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Europe's longest running festival of world cultures celebrates London's diversity of cultures and faiths with 12 days of free music, performing arts and cultural events across the capital. Featuring outstanding acts, including legendary Afro-beat pioneer Dele Sosimi, vibrant temple dances from South India with Beeja, Ladino Jewish soulsters Los Desterrados, and the beautiful ballads of Anatolia. With more than 40 performances of music, dance and spoken word by well-known and emerging artists based in London, the World City Music Village will bring the rich sounds and rhythms, dances and voices of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas to local and international audiences. 2012's unmissable festival will include:

Two vibrant FESTIVAL WEEKENDS, in popular South and East London parks


· a Schools Programme featuring fascinating workshops and live performances at the Horniman Museum & Gardens


· Evening Concerts showcasing the talents of member of our Artist Network from all corners of the globe in several city-centre venues


· a Festival Club, with topical discussion, spoken word and music from leading experts at the October Gallery in Central London


This year's opening Festival Weekend 9 & 10 June: Horniman Museum & Gardens' newly opened grounds hosts a 2-day showcase featuring the best of London's very own world musicians, dancers and storytellers.


For the finale Festival Weekend 16 & 17 June: Clissold Park in Hackney, East London's recently revamped community park, hosts the World City Music Village returning after 19 years.


In its 25th edition, Europe's longest-running festival of world cultures, the World City Music Village, will explore London as a World City, looking at the city's status as a global community, raising important questions around identity, belonging and interaction and in turn seek to build common ground for mutual cultural engagement and understanding.


Press: Leanne O'Boyle, Marketing & Development Manager, on 020 7264 0005 or email [email protected]

Programme and production: Pascal, Festival Manager, on 020 7264 0003 or email [email protected]

Public enquiries: visit www.culturalco-operation.org;

email: [email protected] or call 020 7264 0007.

 www.culturalco-operation.org | 020 7264 0007

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