Tribute Soukous All-Star Night In Memory Of Remmy Ongala


Tribute Soukous Night
In memory of the legendary
REMMY ONGALA 1947-2010
At Passing Clouds, Dalston
Saturday 22nd October


We are honored to invite you to a very special tribute night for one of Africa’s greatest singers, the mighty Remmy Ongala who sadly passed away on 13th December 2010.


“He was a superstar in East Africa, and in the 1980s and 1990s he reached European and American audiences with albums for Real World, a label founded by Peter Gabriel, and international tours that included many appearances at Mr. Gabriel’s Womad (World of Music and Dance) festivals.” - New York Times, January 18, 2011.


To celebrate Remmy’s music and life we have invited the original members of his band Orchestra Super Matimila, lead by Kawele (Africa Jambo) and featuring soukous superstars Saidi Kanda, Fiston Lusambo, Rama Kayimanda, Billy Mwangura, and Malinga, Kiniki, Rissa Rissa, Eugene Makuta, and Claudia Bakisa.


Also very special guests on the night include Baba Adesose Wallace (Ibile/ Tribe Of Doris), and Torera Mpedzisi (Mbira legend)!!


Your DJs on the night are: African music don DJ Wala Danga (Africa Centre/ Limpopo Club), Mister K (Africa Centre) and Planet man (Little Blue Ball/Passing Clouds).



Live on Stage:

Orchestra Super Matimila & guests (Soucous)

Baba Adesose Wallace & Torera Mpedzisi



Wala Danga
Mister K
money raised on the night is going to the DK Remmy Ongala Foundation to help children in Tanzania with music scholarship.

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