Safe & Sounds: Safe & Sounds #77 – Contagious Playlist by Khalil Chahine


This Corona stuff really sucks ey! Since we might all be bound by borders for a while, we’d like to come together and share some happiness in the shape of a playlist or mix!

In the next days and weeks, check out Safe & Sounds, where we will figuratively introduce you to and put you in touch with music whizzes, featuring their selections, collections and picks from all around the globe.

Be “Safe & Sounds” and wash your hands!

Positive & uplifting music for serious listeners.

(Khalil Chahine)


Khalil Chahine is a Berlin-based Engineer and Producer who combines musical and scientific knowledge (in Physics with a focus on Psychoacoustics) in his unique approach to production. In over 15 years of experience in audio engineering, he has worked in live and studio recording, mixing, mastering and producing independent and mainstream music. Among others, he has worked and produced with international artists Rita Redshoes, The Trouble Notes, Max Herre, Rea Garvey, Fairouz, Ziad Rahbani and 5vor12. He works on Pop-Classic arrangements and Electronic sounds colored by Jazz, Middle Eastern, and other global music influences.

He is currently working on an album to be released in 2020 featuring soundscapes that echo the memory of Beirut in contemporary Berlin, where industrial grooves and soaring synths will blend with re-configured traditional sounds. 

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