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Polish-Women-Revolution-Tapes Vol 1

This Corona stuff really sucks ey! Since we might all be bound by borders for a while, we’d like to come together and share some happiness in the shape of a playlist or mix!

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Polish women have just lost their right to freedom of choice, dignity, and independence. The conservative Polish government banned almost all abortions – with exceptions only for rape cases, incest, or where the mother’s health is at risk. Poland – a country in the middle of Europe, a member of the European Union, has now one of the most radical and strict abortion laws globally.

DJs and music producers from all corners of the world sent the messages of encouragement and empowering music to Polish women, who fight for their freedom. 

We created Polish Women Revolution Tapes to show our solidarity with the female warriors from Poland and from all around the world. 

As a Polish woman living far away from my country, I wanted to show support to the women at those incredibly difficult times. I invited my sisters from global female DJ community to share the empowering songs and messages of hope. I was so incredibly happy to receive wonderful responses from the artists. The contribution of the DJs and producers from all the continents brought me a lot of faith and hope. Each DJ/ music producer sent at least 1 track with a short written message of support to the women in Poland. The selected songs got compiled into two mixtapes.

We are female DJs and producers from all corners of the world, supporting Polish Women in their fight. We joined forces to send messages of hope and love to all the female warriors who stood up against oppressive patriarchy.

(Cornelia Binicewicz)

Polish Women Revolution Tapes – Vol.1

DJs and selectors:

Miray Nur Yilmaz (Turkey), Madam Scorcher (UK), Dj Carie (France), Tasha Goldberg (USA), BdL (France), DJ Nixie (Belgium), Gelly Mantouvalos (Greece), Coco Maria (Mexico), DJ Honey (Australia), Ladies on Records (Poland), Natalie Shooter (UK), Giu Nunez (Brasil), Luanda (Brazil), Dj Babs (Canada), DJ Eurotrashyash (Canada), Tropical DJipsies (Portugal)


  1. When I’m gonna be free by Dawn Penn from Madam Scorcher (UK)
  2. Je Suis Décadente by Brigitte Fontaine from Dj Carie (France)
  3. Blue Nile by Alice Coltrane from Tasha Goldberg (USA)
  4. Repression by Colette Magny from BdL (France)
  5. Niets is voor altijd by Madou from DJ Nixie (Belgium)
  6. If you remember my dream by Giovanna from Gelly Mantouvalos (Greece)
  7. Sin Final by Ela Laboriel from Coco Maria (Mexico)
  8. I Want Action by Betty Chung from DJ Honey (Australia)
  9. Idę Dalej by Halina Frąckowiak from Ladies on Records (Poland)
  10. Mawal Al Ashaa by Sharifa Fadel from Nathalie Shooter (UK)
  11. Vanja Orico by Maria Moita from Giu Nunez (Brasil)
  12. Oxum by Zéze Motta from Luanda (Brazil)
  13. High School Confidential by Rough Trade from DJ Eurotrash & Dj Babs (Canada)
  14. Sultan ı Yegah by Nur Yoldaş from Miray Nur Yilmaz (Turkey)
  15. Żądza Pieniądza by Maanam from DJ Eurotrashyash (Canada)
  16. Abortus Vrij, De Vrouw Beslist by Basta from DJ Nixie (Belgium)
  17. Nao E Desgraca Ser Pobre by Amalia Rodrigues from Tropical DJipsies (Portugal)


Kornelia Binicewicz – Founder of Ladies on Records, Polish origin record collector. DJ and anthropologist of culture currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2015, she moved to Istanbul to explore female music from Turkey and the Middle East. Daily, she lives on the island near Istanbul travels all around the world in search of mesmerizing music and meaningful stories to tell.

Ladies on Records is a curated multifaceted endeavour created to represent women’s contribution to global and local music of the past decades. Ladies on Records tells the stories of women by the music they created.

Ladies on Records’ mission is to reshape and improve understanding and knowledge of female music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s from all over the world and make it re-discovered and appreciated again by the local and global audience. It sheds new light on female creation in music and exposes unspoken, forgotten, or neglected cultural, political, and aesthetic patterns. Ladies on Records’ main goal is to tell the stories of female artists from the past in a new, contemporary way.

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