Playlist: Maria Chiara Argirò & Jamie Leeming (November 2020)

MariaJamie (main one)

Despite being born and having started her music career in Italy, Maria Chiara Argirò has grown into one of the most brilliant and freshest expressions of the London contemporary jazz scene.

In the last few years, the Rome-born band leader, pianist and composer has shaped her sound on the city itself, thanks to countless quality and diverse collaborations, features and joint musical efforts. Among other things, she has shared studios, stages and ideas with the likes of Liran Donin, Rosie Turton, Kinkajous

This collaborative and culturally welcoming mindframe has brought her to release a new album, Flow, on the 16th of October for Cavalo Records, together with guitarist, composer and arranger Jamie Leeming. Flow sums up in ten chapters the far-reaching talent and influences of the duo, expressing a wide spectrum of rhythms, tempos, moods and references, next to broadening the jazz horizons with scents from all over the world. 

To learn more about the starting point and sparks that enlightened the project, we asked Maria Chiara and Jamie to compile a playlist with some of the inspirations which set in motion the idea behind Flow.


Photo ©: Jordan Laith Rawi 

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