Wormfood All-star Summer Finale! Poirier (CA) / MC Xander / Worm Disco Club / Sounddhism DJs Plus Two Special Guests TBA


We're back at our favourite club-shaped festival of fun for quite possibly our biggest line-up of the summer to round off the sweaty season in style. Two huge acts still to be announced on this as the month goes on - both are truly special guests!

This has been an important summer for Passing Clouds, celebrating 10 years as the most brilliant party venue in town and resisting threats from developers to turn this staple of the London's music scene into an office block... The strength of support they've been recieving shows just how much love there is out there - the people love Passing Clouds and Passing Clouds loves you back! Get involved with the #PassingCloudsForever campaign and sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/garry-simpson-protect-passing-clouds-music-venue-for-life

:::::::::::::::: Poirier


Global music specialist Poirier was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Releasing music for Nice Up! Records, Mixpak, Man Recordings, Ninja Tune, he has recorded eight albums as Poirier and two as Boundary. The DJ/producer is well-versed into reggae/dancehall, afropop, soca and electronic music to just name a few genres of his large palette. His new album "Migration" is released by UK label Nice Up! Records in March 2016 and features collaboration with Red Fox, Machinedrum and Face-T to just name a few.

:::::::::::::::: MC Xander


Using nothing more than his voice, a mic, an fx box and a loop-pedal, London’s MC Xander creates intricate, multi-layered music that never fails to amaze. Beautiful choir-esque melodies mix with fat beatbox, growling dubby sub-bass and Xander’s conscious brand of lyricism. The sound he makes is so sonically rich and danceable, it is easy to forget it is all from the mouth.

:::::::::::::::: Sounddhism

Pushing the finest in global soul, funk, hip-hop and beyond since 2010, these Nottingham-hailing have hosted some of the finest acts on the planet at their own live nights and know a thing or two about spinning records... Always a good time guaranteed.

:::::::::::::::: Worm Disco Club


Coincidentally-named Bristol collective of musicians, DJs and self-decribed "mumbling weirdos and top cats", they will be taking over the top floor for the evening. With a reputation for throwing parties in places that offer something welcoming but loose, characterful and bringing it correct whilst bringing good vibes & quality music from all corners of the globe.

@ Passing Clouds, Dalston.
FREE before 9pm, £5 before 10pm, £10 after.

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