Safe & Sounds: Safe & Sounds #87 – Ant aka A-Tweed

ant de oto

This Corona stuff really sucks ey! Since we might all be bound by borders for a while, we’d like to come together and share some happiness in the shape of a playlist or mix!

In the next days and weeks, check out Safe & Sounds, where we will figuratively introduce you to and put you in touch with music whizzes, featuring their selections, collections and picks from all around the globe.

Be “Safe & Sounds” and wash your hands!

1. Muudra – Hemshin Breath (Original Mix) // Arabstazy
2. Spaniol, Pigmalião – Sumatra, Java & Borneo (Original Mix) // Feines Tier
3. Perkunas – Baltic Log Jam (Original Mix) // Party Central
4. Numa Gama – Twig People (Seres De Madeira) (Original Mix)
5. Aki Aki – Müsli Boys (Original Mix) // Candomble
6 Akio Nagase – Mongol 303 (Original Mix) // Chill Mountain 
7. Spazio Palazzo – Deviazione (Original Mix) // Serenades
8. Mamazu – SYNCRETIC (Original Mix) // Chill Mountain
9. Balam – Mesopotamia (Original Mix)
10. Dreems – Un Peu Sage (Edit)
11. Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Rai – Nana (Original Mix) // Tom Tom Disco
12. Thomass Jackson – Volcanico (Daniel Nitsch Remix) // Feines Tier
13. A-Tweed – Drumnadrochit Afro Airlines (Original Mix) // Afrobotic Musicology

Ant aka A-Tweed is the stage name of Antonio De Oto, Italian DJ/producer based in Rome focusing on global/electronics.

His sets provide freshness, groove and good vibrations with Afrofuturism, cosmic dark disco, global bass, tropical house, cumbia, downbeats and 360° worldwide music gems selections.

In early May, he released his debut EP titled Who is the Enemy? on Afrobotic


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