicians using half-forgotten traditional instruments & this special performance marks the Masters' first time ever travelling outside their home nation, 40 years after the end of the Vietnam War.

Folk With Altitude 2016 Series
Also Coming Up

20th July >>
Maarja Nuut
Maarja Nuut is a fiddler and singer from Northern Estonia. Her music combines traditional dance tunes, songs, and stories with live electronics to create an intricate and layered sound-scape where minimalism and experimental sounds meet the village musical traditions of pre-war Europe.

Sun 31 Jul >>
Dom La Nena & Moira Smiley
Brazilian cellist and songwriter Dom Le Nena plays an internationally flavoured collection of indie-folk songs with wandering melodies and lightly layered vocals.

Moira Smiley is a singer and composer with a soulful repertoire of traditional American folksongs. Her recordings feature spare, vocally driven collections of altered traditional songs, performed with original polyphony and body percussion.

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