Playlist: Boomtown Festival (Matterley Estate – Winchester, 10th to 13th August 2017)


Don’t worry, we know quite well how do you feel… you had a look at the Boomtown Festival lineup and you’ve been so overwhelmed by names of bands, artists, DJs and stages that you don’t know where to start from.

But, don’t sweat it…Rhythm Passport is here for you!

Next to our preview, we have also compiled a video playlist with (some) of the best acts performing during the maddest 4-day party you’d imagine.

Play it loud, enjoy the Boomtown sound and “be part of the story”!

BOOMTOWN CH 9: Official Trailer

Our world is changing... Turn the page and step into Chapter 9 ... Line-up coming 8th of February... x

Dawn Penn - No, No No (Official Video)

This is the original video released entitled 'No No No' by singer and song writer Dawn Penn.

Toots & the Maytals - Monkey Man - 11/15/1975 - Winterland (Official)

Toots & the Maytals - Monkey Man Recorded Live: 11/15/1975 - Winterland - San Francisco, CA More Toots & the Maytals at Music Vault: Subscribe to Music Vault on YouTube:

Shanti Powa - Sunny Day (Summervideo 2016)

The music video for the single "Sunny Day" by "Shanti Powa", filmed on a rainy day at "Shanti Powa Records" headquarter! Free download: Directed by: SHANTI POWA Design/motion/ediT: Sir Gulliver Jonathan Klauser Camera: Lex Fontana & Alessandro D'Emilia Music Recorded by: BlueElementsStudio Innsbruck (At) BlueNoisStudio Trento (IT) NoLogo Laives (IT) Arranging/Producing: Shanti Powa Music Edit: SheepProductions Stable Studio Jam Aica (IT) Mixed by: Umberto Echo at Elevator Studio Munich (De) Master by: Dieter Pimiskern at Dorian Gray Mastering Munich (De) Shanti Powa are: Bertrand Rise - Vocals Michael Monteleone - Vocals Simone Codazzi - Vocals Alice Yeoue - Vocals Florian Gamper - Drums Ariel Trettel - Guitar Peter Burchia - Guitar & Vocals Lukas Pichler - Bass Olavo Lachner - Turntable Markus Capello - Sax Sir Gulliver Jonathan Klauser - Didgeridoo Thomas Maniacco - Trumpet & Vocals Josef Mayr - Trumpet Guest Musician on the album: Patrick Zippl: Sax Willy Melojer: Trombone - #Keepitshanti Shanti Powa on Facebook: Shanti Powa on Instagram: Shanti Powa on Twitter: Shanti Powa on Spotify: Shanti Powa on Soundcloud:

NERIJA - The Fisherman \\ EZH Sessions

We invited the wonderfully talented, NÉRIJA to perform their latest track, 'The Fisherman' for our Jazz Standard Sessions. Download their exclusive new EP via Bandcamp. Audio by Luis Bonilla Visuals by Will Shanahan EZHMAG 2017

Sons of Kemet - Tiger (live at Battersea Arts Center, London)


Nomade Orquestra | Bedum (Nomade Orquestra) | Instrumental Sesc Brasil

Formada no ABC paulista, a Nomade Orquestra é um ponto de encontro onde diferentes vertentes e expressões musicais interagem de forma única. Formação: Guilherme Nakata - bateria Ruy Rascassi - baixo elétrico Marcos Maurício - teclado Beto Malfatti - saxofone alto e flauta e pick-ups Marco Stoppa - trompete e flauta Bio Bonato - saxofone baritono e flauta Luiz Galvão - guitarra Fábio Prior - percussão Victor Fão - trombone e flauta André Calixto - saxofone tenor e flautas Gênero: instrumental Show que ocorreu no Teatro Anchieta do Sesc Consolação dia 15/06/2015 • site oficial: http://www.instrumentalsescbrasil.o... • assista aos shows ao vivo pelo Inscreva-se no canal e fique por dentro de toda a programação que acontece nas unidades do Sesc no estado de São Paulo. Basta ter uma conta gratuita no Google.

Yusufla - The Path | Sofar London

Yusufla performing “The Path” at Sofar London on March 17th, 2017. We put on more than 80 shows every month in London, see up-coming dates and sign-up for tickets here: See the full list of show dates here: For a new gig every day, along with playlists, features and more, sub-scribe to Sofar here: Find us on Facebook and Twitter for more information - Artist: Yusufla Filmed by: Otalia Onta & Pavel Radu Edited by Pavel Radu Audio recorded & mixed by: Matt Noades Venue:

47SOUL - 'Dabeekeh' Live (Palestine Tour 2016) | (السبعة و أربعين - "دبّيكة" (جولة فلسطين 2016

Listen on Sporify: أغنية الدبيكة من جولة جامعات فلسطين 2016 برعاية شركة جوال تصوير و اخراج : سرحان عزالدين شكر خاص : فادي ياسين 47SOUL - Dabeekeh from Palestine University Tour Oct 2016 with jawwal Directed and Shot by : Sarhan Izzidein Special Thanks to Fadi Yaseen Z the People - vocals & synths El Far3i - Derbakeh, Mc/Vocals Walaa Sbeit - percussion, Mc/vocals El Jehaz - guitar & vocals LISTEN Spotify: Apple Music: Anghami: About: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: Bookings/Contact: #47SOUL #SHAMSTEP

TO EARTH by ARIWO [Live at Manana//Cuba 2016]

This is a LIVE version of the first track from ARWO's forthcoming self-titled debut album, released on the newly launched MANANA//Records. Digital Release 1]6th May // Pre-order the vinyl on Bandcamp [] // Listen to the album version on Soundcloud [] // Since their launch at MANANA's Boiler Room Session in 2015, ARIWO have come to symbolize everything that MANANA stands for, echoing our focus on the rich intersection between electronic music and Afro-Cuban rhythm. "Completely unique and brilliant. Ehsaei’s pulsing electronics blend perfectly with deep Afro-Cuban rhythms and Valdés’ virtuoso trumpet lines" - Quinton Scott [Strut Records] Film by Josh Bullock:

M.I.A. - P.O.W.A

Subscribe: Watch more: Connect with M.I.A. Online: Follow M.I.A. on Instagram: Like M.I.A. on Facebook: Follow M.I.A. on Twitter: #MIA #POWA Music video by M.I.A. performing P.O.W.A. (C) 2017 Maya Arulpragasam under exclusive license to Interscope Records


From police and protesters clashing on the streets of Paris, to rallies and revolution in Palestine, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Egypt, Thailand and the UK. It's time to stand up against the powers that be and make your voice heard against the corporate and political elite. Warning: the live video footage contains graphic content and violence that may be disturbing to some viewers. Track: 'Boom' by Soom T & Monkey Marc, from the album Bullets Over Babylon (Renegade Masters, 2015). Footage taken from a range of sources (VICE News, BBC, Thai Rath). BUY the instrumentals of Bullets Over Babylon here: LISTEN to the album here: // Lyrics Are we all working as slaves to the masters in debt to a bunch of thieving bastards Those who would price on our water, who enslave all children & mothers of Rastas We will rise to the challenge Become the saviours To the minds trapped chasing the paper What you gonna do when you lose your mind? Paper won’t save ya when you meeting ya maker Do you want to do what the higher man says? Do you wanna be shown how to live the right way? Do you wanna spend every day working like a slave when the man take it all coz that work never pay? Do you wanna rip that diamond out the dirt Are you gonna rise high with your eyes wide shut Do you wanna live a little before ya life’s up? Ain’t it about time you found out what’s up? Chorus I want to light that match and make it all go boom What a rush, get the spark in the gas tank soon Burn down the banks - when they offer credit, no thanks You can take it back - light that match and make it go boom Let it cut deep like a machete in the palm of ya hand making marks into the depths where you stand A lone man can demand to be found in a land by the truth that will seek until he understands Hidden hands always find blind mice to replace So forget the pointless chase, yeah, and mash up the place When you step up alone because you’re sick of all the violence Politicians lying about taking blood diamonds Build Babylon then set it on fire Bring down the empire, march into Zion All man and woman wake from sedatives given by puppet masters, the pullers of strings When a poor bird sing about breaking the din Open the door and let the people in. Chorus When we search inside the mind of every Rasta We find the Lord’s truth in every sonata That strikes a light like the police hitting you with a bat yah But you can never beat down the Lord’s sons and daughters Don’t let the vultures in charge incite us Getting up inside us, though they all deride us, trying to divide us Hail to the highest, finding your own guidance With the universal truth which raises up all the righteous When the education system is wrecking all your sanity By not providing representation of all humanity Deny us a soul by not teaching us spirituality This is the normality, not dumb vanities Preaching us no fallacy, moulding personalities When not teach us to stop children chasing all depravity To question immorality that they see on TV, Asking why do they teach apathy See the anomalies. Chorus + + + BULLETS OVER BABYLON is a dystopian bass manifesto, crossing boundaries between reggae, hip-hop and jazz. Produced by Monkey Marc in collaboration with UK powerhouse SOOM T, it features Soom T's fierce activist rhymes and jazz-influenced soulful singing over Monkey Marc’s swung out dub-heavy sci fi-infused production. The album was recorded in Leipzig and produced in Monkey Marc’s solar-powered studio in Melbourne, Australia.
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