Visions of Sound – August 2019

Visions of Sound – August 2019

Every month, we bring you a monthly collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

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Xylouris White "Tree Song" (Official Music Video)

Track from "The Sisypheans" LP/CD, available on November 8, 2019 from Drag City. Music: Xylouris White Film Clip: Jem Cohen, with Shelagh Hannan Song produced by Guy Picciotto Preorder here: ======= Tree Song (Traditional Lyrics) Ένας έμορφος καί ένας καλός στρατιώτης Σπίτι γύρευε, κοντή νερατζούλα φουντώτη, Σπίτι γύρευε χωριό να πάει να μείνει Μηδέ σπίτι ᾽βρε, καλέ τρίκλωνε βασιλικέ, Μηδέ σπίτι ᾽βρε, μηδέ χωριό να μείνει, Μηδέ σπίτι ᾽βρε χωριό να πάει να μείνει. Παρά ένα δεντρί, κοντή νερατζούλα φουντώτη, Παρά ένα δεντρί, δεντρί Κυπαρισσάκι – Δέξου με δεντρί, κοντή νερατζούλα φουντώτη, Δέξου με δεντρί στον ήσκιο σου να μείνω – Να η ρίζα μου, καλέ τρίκλωνε βασιλικέ, Να η ρίζα μου δέσε το τ’άλογό σου Να κι’οι κλώνοι μου, κοντή νερατζούλα φουντώτη, Να κι’οι κλώνοι μου κρέμασε τ’άρματά σου Να και ο ήσκιος μου, κοντή νερατζούλα φουντώτη, Να και ο ήσκιος μου, πέσε γλυκά κοιμήσου Κ’άμα σηκωθείς, καλέ τρίκλωνε βασιλικέ, Κ’άμα σηκωθείς φέρε να ξεδιψάσω Τρία σταμνιά νερό, κοντή νερατζούλα φουντώτη. A fine and handsome soldier Searched for a home and village in which to live He found neither home nor village But to a tree, a little Cyprus tree – Allow me, tree, to stay in your shade. Said the tree – Here are my roots, tie your horse to them, Here are my branches, hang your weapons from them, Here is my shade, lie down and sleep well, And when you rise, bring me three urns of water to quench my thirst Follow Xylouris White: Follow us on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: #XylourisWhite #JimWhite #DragCity #Sisypheans

Afrosideral aka Kumar Sublevao Beat - Filho Do Mar (Official Video)

Filho Do Mar es un viaje a través de los mares que unieron a África con tierras del nuevo mundo trayendo con sus hijos convertidos en esclavos la sabiduría, el canto, y creencias de sus ancestros a tierras como Cuba y el Brasil. Afrosideral esta vez se inspira en Yemayá. Utilizando elementos de Capoeira e instrumentos Afro-brasileños mezclados con cantos Afrocubanos en esta canción nos conecta con su esencia más caribeña y musical. Contando con los bahianos Alan Sousa en la percusión y Jurandir Santana en la guitarra en conexión con los cubanos Martín Meléndez el CelloBass y Ariel Brínguez en el Saxo, Arema Arega en los coros, todo cocinado en sus Grooves Box para sacar ese sonido futurista y ancestral. Preventa de su nuevo álbum: https://wonderwheelrecordings.bandc... Redes de Afrosideral: Visita nuestra radio online: Suscríbete a nuestro canal de youtube: Síguenos en nuestras Redes sociales: Google Plus: Facebook: Twitter: COPYRIGHTS: Este vídeo es una producción exclusiva de Radio Gladys Palmera, autorizada por el artista y sus representantes legales. This video is an exclusive production of Radio Gladys Palmera, authorized by the artist and his legal managers.

Flavia Coelho - DNA (Official Video)

Taken from her album "DNA", order now : Stream & Download the track "DNA" : 🎬 - Video credits Production Company: Creative Lines Director/DOP: Mário Cumbana Production: Ademar Chaúque Assistant Director: Donia Tembe Making of: Pedro Chissano Makeup: Sharon da Cruz Driver: Dinho Massango 🎧 - Audio credits Lyrics : Flavia Coelho Music : Flavia Coelho & Victor Vagh-Weinmann Singer : Flavia Coelho 👤 - Characters: Graça Magaia Marcia Manhice Sayuri Cumbana Graça’s sister Ana Lucia Vanessa Simbine Marc Brebant Mano Mabzaia (Rastaman) Calisto Muchanga & Manuel Muchanga Donia Tembe Mário Cumbana Sharon da Cruz Anabela Madjaia ---------------------------------------------------- Follow Flavia Coelho : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Follow LE LABEL : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : ---------------------------------------------------- (p) & © 2019 Vagh & Weinmann Music sous licence exclusive LE LABEL [PIAS] Editions : Vagh & Weinmann music #FlaviaCoelho #DNA #BrazilianMusic

KOKOKO! - Buka Dansa (Official Music Video)

Dido Oweke wakes up at home, and fantasises about making it. Being a star. Having cool people behind him and supporting him, the hype that goes with it. Everything. We follow his imagination from the tough neighbourhood he lives in to the party of his dreams, where he becomes the frontman, discovers the “Japanese” Sapuers of Kinshasa and sings his song - ‘Buka Dansa’. Subscribe to KOKOKO!: Follow KOKOKO! online: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud:


"KEL TINAWEN" (feat. Cass McCombs) by Tinariwen from the album 'Amadjar,' available now on ANTI- / [PIAS] Order at Directed by Celidja Pornon c 2019 Wedge LYRICS Evil tongues – you can keep talking. The uprising will be impossible to suppress. The treachery of your evil words has sold out your brothers for your own interests. You’ve locked them up in a prison, every last one of them. You fine talkers, tell us what road you plan to take to avoid us If we remain rooted. You’ve forgotten the suffering of our parents, The suffering they have experienced since birth, Unable to find water, unless they dig wells with their own hands. Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: #tinariwen #amadjar

L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae - Dead Battery | Official Video

From the album "Complicate Your Life With Violence" available Oct. 4th Produced by L'Orange / Vocals by Jeremiah Jae Directed & Edited by Ryan Calavano Starring: Taylor Swantek as The Interrogator Colby Audette as The Muscle Jeremiah Jae as The Revolutionary #LOrange #JeremiahJae Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth #MelloMusicGroup 2019

Miramar - Salida (Official Music Video)

Directed by Victoria Tiburona. Stream/Download/45single at A “miramar” is a place from which you can see the ocean. The bolero group, Miramar, chose this word as their name to evoke a place of peace, reflection and solace for a broken heart. Even the bolero, a romantic music born in Cuba in the 1800’s, might have been conceived by the seaside. In the 50’s and 60’s it became the quintessential musical expression of romance in Latin America. It is this era of the music from which Miramar draws their inspiration. “Salida” means “a way out.” It is a song about the surrender that comes after trying to break free from the darkest of places, of endless frustration and sadness. The lyrics allude, but never tell. Produced by Giancarlo Luiggi & Victor Axelrod.

ROSALÍA, Ozuna - Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi (Official Video)

ROSALÍA & OZUNA - "Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi" (Official Video)   Download & Stream "Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi":   Amazon - Apple Music - Deezer - iTunes - Spotify - YouTube Music -   Directors: Cliqua (RJ Sanchez & Pasqual Gutierrez) Creative Directors: Pili y Rosalía Producer: Ryan Huffman Commissioner: Saul Levitz Executive Producers: Seb Webber, Matt Zolly, Jerad Anderson, Ryan Huffman Production Company: Huffman Creative Line Producer: Jay Tauzin Director of Photography: Logan Triplett Choreographer: Charm La'Donna Stylist: Samantha Burkhart Editor: Antonio Gómez-Pan Follow ROSALÍA: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Spotify: Official Site:   Follow Ozuna Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: #ROSALÍA #YOXTITUXMI #OZUNA

OSHUN - We're Yung (Official Video)

Get "We're Yung" here: This is an official music video from our debut studio album, #bittersweetvol1, available on all digital platforms NOW!!! Catch us in a city near you on the #bittersweetTOUR! Tickets available at Written by OSHUN | | @oshun | @oshuniverse Directed by Annie Bercy | @anniebercy Starring OSHUN & Hallow Dreamz | @hallowdreamz Song Produced by Proda & Eric David | @praiseproda & @okayericv Special thanks to Donaldson Farms, NJ Wardrobe by Stitch n Run | @stitchnrun_ & inspired by Slashed By Tia | @slashedbytia Make up by Nzingha | @nothingnessinadress Hair by Badila Hair | @badilahair ALL inquiries: Subscribe for more releases! Follow OSHUN: ▶ Stream OSHUN: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram: — Follow ONErpm: ▶ On Socials: ▶ On Spotify: ▶ On Apple Music:

Onipa - My Way (Official Video)

Onipa's new single"My Way" makes dance Mali, Ghana and Jamaica together. Read our article → Stream/Download All platforms → Bandcamp → Webzine → Facebook → Twitter → Instagram →

iLe - Tu Rumba (Official Video)

iLe – Tu Rumba (Official Video) Casa Productora- Worldjunkies inc (@worldjunkies) Director- Alejandro Pedrosa Productora- Carolina Wolf (@carowolf) Director de Fotografía- Santiago "Chago" Benet (@chago12) Música Disponible: iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon Music: Google Play: Redes: Official site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LETRA: Yo no se si es el rabito de tus ojos que está buscando encontrarse con los míos, Pero siento que hay un algo tuyo que me llama entre medio de tanto gentío. Yo no se si tu silencio me está hablando. Yo no se si nos habremos conocido O si es mi locura que anda delirando y que al final soy solo yo que lo imagino. CORO: Hermosura que sale de ti, va flotando hasta llegar a mi. No se si tu rumba vaya con mi mambo, pero tu tienes lo que estoy necesitando. No se si tu rumba vaya con mi mambo, pero tu tienes lo que estoy necesitando. Yo no quiero confundir las emociones, esto puede que no vaya a funcionar. nuestros ritmos ya tienen su propio peso y no se si la clave pueda aguantar. Dime al menos lo que pasa por tu mente, pa no morirme de tanta curiosidad. Dime algo y dímelo sin miedo, que esto es entre nosotros nada más. CORO: Hermosura que sale de ti, va flotando hasta llegar a mi. No se si tu rumba vaya con mi mambo, pero tu tienes lo que estoy necesitando. No se si tu rumba vaya con mi mambo, pero tu tienes lo que estoy necesitando. Added Credits: 1st AD- Iván Rodriguez PA- Alberto De La Vega PA- Paula Martínez 1AC- Carlos Rafael Rivera 2nd AC- Carlos Gio De León DIT- Omar Rivera Gaffer- Carlos Rivera Key Grip- Andres Figueroa Electrico- Emmanuel Negrón Electrico- Carlos Cotto Grip- Ramses Santos Grip- Kenneth Vidal Directora de Arte- Natalia Martinez Vestuario- Yasiri Castro (@yasugar) Assist. Vestuario- Ramón Sierra #iLe #Almadura #TuRumba Official Music Video by iLe performing "Tu Rumba" (C) 2019 Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC

Sangit "Ma Mamuso (feat. Kadi Coulibaly)" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO )

Israeli musician and producer Sangit finds inspiration for his funky grooves in the sounds of the world. New single out August 9th. "Ma Mamuso" features singer Kadi Coulibaly from Burkina Faso. Music video filmed in Milan, Italy. Sangit’s first full-length album "Librar" will be released November 15th, 2019 by Cumbancha Discovery. Sangit is a producer, percussionist and songwriter from Israel whose passion for the sounds of the globe have led him to collaborate with a range of artists of different backgrounds and cultures. His first full-length album, "Librar," will be released on November 15, 2019 as part of the Cumbancha Discovery series, which seeks to introduce exceptional new talent to international audiences. Blending the influences of African and Afro-Cuban roots music with jazz and funk, the desert yearning of Moroccan Gnawa trance music, mystical Ethiopian scales and Caribbean flavors, Sangit creates a unique and eclectic sound with "Librar." Sangit describes his album as “a reflection of my creative momentum. I am passionate and fanatical about my music,” he says, “and this album represents my spiritual journey, my evolution.” Joined on the album by musicians from Mali, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Morocco, Iran and Congo, as well as Israeli musicians representing a diverse array of cultural influences, Sangit continues his mission to collaborate with people from various backgrounds in projects that move him and his international audiences. "Librar" features 9 different languages and 11 different singers from around the globe to create a soulful blend. The live band consists of 9 musicians and is setting the groundwork for their first international concerts in 2020. The funky single “Ma Mamuso (My Grandmother)” features Kadi Coulibaly from Burkina Faso singing a message of comfort and hope. A true international collaboration, Sangit and Noa flew to Milan, Italy to meet the singer and record the song, a project which Sangit says has “proven to me once again that music is an international language.” Originally written in English, then translated into French, the lyrics are sung in Bambara, Kadi’s mother tongue. Living as an immigrant in a large European city, Coulibaly faces her struggles with words of wisdom from home: "Ma mamuso tolo kada nye (My grandmother told me it's going to be ok).” Flutist Shlomi Alon is also featured prominently on the song. The music video for the song was filmed in Milan and continues the theme of seeking beauty, inspiration and creative expression even when faced with personal challenges. Sangit’s album "Librar" serves as an impressive introduction to this uniquely skilled musician, producer and composer. With his gift for collaboration, respect for great musical traditions and innovative production techniques, Sangit has created an inspiring collection of songs that mark the arrival of an extraordinary new talent on the global music scene. For updates & details on Sangit and his upcoming album "Librar" visit: BUY THE SINGLE:  Bandcamp: Amazon: iTunes: STREAM THE SINGLE: Spotify: Apple Music: Soundcloud: "Ma Mamuso" Song Credits: Arrangement & Music Production: Sangit Vocal: Kadi Coulibaly Drum: Michael Avgil Bass: Shaham Ohana Rhodes, Percussion, Juno, N'goni: Sangit Electric Guitar: Asaf Finkel Juno, Farfisa: Kutiman Saxophone, Flute: Shlomi Alon Balafon: Yoni Ohana Mix: Ofer Tiberin Mastering: Lane Gibson, at Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering Music: Sangit & Kadi Coulibaly Lyrics: Noa Golan & Kadi Coulibaly ℗ 2019 Cumbancha © 2019 Cumbancha Music Publishing (BMI) "Ma Mamuso" Video credits Camera - Oded Levent Director - Sangit Segal Art Director & Production - Noa Golan Script, Editing & Post-Production - Sangit Segal & Noa Golan Production Manager (Milan) - Paolo Ghiara Starring: Singer - Kadi Coulibaly Clave - Sangit Segal Electric Guitar - Yaya Dembele Saxophone - Roberto Romano N'goni - Yaya Dembele Balaphone - Nabi Echo Camera Clown - Luca Sangalli Locations: City of Milan Osterialnove Restaurant Leoncavallo Centro The video was produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts.

Yemi Alade - Home (Official Video)

Stream on Apple Music: Stream on Spotify: Effyzzie Music Group / Rebel Movement presents the official music video for "HOME" by Yemi Alade off the the album "Woman Of Steel". Directed by Clarence Peters (C) 2019 Effyzzie Music Group #YemiAlade #Home #WomanOfSteel

No Hay Novedad -- Macha y el Bloque Depresivo (ft. Son Rompe Pera)

--- --- --- No hay novedad (Gabriel Jiménez) Guión y Producción David Villarroel aka T-Fly Realización Cortapescuezo Animación y composición Fernanda Barros Harrison Montaje y FX Giovanni Longo Muñoz Acotaciones:

LYN – Secret [Official Video 2019]

⏩ SUBSCRIBE ✅ Log on 🔔 GET NOTIFIED about new videos! Download & Stream @ Make way for the fresh yet seasoned voice of British Female Reggae, LYN, as her time to take centre stage finally calls. Produced by industry icon, Lloyd Brown, and distributed through Jet Star, the London based songstress is stepping into the spotlight with a brand new video for her lovers rock lament, ‘Secret’. After paying her dues as a backing singer for the likes of Womack and Womack, Luciano, Sylvia Tella, Kofi, Cornell Campbell, Ashanti and many more, LYN released her first solo album, appropriately named ‘Debut’, in 2017. ‘Debut’ delves into an array of sophisticated themes that LYN feels are yet to be addressed by the Reggae world. You can stream and download ‘Secret’, along with an exclusive live acoustic version of track, here #ReggaevilleVideoPremiere #MaadSickReggaeville #Reggaeville

Kabaka Pyramid - Natural Woman (Official Video)

Official Music Video for "Natural Woman" 6th single from Kabaka Pyramid's (@kabakapyramid) debut album "Kontraband" directed by Sameel “Kush-I” Johnson #KabakaPyramid #NaturalWoman #Kontraband Buy/Stream "Kontraband album" - Kabaka Pyramid Tour Dates - Kabaka Pyramid Merchandise - [VINYL AVAILABLE] Follow Kabaka Pyramid:- __ __ __ Written by Keron Salmon Vocals by Kabaka Pyramid Produced by Damian Marley Label – Bebble Rock Music / Ghetto Youths International —— Composed by Damian Marley and Sean Diedrick Published by Kingston Six LLC (ASCAP), Biddah Muzik Inc. (ASCAP), YoungPowMusic (ASCAP) Bass by Shiah Coore Guitar by Josep Jordi Grau Saula -“Irie Souljah”, Shackair McQueen, Elton Brown Drum Programming by Damian Marley Percussions by Richard Bravo All other instruments by Sean Diedrick Backing Vocals by Sherita Lewis Recorded by Marc Lee Mixed by Marc Lee Mastered by Christopher Athens __ __ __ "Natural Woman" by Kabaka Pyramid Lyrics Intro “Natural woman you’re a Queen Nuh follow back a Babylon regime With dem bleaching cream, ah act as if dem squeaky clean yea Whether yu natty or yu hair plait up Yu nah put on nuh false hair tell dem tear dat up yea Caw u nuh wear that stuff Kabaka Pyramid a bless u nuff” Chorus 1 Natural woman you’re a sight to behold Beautiful inna whatever colour skin yu got Yu nuh haffi bleach out everyting yu got And be everyting yu not Natural woman you’re a sight to behold Glorious inna di hair weh u born wid Nuh haffi cream dat or put on wig Verse 1 Once again “caw when yu step inna di street yu stand out Natural beauty weh yu teach mi about It suh funny fi see black people bleach And the white people pon di beach a tan out yea Wi living in this mixed up world But yu a keep it focused cuz yu kids come first Yu a teach dem about self worth Beauty is within yu haffi love yuself first” Chorus 2 Natural woman you’re a sight to behold Beautiful inna whatever colour skin yu got Yu nuh haffi bleach out everyting yu got And be everyting yu not Natural woman you’re a sight to behold Glorious inna di hair weh u born wid Yu Nuh haffi cream dat or put on wig Verse 2 Listen mi now You’re a natural beauty, nuh matter who yu are Coulda brown, coulda white, coulda blacker than a tar Beauty From yu no who yu are Nuhbodda do nuttin too bizarre Natural beauty nuttin nuh need fi change No silicone nah go get yu inna mi range Mi seh dem ting deh kinda strange Wi haffi tek it to a higher plain Cuz if yu follow dem Yu ago lose yu soul Nuh make dem make yu lose control Know yuself, control yuself Cuz all di folly weh dem a do a make Rome a melt Ah see dem creaming and bleaching, Im screaming and teaching the people the reasons fi keep it real But who cyan hear dem ago feel Truth Rastafari reveal Chorus 3 Natural woman you’re a sight to behold Beautiful inna whatever colour skin yu got Yu nuh haffi bleach out everyting yu got And be everyting yu not Natural woman you’re a sight to behold Glorious inna di hair weh u born wid Yu Nuh haffi cream dat or put on wig Yeaa yeaa Skibly bang

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