Visions of Sound (July 2020)

Visions of Sound – July 2020

Every month, we bring you a collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

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Teclitas y Niños -- Chico Trujillo feat. Rebel Diaz

del disco MAMBO MUNDIAL - 2019 con la participacion de los hermanos de REBEL DIAZ Mambo Mundial ℗ 2019 Chico Trujillo Released on: 2019-09-13 Composer: Aldo Asenjo Lyricist: Aldo Asenjo Composer: Gonzalo Venegas Lyricist: Rodolfo Fuica Composer: Rodrigo Venegas Music Publisher: Sociedad Chilena del Derecho de Autor (SCD) Lyricist: Víctor Vargas

Tarrus Riley - The Fresh Prince of JA (Official Music Video)

Tarrus Riley - The Fresh Prince of JA (Official Music Video) Produced by Money Matters Ent

Joey le Soldat - 6ktrices



“Mapema” is a Swahili word that means “early “. “Mapema very fast” is a Sheng/ slang (Swahili-english) idiom that was popularized by Kenyan vintage stylist Diman Mkare, and is a phrase that is popular among the youths. The phrase “Mapema very fast”, can be used in many ways. It can be used to express a feeling of happiness , fulfilment , disbelief & affirmation. The term can also be used to give instructions or command. In its daily usage the meaning of the phrase can adapt to any of the mentioned meanings depending on the context and the situation. As a way of celebrating Kenyan urban culture and telling Kenyan stories through Music and Dance, MATATA created this song to appreciate Sheng ,which even though is not an official language it’s widely spoken, especially by the youth. Audio Writen and performed by : Matata Mix and Mastering : Mix by Chopz Pre Edit Mix : Ape Music Produced by : Sta2f Video Directed By : David Vu Filmed By : Tommy Haugen Color Grading : Aleksander Haugdal Stylist : Yasmin Hero Set assistant: Collins Milanya join in on mapema challenge on Tiktok Connect with Matata on social media Instagram: Twitter: Spotify Apple Music The song is performed by MATATA in order of appearance ( Ken, Freddy , Marcus, Fezzoh and Richie) Lyrics: Chorus Me najuwa ati we unanijuwa Ka ni trust si unajuwa niko sure Kemoda jamaa moja mature Nakulike wallahi na ninajuwa una juwa Mapema mapema very fast Mapema mapema very fast Mapema mapema very fast Mapema mapema very fast Verse 1 Mapema modo me ndo kemoda joh Ziiii bazu me ndo bazenga yoh Unajuwa hii mtaa me ndo kusema joh Wacha ma chocha una cha chisha yoh Me ni mchristian ka Ronaldo sichezi vi messy kama governor obando huruki hii kesi Na Unaruka kipetero ki yesu Ehhhh Na kataa hii story ka nakata na kisu Juu mi hupenda ma goshodo na blend konyagi na kavodo kemoda Kenanire kimundu zina nice kama devo wa gatundu Ahh Ka mi ni samson ye ni Delilah Mmhhh amekunasa kama raila Jicho nyanya zimeriet macho ka muchina Akona kina maina na ma dame wafaina Mapema mapema very fast Chorus Me najuwa ati we unanijuwa Ka ni trust si unajuwa niko sure Kemoda jamaa moja mature Nakulike wallahi na ninajuwa una juwa Mapema mapema very fast Mapema mapema very fast Mapema mapema very fast Mapema mapema very fast verse 2 Mapema ninataka kukemba nimeshindwa kusema anipate nyuma ya hema broo Na jaba, nimeshindwa kutema, toto Kana tetema, cheki vyenye na hema broo Na tena, ye ni bibi ya onjivo na unajua sailors walipita na yeye bro Mapenzi na enzi kishenzi Si chezi kitenzi malezi hauwezi broo Na mechi ni messy, na passi kwa messi Kijana mwepesi na bali ndio kesi Mapema very fast Hii movie ye ndio cast Me doggy ye ndio cat She tryna get it but Mapema mapema very fast Chorus Me najuwa ati we unanijuwa Ka ni trust si unajuwa niko sure Kemoda jamaa moja mature Nakulike wallahi na ninajuwa una juwa Mapema mapema very fast Mapema mapema very fast Mapema mapema very fast Mapema mapema very fast You can also watch MATATA - MARE MARE (ft. LAMAZ SPAN K.O.B) [SMS 'Skiza 7637298' to 811] MATATA - KATA (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [SMS 'Skiza 7637299' to 811] MATATA - DENGE (madenge) Official video [SMS 'Skiza 7637297' to 811] MATATA- RURACIO (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) GENGETRAP 1 [SMS 'Skiza 76377661' to 811] #mapema #gengetone #matata

47SOUL - Dabke System (Official Video) | السبعة و أربعين - دبكة سيستم

'Dabke System' is taken from the new album 'Semitics' by 47SOUL Spotify: Lyrics: Turn up the sound of the galilee loud you hear it now stomp on the ground Dabke system we coming to town Pick up your keys at the lost and found Hold on Look what we Created Refugee overseas still I’m a Native Call back the kids to remain Don’t Question the land she tell you her name رسالة ما بعثتلي ، رسالة ما بعتلك رسالة ما بعثتلي ما بعثتلي ما بعثتلك رسالة ما بعثتلي ، رسالة ما بعتلك وهسا جايي تلمني وانا من قبلا ياما حذرتك لا بكتبي ولا بكتبك لا بشرعي ولا بشرعك دخلك هالحتشي كله بيرضى فية ربي ولا ربك؟ يا منوقع تحت ...تحت ...تحت .. يا منطلع فوق ... فوق ... فوق احنا جسد واحد ..احنا نفس العصب .. مرة فلقوا الأرض .. مرة اكلنا العصا .. هاد الحل لاقوا غيره اعلنوا النفير في الأرض سيروا ..مش مستاهلة سفير مش شغلي آجي أغير صورة نمطية بنقش فكرة بيتي فراسك زي النبطية اليمن سعيد يمن بلوز ديزيرت فنكي صوتو دانس مونكي مونكي دانس مونكي يا منوقع تحت ...تحت ...تحت .. يا منعلى فوق .. فوق .. فوق بس إحنا ولاد بلد.. ولاد شتات … ناس زوء مالنا رسالة من الي بتحكي انت فيه بنوب فيا منوقع تحت منضل في الوحل او مننجن منهنج الجهل .. بس لأ شوية روق حجاب الحلم مخزوق ضلك معنا سوق منضلنا نطلع فوق … يا منوقع تحت ...تحت ...تحت .. يا منطلع فوق ... فوق ... فوق Turn up the sound of the galilee loud you hear it now stomp on the ground Dabke system we coming to town Pick up your keys at the lost and found Not clear run back the tape Everyone claiming that they got the label Too cool no fuelling the flame Don’t Question the land she tell you her name رسالة ما بعثتلي ، رسالة ما بعتلك رسالة ما بعثتلي ما بعثتلي ما بعثتلك رسالة ما بعثتلي ، رسالة ما بعتلك وهسا جايي تلمني وانا من قبلا ياما حذرتك لا بكتبي ولا بكتبك لا بشرعي ولا بشرعك دخلك هالحتشي كله بيرضى فية ربي ولا ربك؟ LISTEN Spotify: Apple Music: Anghami: About: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: Bookings/Contact: #47SOUL #SHAMSTEP

Mungo's Hi Fi x Marina P - Soma

The history of reggae music is populated with unusual cover versions. If a well loved tune can work to a reggae beat, then it’s fair game, wherever it’s from. The latest in a long line of innovative reworkings is the new single from Scotland’s Mungo’s Hi Fi and Italian-born, Paris-based singer Marina P. It’s a haunting, dreamy rocksteady interpretation of American group Smashing Pumpkins’ psychedelic masterpiece Soma. The result is a glove-like fit of skanking rhythm and soaring melody so inspired that it’s a wonder no one’s thought of it before. Soma comes from Mungo’s and Marina’s musically diverse new album, Soul Radio. It combines Marina’s sultry 21st century ska and rocksteady bangers, with soul, jazz and trip hop moments. Soma is the ancient Greek word for “body” and the name for a mythical mind altering substance in novelist Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Marina P and Mungo’s Hi Fi’s Soma stimulates the body and the mind in a much healthier way... Video edit by Benjamin Denfert and Marina P Label: Scotch Bonnet Records Release date: 10/07/2020

Sampa The Great - Time’s Up (feat. Krown) (Official Video)

Time's Up feat. Krown Produced by Alejandro "Silentjay" Abapo Mixed by Jonwayne Mastered by Satori 'The Return', out now on Ninja Tune: Subscribe: "I’m partnering with Pola Psychology a Naarm (Melbourne) based therapy practice to make sure African youth/musicians can access culturally appropriate mental health care in their own community, by their own community. At a time like this, it’s important to let my friends and the wider African community know that this support exists and our health matters." Donate Now: Director: Sanjay De Silva Producer: Tessa Mansfield-Hung 1st AD: Jess Gaela Production Manager: Awak Kongor Production Assistant: Pia Harrington Production Assistant: Kaspar Grosskopf DOP: Max Walter 1st AC: Shawkat Husseini 1st AC: Monique Bettello 2nd AC/Data Wrangler: Cecelia Hedditch BTS Stills: Abdul Yussef Production Designer: Jose Pincheira Art Assistant: Bianca Milani Art Assistant: Imogen Walsh Art Assistant: Celeste Veldeze Set Builder: Stefan Polastri Assistant Set Builder: Lou Mac Additional Art Assistant: Folarin Joseph Additional Art Assistant: Barathan Vidhyapathy Additional Art Assistant: Nick Moon Stylist: Ntombi Moyo Styling Assistant: Kubra Psener Styling and Art Assistant: Shanahbelle MacDonald Makeup Artist: Chloe Rose Make Up Assistant: Amelia Mills Make Up Assistant: Inèz Deckers Hair Stylist: Saka Hair Studio Gaffer: Tommi Hacker Best Person: Caitlin Bryan Lighting Assistant: Darcy Tuppen Lighting Assistant: Ash Woodward Key Grip: Dan Mitton Grip: Mark Brown Safety Supervisor: Siros Niaros Post Production house: The Editors Post Production Supervisor: Charlotte Griffith Editor: Leila Gaabi Colourist: Fergus Rotherham VFX Artist: Mikey Smith Additional VFX: Sam McCarthy Title Design & Animation: Priit Siimon Special thanks: Skylar Delphinus Lukas White FilmWorx Studios Showtech Gearhead Vision House @vintage_vortex__ @juststuffvintage @cashmere_malekitsch @el.assaad Follow Sampa The Great - Spotify: Apple Music: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Soundcloud: #SampaTheGreat #Charity #PolaPsychology #MentalHealth #NinjaTune #Music #Rap #HipHop #TimesUp #Krown #RootsPicnic #Tupac #Busta #Jamiroquai #DeLaSoul #DaBushBabees #90sHipHop #ARIA #Sampa


Excerpt from UNIVERSAL BEINGS, film by Mark Pallman that chronicles Makaya McCraven – his story, his process, and the making of his breakthrough album "Universal Beings." The background track from STRANGERS IN THE CITY is "Mak Attack."

Nicolas Repac - Dancestral (Official Video)

Écoutez l'EP Dancestral : Abonnez-vous au PASS Nø Førmat! : Écoutez l'EP sur You Tube : PASS NØ FØRMAT! Recevez toutes nos productions de l'année (vinyle, CD & digital), des invitations aux concerts privés et plein de goodies. Rejoignez-nous : Réalisation : Stanko NØ FØRMAT! NICOLAS REPAC #NicolasRepac #Dancestral

Populous - Flores No Mar (feat. Emmanuelle) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Direction by Simone Brillarelli Animation by Simone Brillarelli, Nicola Giorgio Live Shooting by Weronika Wolinska Stream Populous' album "W" here: Buy "W" LP: WORLD: https://wonderwheelrecordings.bandc... ITALY:

Yorkston/Thorne/Khan - Sukhe Phool (Max Cooper Firefly Remix) (Official Audio)

Yorkston/Thorne/Khan - "Sukhe Phool (Max Cooper Firefly Remix)", out now on Domino Record Co Subscribe to Domino Record Co on YouTube: Stream & Save "Sukhe Phool (Max Cooper Firefly Remix)": At the start of the year, Yorkston/Thorne/Khan released their brilliant third album Navarasa : Nine Emotions. At the heart of the album was the subcontinent’s navarasa; the nine (nava) emotions or sentiments (rasa) of the arts. This central unifying underpinning is a centuries-old organising principle and on their upcoming record, YTK (James Yorkston, Jon Thorne and Suhail Khan) have paired each song to one of these emotions. “Sukhe Phool”, the album’s opening track, correlates to the emotion karuna (sorrow), and today, YTK are pleased to share a Max Cooper remix of the song. James Yorkston has previously worked with the Northern Irish producer and artist on Cooper’s 2019 album Yearning For The Infinite and the remix was bourne out of that relationship. Cooper extends “Sukhe Phool” into a nine-minute piece of ambient techno that is grounded by the mesmerising vocals of Khan and Yorkston. The remix comes alongside a hypnotic visualiser directed by artist Morgan Beringer. Max Cooper says of his remix: “The name of the original piece of music refers to dead or dying flowers, and the lyrics from Suhail reference the separation of soul mates, which Morgan Beringer has captured beautifully in his psychedelic story of melting growth and decay. I apologise for brutalising this beautiful original piece of music with heavy kicks, though. Somehow it just called out to me and said it needed a 90's chord driven techno rework. It reminded me of my days as resident DJ in Nottingham where I had my techno education, and the sorts of things we used to play for our closing sets when people still needed their pounding kicks, but were also in need of some harmony.” Directed by Morgan Beringer Follow Yorkston Thorne Khan: Facebook: Twitter: Follow Domino Record Co: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Fantastic Negrito - I'm So Happy I Cry (Official Video) ft. Tarriona "Tank" Ball

Support Fantastic Negrito on Patreon! New official video for "I'm So Happy I Cry" featuring Tarriona "Tank" Ball from Tank & The Bangas. Off the album Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? available 8/14/2020 PREORDER ALBUM: LISTEN TO THE TRACK: Directed and Edited by: Aerick Neal Executive Producer: Fantastic Negrito Producer: Cameron Carr Fantastic Negrito brings you his truth through music. The show can be described as "church withouth the religion" and crosses genre boundaries with no passport needed.

Swarm - A McGloughlin Brothers Film / Music by Max Cooper

► Subscribe: ► Sign up & join Discord: Stream 'Swarm' here: Directed By The McGloughlin Brothers Music and Sound Design By Max Cooper Animation / Camera / Edit By The McGloughlin Brothers Fluid Art By Roman Hill, Thomas Blanchard & Oilhack Drone Photography By Colm Hogan Special Thanks to Léa Morel, Paul Mignot, Brendan Canty & Greenlight Films. McGloughlin Brothers Development and destruction seem to go hand in hand when it comes to human progress on earth. There is a celebration of the human ability to create sophisticated environments in which we inhabit, but also a concern at the price that we are paying for this. Feeling alien is easy here. Max Cooper This project was something special for me. Two of my favourite artists, brothers, and long term collaborators, Kevin and Páraic McGloughlin got together to create a short film with huge visual and conceptual intensity. It is the story of our planet and us on it. Swarming. The huge scale of our impact on the planet presented as beautiful and terrifying growing structures as we see population growth time lapse set against frenetic activity. Usually I write music alongside rough visual ideas from my project stories, and rely on the video artist to synchronise them for music videos. But this beast of a short film was presented more or less finished, and I had the daunting task of how to make the music live up to the feeling and spectacle of the film. As well as sync to the barrage of visual cues. It turned into a bit of an obsession, where I was trying to find the right sounds to link with every new scene, and given the number of scenes, it turned into one of my most detailed pieces of music. If you can listen in HD format with headphones there are many details to find in there, often using spatial/binaural format to make them audible amongst the chaos. Kevin and Páraic also had a big role in guiding the musical style as it’s their film rather than my music video this time. We tried several different ideas, and they encouraged me to go the route of my sansula pieces which you may notice the link to. It’s a small thumb plucked instrument that I play and record and has formed a major part of my sound over the years. The main element that I started with was that big pitch bending synth chord sequence. It seemed to capture something of the growing intensity and power of the film, and I could also sync the pitch gliding to the longer scale visual arrangement. The whole process of building the arrangement tightly to the film yielded an unusual musical structure for me, which was a nice habit breaking process that gave me some lessons to take into future projects. It took a long time to create an audio mapping, but they have made such a beautiful visual spectacle it was a total pleasure to work on and obsess over. Big thanks to Kevin and Páraic McGloughlin for getting me involved in this short film, and I hope some of you can hear and feel the love and sweat and tears we all put into the project. Directors @paraicmcgloughlin @kevinmcgloughlin_gram Music / Sound Design @maxcoopermax Fluid Art @thomas_blanchard @roman.hill @oilhack Drone Photography @drumhog Thanks @leamorel @paulmignot_dir @brendanfeelgoodlost @the_wild_seeds

Atropolis - From Greece With Love (feat. Yiannis Mandas) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Atropolis - From Greece With Love (feat. Yiannis Mandas) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] Buy / Stream here: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon Music: Bandcamp (Pre-Order Album): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Astoria, Queens resident Adam Partridge, aka Atropolis, goes back to his roots with “From Greece With Love,” the second single from his upcoming album. Incorporating traditional Grecian sounds into the Global Bass / Tropical Dance genre, the track is a bass heavy dancefloor bomb featuring the unique musicianship of Yiannis Mandas, who lends his skills on the Cretan Lyra and vocals. Atropolis has spent the past decade teaching music production, releasing music, studying and working with sounds ranging from his own Greek-Cypriot heritage to other diverse musical cultures in Colombia, India, Mexico, Ghana and South Africa. With a degree in music composition and ethnomusicology, Atropolis is Adam’s alter ego that explores international styles of music fused with a diverse range of contemporary electronic genres. Growing up, Adam’s after school jazz program at Queens College greatly influenced his improvisational, compositional, and rhythmic approach to music production. His instructors at Queens College introduced a focused study on Thelonious Monk’s repertoire, which still resonates throughout Adam’s approach to playing his primary instrument, the piano. Parallel to these teenage musical moments, Adam was introduced to composition using Sibelius, and Digital Performer, where Atropolis got his first chops in music production using digital audio workstations. His upcoming album, “Time of Sine,” is due on Wonderwheel Recordings in July, 2020.

Jaga Jazzist - 'Tomita' (Official Video)

Taken from the album 'Pyramid', released 7 August on Brainfeeder: Subscribe: Directed & Animated by: Jengo / @ojeng Follow Jaga Jazzist - Spotify: Apple Music: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Follow Brainfeeder - Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Soundcloud: #JagaJazzist #Brainfeeder #Music

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