Gallery: Arsenal of Sounds #4 w/ Raka & Balamuc (Woolwich Works; 2nd December 2022)

Two weeks ago (or little more) we had quite a lot of fun and dancing at the last Arsenal of Sounds appointment of the year.

Raka and Balamuc went all the way to let the Woolwich Works crowd party to Gypsy, Balkan and Eastern European rhythms…

We wanted to revive some of those moments with a gallery and let us seize the occasion to invite you to the next Arsenal of Sounds party!

On the first Friday of February (03/02/2023), always at the Beanfest at Woolwich Works, we will be holding a feast of Afro-vibes featuring the ‘sacred rhythmic fire’ of Matondology RIOT with Mulele Matondo and his troupe of top-notch musicians, plus Seby Ntege Band, who will be spicing up the night with vibrant Afro-soul and African diasporic influences.

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