Safe & Sounds: Safe & Sounds #32 – Sabrine Jenhani

sabrine jenhani

This Corona stuff really sucks ey! Since we might all be bound by borders for a while, we’d like to come together and share some happiness in the shape of a playlist or mix!

In the next days and weeks, check out Safe & Sounds, where we will figuratively introduce you to and put you in touch with music whizzes, featuring their selections, collections and picks from all around the globe.

Be “Safe & Sounds” and wash your hands!

In the last few days the world has been going crazy, and yet, only music can make us feel better to endure this hard time.
I’m happy to share with you this playlist. I’ve chosen songs from artists I often listen to in addition to two songs from the two projects I’m working on right now.
I hope you will enjoy it <3

(Sabrine Jenhani)


Sabrine has discovered and harnessed her passion for music since the age of 15. Later in life, along with singing, she graduated as a plastic artist and a painter. As an independent Tunisian artist, Sabrine is also a fierce activist of Tunisian cultural heritage preservation and revival, through creations and texts exclusively written in the Tunisian Dialect “Derja”. Her musical repertoire belongs to a modern and original style mirroring both her personality and her aspirations to produce music that reflects multiple and diverse cultures and influences. Sabrine finds her inspiration in her environment, the people surrounding her and her life journey. The previous experience of Sabrine with the duo Ÿuma has paved the way for an artistic rebirth, a solo project named ZÃY.



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