Rhythm Passport Free Compilation – Vol. 5 – August 2016


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Tracks list:

1. Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra – Bade Zile [Glitterbeat Records] 00:00 – 04:32

2. Konono Nº1 meets Batida – Nlele Kalusimbiko (short version) [Crammed Discs] 04:33 – 08:38

3. Mateo Kingman – Mi Pana [ZZK Records] 08:39 – 11:57

4. Luísa Maita – Fio da Memória [Cumbancha] 11:58 – 15:09

5. Elza Soares feat. Rodrigo Campos & Bixiga 70 – Firmeza (Kastrup‘s Re – Edit) [Mais Um Discos] 15:10 – 19:13

6. Kel Assouf – Europa [Igloo Records] 19:14 – 24:43

7. SUPERSAN – Lelu 24:44 – 28:43

8. Odion Iruoje – Ikebe [Soundway Records] 28:44 – 33:37

9. Gentleman & Kabaka Pyramid – Face The Storm (from They Want Riddim produced by Dub Inc) 33:38 – 36:41

10. The Expanders – World of Happiness [Easy Star Records] 36:42 – 41:10

11. Mahala Rai Banda vs. Koby Israelite & Annique – Balkan Reggae [Asphalt Tango] 41:11 – 45:02

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  1. John Tripp

    A compilation would be separate tracks, this is a continuous mix. Not useful for any DJ’s or anyone wanting individual songs.

    • admin

      We would love to be able to provide single tracks but as we are giving this away for free the stipulation and licence agreement with the record labels requires that the tracks we compile are in a single track. If we were selling this we could of course give you single track but we are giving it away for free. You can purchase many of the tracks on Juno, Amazon or Itunes and sometimes some of the tracks we include are free to download on the artists Soundcloud pages

    • admin

      Hi Graeme, unfortunately due to our agreement with the record labels the mixes are only allowed to be available for download for 1 week only. However now that you have signed up for the mailing list you will never miss another one. We have also just launched a new section of the website dedicated to DJ mixes there are 4 to start and there will be a new one each Monday. These are streaming only but will remain online (on the top navigation bar of the website click “DJs”) Hope you enjoy!

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