Warehouse Sessions Live – Halloween Ep. With Theo Bard, Harrison Brothers And Lokkhi Terra


A new Monthly  night created by producers of the Arena Sessions videos & upcoming Jamboree documentary, to discover more talent and share it with those who are yet to understand that Folk and World music in London are the new Punk!


Warhouse productions have been documenting and recording some of the gems of live music in London and making several session videos for some of your favourites..


Here is an example:



To be able to carry on WITH this worthwhile project ,
They NEed Your Help! So the Warehouse sessions are going LIVE on The New Empowering Church Stage!


Day time new songs will be recorded and music videos will be shot, and night time you will get a chance to dance to their great performance like there is no tomorrow... and get a chance to be in your favourite bands music videos..


So come down and share your love with them and dont forget to bring your dancing shoes...


Live and Alive from 21.30 till late


First Episode:

THE HARRISON BROTHERS (Uk-Kings Cross - The HArrison)

Spawned in the basement of a Kings Cross pub, The Harrison Brothers are a trio of urban cowboys that spend their days chewing straw and pickin' out old folk and bluegrass tunes.



THEO BARD (UK- Woodburner- Anywhere one can busk)

Their catchy folk-pop choruses and carefree vagabond spirit recall The Levellers at their best. But there is much more to this debut from the youthful band formed around singer-songwriter and guitarist Theo Bard.

The lyrics are beautifully judged, taking the universal from personal experience. The music is cosmopolitan, putting English folk music in contact with blues, jazz, and Central European. This is a testament to an exciting new band.      (Songlines Magazine)




LOKKHI TERRA (uk-Bangladesh-Turkey-Cuba)

A Bangladeshi twist on Afro-Latin styles


Lokki Terra have gone from strength to strength since their first gig in 2006 at a concert titled From Bangla-beat to Afro-beat at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. Co-founded by the classically trained, jazz-minded British Asian pianist Kishon Khan  who has played with everyone from Havana Cultura to Hugh Masekela  this good-natured London-based collective are now widely acknowledged as an international force to be reckoned with. (Songlines Magazine)


Summer smelling, Festival buzzing, loving Lizard Djs will be spinning the decks till Khwaja turns the lights on...


So come early cos if this line up doesn't bring festival bunnies all joined under one roof, nothing else will!


The New Empowering Church left entrance to Netil House
1a westgate St. E83RL London just off London Fields & Mare St.


For more info:



** proceeds of the night will be used to create music videos for the artists involved.

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