The Ddr Of Rnb Featuring The Ukrainians


This is a monster night! The only DDR of RnB in town!

THE UKRAINIANS - on their 20th anniversary tour! An indie band from the north start playing songs in Ukrainian on the John Peel show and... THE UKRAINIANS were born. "They were mining Balkan beat long before Eugene Hutz and Gogol Bordello became the toast of the New York/East Side hipster scene..." (The Word) From to covers of the Sex Pistols, T Rex, and Brahms, to folk musi c in Ukrainain style, the Ukrainians 'deliver an exhilarating, sometimes intensive, but always enjoyable take on Ukrainains music" (Rock n Reel)


"As good as Slade Alive, Yes that good" The Guardian

"The band that got stuck behind the Iron Curtain in 1985, and are now back with their unique, unpleasant socialist R&B"

Yes - "unique, unpleasant Socialist RnB", from their own website! THEE FACTION are tight, musically and politically. It's rock n roll wtih a message. It's in-your-face, it's great music, and it's very, very funny! Or, maybe not.

Their blog gives the detailed analysis...

Thee Faction's very own club night 'the DDR of RnB' is this time an East European special, be there for a bit of Iron Curtain nostalia!

+ Djs...

Only £10 inc booking fee in adv.

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