Your ticket to… Cumbia


They said that cumbia is a woman who has rhythmic hips… for sure cumbia fulfil itself in the sinuous moves of its dance. In fact, no matter how much you try to just listen to cumbia, you’ll inevitably end up dancing.

Cumbia is the result of two centuries of African forced migration in the Caribbean and Caribbean coast of Central America. It found its elective habitat in Colombia during the late 18th century and from what was a courtship and popular expression, it smoothly and widely spread its popularity all over Latin America (from Mexico to Chile). During the second part of the 20th century, Cumbia inspired local and endemic versions, literally conquering the world and rivalling with more established Latin American traditional genres like tango, salsa and samba.

Your ticket to…Cumbia playlist aims to unveil what cumbia is echoing its past and present, from its first recorded tracks to the latest soundprints. By the way, since it’d be impossible to feature all the faces of the style in little more than 20 songs, we decided to choose the ones we like the most and make our hips moving rhythmically.

At this point, we have nothing more to say than: ¡vamos a gozar la cumbia!

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