Visions of Sound – January 2018

Visions of Sound – January 2018

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André Sampaio - Alagbe

Vídeo Oficial de "Alagbe" de André Sampaio. Ouça a faixa também via streaming: “Alagbe” – André Sampaio Direção Geral, Concepção, Design Gráfico e Edição: Ricardo Fernandes Direção de Cena: Rodolfo Vaz Fotografia: Pablo Pasgar Figurino: Andrea Villas Boas (VB Atelier) Make-up: Marta Oliveira Contra-regra: Adriano (Studio Line) Produção local: Daniel Medeiros (Estúdio 707) Filmado no Studio Line (RJ) em setembro/2017 Elenco: André Sampaio Mauricio Bongo Rico Bass Valéria Monã Ludmilla Almeida Pai Adailton Moreira Ogan Ayko Ayobinan Egbon Lari Fontinelli Áudio - "Alagbe" André Sampaio – voz e guitarra Mauricio Bongo – bateria Rico Bass – baixo Joás Santos – tama (talking drum) e gan Marcos Maurício - clavinete Maurício Fleury – órgão farfisa Lenna Bahule - coro Kuky Lughon – coro Produzido por Cris Scabello e André Sampaio Gravado por Cris Scabello no Estúdio Traquitana (SP) Mixado por Victor Rice no Estúdio Copam (SP) Masterizado por Fernando Sanches no Estúdio El Rocha (SP) Distribuído por Sony Music Brasil Siga André Sampaio nas redes sociais! Facebook: Instagram:

Lakou Mizik - Tanbou’n Frape - (Official Music Video)

The song "Tanbou’n Frape" celebrates Haitian culture and traditions, which are a source of strength and pride for Haitians everywhere. It is in the backyard or “lakou” of houses around the country that these traditions get passed on and are kept alive. Lakou Mizik has dedicated this video to Boulo Valcourt (1946-2017), who spent his life sharing Haitian culture and music with the world. To purchase the song “Tanbou’n Frape” from Lakou Mizik’s album “Wa Di Yo” and learn more about the band visit: ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Blessings for our home Blessings, three drumsticks, three kata drum sticks (x2) Wherever it goes, it gives me shivers In our guts that’s where it lives Wherever it beats it makes everybody dance With it we have sung for freedom The whole nation has transformed On our toes we danced Our drums hit, no man can stand in our way Everybody knows that we are Haitian (Chorus) Blessings! When our drum hits our strength doubles The mother drum of Liberty When our drum beats our strength doubles The three drums Mantò Idjaye Our drum beats Blessing for our home Blessing, three drumsticks, three kata drum sticks (x2) We were about to call out the spirits Dessaline’s Women Walking Proud No I don’t need to know your nationality We are at the crossroads at dawn and our strength is doubling We all know who we are Mothers and fathers of Freedom When you are near it you can’t leave it Because when our drum hits (Chorus) You don’t know Lakou Soukri You don’t know Lakou Badjo You won’t find out our essence You won’t find out our essence You don’t know the way to Souvnans You don’t know Pik Makaya Mountain You won’t know our essence You won’t know our essence You don’t give water to the spirit You don’t say Amen You won’t find our essence You won’t find our essence You never stepped foot in a Lakou You pretend to dance Vodou You won’t know our essence You won’t know our essence Agosi, agola, agoye Our strength doubles Where are my drums, my kata, my second drum Our strength doubles. Since in Ginen we’re like that Our strength doubles We came from Africa like that Our strength doubles Agosi, agola, agoye Our strength doubles We came from the Lakou like that Our strength doubles ORIGINAL KREYOL LYRICS: Ayibobo, laka lakaye Ayibobo, twa baget, twa legede (bis) Kote l pase fè tout sanm vibre, Andan zantray nou li deméré Kote l frape fè tout moun danse Ave l nou te chante libète Tout nasyon an te transfòme Sou tèt zòtey nou tap danse Tanbou n’ frape gason pa kanpe non Tout moun nèt konnen se ayisyen nou ye (Refrain) Ayibobo Tanbou n frape fòs nou double Manman tanbou libète a Tanbou n frape fòs nou double Twa tanbou Mantò Idjaye Tanbou n frape Ayibobo, laka lakaye Ayibobo twa baget, twa legede (bis) Espri yo n ta pral entèpelé, Desalin Manze Defile, Non mwen pa bezwen konn nasyonalite w Badjou n nan kafou fòs nou double Nou tout konn kiyes nou ye, Yon pil manman ak papa libète Depi w proche wap tou kole tande frè Paske tanbou n frappe (Refrain) Ou pa konn Lakou Soukri Ou pa konn Lakou Badjo Ou pap ka jwenn bout nou Ou pap ka jwen bout nou Ou pa konn wout pou w al souvnans Ou pa konn pik makaya Ou pap ka jwen bout nou Ou pap ka jwen bout nou Ou pa jam konn jete dlo Ou pa konn di ayibobo Ou pap ka jwenn bout nou Ou pap ka jwen bout nou Pye w pa jam pile yon lakou Wap pran pòz danse Vodou Ou pap ka jwen bout nou Ou pap ka jwen bout nou Agosi, agola, agoye Fòs nou double Kot tanbou m yo, kot kata m yo, kot segon yo Fòs nou double Depi nan ginen nèg konsa o Fòs nou double Nèg soti an afrik tou konsa o Fòs nou double Agosi, agola, agoye Fòs nou double Depi nan lakou nou konsa Fòs nou double Written and composed by Jonas Attis & Steeve Valcourt, Published by Cumbancha Music Publishing (BMI).

Jah9 ft. Chronixx - Hardcore Remix (Directed by Premier King)

Stream or Download: Follow Jah9 Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Official Website: Jah9’s epic 2017 hit “Hardcore” remix featuring Chronixx now has a visual to accompany the raw, powerful tune. The original version featured on her September 2016 album “9” was remixed by reggae marvel Chronixx in March 2017 and later featured on VP Records annual compilation “Reggae Gold 2k17”. Released today, the video comes shortly after Jah9’s mini Brazil tour which wrapped up on January 7th. Prior to that, she completed a brief Northeast American tour with stops in Boston, New York and Vermont. Filmed in São Paulo, Brazil by director Premier King, the video features Jah9 in various parts of the city with an all-female crew. Additional footage was shot in California by All Eyes On It. Reggae marvel Chronixx, who is currently nominated for a Grammy for Best Reggae album joins Jah9 in the primary scene atop a city rooftop. The video features a combination of soft, vibrant nature backdrops integrated with the gritty elements of the streets, emphasizing the melodic yet brazen energy of the song. “It was a long awaited pleasure for me to make my first visit to South America and Brazil,” said Jah9. This has been calling to me for some time now and I was honored to connect with so many beautiful spirits and have the opportunity to work with some of the best local talent.” On meeting the director, Jah9 states, “we were fans of his work before we met him so when Premier King reached out about collaborating in Brazil it was just a matter of what song to choose. We are very happy with product of this collaboration and with all the seeds we were able to plant in Brazil. Directors: Premier King - & All Eyes On It - Film Prod: Fernando Tavares Executive: producer Lys Ventura Style: Original Favela Driver: Fabio Passos Translator: Stranjah Respect: Digital Dubs Hardcore Remix Lyrics Chronixx: None of them can stop the time Original Chronixx and Jah9 Talking to the yutes of today Jah9: Hardcore Yuh cannot claim no victory till them heart pure and your mind Bout dem hardcore But a Selassie I alone can mek dem heart sure at this time Hardcore Yuh cannot claim no victory till yuh heart pure and your mind Bout dem hardcore When a Selassie I alone can mek dem heart sure at this time At ease is peace we seeking So all a try fi disturb a distance we keeping you away From the treasure that you’re sniffing round to take But you cannot penetrate So even if you find the yaad you cannot breach the gate Leaving you waiting in vain and love you all the same But yuh nuh Hardcore You cannot claim no victory till your heart pure and your mind Bout dem hardcore But a Selassie I alone can mek dem heart sure at this time Hardcore Yuh cannot claim no victory till them heart pure and your mind Bout dem hardcore But a Selassie I alone can mek dem heart sure at this time Chronixx: You cannot say yuh hardcore if yuh core nuh hard Yuh haffi dance a yuh yaad before abroad That mean clean inna yuh heart before your skin Look deep inna yuh soul look more within Like Halie Selassie say “We better be greater people” Greater than we’ve ever been overcoming prejudice and evil Though them rough and the hills them steep Still Jah children keeping up Say even though you swift fi spiritually fit yuh haffi Hardcore Put some positivity in your thoughts more It’s about the accounts dem wah off shore Quit the plastic smiling and go laugh more I telling you Hardcore Put some positivity in your thoughts more Not about the accounts dem wah off shore Quit the plastic smiling and go laugh more Jah9 & Chronixx: A just Selassie I alone A just Selassie I alone A just Selassie I alone Selassie I alone Jah9: Now the Iyata can’t a compromise the link Before she open up the star gate she really have to think Is it just desire What will it require, do you have the strength To hold it if you let it reach the brink Are playing a game or do you know your role Are you willing to wager your soul Will you be a victim, beaten, stranded at the barrier Or bravely ascending to warrior to goddess To hardcore A she the claim the victory cause her heart pure and her mind Hardcore Selassie I alone a mek her heart sure at this time Hardcore Yuh cannot claim no victory till yuh heart pure and your mind Bout dem hardcore When a Selassie I alone A just Selassie I alone

Femi Kuti - One People One World (Official Video)

Album out February 23th, 2017. Pre-order here: Directed by: Ali Meshbahi & Sodi marciszewer Edited by: Guillaume King Shouting director : Optimus Dammy Additional editing: Conrad Chemetoff &Louis Welti Special fx: Arthur de Morel

L'Orange - The Everyday Illusion | Official Video

"Early in his career, life was one dreary day of drudgery after another." Directed, Edited, Art Illusion Design by Drew Tetz L'Orange - The Everyday Illusion | Official Video from the album "The Ordinary Man" song produced by L'Orange #LOrange #Magic #MelloMusicGroup Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth Mello Music Group, 2018

Baloji - Soleil De Volt

"Soleil De Volt" is taken from Baloji's upcoming album "137 Avenue Kaniama" due for release 23 March 2018. Pre-order here:

Héctor Guerra - "Vida" ft. Mariel Mariel (Video Oficial)

"Un día le preguntaron a un chamán..."Abuelo, ¿Por qué géneros como el reggaetón triunfan tanto?" El abuelo les contestó, "A ver, pongan un poco d esa música quiero escucharla..."Tras unos minutos escuchando varias canciones de reggaetón, el abuelo contestó: "Claro que esa música tiene mucho éxito, porque trae el tambor de África, por eso a las mujeres les gusta tanto, porque con ese tambor viene la danza, está en la historia de nuestro ADN. Es música que hace bailar y eleva la frecuencia a través de la danza, sería interesante hacer una letra que también eleve la frecuencia, tal vez puedan hablar de que estamos vivos un día mas y que tenemos que escuchar a nuestro corazón." "VIDA" es el sencillo del rapero hispano-boliviano Héctor Guerra junto a la cantante chilena Mariel Mariel , galardonada como mejor artista urbana en Pulsar 2016 y producido por los integrantes del legendario grupo de Los Angeles: Ozomatli , (Will Dog y Justin Porée) asi como el letrista Cesar Brizuela y el beatmaker Kju Fx La Nación Comcaac es uno de los pueblos originarios indígenas de Mexico en los cuales Hector ha tenido la oportunidad de convivir y aprender de sus costumbres, cosmovisión y sabiduría ancestral. El video fue filmado en el corazón de la Nación Comcáac en Punta Chueca,territorio sagrado donde el mestizo o blanco, solo puede acceder por invitación especial de sus habitantes. Lo protagonizan Simuchi una de las princesas de la nación y representante internacional de su pueblo, junto a su hermana Zoraida . Director Video: Luis Horacio Pineda (Born October 31, 1975) is a Mexican and American Writer and Film Director. Born in Nogales, Arizona and raised in Sonora, Mexico. Pineda was selected with the script "THE HARVEST/La cosecha de los naranjos" in the Incubator program at GIFF in 2013. In 2014 he won the first place of the National Contest of Screenwriting for Feature Film at the Guanajuato International Film Festival. Because of that, the script got selected in The Black List and also in the second round of the Screenwriting Lab from Sundance. The next year he got selected again at the International Pitching Market. Pineda lives in Los Angeles, California. He works as a freelancer and as a film instructor at Encuentra a #Hectorguerra en: SPOTIFY: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: CANAL YT: MANAGEMENT y BOOKING Conga Booking

Khruangbin - Friday Morning (Official Video)

Order album: Friday Morning is a love song, written and recorded at the remote farm in Burton, Texas where Khruangbin got its start. To commemorate the song, the band asked their closest friends and family to record messages of love to each band member. The music video is a portrait of the band hearing these audio recordings for the first time, capturing on film the emotions one feels when they hear just how loved they are; a poignant and heartfelt expression in a time where, as a collective whole, we need to hear and express love more than ever. Credits: Director: Sanam Petri Creative Concept: Laura Lee & Sanam Petri Editor: Anna Patel

📺 Papa Style Ft. Flavia Coelho - Esperança [Official Video]

Suscribe : Album Turbulent disponible : CD : Lyrics : Esperança Viens avec nous on t'invite a repeindre les couleurs du monde. A base de love ! Il illumine toutes les gares qu'il traverse avec toutes ses couleurs. Venus du monde entier,sur ses parois s'expriment les grapheurs. Sur le toit de la loco un énorme ghetto-blaster. Dans les wagons on partage nos places et nos valeurs. Tout au long du voyage il propage l'amour et l'espoir. T'as 10 minutes pour take tes bagages ! Tu parts ce soir. Oublies ce monde de dingue.Abandonnes tout stress, t'es déjà a bord du Flavia and Papa style Express ! Avec mon Âme pas de fraude,Je suis le contrôleur de ma vie. Ma conscience a un billet avec validité infinie. J' écoute les anciens chauffeurs de locomotive. Mais je vais la ou mes rêves les plus locos me motivent. Le voyage et sans arrêt ni station imposée. La ou il y a des différences il est prévu de nous déposer. Pourquoi l'inconnue devrait nous opposer ? J'ai toujours osé aller vers les autres et composer. Tandis que les cyniques restent a quai. Je trace au taquet L'espoir mon seul braquet. Aux bonnes ondes je suis maqué. Je serais toujours au départ vers l'avenir. En provenance de la ou rayonnent les sourires. Ton monde qui déraille je te le laisse. Même si tu le nourries le loup n'accepte pas la laisse. Toi qui au lieux de vivre, existes dans le stress. Saches que mon or ne brille pas , il rayonnent de jeunesse. Ton barda de bassesses écartes ça de mon chemin le serpent change de mue mais change pas de venin Et n'oublies pas de dire a a ta haine Que les routes me rendent ce que les jours me prennent. BACO RECORDS • Label • Booking Agency • Publishing • Distribution DANAKIL • BIGA*RANX • PROTOJE & THE INDIGGNATION • INNER CIRCLE YANISS ODUA • VOLODIA • NATTALI RIZE • MISTA SAVONA • THE SKINTS • CITY KAY • CHEEKO PAPA STYLE • PHASES CACHÉES • NATTY JEAN • BRAHIM BACO RECORDS • Label • Booking Agency • Publishing • Distribution

Soothsayers - Dis & Dat (Official Video)

Soothsayers - Tradition : Out NOW on Wah Wah 45s ! Order vinyl or digital: Subscribe to our channel: Director/Editor - Vasilisa Forbes DOP - Ezequiel Garcia Romero Gaffer - Giovanni Mattei AC - Charlotte Maxwell Actors: Girl - Ailsa Hatchett Boy - Elijah Clarke Following on from the success of their first EP and its subsequent remix project on Wah Wah 45s, South London Afro-dub warriors Soothayers deliver the first offering from their forthcoming album, Tradition, out now. “Dis Cant be right, Dat can’t be right“ is the chorus response on new single, Dis & Dat. So, how long is this song you might wonder as in 2018 there seems to be so many things that sit at odds with each other that verses could go on for an eternity. However, Soothsayers list of issues is succinct - Dis & Dat is not a lesson in politics or socio-economics, but rather a song aimed at bringing us together and something we could all sing if No. 45 (we can’t say his name) ever dares to visit our shores, or at any event where a current Government minister is the main attraction. Quotes from two Jamaican greats - “Sharpen the small axe, cut the big tree, the hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory“ - reignite hope in the power of human action and resistance via some uplifting big Afro grooves, Soothsayers style. Remixes on this vibrant new singles come from erstwhile Fila Brazillia legend Steve Cobby who comes up with a trademark mid-tempo four-to-the-floor dub-infused stomper; while young gun and rising star, Ben Hauke, conjures up a foot friendly, percussive broken latin gem a la 4-Hero that’s already doing lots of business on the dance floor. Dis & Dat is released on February 9th both digitally and on hand-stamped 12”, limited to just 100 copies, also featuring the SMBD Warrior Dub of Blinded Souls, on vinyl for the very first time. Previous radio support comes from Tom Ravenscroft, Huey Morgan and Craig Charles on BBC 6Music, as well as David Rodigan and Jazzie B. Soothsayers will be celebrating this release with a unique full live show at The Jazz Café in London on Friday February 9th, alongside sets from Ben Romans-Hopcraft (of Childhood fame) and Miles Wu-Lu, the twin sons of frontman Robin Hopcraft.

Protoje - Blood Money (Official Music Video) || A Matter Of Time

Protoje's 2017 single BLOOD MONEY available now: iTunes US: iTunes UK: Overstand Entertainment/In.Digg.Nation Collective Licensed by Mr Bongo Worldwide Directed by Che Kothari (@chekothari) Cinematography & Editing by Brian Gregory (@briangregorytc) Produced by Claire Osman Song produced by: Winta James (@wintafreshness) Protoje online:

Manu Delago – A Step feat. Pete Josef (Chamber Orchestra Version)

Pre-order "Metromonk Unplugged EP": Taken from the “Metromonk Unplugged EP”, this haunting Chamber Orchestra reworking of “A Step” features the hypnotic vocals of Gilles Peterson Worldwide Award nominee Pete Josef. Pete Josef - Vocals Manu Delago - Handpans Claudia Norz - Violin Andreas Trenkwalder - Viola Barbara Riccabona - Cello Clemens Rofner - Bass Elisabeth Juen - Clarinet Christof Dienz - Bassoon Chris Norz - Percussion Tobias Steinberger - Percussion Video produced by “we need light” - Felix Blasinger, Max Heil & Johannes Traun Camera - Johannes Traun Editing - Felix Blasinger Grading - Sara Meister Recording & Mix - Michael Reisigl Filmed at Stadtsaal, Vienna Upcoming European Tour Dates: Feb 8th - Kammgarn, Hard (A) Feb 9th - Mühle, Hunziken (CH) Feb 10th - Treibhaus, Innsbruck (A) Feb 11th - GMD, Graz (A) Feb 12th - Beriosaal, Konzerhaus Wien (A) Feb 13th - Quasimodo, Berlin (D) Feb 14th - Terrace Hill, Hamburg (D) Feb 17th - Kings Place, London (UK) Feb 23rd - St John Church, Cardiff (UK) Feb 24th - St George’s, Bristol (UK) Tru Thoughts Online:

ABDUL AND THE GANG - Labesse (clip officiel)

Album "Chibani" ➡ Site : ➡ Instagram : ➡ Facebook : ➡ Attaché presse iWelcome : ➡ Booking ZN Prod : ➡ Label ANZN - Distribution Inouïs 🎥 Réalisation, captation, montage : Emmanuel Eyrignoux Recoding by Maxime Lunel at Mastoïd studio Mix by Alexandre Debuchy Masting by J-C Panizza at Climax-Mastering

Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra - Black Panther

From the album 'Black Panther' (2017) Bandcamp: Spotify: iTunes: Deezer: Directed by Sam Verhaert. Cartoons by Geert-Jan Timmers

Imarhan - Ehad Wa Dagh (Official Video)

Imarhan's new album 'Temet' is OUT NOW Imarhan - Ehad Wa Dagh (Official Video) Directed by Visions Particulières - Cinematographer Paris : Lionel Rigal - Follow Imarhan on Facebook, Instagram and more This is the Official Youtube channel of Imarhan. To be kept up to date with all of the latest releases, new videos, tour information and more, SUBSCRIBE NOW

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