Playlist: Your Ticket to… Spring 2020


It’s time for some musical spring house-cleaning at Rhythm Passport!

We have decided to tidy up our most recent music listening and round up some of the tunes we have been hooked throughout this mad spring.

Elkin Robinson - Heaven On The Mountain (Audio Oficial)

Elkin Robinson - Heaven On The Mountain (Audio Oficial) Suscríbete a mi canal: Escucha toda mi música en tu plataforma favorita: Videos Oficiales: Sígueme en mis redes sociales: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

The Tangram - Awesome (Official Video)

‘Awesome’ by The Tangram Link Artist: The video for the album's first single, ‘Awesome’, tells a story of a local bartender with the dream of being a singer. At the end of the shift he enjoys a moment of liberation from the daily fatigue, he confronts and rediscovers a part of himself. The genesis of this character is like that of all of us, those who pursue a dream. Credits: Production: The Tangram. Written and directed: Diego Mercadante. Actor: Stefano Otoyo. Cinematographer: Mattia Tedeschi. Camera operator: Pierpaolo Potenza. Assistant director: Daniele Forcucci. Costume designer: Claudia Ferrara - Noia Vintage. Camera assist: Giacomo Piccolo. Camera assist: Gabriele Galante. Gaffer: Jonas Keller. Set lighting technicians: Giuseppe Cassano, Gianmarco Nepa, Elia Ricci. Colourist: Diego Mercadante. Huge thanks to: Pinocchio Music Hall, Anca Ancutza, Eva Ferrara, IFA Scuola di Cinema, Michele Saia, Marco Antonecchia, Mattia Astolfi. Lyrics: Just when I need you I got to find a way To reach out to you Say what you don’t wanna say Why tell me why All things must die Since you’ve been loving me Your light has shone on me But now you’re making me feel sorry everyday I’ve been trying to be awesome But you knew me oh so well Even if the road is long your arms comfort me I’d rather see the world Different from reality No more mothers crying No more fathers lying Since you’ve been loving me Your light has shone on me But now you’re making me feel sorry everyday I’ve been trying to be awesome But you knew me oh so well I don’t need your love I don’t need your hate I don’t need your love I’ve been trying to be awesome But you knew me oh so well #nusoul #microwave #thetangram

Sarkodie - Brown Paper Bag ft. M.anifest (Official Video)

Music video by Sarkodie performing 'Brown Paper Bag' ft. M.anifest. (C) 2020. Sarkcess Music Stream song here - #Sarkodie #BrownPaperBag #Manifest Exclusive Content/BTS: PLEASE NOTE: Unauthorized upload of this video unto any YouTube channel is prohibited. (C) 2020. Sarkcess Music Subscribe to my YouTube Channel - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram - Like my Facebook Page - Channel managed by #MiPROMO Media Network

BaBa ZuLa - Transendance (official video)

Taken from the album 'Derin Derin' Order CD/LP: Digital: Music / Müzik : Osman Murat Ertel, Mehmet Levent Akman Dance and Choreography / Dans ve koreografi: Esma Ertel Divan Saz and synths / Divan Sazı ve synthesizer: Murat Ertel Frame Drum and machines / Bendir ve Makineler: Levent Akman Vocals, Barione Electric Oud and Bansouri / Vokal, Bariton Elektro Ud ve Bansouri: Periklis Tsoukalas Asma davul: Ümit Adakale Director and 2nd camera / Yönetmen ve 2. kamera: Murat Ertel 1st camera: Eren Devran Ertel Asistant: Arel Ertel Editing / Kurgu: Cenk Kaptan Derin Derin album cover drawings / Derin derin albüm kapağı çizimleri: Mengü Ertel Calligraphy / Kaligrafi:Etem Çalışkan Glitterbeat Records / Formed by Osman Murat Ertel and Levent Akman in 1996, Baba Zula took Turkish psychedelic pioneers of the 1960s as their inspiration and foundation for what they called Istanbul psychedelia, the fathers of a scene that’s since grown up around them. Baba Zula has played all over the world, won awards for their work in film and theatre, and had their albums counted among the most prestigious ever released in Turkey. Art… it’s a way to keep sane in the dark times, to fight, to grasp at life. For Turkey’s BaBa ZuLa, art is their existence. It’s part of everything the Istanbul band does. As band founder and electric saz player, Osman Murat Ertel explains: “Art is our language. We’re an art group” And on Derin Derin, their first studio album in five years, they create their art with beautiful eloquence and stinging passion. It takes wing and soars high.

Dandana - Free The System (Official Video)

Le collectif Dandana dévoile l’EP Free The System ! pour annoncer la sortie de son nouvel album, prévu pour l’automne chez Rebel Up Records. En exclusivité pour PAM, il révèle aujourd’hui le clip du morceau éponyme « Free The System », une invitation à changer nos modes de vie grâce à notre imagination. Réalisation : Bas Ackermann Label : Rebel Up Records! PAM Webzine → Facebook → Twitter → Instagram →

Songhoy Blues - Worry (Official Music Video)

Acclaimed Malian rock band Songhoy Blues newest song “Worry”. The celebrated group felt a deep need to share the inspiring song of optimism, hope, strength and vigilance, during these troubled and uncertain times. “Worry” marks the first time Songhoy Blues has recorded an original song in English, so significance of their universal message could be spread far and wide. “The harshness of life still weighs on our societies and sinks many young people into a dead end,” says the band in a unified statement. “’Worry’ is a positive energy that Songhoy Blues want to be a ray of hope for humanity. ‘Worry’ is about not stopping fighting because at the very end you will find the light.” Filmed in the capital of Bamako, by 'Running Boy' - Levieux Touré Lyrics: [CHORUS] Don’t worry You’re gonna be happy Keep working today That smile will come one day Don’t worry You’re gonna be happy Keep fighting today That smile will come one day [VERSE] Nothing’s come for free When you get it free – you will lose it freely So you better know Work hard is the best way Nothing’s come for free When you get it free – you will lose it freely So you better know Work hard is the best way Let your hope come from fight And go through your darkness You’ll find your light -CHORUS- Keep it Keep your self control Keep it Keep your eyes open Keep it Keep your self control I said Keep it Keep your eyes open This got a lesson You better hear it This got a lesson You have to listen! That smile will come [one day] That smile will come [one day] There is a long way to go There is a long journey There is a long way to go There is a long journey This life is Ups and Downs There is a long journey There is a long journey [Keep fighting today] #africanmusic #africanrock

Zara McFarlane Future Echoes


Chronixx - Same Prayer ft. Kabaka Pyramid (Official Visual)

Same Prayer: Art direction: Ivor McCray Editing/VFX: Ivor McCray Animation: Vo7can Chronixx Online: (C) 2020 Soul Circle Music

Khruangbin - Pelota (Official Video)

“Pelota” the new song by Khruangbin off ‘Mordechai’ out June 26 on Dead Oceans. STREAM / BUY: Insta @Khruangbin Twitter @Khruangbin Soy una pelota Una pelota de hollín You estaba perdido En una casa surreal Me convertí un demonio Quien tuve una semilla La semilla fue arrancada Por la ayuda de me familia Ahorita yo Puedo ser una pelota Ayyyy Yo quiero ser pura Yo quiero ser pura Vera Pedro quiero amar el disastre El disastre que es mío Mmm Yo quiero cavar Encontrar el camino Y despues, lo quiero entrar No quiero correr de este paseo Ahorita yo Puedo ser una pelota Credits: Director: Hugo Rodríguez Rodríguez Writer: Alvaro Sotomayor Storyboard, Concept & Design: Hugo Rodríguez Rodríguez Editor: Nils Crompton, Leonardo Grassi Lead Compositor: Nils Crompton Compositing Artists: Jef Fleurkens, Alexis da Camara, Leonardo Grassi, David Rodríguez Rodríguez Cel Animation Lead: Hugo Rodríguez Rodríguez 2D Clean-up: Līna Ozoliņa, Patrick Armstrong, Callum Sewell 3D ArtistsL Callum Austin, Jef Fleurkens, Gustav von Platen, Jacson Mitchell MCR: Andrew Kidd COO: Anya Kruzmetra Executive Producer: Chris Kiser Head of Production: Belén Palos Jnr Producer: Katie Liston Thank you: Hector Macleod, Duncan Buxton, Sofía Cruz, Juan Torán, Joshua Robert Nicholson Taylor Khruangbin would like to thank: Alvaro Sotomayor, Hugo & Owlvaro In loving memory of Nash Khruangbin - Pelota (Official Video) #Khruangbin, #Pelota, #Mordechai


The name Ruracio means bride wealth or dowry. In many African societies the groom's family presents either money or cows or both to the bride's family as a gesture of his willingness to marry her The payment of the bride price is a sign of the man's commitment to take care of his wife and is seen as a symbolic act and a necessary part of upholding culture, rather than a purchase The song taps from this traditional culture and puts an urban/modern spin to it. Connect with Matata on social media Instagram: Twitter: Spotify Apple Music The song is performed by MATATA in order of appearance ( Freddy, Marcus , Ken, Fezzoh and Richie) Lyrics: Chorus Ruracio ,Ruracio Ruracio braggadocio Ruracio Ruracio Rura Ruracio Ruracio Kaa ni mbeca ndi na cio Ruracio ,Ruracio Ruracio braggadocio Ruracio Ruracio ,Ruracio Ruracio Kaa ni mbeca ndi na cio Verse 1 Umeivaa kaa maembe Nakukula kama sembe Nakulima kama jembe Unanimeza kama tembe (skkrt) Tuko mbele kererembe Wenye wivu meza wembe Wacha ma dree we ni zombi Si ndo G.O.A.Ts we ni ngombe Verse 2 ken Niko na mali Nina mifugo mahari na Ganji (eeeyy) Baite morome yoo Kashamba kangeta mogoka majani (ahh) Ndinga nimebuy (bought it) Luku Ni fly (got it) Kasuti na tie (rock it) Vacation dubai (got it) Chorus Ruracio ,Ruracio Ruracio braggadocio Ruracio Ruracio Rura Ruracio Ruracio Kaa ni mbeca ndi na cio Ruracio ,Ruracio Ruracio braggadocio Ruracio Ruracio ,Ruracio Ruracio Kaa ni mbeca ndi na cio Verse 3 Nina swali na staki kuuliza Mbona kuna taa na kuna giza Mnaezaje niconfuse na Jesus Ama vile natenda miijiza Toto puffy niite dadzy Dididi Macho puppy pia mfunny Hihihi Hii kanisa yake mi ndo kasisi Me ndo pop wa kwanza na wa pilili Verse 4 Bigman Badman Yard man ting Me niko home Nina quaran ting Na mbogi ya mucatha muranga ting Chuma ni ya doshi shi shi shi Me napiga miti bushy shy shy nakula na vijiti sushi shi shi Kama khali ni mazishi shhhhhh shi shi shi Chorus Ruracio ,Ruracio Ruracio braggadocio Ruracio Ruracio Rura Ruracio Ruracio Kaa ni mbeca ndi na cio Ruracio ,Ruracio Ruracio braggadocio Ruracio Ruracio ,Ruracio Ruracio Kaa ni mbeca ndi na cio Written and performed by : Matata Instrumental: Pink Mix and Mastering : mixedbychopz Premix edit : Ape music Produced by : Matata Thanks To all cast and crew! Concept : Matata Director: Daniel Anda Cinematography And producer: Aleksander Haugdal Actress: Ruth Set assistant : Collins Milanya Grip: Fredrik langbraaten Gaffer: Erik Fitzinger Camera Operator: Birk rønningsbakken groven Location: sentralen oslo Post Production Supervisor And additional Vfx: Aleksander Haugdal Vfx Roto And tracking: Sebastian Jakob Horner Vfx roto and tracking: Aleksander Knudsen Vfx Tracking: Guidogiardino Additional Vfx: Daniel Anda Thanks to: Krypton Film Tv Team Dagslys Quine You can also watch MATATA - MARE MARE (ft. LAMAZ SPAN K.O.B) [SMS 'Skiza 7637298' to 811] MATATA - KATA (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [SMS 'Skiza 7637299' to 811] MATATA - DENGE (madenge) Official video [SMS 'Skiza 7637297' to 811] #matata #ruracio #gengetrap

5. Como Eu Te Quero - Ao Vivo

Todos os direitos reservados ® Artista: Black Alien Música: Como Eu Te Quero Gravação: 23 de novembro de 2018 no Circo Voador Produção Executiva: Gustavo Ribeiro e Marina Deeh Direção Artística: Gustavo Ribeiro e Marina Deeh Direção: Premier King Direção de Fotografia: Premier King Assistente de Direção: Fernando Tavares Edição: Premier King e Fernando Tavares 1º Câmera: Premier King 2º Câmera: Fernando Tavares 3º Câmera: Rafo Coelho 4º Câmera: Thamires Mulatinho 5º Câmera: Leandro Matiello Assistente de Produção: Andrea Lobatto, Lara Fernandes, Pelicano, Rodrigo Kokolaski Vídeo Arte: Gustavo Amaral VJ: Victor Freitas Fotógrafos: Nathalia Davinha, Wilmore Oliveira, Motion Design: Desirree Vitoriano Design: Noelle da Costa Stylist: Suyane Ynaya Finalização: Fernando Tavares Direção Técnica: Filipe "Bizorro"(Freak House) Stage Manager: Felipe Fu Iluminação: Julio Arias Técnico Monitor: Wiliam Fernandes Técnico PA:Fernando Narcizo DJ: Castro Backline: AudioStage Led: Conceitos Visuais Locação Captação de Áudio: Spetacle- Rio, Sandro Rangel (Casa do Mato) Pré mix: Chavebeats Mixagem & Masterização: Vander Carneiro Álbum: Babylon By Gus - Vol.I “O Ano do Macaco” "Como Eu Te Quero " Intérprete: Black Alien Autores: Black Alien e Alexandre Basa Editora: Deck Extrapunk Extrafunk Entretenimento Agradecimentos: @conversebr Ah! Minha linda! Eu te amo Ah! Meu Deus! Como eu te quero Onde cê tiver eu vou Você sabe que é sincero...(2x) É na sincera Meu coração bate Tipo, acelera Quando isso acontece É quando eu sei Que é à vera Que já era Que a coisa é séria Eu te amo além da matéria Inverno agora Depois primavera Chove lá fora E o bebê que você espera Black Alien, meu bem É o pai do neném Então venha meu bem Fazer bebês Prá uma nova era Começou quando eu te conheci Você tá longe de mim Saudade boa de sentir De dormir juntinho Acordar abraçado Agradecer ao te ver linda Ali bem do meu lado Você é minha mulher E me pede o que quer Eu farei o que eu puder Prá realizar o seu desejo Te acordar E te cobrir de beijos Assim que eu vejo Café na cama com suquinho Pão, geléia e queijo... Ah! Minha linda! Eu te amo Ah! Meu Deus! Como eu te quero Onde cê tiver eu vou Você sabe que é sincero...(2x) Desde o início Olhar prá outra Ficou cada vez mais difícil Pensei: Com ela Eu até quero compromisso Porque antes Eu nunca tinha Sentido isso Levanta o meu moral Me dá auto-estima Não me deixa sentir mal Elogia minha rima Eu mostro serviço Você me viu Achava engraçado Sempre ficava rindo Da cueca aparecendo E da bermuda caindo Te chamo de linda Cê me chama de lindo A gente brinda A vida segue seguindo Nós vamos ficar velhinhos Passeando de mãos dadas E brincando com os netinhos E de vez em quando Um churrasquinho Com os amigos e vizinhos Me acompanha no caminho Não me deixe sozinho Porque sem o seu amor Meu bem! Eu sou um estranho no ninho... Ah! Minha linda! Eu te amo Ah! Meu Deus! Como eu te quero Onde cê tiver eu vou Você sabe que é sincero...(2x) Eu te amo até o fim Eu quero a vida Sempre assim Com você perto de mim Ao som de Tom Jobim Miles Davis E o seu trompete Eu falo no seu ouvidinho Você se derrete E aos domingos Ouvindo Charles Mingus Você me diz: Vem em mim Gus E me promete Debaixo do edredon Ao som de Louis Armstrong Que ninguém vai nos separar Nem a Babylon Só quero ficar Não boto pilha prá sair Eu, você e a TV Tá aconchegante aqui Eu só quero ficar Não boto pilha prá sair Eu, você e a TV Tá aconchegante aqui... Ah! Minha linda Eu te amo Ah! Meu Deus! Como eu te quero Onde cê tiver eu vou Você sabe que é sincero...(2x)

Muzamba Allstars ft. Marlon Sette - Andando numa Nova Direção

dirigido por @esquemagal Muzamba Allstars é um projeto que reúne músicos que colaboram com Digitaldubs, mas trazendo uma sonoridade diferente, vintage, em instrumentais com toques de jazz, funk e rocksteady. A mixagem segue com efeitos espôntaneos e texturas que remetem as produções do Studio One, Lee Perry ou King Tubby. Esse primeiro single, "Andando numa Nova Direção", destaca o trombone de @marlonsette , músico e arranjador que toca com nomes consagrados da música brasileira como Jorge Ben Jor, Elza Soares, Gilberto Gil, Wilson das Neves, João Donato e etc. O time de músicos se completa com Nelson Meirelles no baixo, Felipe Souljah na guitarra, e na bateria e teclados o multi talentoso artista chileno Tianobless . Pilotando a nave, na produção e mixagem está Marcus MPC Tema inspirado em frases do neurocientista Sidarta Ribeiro. Escute em todas as plataformas digitais: #reggae #rocksteady #instrumental #digitaldubs

Branko - SDDS

Stream & Download 'Branko Presents: Enchufada Na Zona Vol.2' Roughly translated from Portuguese, Na Zona means something like being in a specific place, occupying a zone and owning it — a fitting metaphor for Branko’s career as a DJ and producer exploring the global side of club music. But what happens when you can no longer occupy physical spaces to create a shared experience around club music? Enter Volume 2 of our Branko Presents: Enchufada Na Zona compilation series, where following the release of his sophomore album ‘Nosso’, the Enchufada founder curates a selection of original music from himself and some of his favourite artists, as well as a series of his own edits and remixes, all created during quarantine from home studios in Lisbon, Accra, São Paulo, London or Paris. With the club seeming like a distant memory, Branko puts forward a collection of songs more fitting to the times we live in and the physical space we get to enjoy them at: home. Alongside new music from the likes of Dengue Dengue Dengue, Studio Bros or Vanyfox, as well as his edits and remixes for artists such as Dino D’Santiago, DKVPZ or Gafacci, Branko presents a more melodic and introspective take on the always-evolving and warm-blooded rhythms of global club music, a product of every artist’s shared experience of creating and enjoying music in isolation. Written by J.Barbosa Produced by Branko Additional Production by PEDRO Guitar by EU.CLIDES Mixed by Tom Leach at Red Bull Music Studios Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering Follow Branko: •

Clap! Clap! - Blue Flower

Vinyl/DL/Stream: Teaser visual by RUFFMERCY Clap! Clap!'s music is a unique blend of global dance and timeless sounds drawing from nature, traditional music, field recordings, and the electronic savvy of modern centres like Chicago and London. At its core are the inspiration of everyday life, what Crisci calls "the search for new flavours," and a unifying narrative approach. The results are albums that play out like sonic movies. 2014's Tayi Bebba was a soundtrack tour of an imaginary island, and 2016's A Thousand Skies told the story of a young girl's journey through the stars. Following these albums, Crisci took a break from focusing on samples and composition to study sound dynamics and the science of mixing and engineering. He changed his studio and tools, putting more emphasis on the correct melding of analog and digital technology. His third album, Liquid Portraits, is a result of this process with a new compositional approach that puts a stronger focus on field recording and sound design to achieve clarity without diminishing the energy and enthusiasm of the music. As the name hints at, the album is a collection of sonic paintings, an attempt at capturing furtive, subconscious memories through sound. The tracks reference trips Crisci took and people he met - from southern Italy to Hokkaido via the Kif Mountains of Morocco - as well as more abstract ideas of loss, calmness, and childhood. Helped by a small cast of close collaborators - harpist Kety Fusco, singer Martha Da'ro, percussionist Domenico Candellori, and bassist Piero Spitilli - Liquid Portraits is a major new step in Crisci's evolution as an artist.

Kutiman - Awake In The Rain #kutiman #AwakeInTheRain #wachaga #tanzania #africa #קותימאן Stream/download: Vinyl, CD and digital download on Bandcamp: Vocals and Bells By Machame NKweshoo Women Group Video, Music and all instruments by Kutiman Mix by Ronen Sabo Mastering by Brian Lucey @ Magic Garden Mastering Production manager recording: May Hershkovitz Reshef Thank you Hatari lodge Marlies Gabriel, Tanzania Tourist Board and Safari Company

Chancha Via Circuito & El Búho - El Mago Georges (Official video)

Directed & animated by Kati Egely Color correction: Pablo Padovani Sound: Pedro Canale El Mago Georges is part of Pleamar EP. https://wonderwheelrecordings.bandc... @Wonderwheel Recordings

Laraaji | This Too Shall Pass (Official Video)

Lifted from the forthcoming album, Sun Piano. Sun Piano is released 17th July via All Saints Records. Pre-order here: Download / Stream 'This Too Shall Pass' : Filmed by Adeline Bailleul and Tarek Bouraque at the First Unitarian Congregational Society, Brooklyn, New York. Edited by Elliot Holbrow. 2020 All Saints Records

Afel Bocoum - Avion (Official Video)

Subscribe to World Circuit - Afel Bocoum 'Lindé' out now: Celebrated Malian songwriter and guitarist Afel Bocoum's new studio album ‘Lindé’ is out now via World Circuit Records. The first single taken from the record, titled ‘Avion’, is a playful and optimistic tribute to air travel. The song really does ‘take off’, soaring skywards on a beat that’s close to Congolese soukous, with the guitars of Mamadou Kelly, Oumar Konaté and Lamine Soumano providing sweet and melodic propulsion. Damon Albarn, who acts as executive producer on the record alongside World Circuit’s Nick Gold, shared his thoughts: “Afel’s voice is one of the treasures of Mali, and this record is a gift to us all.” Named after the wild expanse near Bocoum’s hometown of Niafunké, ‘Lindé’ is a remarkable blend of deep tradition and audacious innovation. The album was recorded in Mali’s capital Bamako, and stitches together the age-old music of the Niger bend with styles from across the globe, boasting performances from a number of eminent Malian musicians including Madou Kouyaté, the late ‘Hama’ Sankaré and Madou Sidiki Diabaté, along with the drums of recently-departed Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen, the trombone of Vin Gordon (Bob Marley / Skatalites) and the violin of Joan as Police Woman. Traditional instruments like the ngoni, njurkele, kora and calabash blend with guitars, percussion and call-and-response vocals. The result is a gently undulating flow that emanates from a source hidden deep in the historical and mystical traditions of Bocoum’s native land, enriched along its way by musical tributaries and cross-currents. It’s music that rolls rather than rocks, graceful, unforced and minimal by design. ‘Lindé’ is also an album with a message – in the face of an uncertain and turbulent world, and a homeland struggling with jihad, poverty and tribal war, Afel Bocoum urges hope, solidarity and unity. “We have to meet each other, talk to each other, look each other in the eye and tell the truth,” Afel says. “If we’re not united, I can see no solution. Our social security is music. That’s all we’ve got left. People love music, so we have to make use of that fact.” #AfelBocoum #Avion #Linde Edited & animated by Oisín Griffin Drone footage filmed by Abel Kavanagh All other footage provided by Instruments 4 Africa, filmed by Brian David Melnyk, Mohamed Diawara, Mohamed Bah, Kissimia Diouara. Footage filmed in Mopti, Niafunké, Tonka, Diré, Dangha and Timbuktu. Special thanks to Paul Chandler, Festival Vivre Ensemble, Festival Marissi, Festival Diiri, Festival Alafia, Festival Soko, Festival Alkibar. ‘Avion’ produced by Paul Chandler with Mark Mulholland. Executive producers Damon Albarn & Nick Gold. FOLLOW WORLD CIRCUIT: Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Apple Music:

Lido Pimienta - "Te Quería" (Chancha Vía Circuito Remix)

"Te Quería" (Chancha Vía Circuito Remix) by Lido Pimienta Stream & download: Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #lidopimienta #misscolombia #antirecords

Same Sh!t, Different Toilet (Lyric Video) - Pharoahe Monch feat Styles P (prod Marco Polo)

In light of the recent murders of unarmed Black citizens, Styles P and I decided it’s time to release a song that we recorded a few years ago entitled “SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT TOILET” produced by Marco Polo. I was holding this song for a different project but the moment calls for conversations regarding the vicious cycle of violence against Black bodies in the United States of America. Available on all digital platforms: Subscribe for more from Pharoahe: Updates on the new album, exclusives, music, merch & more: Pharoahe on Instagram: Pharoahe on Twitter: Styles P on Instagram: Styles P on Twitter: Marco Polo on Instagram: Marco Polo on Twitter: #sameshitdifferenttoilet Same Sh!t, Different Toilet · Pharoahe Monch · Styles P · Marco Polo ℗ 2020 Trescadecaphobia Music
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