Visions of Sound – February 2019

Visions of Sound – February 2019

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Samm Henshaw - Church (Official Video) ft. EARTHGANG

Samm Henshaw feat. EARTHGANG - Church Listen to/download 'Church' here: h Listen to everything Samm Henshaw: ------------------------ Sign up to Samm's newsletter: Subscribe to Samm on YouTube: ------------------------ Follow Samm Henshaw: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Official site: ------------------------ Follow EARTHGANG: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Official site: ------------------------ Lyrics: Samm: Mama said we in the church You best believe this aint no hotel Rocking your halo like a snapback Cos you hang with ghetto angels She told me they won’t catch you When you fall You know this aint gon end well Heard somebody shot the sheriff If its you i aint gon pay bail She says Good morning Wake up wake Good morning Wake up wake Good morning Wake up wake Wake up wake Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Wake up wake up wish i could hear you right now Somebody come and tell this lady cool down Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Poppa said to be a man Best keep your word until the final days Said if you sign up you’ll be covered See my church don’t take no holidays He said i’ll drop my anchor in the storm Until your tears leave the waves Don’t walk these streets looking for beef Cos hells an oven with a cold flame She says Good morning Wake up wake Good morning Wake up wake Good morning Wake up wake Wake up wake Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Wake up wake up wish i could hear you right now Somebody come and tell this lady cool down Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Doc: Granny told me when you get ya blessings Church want 10 percent They had ya back when you was down Dont forget Hold up wait Holy Ghost bullet ricochet Took some time to pray When im in the streets today Make the devil stay awaaaaay Aint gotta fake But you blockin all ya blessings when you lying bout ya age I can feel the spirit moving When im lighting up the stage Who listening when u pray it just depend on your taste Venus: Tell me where you running When that Kitty ain't as warm as it was I don't care who you praying to I just pray you believe in you See what you seek is underneath That kingdom coming make them scream Amen from the congregation I need a spray tan for my Jesus And when they ask me where I'm headed, hell or heaven, Seat belts fastening straight to Mars, Look at God! Samm: She says Good morning Wake up wake Good morning Wake up wake Good morning She says good morning Wake up wake Wake up Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (I don’t want to wake up) Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (I don’t want to wake up) Wake up wake up wish i could hear you right now Somebody come and tell this lady cool down Wake up and get yourself to church Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ------------------------ #SammHenshaw #Church #OfficialVideo

Kel Assouf - Fransa

CD/LP/DL: Digital: Release date: 15 February 2019 Kel Assouf return with an even more transformative collection: Black Tenere. Produced by the band’s keyboardist Sofyann Ben Youssef, the mastermind behind the highly touted AMMAR 808, the new album strips things back to a power trio lineup and focuses on the crackling, forward-looking energy of Nigerien front man Anana Ag Haroun’s next level Kel Tamashek (Tuareg) rock songs. Kel Assouf’s musical journey has flowed seamlessly from the well-spring created by Ishumar desert rock pioneers Tinariwen - that Haroun first encountered as a young musician in Niger - towards sonic horizons that include the rock classicism of groups like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age and the club beats and astral ambiance of European electronic music. On Black Tenere, the band pushes these different textures and influences towards a persuasive, raw-edged crescendo. Ag Haroun see’s the path to the new album and its new sound this way: “my musical tastes didn’t change but they are expanding further thanks to my different encounters and my curiosity. Black Tenere is a rock album. it's a choice to give a more original touch that builds up the identity of Kel Assouf and differentiates it from the other groups of Ishumar music. For me the music has to travel and it has to be open to other sounds so that everyone can listen to the messages it carries.” The messages found in Ag Haroun’s lyrics are indeed potent, tragic and inspiring in their defiance. The struggle of the stateless Kel Tamashek (a name they prefer to the colonial moniker “Tuareg”) to maintain control of their ancestral lands, their dignity and their nomadic way of life, has only recently entered the fringes of Western consciousness. This is not a band in search of a theme. Ag Haroun’s lyrical intentions on the album are clear and transparent. As he puts it, “Black Tenere talks about the Tamashek tragedy, its history since colonization until today, and the geopolitics that unfolds in the desert for its natural resources.” But infused into the sharp, unswerving social analysis and the calls for resistance, there is also the shimmer of nostalgia and a poetry of deep longing. The recognition that the very fabric of desert life is at stake and has possibly already been lost. The recordings brilliantly reflect the strong collective heart of the band – each musician supporting the album’s propulsive, hypnotic purposes - yet on many occasions stepping forward in thrilling ways. Kel Assouf is a triangle of influences, cultural expressions and complex identities. Oliver Penu, a young jazz drummer from Belgium. Sofyann Ben Youssef, a renowned electronic producer and rock fan, born and raised in Tunisia. Anana Ag Haroun, a second generation Ishumar guitarist and singer-songwriter from Niger - living in Brussels, one of Europe’s most multi-ethnic capital cities. The band is a reflection of how contemporary music works and enriches us. In an era where borders are being redrawn and walls are being erected, Kel Assouf shows us other possibilities. Kel Assouf: Impassioned and defiant. Wired and spectral. Boundless and innovative. Ishumar sonics 3.0


An Elaquent reply to one of Hiphop's greatest instrumentals, Quik's Groove III. This time flutist Seb Zillner matches Charles Greene's majestic performance and leads the Elaquent production to a zen-like zenith. Watch Animator/Director Eric Power's vision. "When I first heard Elaquent's "Moment of Weakness" I was struck by how cinematic it sounds. I began to see landscapes with rolling hills, mountains, forests, and streams. I decided very early on that I wanted to pull the camera back and challenge myself with letting the landscapes tell the story and dictate the mood. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Samurai cinema (my first animated feature is a Samurai film, afterall). The flute featured in the track was so striking to me that I wanted to make it part of the narrative, so I decided to tell a loose story of a traveling musician who plays for the gods. It was important to me to not lock down any particular narrative as the music felt bigger than any short story could contain. So, until the day I can convince Elaquent to score a full feature, this is gonna have to do!" - Eric Power (Director/Animator) Song produced by ELAQUENT featuring Seb Zillner on Flute from the album "Blessing In Disguise" #Elaquent #Animation #MelloMusicGroup Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth Mello Music Group, 2019

Avantdale Bowling Club - 'Home'

Listen to Home: _____________________ The function of this work is to deconstruct the concept of home. Siri will tell you that home is 'a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household' yet the main subject of this short documentary does not fit that criteria. Gum Wetnhiak was displaced from what he knew as home as a child. With his brothers and mother he immigrated as a refugee from war-torn South Sudan in 2003 to start a new life in post colonial Australia. In this piece Gum takes us through a day in his life and into his new home in the Collingwood commission flats while constructing for us his own definition of home. We would like to send our most sincere thanks to Gum and the entire Wetnhiak family for their time. Thank you. __________________________________________________ produced by Tom Scott & Hearken Films cinematography by Benjamin Bryan edited by Caitlin Bryan titles by Elliot Walsh Thanks to the Wetnhiak family, Yarra Youth Centre, Dead On Sound

Gérald Toto - You Got Me (Official Video)

Achetez l'album SWAY : Écoutez/Téléchargez "You Got Me" : Découvrez le PASS Nø Førmat : 1 YEAR ALL ACCESS TO NØ FØRMAT! → ______________________ Réalisation : Marion Castéra et Lia Bertels Direction Artistique : Kelzang Ravache Animation : Marion Castéra , Lia Bertels et Gwendoline Gamboa Production : Temple Caché et Nø Førmat! SUIVEZ GÉRALD TOTO Facebook : Instagram : SUIVEZ NØ FØRMAT! Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : You Tube : #Sway #GéraldToto #NøFørmat

K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade - For My People (Official Video)

Debut album 'Wahala-Wahala' coming soon ! Pre order LP/CD : Digital / Streaming : Video credits : Hector Kuenzler-Byrt & Gabriela Bran. ºººººUK TOUR ººººº MARCH 9th LEEDS – Wardrobe 14th BRISTOL – Attic 15th EXETER – Phoenix 16th CORNWALL – Mount Pleasant Eco Park 21st EDINBURGH – La Belle Angele 22nd MANCHESTER – Band on the Wall 30th SHEFFIELD – Yellow Arch (with Zion Train) APRIL 12th NEWCASTLE – Cobalt Studios 13th LONDON – Jazz Café More info on K.O.G and The Zongo Brigade Production: | Pura Vida Sounds / Heavenly Sweetness More info on Heavenly Sweetness :

Crisis (Official Music Video) - Baja Frequencia Ft. La Dame Blanche, Paloma Pradal

Baja Frequencia Ft. La Dame Blanche, Paloma Pradal - Crisis (Music Video) Music video by Alley Oop Crisis EP : Follow & Stream Baja Frequencia : La Dame Blanche : Paloma Pradal : Et bien évidement on remercie chaleureusement (on ronronne en se roulant par terre quoi) toutes les personnes qui nous on permis de réaliser cet EP et ce clip! Ben, La team Chinese Man Records, L'équipe de Alley Oop qui a une fois de plus réalisé un clip de ouf! La Régie culturelle régionale, John pour son beau carrosse, George San (bisous les bg!), tout les acteurs et figurants présents, Marc, Yaité, Paloma, este loco de Kid Cala, Sir Tony Tandoori et bien sûr nos Mamans! (et le reste de la famille aussi ça va!!)

La Yegros - Linda La Cumbia (Official Video)

La Yegros "Linda La Cumbia", taken from the new album 'Suelta' AVAILABLE HERE ☛ ● SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ☛ ● LA YEGROS ON TOUR ☛ ● STREAM, DOWNLOAD & BUY LA YEGROS DISCOGRAPHY ☛ FOLLOW LA YEGROS : ● FACEBOOK ☛ ● TWITTER ☛ ● INSTAGRAM ☛ "Linda La Cumbia" Songwriter : La Yegros Composer : La Yegros & King Coya Recorded and produced at Stomba Studio Mixed by King Coya Mastering by Andres Mayo Music Video by Al3ph : LYRICS Vengo con un dolor Cargo la tradición Pesa como arena Y me quema como el sol Nada me sale bien Cada vez va peor Vengo a bailar la cumbia Para olvidarte mi amor Esta linda la luna Yo me pongo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo todo Y mañana veras Que esta linda la cumbia Yo me quedo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo, todo Y mañana veras Linda la cumbia buena que me saca del dolor A veces veo negro otras veces va peor Linda la cumbia buena y que me saca del dolor A veces veo negro otras veces va peor Pero que linda la luna Yo me pongo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo, todo Y mañana veras Que esta linda la cumbia Yo me quedo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo, todo Y mañana veras Esta linda la luna Yo me pongo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo todo Y mañana veras Que esta linda la cumbia Yo me quedo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo, todo Y mañana veras

The Gloaming - Meáchan Rudaí (The Weight of Things)

Purchase/Stream: 'Meáchan Rudaí' is the opening track of The Gloaming's latest album, The Gloaming 3. Released on 22 February 2019. Video created by Tom Kalin. Lyrics and English translation below. © Liam Ó Muirthile. Cóiriú ar an dán ‘Meáchan Rudaí’ ón gcnuasach An Fuíoll Feá, Cois Life (2013) © Liam Ó Muirthile. An arrangement of the poem ‘Meáchan Rudaí’ from the collection An Full Feá, Cois Life (2013) Mo mheáchan i do bhaclainn sa phictiúr dínn beirt i Fitzgerald’s Park, agus mise in aois a trí. Ár meáchan araon. Ár gcómheáchan. Meáchan do hata anuas ar do gháirí. Mo mheáchan is tú dom iompar ar feadh naoi mí. Meáchan suí agus luí agus éirí. Do mheáchan féin nár ardaíos riamh ó thalamh ach chun tú a chur i dtalamh. Do mheáchan beo. Do mheáchan marbh. Meáchan na bhfocal ag éirí is ag titim eadrainn mar a bheadh sciatháin scuaine ealaí. Trom-mheáchan urnaí. Cleitemheáchan daidh-didil-dí. Meáchanlár fáinne fí na gcuimhní. Meáchan cheol do ghutha ón tuath sa chathair. Meáchan do bheoldatha ag luí ar do liopaí ag aeráil ghutaí. Meáchan do chumhrachta i seomra na hiarbhreithe. Meáchan do thuirse máthartha á rá liom bheith amuigh go cneasta... Read the complete lyrics: The Weight of Things (extract) translation by Gabriel Rosenstock. The weight of me in your arms. A photo of the two of us in Fitzgerald’s Park. Three years of age I was. The weight of the pair of us. Our weight together. The weight of your hat shading your laughter. My weight as you bore me for nine months. The weight of sitting, getting up, lying down. Your weight that I never lifted from the ground – before burying you in the ground. Your living weight. Your dead weight. The weight of words rising and falling between us, the wingbeat of swans. The heavy weight of prayers. The feather weight of lilting. The middle weight of memory, ancient spiral. The weight of the music of your country voice in the city. The weight of the lipstick on your lips airing vowels. The weight of your fragrance in the bedroom after giving birth. The weight of your maternal weariness asking me kindly to go outside... Read the complete lyrics:

TUS OLAS - Sofree Ft. Eliane Correa & Yelfris Valdés

Sofree Ft Eliane Correa and Yelfris Valdés - TUS OLAS (Official Video) Recorded in Blackbird Studio & Studio 389, Barcelona and also in London. Listen to our 1st EP "Raíces distintas" here: Listen to this single "Tus Olas" here : ---- Follow us: ------------------------ Production/ Composition: Sylvain Couesmes aka Freemachinist Lyrics/ Vocals: Yasmeen Quintana Co-composition/ Arrangements: Eliane Correa Trumpet (special guest): Yelfris Valdés Trombone: Landy Díaz Bass: Manoel Tosto Double bass: Jimmy Martinez Guitar: Alexis Kraniou Video/Motion Design: Studio 389 (Sylvain Couesmes) Pictures: Thomas Lefebvre Make up: Jezabel De León Carballo 3D Animation: Alice Labourel Label: Movimientos Records, London, UK. Management & Booking: Groove Place Lyrics: Tus aguas no me ahogan Me ayudan a respirar Y en ese abrigo de cristal Me siento amada, me siento libre (libre) Y aunque tus besos y tus brazos salados Me quemen la piel Sigo buscando tu calor Sigo queriendo bailar al compás De ese incesable vaivén En la espuma de tus olas me pierdo yo (x2) Ando embriagada en esta jungla de cemento No hay tiempo pa' dedicarle al sentimiento No debes parar porque te pisan como un chicle Si intentas frenar No hay tiempo pa' metáforas, pa' querer cambiar Pa' pensar ni pa' las penas Apurate que el tiempo vuela Y en mi mente solo eso suena Me veo como una hormiguita trabajadora Invisible y silenciosa Dividida por unos cuantos que me quieren aplastar No quisiera olvidar tu rastro Que no se borre de mi memoria Y que me sigan guiando los astros Hacia tu inmensidad (hacia tu inmensidad) (Que me sigan guiando, me sigan guiando los astros) Musical break En la espuma de tus olas me pierdo yo (que vuela que vuela que vuela, apúrate que el tiempo vuela) En la espuma de tus olas me pierdo yo (raaaaah, me siento libre) En la espuma de tus olas me pierdo yo (si si si, no hay tiempo pa' dedicarle al sentimiento) En la espuma de tus olas me pierdo yo En la espuma de tus olas me pierdo yo

Ólafur Arnalds - ekki hugsa

Ekki Hugsa (Official Video) Song Available Here: Directed by Arni & Kinski Produced by Arni & Kinski Choreography: Ásrún Magnúsdóttir & Alexander Roberts Cinematographer: Jóhann Máni Jóhannsson Camera assistant: Snorri Fairweather Gaffer: Sigurdur Bahama Magnússon Editor: Gareth McEwen, Arni & Kinski Assistant director: Álfrún Laufeyjardóttir Wardrobe: Rebekka Jónsdóttir Hair and makeup: Steinunn Þórðardóttir Production assistants: Atli Óskar Fjalarsson, Tara Njála Ingvarsdóttir Dancers: Halla Þórðardóttir Hannes Þór Egilsson Felix Urbina Alejandre Þyri Huld Árnadóttir Una Yamamoto Barkardóttir Marínó Máni Mabazza Carmen Lea Einarsdóttir Dagmar Edda Á. Guðnadóttir Jökull Nói Ívarsson Kolbeinn Einarsson Uloma Lisbet Rós Osuala Sigríður V. Gunnarsdóttir Ylfa Aino Eldon Aradóttir Þóra Dís Hrólfsdóttir Special thanks to Iceland Dance Company (IDC) and Starkaður Sigurðarson at SÍM

Snarky Puppy - Bad Kids to the Back (Official Music Video)

The second single "Bad Kids To The Back" from Snarky Puppy's new album, "Immigrance." "Immigrance" is available now! Buy "Immigrance" here: Buy Digital/CD/Vinyl in our US Store: Buy Digital/CD/Vinyl in our EU Store: See Snarky Puppy on tour: Personnel: Bob Lanzetti - electric guitar Chris McQueen - electric guitar Mark Lettieri - baritone guitar, electric guitar Michael League - electric bass Bill Laurance - Prophet Justin Stanton - Fender Rhodes, trumpet, Minimoog bass Bobby Sparks - Hammond B3 organ Shaun Martin - clavinet Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet Chris Bullock - tenor sax Bob Reynolds - tenor sax (solo) Zach Brock - violin Nate Werth - congas, cowbell Keita Ogawa - caxixi Marcelo Woloski - bongo, elephant bells Jason “JT” Thomas - drums (solo) Larnell Lewis - drums (solo) Jamison Ross - drums (solo) Directed by Michaël Alcaras and Stella K Composed by Justin Stanton Produced by Michael League, Justin Stanton, and Snarky Puppy Engineered by Nic Hard Mixed by Nic Hard and Michael League Mastered by Dave McNair Album Artwork by Zeycan Alkiş Graphic Design by Amalia Drewes Follow Snarky Puppy Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Follow GroundUP Music Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

"Toulo" - Arat Kilo / Mamani Keïta / Mike Ladd (from Visions of Selam)

New Music Video from "Visions of Selam" (2018 Accords Croisés/PIAS) - Toulo by Arat Kilo / Mamani Keïta / Mike Ladd - Shot at 360 Paris Music Factory - Vidéo/editing/Color : Matthieu Choinet - Camera : Paul Winling - Dance/ choreography : UNISON : Audrey Hurtis & Akeem alias Washko - Dancers: Stéphanie Laventure / Christelle Khamis /Tristan Lesquins / Loïc Elice - Costumes : Virginie Richard - Make up : Katoas Hassani - Créatrice : Leemoa & Noury - Assistante maquillage : Hassiba Djeloul TOUR : Collection Electron Libre

Sonido Gallo Negro - Niño Perdido ft. Carmelo Torres

En un afortunado encuentro Sonido Gallo Negro y la productora Cañaclara, interesada en contar buenas historias visuales, crean una historia, casi una leyenda, teniendo como motivo Niño Perdido (Single de SGN). Recursos visuales muy ingeniosos generan la atmósfera enigmatica y oscura de esta historia musical en donde participan: Monstruo: Ăngel de Sousa Panadero: Exio Tulio Rivas Quevedo "Los niños": Lautaro, Amelie, Jonăs, Luca, Gillian y Mateo En cuanto al Equipo Técnico: Director y editor: Miguel Salguero Director de fotografía: Jorge Saim Asistente de fotografía: Daniel Aldămiz Productora y directora de arte: Manuela Walfenzao Maquilladora, asistente de producción y catering: Andreína Borges Vestuarista: Simone Bucio Decoradora: Lissy Chandía Colorización: Daniel Aldămiz Efectos especiales: Luis Itanare

Systema Solar - Pa' Sembrar (Video Oficial)

“Pa’ Sembrar” fue grabado con la comunidad de la vereda Puerto Mesitas del corregimiento de Santo Domingo de Meza, en Montes de María, que muestra el trabajo de los campesinos y comunidades étnicas que trabajan la tierra con semillas libres y producen los alimentos para gran parte de la región. Este video fue realizado en conjunto con la Corporación Desarrollo Solidario, el Equipo de comunicación rural de OPDS Montes de María y su red de organizaciones aliadas, que llevan a cabo la campaña “Cultivar Alimentos, Cosechar Paz” desde 2015. Escucha toda nuestra música en tu plataforma digital favorita aquí Síguenos en Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:


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