Wormfood @ Hootananny Brixton: Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra, Kumpania Algezarra, The Balkanoes + DJ Kobayashi


Wormfood London presents

ANTWERP GIPSY SKA ORCHESTRA, the balkans meet Jamaica in Antwerp
KUMPANIA ALGEZARRA, balkan, folk, ska and reggae fusion
THE BALKANOES, balkan beats, gypsy grooves and klezmer classics
DJ KOBAYASHI, gypsy, balkan, swing, electroswing beats

at Hootananny Brixton
FREE B4 10pm, £4 after 10pm


More info:

A steamy brew of Eastern European gipsy music and Jamaican ska, seasoned with a rebellious spirit? That has been Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra’s trademark for the last
decade. The trailblazing band now finishes it off with Kilo Gipsyska, their third album. Following Tuttilegal (2007) and I Lumia Mo Kher (2011), this one really accentuates these
musical globetrotters’ pioneering role.

Their music is nomad, multilingual and universal.They´re influenced by a kaleidoscopic sonority: Balkan furor, Arabic drifting, Latin warmth, Afro-Beat refinement, and explosions of Turbofolk and Ska.

The Balkanoes fuse Eastern European and Jewish music with a joyous energy to guarantee a Balkan bash of mammoth proportions. Moving seamlessly from traditional klezmer to gypsy grooves and unique takes on well-known classics, The Balkanoes will keep you dancing all night long!

DJ Kobayashi is also a member of Gypsy Hill.
Gypsy Hill is the latest project to come from London DJs / producers: DJ Kobayashi and Herbert Newbert.
In Gypsy Hill they bring together the balls and the brass from the Balkans, surf-rock Mediterranean guitar lines, Arabic & Jewish melodies, massive bass-lines and a whole heap of electronics, scratching and beats.

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