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This Corona stuff really sucks ey! Since we might all be bound by borders for a while, we’d like to come together and share some happiness in the shape of a playlist or mix!

In the next days and weeks, check out Safe & Sounds, where we will figuratively introduce you to and put you in touch with music whizzes, featuring their selections, collections and picks from all around the globe.

Be “Safe & Sounds” and wash your hands!

La Caravane Passe - Nomadic Spirit (Clip officiel) ft. Mehdi Nassouli

Extrait du nouvel album de La Caravane Passe maintenant disponible : Abonnez-vous à la chaine Youtube de La Caravane Passe pour ne manquer aucune de ses vidéos : Retrouvez La Caravane Passe sur : Crédits vidéo : Un film écrit par Toma Feterman et Sébastien Antoine et tourné avant la période de confinement. Réalisation, image et montage : Sébastien Antoine Pilote drone : Aziz Bouyssoufir Étalonnage : Pierre-Emmanuel Leydet AVEC : Mehdi Nassouli La Caravane Passe (Toma Feterman, Cyril Moret, Olivier Llugany, Ben Body, Pat Gigon) Rachid Bobross Raouf Sidine Abdellah Bakari Bachir & Najwa Tabchich Amine Oulabas Lachgr Youness Mohamed Ghandour Adil Smaili Hicham Sawab Hanane Zawia Abdesslam ilham Asmoune Mohamed Isoukan Mohamed Khalid Smaili Omar Bouhassa Hanane zawia Boumaoud Lahcen Rachid Jok Amine Hachimi Un grand merci à Jazzawiya, au Palais Claudio Bravo, à Agadir Desert Safari, Charlotte de Kerros, Juan Tamayo. Crédits audio : Auteurs & compositeurs : Toma Feterman, Mehdi Nassouli Ce clip a été tourné avant la période de confinement. Et nous espérons qu'il vous accompagnera tout l'été comme un hymne du déconfinement, en attendant de pouvoir voyager de nouveau. (p) & (c) 2020 AT(h)OME Je suis un va-nu-pieds À l’étranger, je vis seul J’ai vu des villes, des montagnes et des déserts J’ai beaucoup souffert, mais j’ai passé erreurs Mes amis, c’est ça ma vie Je vous raconte ce qui m’est arrivé Je voyage jour et nuit Bienvenue à la sortie Esprit Nomade Papa gitan part pour l’Afrique De Budapest à Essaouira De retour d’URSS à Lampedusa Traversant Babylon pour Antalya En Europe: persona non grata En Amérique : persona non grata Les Tsiganes : bienvenus en Afrique Rentre par la sortie : esprit nomade Ils disent “bouge, bouge”, ils disent “bouge ton corps Pars d’ici et rentre dans ton pays. Moi j’aime bouger, je sais danser comme un gitan tout en cherchant un pays accueillant Dans l’Ouest profond : persona non grata Dans l’Est profond : persona non grata Loin dans le Sud : bienvenue en Afrique Rentre par la sortie : esprit nomade Ça y est, j’ai fui J’ai quitté les pays des étrangers Je suis revenu chez mes amis et mes voisins J’ai trouvé l’entrée Esprit nomade. Dans mon voyage, j’ai trouvé mon esprit Esprit Nomade sur l’autoroute, esprit nomade sur l’autre route J’ai appris des mélodies et j’en suis devenu accro Esprit nomade mystique, sans frontière et sans limites Et depuis les pays d’origine, on a ramené ce rythme Les nomades et les gitans le chantent Et c’est ça la vie des nomades L’esprit nomade, nomade

Daraa Tribes, Zegro Band & Lala Tamar, Ady Sun - We are one // Music Video // Hit The Road Music

A unique rocking collaboration in 3 Languages: Arabic, Tamazigh & Hebrew 3 Months traveling & Recording, 11 musicians, 3 languages, 1 Song with the message that we are all one! ✌ (👇more) Thank you to the artists Daraa Tribes, Zegro Band, Lala Tamar & Ady Sun Audio & Video Production: Adrian "Ady" Parzentny & Kasia Hit The Road Music Studio 🙉Insta: 🌴Facebook: Book me here for recording & mixing: 👇 Webpage: 👌 Please follow the Bands on their social media: Lala Tamar Instagram: Her Debut Album: Daraa Tribes: Zegro Band Thank you to everybody involved, we are one family! Check out my Recording/Mixing tutorials on Promix Academy: Special thanks to our partner from: Produce Like A Pro Lewitt Audio Kali Audio

S.A.R.S. - Perspektiva (Official Video)

Subscribe: Spotify: Deezer: Facebook: Instagram: Video produkcija: Studio Frame Lyrics: Mozak pored kompa i nezdrava klopa, za slabiće uvek svuda jeftinoga dopa. za uporne auto, al' je skupa čorba. dva'es' kinti tiket je, vaskrsao Sloba. Evropa nas čeka, frižider ko apoteka. Ima 'leba i kečapa, može mirno da se spava. Na TVu tenis, u gaćama pauk, iz Pazara original Levi's, sloboda je bauk! Obrali smo bostan, jer rodila je njiva. Do guše u govnima, al' se ipak pliva. Bez plate i penzije isto k'o i s njima. Živimo od muzike, samo da se svira. Fudbal je na ulici, kamen je stativa i pivo iz dragstora da bude nam gotiva. U društvu uvek lakše je kad probleme imaš, trudiću se da mi bude bolja perspektiva! Perspektiva, perspektiva... stvarnost nam je crno-bela, a budućnost siva! Perspektiva, perspektiva... svima nam je, svima, siva perspektiva! Perspektiva, perspektiva, perspektiva nam je jeftina cigara. Perspektiva, perspektiva, perspektiva, iz dragstora piva!

Tinariwen (+IO:I) - Sastanàqqàm

"Sastanàqqàm" from the album 'Elwan,' available now Order ELWAN here: directed by Jeremiah, assisted by Celidja Pornon / (c) 2017 Wedge / Anti- / Coop / Pias “A thousand miles from their homeland in northern Mali, across a vast expanse of desert, the music of Tinariwen has found shelter in the hearts of six young musicians from M’hamid el Ghizlane. They were only boys when the desert rockers first visited their home, back in 2006, but they saw an immediate reflection of their own dreams and aspirations in the music they heard. In the years that followed they learned the Tinariwen songbook note for note, word for word, even though they couldn’t speak a word of Tamashek, the language of the Touareg. When Tinariwen returned to M’hamid in 2016 to record a new album, those young disciples from M’hamid had achieved a remarkable mastery of the desert guitar repertoire. The torch had been passed from hand to hand and heart to heart across the great desert. The young musicians from M’hamid were invited to perform Abdallah’s ‘Sastaqanam’, standing in for their older brothers and playing with uncanny fidelity. But first the members of Tinariwen wrapped new turbans around the heads of their young acolytes, marking not only the passage from boyhood to manhood according to ancient desert custom, but also the transmission of their music across the generations, a transmission that is taking place in the hearts of youth from every corner of the great Sahara.” SASTANÀQQÀM (I QUESTION YOU) Ténéré, can you tell me of anything better Than to have your friends and your mount, And a brand new goatskin, watertight, To find your way by the light Of the four bright stars of heaven, To know how to find water in The unlikeliest of places, And enlist the momentum of the wind To help you move forward. Tell me, Ténéré, how you and I Can remain united, with no hate for each other. Ténéré, I can now admit that I have travelled far through this wide world. Ténéré, I give you my oath That as long as I’m alive, I will always come back to you.

Gogol Bordello - Wonderlust King (Official Video)

Gogol Bordello's official music video for "Wonderlust King" from the album, Super Taranta! - available now on SideOneDummy Records. ► Find Super Taranta! at ► Listen on Apple Music: Follow Gogol Bordello: Site: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Join us on our networks! Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Lyrics: Back in the day yo as we learned A man was not considered to be Considered to be fully grown Has he not gonna beyond the hills Has he not crossed the 7 seas Yeah, 7 seas at least Now all them jokers kept around Just like the scarecrows in hometown Yeah, scarecrows in hometown From screen to screen, them travelin' But I'm a wonderlust king I stay on the run, let me out, let me be gone In the world beat up road sign I saw new history of a time, new history of time Through Siberian woods breaking up their neck Breaking up their neck Chinese moving in building discotheques Building discotheques Tran-Siberian sex toys and what not Yeah, why not? Oh well at least it's something different From what they got in every other airport Ja ne evrei, no koje-chto pohozge Sovrat ne dast ni Yura ni Seryozga Simple because I'm not a total gadjo Da ja shut, ja tziratch, nu tak stozge? I traveled the world looking for understanding Of the times that we live in Hunting and gathering first hand information Challenging definitions of sin I traveled the world looking for lovers Of the ultimate beauty but never settled in I'm a wonderlust king I stay on the run, let me out, let me be gone In the world beat up road sign I saw new history of a time, new history of time And presidents and billionaires and generals They'll never know, they'll never know What I have owned, what I have owned I'm a wonderlust king #GogolBordello #WonderlustKing #SuperTaranta

Jupiter & Okwess - Ofakombolo (Official Video)

New album "Kin Sonic" available on BandCamp & iTunes : Facebook : Instagram : Video credits : Producteur audiovisuel : Les Autres / SDJ Réalisation : SJD Lyrics & Translations Wokolo yakala Aya ! Oh ofakombolo Ofakombolo Oh ofakombolo Oliaka na nkema Bona okanelaka loyi ekawe bona oye Oliaka na nkema Onko djo emoko compliqué Oye ! Ofakombolo Oh ofakombolo Ah ah ah ah ! Nzakomba ondokiso iseyo oye Ofakombolo Oh ofakombolo Yelela yelela yelela ngoya oye Nsangelaka we wo kelife ngodja Ntefelaka we wo kelife ngondja ewu nsagelaka we ewu ntefelaka we wo kelife ngodja Wokolo yakala aya ! ------- English Spare for the future You spend today, you sould also think of tomorrow You spend today, future can be complicated Foresight ! Ah ! Master of the universe, help us ! Foresight ! I say it to you I’ve saying it for long I told you so, you didn’t listen ------- Français Épargne pour l’avenir Tu dépenses aujourd’hui, il faut aussi songer à demain Tu dépenses aujourd’hui, l’avenir peut être compliqué Prévoyance ! Ah ! le maître de l’univers, aide-nous Prévoyance ! Je te le dis Je te le dis depuis longtemps Je te l’ai dis, tu refusais

Sahida Apsara - Radiant Star [ LIVE ] • Ft. Saritah & Dub FX

Sahida Apsara - Radiant Star [ LIVE ] • Ft. Saritah & Dub FX Available on all music platforms here Written and Performed by Sahida Apsara and Saritah Sahida Apsara Saritah Key & Horn samples by Adrian 'Astro' Perger Produced by Dub FX DUB FX Tour Dates here:

Dubioza kolektiv "Himna generacije" (Official video)

✔ SUBSCRIBE: Follow Dubioza kolektiv: Web - Shop - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube - Dubioza kolektiv "Himna generacije" (Subtitles in Czech, English, German, Italian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish) "Pjesmice za djecu i odrasle", Menart, 2017 Besplatan download: Video produkcija: Fabrika / Režija: Salem Kapić Kantardžić Direktor fotografije: Almir Đikoli Montaža: Antonio Ilić Color grading: Salem Kapić Kantardžić CGI compositing & roto: Salem Kapić Kantardžić, Dino Hujić 3D crowd simulacija: Adnan Peco Follow Dubioza kolektiv: Web - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube - Tekst pjesme: Himna generacije Čim progledam ujutro gutam informacije novine, portali dnevna doza sekiracije Naslovi bombastični Estrada, crne hronike Ko se ženi, kol'ko mrtvih Teror i harmonike Hiljadu zašto al’ nijedno zato Dal’ će novi rat da počne Rusija il' NATO? Svaki nova vijest me potpuno zablokira al’ neću da se brinem da mi ćuna ne zatrokira Glečeri se tope kukala nam mati na Euroviziju koga ćemo slati U glavi se roje paranoje da li dobre vijesti uopšte postoje Ko je koja krvna grupa Da li će progutati nas crna rupa? Pjevaj “biće bolje” dok se valjamo u blatu zajebi sekiraciju čuvajmo prostatu! Ovo himna je generacije živimo od sekiracije Ovo himna je generacije u šupku civilizacije #dubiozakolektiv #himnageneracije

Tasuta N-Imal - Amekraz - The Farmer // (Video Live Performance) // Mobile Recording Studio

Support our journey & learn how to Mix this Songs on your own with our 17 Promix Academy Music Production Tutorials: Multi Tracks included! Our Recording Journey brought us this time to the Moroccan Highlands where we had the chance to record 2 songs with "Tasuta N-Imal" (Extend for more 👇) We had an incredible and unforgettable time together with this professional, colourful, joyful, high energy and talented young Band - full heart musicians Tenmirrt ! Thank you ! Stay tuned for more and have fun with the song "Amekraz" We wish the Band, Manager, Family & Friends only the best Special thanks to Idriss for the warm and welcoming accommodation in the "Auberge Ayounez": Composition: Tasuta N-Imal Audio & Video Production: Adrian Parzentny & Kasia Pisula Hit The Road Music Studio 🙉Insta: 🌴Facebook: Book me here for recording & mixing: 👇 🤘 Webpage: 👌 Contact the Band: Lahcen AIT SAADANE = Manager +212 664 284 636 Kasias Blog & Podcast about the creative life: 🐪🐪🐪 🐪🐪🐪 👉Follow the Band on Social Media : Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Official website : Subscribe to Tasuta N-Imal Official Channel: 👉 Support them and buy or stream their music directly: Spotify : iTunes : Deezer : Apple Music : Amazon Music :

Amadou & Mariam - La réalité (Official Music Video)

Amadou & Mariam - La réalité (Official Music Video) Subscribe to Amadou & Mariam channel : Listen to Amadou & Mariam Essentials playlist : Follow Amadou & Mariam: Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Official Website : Stream & Download 🎧 Dimanche à Bamako : Folila : Welcome to Mali : Je pense à toi : #AmadouetMariam #DimancheàBamako #LaRéalité

Balkan Beat Box feat. A-WA - Kum Kum

Shout it Out, the new album from Balkan Beat Box is out now! Order here For merch, news and tour dates visit: Contacts: Global management: Janis Shen Israel Management: Hadas Nagar NA PR and digital: Mike Bell, Marni Wandner Israel PR: Liron Pinhasi Israel digital: Avi Kasuto UK PR: Hugo Simpson France PR: Frederique MIguel Armonie Bensoussan Germany: Sven-Erik Stephan Lyrics: Yalla kum kum wanna get up and go Bella pretty And I need some more Yalla kum kum Wanna get up and go Yalla kum kum Wanna get up and go Ana Kan don't make me Wanna get up and go Cuz I've been here from Long time ago And I came here just to Let you know That I got it all And I need some more So come down cuz A-WA At the door Yemeni now Going to set the flow Keep it all in motion On the floor Gam ani Kan And I'm going to grow Yalla Kum Kum What you got to say? Bella pretty But she's got a way You see black and white And I see grey Yalla Kum Kum What you got to say? Bella pretty But she's got a way You see black and white And I see grey Girls, girls, girls To the A, to the WA Walla don't stop, push play But you got a way girl No no rush, no delay Walla don't stop, push play But you got a way girl Ana Kan don't make me Want to take it slow Cuz I've been here from Long time ago And I came here just to Let you know That I got it all But I need some more So come down cuz AWA On the go Yemeni now Going to set the flow Keep it all in motion On the floor Gam ani Kan And I'm going to grow Yalla Kum Kum What you got to say? Bella pretty But she's got a way You see black and white And I see grey Yalla Kum Kum What you got to say? Bella pretty But she's got a way You see black and white And I see grey To the A, to the WA Walla don't stop, push play But you got a way girl No no rush, no delay Walla don't stop, push play What you got to say girl VIDEO CREDITS: Directed by: Rona Segal Produced by: Mika Timor Cinematography by: Eitan Hatuka Edited by: Ornit Levy VFX by: Noam Toledano Color & Additional VFX: Omri Grossman Creative advisor: Tom Darom Production Coordinator: Anat Kremien and Claudia Tang Production Assistant: Zeke Weiner 1st Assistant Director: Shay Rylski Production Designer: Yuval Bar- Adon Lights: Fatian Ibrahim AC: Naor Leev Key Grip: Eli Levi Wardrobe: Maya Lebovitch & Haya Vider Makeup: Adar Sananes Dancers: Leehe kandell Venus Cassias Bashir Daniela Antwi Grace Olawumi Shamima Nikol Apea Otu Nathan Opoku Favour Ogunleye Forever Fotis Joanna Rose Iguman Emmanuel Lam Participants: Meital Ratzabi Alon and Tamar Rotstein Ofir Ankri Moshe Zalka Hilli Danieli Naama Haim Gal Goldie Gramz Naomi Lansky Lamin, Rashid Salah Ismail & Jeremy Omri David Special Thanks to: Gal Muggia Tom Darom Fany Danieli Dorit Rotstein

Taraf de Haïdouks - Karolina

Song: Karolina Artist: Taraf de Haïdouks Album: Electric Gypsyland 1999

Fanfare Ciocarlia ft. Puerto Candelaria & Maite Hontelé - Fiesta de Negritos de Lucho Bermúdez

Fiesta de Negritos / Composición: Lucho Bermúdez / Intérpretes: Fanfare Ciocarlia, Puerto Candelaria, Maite Hontelé. Disponible en: 【Spotify】 【Deezer】 【iTunes】 Introducing the emblematic Fanfare Ciocarlia from Rumania that met with the colombian musical joy brought by Puerto Candelaria and the virtuous trumpet of Maite Hontelé and came together in Fiesta de Negritos. A featuring in which they didn´t need to use the same language: Music and spicy humor were the universal expressions they found to understand each other to perfection. This single is not only a tribute to the great colombian composer Lucho Bermúdez, but also to the encounter between distant cultures bonded by their affinities. Fiesta de Negritos by Fanfare Ciocarlia, featuring Puerto Candelaria and Maite Hontelé is an excitement of the senses, a colorful celebration. Presentamos la emblematica agrupación rumana, Fanfare Ciocarlia con el sabor colombiano de Puerto Candelaria y la virtuosa trompeta de la holandesa Maite Hontelé, todos juntos en Fiesta de Negritos. Una colaboración en la que no fue necesario hablar el mismo idioma puesto que la musica y el humor picante se convirtieron en el lenguaje universal para entenderse a la perfección. Este tema no es solo un homenaje al gram compositor colombiano Lucho Bermúdez, sino al encuentro entre culturas lejanas. Fiesta de Negritos de Fanfare Ciocarlia junto a Puerto Candelaria y Maite Hontelé es una agitación a los sentidos, una celebración llena de color. ----- Directed by: Juancho Valencia Camera: Miguel Angel Correa Edition: Sofía Carvalho Post - production: Mario Barrios Graphic Design: Nicole Gómez Recorded at: Merlín Producciones, Medellín - Colombia Sound engineer: Gabriel Vallejo Edit: Henry Ernst Mixing: Elsner - Henry Ernst Mastering: Sasha "Busy" Bühren at TrueBusyness Special guest: Koby Israelite (accordion and drums) ----- Visítanos en: [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram]

Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra - Cajorije sukarije - (Audio 2012)

Label and copyright: City Records You Tube distribution: Zabranjeno svako kopiranje video i/ili audio snimaka i postavljanje na druge kanale! Music: Esma Redžepova lyrics: Esma Redžepova Arr: Esma Redžepova Video:

Dubioza Kolektiv - Free #polandrock2018

Żywiołowa kapela z Bałkan na Dużej Scenie Najpiękniejszego Festiwalu Świata wystąpiła już po raz drugi! Czekaliśmy na powtórkę niesamowitego koncertu z 2012 roku i co tu dużo mówić - nie zawiedliśmy się! Subskrybuj nasz kanał ➡ Kręcioła.Tv łapcie nas tu: Facebook - Instagram - IGTV - Twitter - Snapchat - @kreciolatv
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Life is too short to worry! As challenging as the times are, I started to look deeper under the surface. Before “The thing” hit the world we were very depended and focused on outside things & stuff: My house, my place, my couch, my clothes, my Guitar my this and my that – it gives us a feeling of identity and safety which is good. But now we are surrounded by the things around us every day. 

This is a great chance to focus deeper on our biggest gift: Our self! It’s an incredible journey to learn more about yourself and build trust in our abilities. To get emotionally independent is the first step to appreciate more the interdependence with our friends, family, musicians and everyone who is involved to make our life sweet (venues, barkeepers, filmmakers, artists… you name it). Life is the biggest party we can imagine and I bet this playlist will transform your house into a life loving club!!! Enjoy and don’t forget to dance! All my love.

(AdyHit The Road Music Studio)


Ady is one half of Hit The Road Music Studio, a mobile recording studio with carefully chosen microphones and equipment to cover every aspect of the recording process for a clean and tight recording and mixing experience. The idea behind the project, launched together with Kasia in 2018, is to help talented artists who can’t afford a good audio/video quality. This is also Hit The Road Music way to unite people with the global and peaceful language of music – the universal tone – each one is different but we are all equal.


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