Playlist: Big Gorgeous Festival 2019 @ Windsor Terrace (Bristol; Saturday 27th July 2019)

Big Gorgeous Festival artwork

 Not only is the Big Gorgeous Festival a festival with big heart, as it claims to be, giving all its profit in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and Caring in Bristol, but it also has impeccable music taste.

The yearly happening, taking place on the panoramic cliff of Windsor Terrace in late July, has reached its third edition and, once again, will bring to Bristol some fine musical names from all over the world, just like our favourite calypsonians, Kobo Town. Next to Drew Gonçalves and music partners, you will also enjoy, among others, the upbeat energy of Mad Apple Circus, heavy funk/soul Bristol-based supergroup The LBJB ‘s, and Zimbabwean mbira master Chartwell Dutiro.

But, to give you a better idea and to give you the chance to listen to what will happen on the last Saturday of July, we asked Dan Clibery (the organizer and music programmer of the festival) to put together a playlist of the acts performing during the event, so open your heart and ears, and don’t miss the Big Gorgeous Festival!

Kobo Town - Interview @ Womad UK

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Kobo Town - Mr. Monday

Directed by Shaun Escayg.

Lonely Tourist : Last Day At Tony's

BBC Introducing in the West, every Saturday at 8pm and available online at Twitter : @bbcintrowest Facebook : BBC Introducing in the West

Daisy Chapman, Good Luck Song

Good Luck Song is the title track from Daisy's 5th studio album entitled Good Luck Songs. The tracks were recorded in Bristol at Toybox, The Playpen and St Georges Hall as well as Real World Studios in Box. The Bremen Choir was made up of Pledgers from the crowd funding campaign. Good Luck Song encompasses theories of luck and well wishing from across the world. Beginning in Daisy's familiar stark form with just delicate vocals and piano, but swelling into warm strings, melodic oboe and climaxing with a symphony of voices and instruments, all donated by pledgers from across the world. The album can be ordered from Released through SONGS & WHISPERS 2017 Lyrics: Good Luck Song (Kila la Kheri) Sought a mantra to bring me luck Cos I never thought I had enough Find my moral causality And the good will come back to me Kila la kheri, fortuna Fame and health and love and wealth Four leaves that ward off my death But kissing that chimney sweep Left me with a blackened cheek Did you paint the shutters blue? Did a ladybird land on you? See a penny and pick it up Hand me that red envelope Veel geluk, in bocca al lupo Bon chance, de a na dobro (Да е на добро) Pob lwc, subhakamana Lycka till, Powodzenia Vocals, piano, mod synth: Daisy Chapman Violin, viola: Sue Lord Cello: Kate Green Oboe: Sara Garrard Baritone Sax: Ian Vorley Trombone: Richard Cross Drums: Tim Smith Tambourine: Matilda Sue Choir: Jay Head, Bristol UK Vanessa Chapman, West Sussex UK Christopher Chapman, West Sussex, UK Tim Pearne, Surrey UK Philippa Pearne, Surrey UK Oscar Lewington, Surrey UK Olivia Chapman, Surrey UK Andy Church, Surrey UK Emily Maguire, Bath UK Jenn Bostic, Nashville USA Kaurna Cronin, Adelaide AUS Kyrie Kristmanson, Paris FR Rachelle Garniez, New York City USA Ashia Bison Rouge, Berlin DE Daniel Änghede, Gothenburg SWE Heike Langhans, Gothenburg SWE Linda Conway, Co Mayo IRE Jörn Schlüter, Bremen DE Uli Kringler, Bremen DE Manuel Steinhoff, Bremen DE Martin Denzin, Bremen DE THE BREMEN CHOIR Nomi Lichte Salka Gimbel Lisa Rape Benjamin Vaudlet Stefan Merkler (Scheidt DE) Helena Francisco Thomas Greh Raija Lichte Dorothea Lichte Axel Kruse Mona Linge Maraike Böhme Sue Lord Sonja Spörhase Kila la kheri – Swahili Veel geluk – Dutch In bocca al lupo – Italian Bon chance – French De a na dobro – Bulgarian Pub lwc – Welsh Subhakamana – Nepali Lycka till – Swediesh Powodzenia - Polish

Mad Apple Circus - Partisans & Vandals (Official Video)


Chartwell Dutiro & Spirit Talk Mbira - Tatenda

Performance 8 July 2018. In the 1980s and 90s, Chartwell Dutiro was one of the most influential members of 'The Blacks Unlimited', the backing band of legendary Thomas Mapfumo. This band was the first to convert the spiritual trance-inducing mbira sounds of the Shona people to the guitar. The mbira is a thumb piano mounted on a gourd. During the struggle for independence, this music became a symbol of resistance and would ultimately form the modern sound of the new Zimbabwe. Chartwell toured as Mapfumo's arranger all over the world. The music of his own band 'Spirit Talk Mbira' is deeply rooted in Zimbabwe's centuries-old mbira tradition. In 2003 Chartwell made a big impression at Hertme. He now returns with four other mbira players including his son Shorai, and one of the guitarists from that legendary concert at the Afrika Festival 15 years ago. Chartwell Dutiro: mbira, vocals, dance Anna Mudeka: mbira, percussion, vocals, dance Millicent Chapanda: mbira, hosho Shorai Dutiro: mbira, vocals Jori Buchel: mbira, vocals Chris Morphitis: guitar

The LBJBs - My Thang (Jute Box Sessions)

Recorded on location at Jute Box Studio, Bristol by Thomas J Bryan. Film shot by Jack Hayter and edited by Emma Holbrook. The LBJBs are: Charlie Allen - Guitar Miguel Andrews - Drums Kieron Bon Suis Dunne - Vocals Andrew Hayes - Saxophone Marcel Osborne - Bass

Mad Apple Circus - Hold On (Official Video)


The LBJBs - I Got The Feelin' (Jute Box Sessios)


Lonely Tourist - The Ballad Of Paul Tierney (BBC Introducing in the West Session)

Sam Bonham and Richard Pitt present BBC Introducing in the West - broadcasting across Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset every Saturday night between 8pm and 10pm. BBC Introducing supports unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar music. If you're a musician upload your music at Get involved on Twitter @bbcintrowest. Filmed and Edited by Chaz Oliver.

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