Visions of Sound – June 2017

Visions of Sound – June

We’ve partnered with Groovalizacion Radio to bring you a monthly collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

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John Milk - Got To Be True [Official Video]

#soul #funk #johnmilk Got To Be True [Official Video] Stream : John Milk Listen to "Paris Show Rome Love" in full here : Underdog Records - Subscribe: -- *NEW ALBUM* "Paris Show Some Love" FNAC : AMAZON : BANDCAMP : ITUNES : DEEZER : SPOTIFY : -- *FIRST ALBUM* "Treat Me Right" FNAC : AMAZON : BANDCAMP : ITUNES : DEEZER : -- Underdog Records latest releases : -- Follow John Milk : Facebook : Twitter : -- Follow Undergod Records: Facebook : Twitter : -- Directed by STLKRS Written by David Joseph-Dailly and Hugo Cohen Starring Dominique Desmarais Larry Vickers Jean-Paul Roy Babou Flex the clients : Tcheuméo, Nova Christivie, Nathan Tchamss the shamans : Père Fondateur (Jacobs Taylor), Magloire, Richard Da Silva, Stallim Wallner, Laurent Evuort-Orlandi, Mickael Estarque, Production : Alexandre Adam Prodds Media 1AD : Vincent Sicre De Fontbrune Decors : Louise Hamon Stylisme : Sonia Hamzi et Elisa Schmitt Make up : Melissa Landron Body Painting : Anaelle Postollec Hair : Clemence Magny Steadycam William Oger DP : Clement Melot assistant caméra : Antoine Laurens, Margaux Escourolle, Adrien Bernard electro : Inti Jacanamijoy, Nicolàs Cifuentes, Kevin Felix-Lassa, Nafsika Koskina regie : Kevin Coutinho directrice de post production : Wassila Kailali étalonnage : Remi Nonne remerciements : Jean Claude Ruellan et toute l'équipe Vantage Film Paris, Ugo Fichebin et ses parents, Nathan Tchamss, Alexandre Adam et Prodds Media, RVZ, Wassila Kailali, Katia Ma Couleur à ses Merveilles, Frenzy Paris, Small Studio, Antonio Kweta Dimundu, Clara Grélié, Thomas Dossou and Ashley Bensimhon and Bensimhon Family

Kondi Band - Titi Dem Too Service (Official Video)

A pseudo-documentary directed by Jace Clayton (DJ /rupture) depicts his and Chief Boima's visit to Hong Kong in 2014. Shot by Tommy Wing Tsang and edited by Dutty Artz member MPeach, it has at its center the journey of a real money transfer between band members Chief Boima and Sorie Kondi, highlighting some of the difficulties in international collaboration, global migration and navigating capitalism. With the bustling Asian capital as backdrop, it is also a meditation on the shifting centers of economic and political power in the Global South, and an illustration of the realities of the INTL BLK experience. Directed by: Jace Clayton (DJ /rupture) Shot by: Tommy Wing Tsang Edited by: Mariana Martin Capriles Chief Boima and Sorie Kondi are the Kondi Band. Debut album "Salone" out June 2nd on Strut Records!

Sidestepper - Magangué

En Estreno el nuevo video de Magangué / The premiere for the new Magangué video.

Professor Wouassa - We Thit (Official Video)

1st single of Professor Wouassa’s double LP « GROW YES YES! » released on the 30th of June 2017 on Matasuna Records / Video produced by Professor Wouassa Directed by Loïc Hoquet Director of Photography: Loïc Hoquet Assistant in Lausanne: Tamba Sakaria Assisant in Dakar: Serigne Dieng Dancer: Dexter Little boy: Mohamed Sy Roller skater: Benoit Friderich Artwork: Guillaume Dénervaud Avec le soutien du Service culturel de la Ville de Vevey SPECIAL THANKS TO: Galerie Port Franc - Migros Centre Métropole - Transports publics lausannois - Patinoire de Malley - Walter Rugo - Paul-Marie Currat - Mathias Forbach Website: Facebook: Instagram: Bandcamp: http://www.professorwouassa.bandcam... Soundcloud:

Ya Tosiba | N qədər | album "Love Party"

"N qədər" taken from the latest Ya Tosiba album "Love Party" - released on Asphalt Tango Records. Visit bandcamp for merchandize. 🎧 STREAM/BUY/DOWNLOAD 🖋 SUBSCRIBE Asphalt Tango Records YT Channel: 🔎 DISCOVER Asphalt Tango Records on Bandcamp 🛒 Cd & vinyl: 🛒 Digital download: 👣 FOLLOW Ya Tosiba 👍 👣 FOLLOW Asphalt Tango Records 🌐 👍 📸 🛒 📶 #YaTosiba #skweee #AsphaltTangoRecords

Bomba Estéreo - Duele (Official Video)

Bomba Estéreo - "Duele" (Official Music Video) Bomba Estéreo’s new album “Ayo” is available now Choose Your Platform: iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play: Follow Us: Director: Sam Mason Executive Producer: Lia Mayer-Sommer Producers: Alliah Sophia Mourad, Tessa Travis Production Company: Walter Pictures Director of Photography: Michael Reyes Editor: Orr Ben-David Post-Production Supervisor: Macha Tsarenkov VFX: Billy Baloo Colorist: Seth Ricart Post Production Studio: RCO Tour Dates - Tickets: Jul 07 2017 - Ruido Fest - Chicago, IL, USA Aug 08 2017 - The Showbox - Seattle, WA, USA Aug 10 2017 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR, USA Aug 12 2017 - Outside Lands - San Francisco, CA, USA Aug 16 2017 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY, USA Aug 17 2017 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC, USA Aug 26 2017 - Rakettnatt Festival - Tromso, Norway Aug 30 2017 - La Riviera - Madrid, Spain Aug 31 2017 - Razzmatazz - Barcelona, Spain Sep 02 2017 - Elysee Montmartre - Paris, France Sep 03 2017 - La Madeleine - Brussels, Belgium Sep 05 2017 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands Sep 07 2017 - Uebel & Gefährlich - Hamburg, Germany Sep 09 2017 - Lollapalooza (Berlin) - Berlin, Germany Sep 10 2017 - Bestival - East Lulworth, United Kingdom Sep 12 2017 - Koko - London, United Kingdom Sep 21 2017 - Riversounds @ Puerto De Asuncion - Asuncion, Paraguay Sep 23 2017 - Rock In Rio (Rio de Janeiro) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Sep 26 2017 - Vorterix - Buenos Aires, Argentina Oct 01 2017 - Music Tastes Good Festival - Long Beach, CA, USA Official music video by Bomba Estéreo performing "Duele." (C) 2017 Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC Cast Woman: Carlen Altman Husband: Dwarka Pazacelil Mistress: Melany Bennett Crew Production Department 1st Assistant Director: Bashir Taylor Production Assistant: Ricardo Rivera, Jeffrey Rosenberg Camera Department Director of Photography: Michael Reyes 1st Assistant Camera: Jeremy Asuncion 2nd Assistant Camera: Mason Charles Digital Imaging Technician: Tyler Sturgulewski Camera assistant: Marlon Galdamez Grip & Electric Gaffer: Mike Schmidt Grip: Tom Platt Best Boy Electric: Jihan Casquejo Best Boy Grip: Andrew Joffe Art Department Production Designer: Ashley Fenton Set Dresser: Rebecca Tendick Art assistant: Jonathan Brock Wardrobe Stylist: Seth Chernoff Assistant Stylist: Daniel Lock Hair & Make Up: Eden Mills Post Production Editor: Orr Ben-David Post-Production Supervisor: Macha Tsarenkov VFX: Billy Baloo Colorist: Seth Ricart Post Production Studio: RCO Equipment Camera: Panavision Lighting: Milk Grip: Express Rig Special Thanks Jason Cannon and David Damico Milk LA, Milk NY

Ennanga Vision - Kampala Auto Chase (Official Video)

"I was invited to do an artist residency by a group of people based in Kampala (Uganda) who run a film school, the Nyege Nyege festival and also release music as Nyege Nyege Tapes. Having expressed an interest in trying to amass as much visual material as possible to coincide with the Ennanga Vision album release, a hook up with legendary independant film company Wakaliwood was suggested. We turned up at their HQ without any real plan for a narrative and were met warmly by film director Isaac Nabwana and his crew. I was taken around their studio, outdoor filming area and prop room. This incredible hub of creativity was built up using very little resources - machine guns, masks, a helicopter and bizarre costumes including a size 25 pair of rubber wellies and several gas masks. We proceeded to mess around with the cheap plastic masks I had brought from the UK, doing some lip-syncing to the music. It was then suggested by Issac that we tried doing a classic Wakaliwood "cannibal scene" where I would be chased, captured and eaten....well, I couldn't back down. In the exhausting heat I ended up being smothered in pigs' intestines from the local butchers and squirted in fake blood. I guess the dark, moody, choppy, techno feel of the piece of music kind of suited this bizzare scenario so...we just went with it. And now, I have been officially inducted into the Wakaliwood 'Hall of Fame', being one of a select group of travellers who have 'died' on set - and this footage will no doubt be reappearing in one of their many zombie films." Jesse Hackett

Bongeziwe Mabandla - Ndokulandela

Download/Stream Mangaliso Director - Ian Henderson Art Director - Unathi Mkonto DOP - Felix Seuffert Produced by Black Major Ndokulandela performed by Bongeziwe Mabandla and produced by Tiago Correia-Paulo. From the album MANGALISO The main character Likho Velemane and Siphe Madikane, Sikelela Titi,Thimna Zokhela, Chumile and Chulumanco Mtwaku are members of the Makukhanye dance group based in Khayelitsha and led by artist Yolanda Fyrus. Additional credits Producer: Allison Swank Editor: Ian Henderson Color Grade: Delon Misic Camera Assistant - Benjan Willemse Lighting - Tyrone Mountjoy Lighting assistant - Lupho Shosha Production assistant - Elise Damême Production assistant – Sinazo Peter Unit Manager – Alessandré Pret Hair and Make Up - Marchay Linderoth Security - Tauriq Baker Bongeziwe Mabandla is managed by Music video by Bongeziwe Mabandla performing Ndokulandela. (C) 2017 Universal Music (Pty) Ltd South Africa #BongeziweMabandla #Ndokulandela #Vevo

Oumou Sangaré - Kamelemba (Official Video)

Discover "Kamelemba" by OUMOU SANGARE (Official Video) NEW ALBUM 'MOGOYA' OUT NOW LISTEN TO 'MOGOYA REMIXED' Discover Oumou Sangare's new album 'Mogoya' on Youtube Produced by A.L.B.E.R.T Additional production by Andreas Unge Directed by Chris Saunders Choregraphy by Carmel Loanga Performances by The Swaggers Dance Crew ______ Subscribe to Oumou Sangare official channel Watch Oumou Sangare's official videos Watch Oumou Sangare's live performances ______ Follow Oumou Sangare on : Facebook Deezer Spotify Instagram ______ Traduction française des paroles en bambara Kamelemba (Coureur de jupons) Refrain Arrêtez de me mentir, play-boys; ne me baratinez pas Arrêtez de me mentir, play-boys; ne me baratinez pas L'amusement n'empêche pas le sérieux; l'amour est difficile et mon amant me manque mon amoureux et âme soeur, les chagrins d'amour font mal Quand je pars en voyage, mon amour, mon âme soeur me manque beaucoup Quand je pars à Bamako, mon amoureux et âme soeur, les chagrins d'amour font mal Arrête de me tromper pour rien, car la distance est longue Arrêtez de me mentir, play-boys; ne me baratinez pas Ma petite soeur, ils vont te mentir, mentir, mentir, mentir... Le play-boy va te faire tourner en rond et te faire espérer pour te tromper Petite soeur, il va te rouler, rouler, rouler dans la farine Il va t'étourdir, te faire tourner en rond et te tromper, hé! Tu n'y verras que du feu! Petite soeur, il va te rouler, rouler, rouler, rouler dans la farine et te tromper Le play-boy va te faire tourner en rond, te déstabiliser et te tromper Il te fera tourner en rond, te faire espérer et te rendre désespérée Hé Allah! Je salue les maliens, Sangaré Oumou vous dit bonsoir Je salue les hommes, je salue les play-boys Sangaré Oumou vous salue Je salue les maliens... Ne me mens pas, ne me trompe pas; play-boy, ne me déstabilise pas Je n'aime pas ça Arrête de me tromper pour rien, car la distance est longue Arrêtez de me mentir, play-boys ; ne me baratinez pas Lorsque tu traites la fille d'autrui de pute, sais-tu ce que deviendra la tienne ? Ne traite pas le fils d'autrui de drogué, sais-tu ce que deviendra le tien ? Lorsque tu traites le fils d'autrui de coureur de jupons, sais-tu ce que deviendra le tien ? Lorsque tu traites le fils d'autrui d'ivrogne, sais-tu ce que deviendra le tien ? Arrête de me tromper pour rien, car la distance est longue ______ 1st AD : Guillaume Cabaret Production : Art Bridge / Quad Group Producer : Olivier Bassuet Executive producer : Nø Førmat! Production Manager : Arthur Maillard Production Coordinator : Beatrice Pegard-Ferry

Populous feat. Ela Minus - Azul Oro [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Directed by Emanuele Kabu: "Azulejos" out June 9 2017 on Wonderwheel Recordings / La Tempesta. Listen to or download: How do you bring together places that are so different, and with such great distances between them? Portugal, where the song came to life, turns into Colombia, where Ela Minus was born, and then again into New York City, where she currently lives. Everything fades into blue, everything fades into gold. (World) LP/CD/Digital: (Italy) LP/CD: Digital: Azul Oro El azul del mar cambia  El azul del cielo cambia  Y el azul de mis ojos se vuelve oro Con la luz de tus ojos me vuelvo oro Todo cambia con la luz con que se ve Como el azul cambia  Con la luz de tus ojos me vuelvo oro #Populous #LaTempesta #WonderWheel

Rosalía - De Plata

DE PLATA, de Rosalía y Raül Refree, ya disponible aquí: Incluido en el álbum ‘LOS ÁNGELES’: Sigue a Rosalía en: Página web: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Suscríbete al canal en YouTube: Music video by Rosalía performing De Plata. (C) 2017 Universal Music Spain, S.L., bajo licencia exclusiva de Refree y Rosalía

Kitsuko - The City Eats Its Young

The above music video is a study of violence, violent social engineering and urban planning. Kitsuko present their first single, a poem about Cape Town to commemorate, June 16, South Africa's Youth Day.

Chinese Man - Shikantaza (Official Music Video)

Chinese Man - Shikantaza (Official Music Video) Subscribe Youtube : Album Shikantaza out now : 45T/7" : Music video by : Fred & Annabelle avec l'aide de Lise Corriol à la modélisation Characters design : Julien Loïs aka produced by : Chinese Man Records Facebook : Twitter : Insatgram : Listen Chinese Man's Music :

Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang – Sabanoh (Official Video)

From the album Build Music, out now on Luaka Bop. Buy Build Music on Vinyl & CD: Luaka Bop Store: Stream Build Music: Spotify: Apple Music: Learn more about the artist, the album, and the ultimate secrets of life at

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