The Habibi Project: Chapter I


The Global Arts Concert features a plethora of outstanding musicians, singers and spoken word poets from across the world.

From Syria, the critically acclaimed Maya Youssef brings her mesmerizing kanun to the Union Chapel. The phenomenal Nepalese folk band Namlo combine a variety of musical influences alongside the traditionally placid sounds of their heritage to create a truly unique musical concoction. While the Ghanaian Sabbey drummers provide a joyous excavation into the vibrancy of West African culture. The UK contributes the outstanding musical talents of pianist Karim Kamar and the inspirational social and politically conscious spoken word poets Emmanuel Speak. The concert is an exclusive opportunity to see all of these amazing artists perform in one night.

The concert represents the beginning of the Habibi Project as a creative arts organisation. Habibi is a term of endearment, literally meaning my beloved. Entitled Chapter I the event seeks to celebrate the vast diversity of the UK and raise public engagement of the greatest humanitarian crisis of the 21st century. The mass displacement of people is an issue which needs further public involvement in lobbying governments and advocating for the voiceless. The profits from the event will be going to two organisations actively trying to mitigate the effects of the crisis both at home and abroad, Help Refugees UK and Bristol Refugee Rights.

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London Gig Guide (May 2019)

At times, we are the first to lose track of how many exciting music events happen in London each month, so we have decided to offer you some sort of “public musical service”, meant for all the locals and passers-by, with the aim of suggesting where to listen to some…

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Event Review: Namlo @ Balabam (London; Friday 16th March 2018)

Bringing smooth and devout instrumental interplay, candid voices, and an alluring mélange of folk melodies, Namlo unfurls nuances of the musical multitude of ethnic Nepalese folklore. Their music delves into mountainous landscapes and villagers’ concern of overflowing rivers, as well as the journeys of meeting places (‘Rodhi Ghara’) where people…

Artists: Namlo

Album Review: Namlo – s/t

Nepalese folk music is one of those ancient musical traditions from Asia with a spellbinding power over anyone’s ears. The weaving and tender melodies voice the Himalayan breeze and nature all around. The harmonization of wind and string instruments forges unique compositions, floating between Nepalese verdant landscapes and anywhere else…

Artists: Namlo


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Artists: Namlo

Review: Namlo @ Sands Films (London, 2nd December 2015)

It is well known that music has the ability to let people escape from their reality and travel the world without barely moving from their sofa. But, what happened on stage in the intimate and velvety setting of Sands Films in Rotherithe, surprised even the more passionate music lovers. In little more…

Artists: Namlo

Interview: Sabbey Drummers International (October 2014)

I’m Upstairs at the Ritzy for the debut performance of Sabbey International and I have with me the two founder members of the band, Afla Sackey (Afrik Bawantu) and Yaw Asumadu (Ozi Ozaa). Rhythm Passport Sabbey International is one hundred percent traditional and one hundred percent acoustic. What is the…

Artists: Sabbey Drummers

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