World Local’s Afroeurasian Groove


For the first time in the exciting new venue in Central London - the Native Tongue at Barbican, we present an AfroEurasian musical and theatrical journey! The artists featured are explorers who fuse and perform various multicultural influences with contemporary ideas; both in music and in the performance itself.

The night starts at 8 30 pm


1st) Soufian Saihi The evening starts out as a misty journey through North African landscapes with a brilliant oud/percussion duo (

) accompanied by live improvised contemporary dance from a very interesting young coreographer/dancer/clarinettist Shevonne Clarke. The performances and the dynamics change each gig as the group is almost solely based on improvisation !

2nd) MIMIKA Mak Murtic Ensemble The evening proceeds with a London based 9-piece eclectic groove based ensemble, combining diverse and exotic musical styles such as Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Turkish, East Asian and North African folk music through original concept based compositions, contemporary grooves, cinematic sounds and jazz improvisation. The music performed is an energetic, yet dreamy scenery through human's evolutionary path in a contemporary suite. (

, , , )

3rd)CT Quartet The evening grooves away with a locally infused trip-hop jazz mix! Featuring Terry Mc Gowan on drums MariaChiara Argiro' on piano Theo Ziarkas bass and Cris Tanzi vocal. (

Enjoy the new venue right next to Barbican tube station and be a part of the rising new London scene where new styles of performing are emerging and where you can immerse yourself in the changes. Dance, Listen, React ! See you there !

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