Visions of Sound – March 2017


We’ve partnered with Mundo FM Collective to bring you a monthly collection of the best world music-related videos and documentary teasers. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

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Terrakota - Social Insecurity

Terrakota - Social Insecurity (Oxalá, 2016) "Social Insecurity" portrays the condition in which the human societies live in the beginning of the 21st century, where we pledge allegiance to a Money God and where the people totally lost their autonomy in favor of financial groups and multinationals. It's a satire as well as a real portrait of the principals that rule our lives in this "unrestrained neoliberal fascism" where everything is about money. Human rights, aesthetics, ecological consciousness, intelligence and a vision of the future were totally thrown overboard. The video portrays the coming of "pirates that cleanse the waters" of the Lusitanian beaches. It breathes a "post apocalyptic" feeling in contrast to the marvelous landscape and summer light of the Portuguese coastline. It was directed by Rafael Espinel, singer of the band La Chiva Gantiva, with photography by Nicolas Moins and figurines by Margarida Gomes and the Terrakota musicians. The clip was launched on the 20th of February 2017. Director: Rafael Espinel Producer: Marta Almada Director of Photography: Nicolas Moins Rafael Espinel Camera Operator: Nicolas Moins Rafael Espinel Key Make up Artist: Margarida Gomez Art / Scenic / Costumes / Construction: Margarida Gomez Alex Louza Diana Rego Gonçalo Sarmento Junior Marc Plannels Márcio Pinto Nataniel Melo Film Editor: Rafael Espinel Colorist: Nicolas Moins TERRAKOTA: Junior, Gonçalo Sarmento, Alex Louza, Nataniel Melo, Marc Plannels, Márcio Pinto, Paulo das Cavernas, Francesco Valente, Diana Rego. Shot at Meco beach and Galápos beach, Setubal District, Portugal.

Quantic & Nidia Góngora - Que Me Duele?

Quantic & Nidia Góngora - "Que Me Duele?" Buy / stream the full album 'Curao' Apple Music: Video: Directed and Photographed by B+ Edited by Eric Coleman and Luke Lynch Sound and Second Unit Camera by Will Holland Playback by Simon Guzman Thanks as always to the organizers of the Petronio Alvarez Festival in Cali, Colombia. Tru Thoughts Online:

📺 Mista Savona – 'Carnival' feat. Solis & Randy Valentine [Official Music Video]

Official Music Video for 'Carnival' feat. Solis & Randy Valentine The 'Havana Meets Kingston' album is now available worldwide !!! 📀 Purchase & 🎧Listen : All formats available here: Europe/UK here: * Filmed & Directed in Cuba & Jamaica by Rick Merecki. * Produced by Mista Savona MUSICIANS Sly & Robbie - drums & bass Winston 'Bopee' Bowen - guitar Bongo Herman - Jamaican Percussion Changuito, Yaroldy Abreu, Oliver Valdes - Cuban Percussion Rolando Luna - Piano Jake Savona - Piano & Hammond Julito Padron - trumpet Management: World - Anna ( EU - Vianney ( HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON: The Album & Film 'Picture this - Kingston Meets Havana!' Although the two islands of Jamaica and Cuba are only miles apart, there has never been a recording project that truly fuses the music of the two islands together - until now. HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON is a world first album due for release in mid 2017. The project began in 2015 when Australian producer Mista Savona teamed up with Sly & Robbie, Bongo Herman, 'Bopee' Anderson and other legendary Jamaican musicians and personally flew them to Havana to work with members of the Buena Vista Social Club, Los Van Van, Havana Cultura & more. Alongside these highly experienced musicians Savona also scouted for young & up-and-coming artists from both countries, and it's this fusion of age, experience, culture and musical styles that makes this project so exceptional. The joy in the studio and the sheer skill of the musicians involved has resulted in something truly unique and extraordinary. Recorded at the famous Egrem Studios in Havana, the project is called HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON and will be released in two parts - album #1 in 2017, with album #2 and a feature documentary following in 2018. Our first introductory video has already gone viral! Watch here: ) The first single to be unleashed from this amazing project is ‘Carnival', featuring Jamaican born vocalist Randy Valentine and Cuban singer Solis. It is a triumphant anthem and a song that speaks of the transformative power of music & dance. With its hypnotic rolling basslines, deep roots reggae feel and strong Afro-Cuban influence 'Carnival' is a song that may well open a new chapter in the history of Caribbean music. Sung in both English and Spanish, it switches effortlessly between the sounds and languages of the two islands and yet somehow feels completely natural and catchy - despite the very different rhythms and traditions of Cuban and Jamaican music. ‘Carnival’ is bursting with energy and originality and offers a great insight into the full length album – in which the magic of cross cultural collaboration can be clearly heard, felt & seen. LYRICS (English & Spanish) Welcome to Havana town Cuba and Jamaica link up people gather around Mr DJ turn up the sound Yo Solis tell me how it sound! CHORUS Quiero bailar, reir gozar en la orilla del mar (x2) Hacer un carnaval La tristeza borrar Volver a comenzar Bajo las estrellas Un nuevo dia [translation: I want to dance , laugh & enjoy on the seashore. Make a carnival Clear the sadness Begin again Under the stars A brand new day] VERSE 1 Oh Lord! Eyes closed picture this: Kingston meets Havana Solis, Randy Valentine and Jake Savona I take you pon a journey mixing music like the drink them call Cubana, Mixing Cuban percussions and thoughts from Ghana Free up yourself, do what you wanna Roll it up, light it up, smoke your marijuana When you there pon the corner Nobody will bring no kind of drama Today you need no ammo or no armour I got to walk straight on this rocky road Positive attitude whenever I'm on the move Mi no want to tell you what to do But them say if you show love then it comes back to you So let the reggae music play on the beach tonight Give me a signal if you feel the vibe Give me a light, look alive Reggae music in Havana everything is nice CHORUS VERSE 2 Eyes closed I can feel the vibrations Many think that I'm asleep But when I speak let my lyrics take you to the highest peak And when you reach, don't you dare take a seat Just take the love that you receive and put it on repeat And we can all gather at the sea Like one big family, let's make some memories And if I want to break away I go to Santiago yes that is the sweetest place Me and a Havana girl have a discussion She's telling me she love percussions And I say "what's your name?" she says "Sahida" I say "Sahida link me for the fire I am the supplier" And I'll be right there when you need me If you can hear me my lady Give me a light, come alive Reggae music reach Havana everything is nice!

King Ayisoba - Africa Needs Africa (feat. Wanlov the Kubolor & Big Gad)

taken from: King Ayisoba - 1000 Can Die Order direct: Streaming, iTunes & Amazon: Video directed by @Wanlov Kubolor Cini World booking & management Born in Bolgatanga in rural Ghana, King Ayisoba was a prodigy on the kologo, playing locally until he’d outgrown the possibilities of the area. Moving to Accra, the country’s biggest city, he eventually released the song “I Want To See You, My Father.” There was nothing modern about it. No hiplife rap, no electronic beats. But somehow it conquered the country and brought the tradition firmly into the mainstream. “It was Song of the Year and Traditional Song of the Year,” says album producer Zea. “He also had a song called “Modern Ghanaians” that said we shouldn’t forget the tradition. Instead we should use it to fight modern problems.” With that mantra, King Ayisoba became the unlikeliest star. His music was a strong weapon for Ghana’s traditions. What he wanted, though, was to play with a band, to bring what he called the “man-power” to give the full drive to his sound. On the album Wicked Leaders, with Zea producing, that’s exactly what he did. After that Ayisoba toured Europe together with Zea, opening up solo, providing guitar, vocals and live electronics on stage, and Francis Ayagama joined King Ayisoba's band on djembe and bemne drums Alone or with beats, ultimately the power that propels 1000 Can Die comes from the band itself, from the sense of history that forms every piece of music. It’s there in every musician. They all go home and farm. They’re connected to the land, and the songs are part of the harvest they bring from the fields and from their own families. “Ayisoba’s grandfather played the kologo,” Zea says. “But only in the house. He was a healer, a shaman. People would come and tell him their problems. He’d make a connection with the spirits, then play and start singing, and his stories would include solutions.” On 1000 Can Die, King Ayisoba is digging a new future from Ghana’s soil.

Maria da Vila Matilde - Elza Soares

Hoje vamos falar de coisa séria. Ou melhor: elas vão falar. Os números da violência contra a mulher, infelizmente, são grandes: o Brasil tem a quinta maior taxa de feminicídio do mundo, segundo a ONU. O Ligue 180 é um canal de denúncia e de acesso à informações como direitos e serviços públicos para as mulheres. Agradeço a cada uma das 24 mulheres que toparam fazer esse vídeo e dar o recado: ELES VÃO SE ARREPENDER DE LEVANTAR A MÃO PRA ELAS! E agradeço a Elza Soares​ em especial por ter cantado essa linda canção e ter também participado desse vídeo. #RespeitaAsMina e denuncie. E nós? Vamos ser amigos? instagram/@dicastrovitor Direção e edição @dicastrovitor @viniciuscord Se inscreva no canal e não perca os próximos vídeos!

Mateo Kingman - Sendero Del Monte (Official Music Video)

Dirigido Por Camilo Coba Riofrio Producido por Dr MOIRÉ @drmoire Personajes Mateo Kingman, Taya Novoa y Julio Achig Flores. Productor Y Asistente De Dirección Daniel Romero R. Dirección De Fotografía Camilo Coba Riofrio y Nicolas Riofrio Primer Asistente De Cámara Juan Herrera (Chope) - Segundo Asistente De Cámara Paul Valladolid -Tercer Asistente De Cámara / Data Manager Pablo Hurtado - Gaffer Rodian Ortiz - Grips Amahury Muenala y Martín Kingman Dirección De Arte Claudia Hidalgo Guarderas Vestuario Lila Penagos - Maquillaje Lucy Da Silva - Maquillaje Unidad 2 Emilia Davila - Diseño De Máscara Diego Herrera y Teo Monsalve - Asistente De Arte Valeria Guevara Producción De Campo Daniel Romero y Grace Serrano Carmona - Asistentes De Producción Álvaro Almeida, Doménica Guarderas e Israel Montenegro Guion Camilo Coba Riofrio, Mateo Kingman y Daniel Romero R Montaje Camilo Coba Riofrio Colorización Jose David Ruiz Locación Ilaló Don Carlos - Transporte René Albán Auspiciantes: AYA Records: Grant C. Dull - Rental y Estudio: Zoom Film & Rent (Pablo Fiallos) - Cámara: Prometea Films (Nicolás Riofrío) - Catering: El Café De La Vaca (Marisol Guarderas) - Snacks: Monkey Hippy. Con El Apoyo De La Comunidad De Zumbahua, Alfonso Ushco Laura Ushco. Agradecimientos: Tatiana Maimbil, Valeria Coba Riofrio, Felipe Lizarzaburu, Andree Zevallos, Guillermo Romero Carrera, Sara Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Segovia, Vanessa Teran Iturralde. Mateo Kingman Spotify Facebook Instagram Twitter Bandcamp SoundCloud ZZK Records Spotify Instagram Twitter Facebook Bandcamp SoundCloud Merch

Ennanga Vision - Otim's War (Official Video)

Otim's War is the debut single from Ennanga Vision. Deconstructed musical forms from the kingdoms of Uganda lead by London producer Jesse Hackett, multi-instrumentalist Albert Ssempeke and singing legend Otim Alpha. Available to pre-order here: Click here to subscribe to Soundway Records - MUSIC FROM PLANET EARTH: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE Soundway Records was conceived in 2002 by label owner Miles Cleret whilst returning from Ghana with a hoard of dusty old 45s and LPs that had mostly not been heard outside the former Gold Coast since their original release. Planned on a whim the trip was not one of the carefully planned research expeditions that Miles would later embark on to any number of far-flung tropical destinations. On the contrary he left England with no idea of what he might find or that it might be the start of a career in the record business. Although the label has it's roots in West Africa the scope has grown to include many other parts of the tropical belt with the aim of making available recordings that have in most cases never been available outside of their original countries and often not even there for over 30 years. Over the years Soundway's modus operandi has been to approach the music from a different angle from many of the more established "World Music" labels. By focusing on more obscure artists as well as big names and often concentrating on progressive recordings more in sync with Cleret's generation and background in DJ culture and dance-music. Styles have included afro-beat, funk, highlife, ethio-jazz, molam, calypso, cumbia, champeta, biguine, latin-jazz and disco as well as many unclassifiable recordings. Since 2012 Soundway has begun releasing new material from a carefully selected handful of contemporary recording artists including acclaimed acts Ondatropica, Bomba Estereo and Ibibio Sound Machine

Thievery Corporation - Letter to the Editor [Official Music Video]

Official music video for "Letter to the Editor" ft. Racquel Jones. Get the Temple of I &I: After an exploration into bossa nova on the 2014 “Saudade” release, Thievery Corporation returns to the music of Jamaica for it’s 2017 album, The Temple of I & I. The band’s 10th studio album release was recorded at GeeJam Studios in Port Antonio, Jamaicaand features vocal appearances by Mr. Lif, Raquel Jones, Zee, Notch, Lou Lou Ghelichkhani, Shana Halligan, Elin Melgarejo & Puma. // GET THE TEMPLE OF I & I // // FOLLOW THIEVERY CORPORATION // // CREDITS // Directed by Richard Elgood Edited by Andrew Labens // LYRICS // Pocket full a promises Baby empty bellies Poverty and Democracies And political rallies But who the rich a lobby for Using me for votes Pretend a mi yuh sorry for Then win and its a joke I'm sick of trick or treaters in costumes like dem as leaders Charismatic public speakers False prophets and fake healers. Articulate perfect grammar scammer Scamming us for votes Infront of tv camera with an innocent approach. Nuh mo lies and fallacies Bun apologies Try nuh ask please when a squeeze and yuh pan yuh knees Justice or else says the minister Farakhan Suh me stand up a Gordon house Wid my Glock Inna me hand If I take it literally, fuck it geez I'm kinda sorry But smaddy need Fi answer Gimmi Di microphone and Mek mi rep di innocent paying recompense for money spent to feed the governments Yo! Gimmi Di microphone get the people riled up too much fuckery Piled up get di ting dem oiled up Parallel universes in the same Ol' hemisphere Authorities they don't care with dem nose up in the air --- Cause our bombs dem metaphoric We talk Di truth and mek Di youths dem better for it Cause I'm a fighter, yeah If you agree put up yuh lighter, yeah (Repeat) --- Mek the stench from ghetto fences permeate dem residences extend up through the trenches up to where the presidents is Karma pan Di ones and twos yes it turn the tables Had enough a you with your parable and fables Jamaican bad gal queen and revolutionary Neva quick Fi start a war but shoot whenever necessary Product of the inner city Where me come from it nuh pretty Survive the nitty gritty Ain't nobody taking pity Survival kinda sticky In New York Cali and philly A di same ting a gwaan in a Kingston --- CHORUS x2 --- These are the da days of the last days, pan the last page of Di book of the dark age We a path ways wid oppressors Seek Predecessors Wake up ancestors Den we team up together We will meet we will meet pan Di battle Di battle ground Trade mi microphone For a shottie and some copper stones Just be ready When Di gavel sound Bun a folly ground fus Jah surround us So We never nervous Was a mental war now this shit turn physical From long time scar we a reap the residual From slavery to now, now the ting get critical Dem CyAh kill we soul cause dem sight sey we spiritual So They be like, hey, prod the bull under Sykes as subliminal, get them mad Then chastise dem as criminal Give wi drugs under guise sey it clinical CHORUS x2

Tinariwen (+IO:I) - Sastanàqqàm

"Sastanàqqàm" from the album 'Elwan,' available now Order ELWAN here: directed by Jeremiah, assisted by Celidja Pornon / (c) 2017 Wedge / Anti- / Coop / Pias “A thousand miles from their homeland in northern Mali, across a vast expanse of desert, the music of Tinariwen has found shelter in the hearts of six young musicians from M’hamid el Ghizlane. They were only boys when the desert rockers first visited their home, back in 2006, but they saw an immediate reflection of their own dreams and aspirations in the music they heard. In the years that followed they learned the Tinariwen songbook note for note, word for word, even though they couldn’t speak a word of Tamashek, the language of the Touareg. When Tinariwen returned to M’hamid in 2016 to record a new album, those young disciples from M’hamid had achieved a remarkable mastery of the desert guitar repertoire. The torch had been passed from hand to hand and heart to heart across the great desert. The young musicians from M’hamid were invited to perform Abdallah’s ‘Sastaqanam’, standing in for their older brothers and playing with uncanny fidelity. But first the members of Tinariwen wrapped new turbans around the heads of their young acolytes, marking not only the passage from boyhood to manhood according to ancient desert custom, but also the transmission of their music across the generations, a transmission that is taking place in the hearts of youth from every corner of the great Sahara.” SASTANÀQQÀM (I QUESTION YOU) Ténéré, can you tell me of anything better Than to have your friends and your mount, And a brand new goatskin, watertight, To find your way by the light Of the four bright stars of heaven, To know how to find water in The unlikeliest of places, And enlist the momentum of the wind To help you move forward. Tell me, Ténéré, how you and I Can remain united, with no hate for each other. Ténéré, I can now admit that I have travelled far through this wide world. Ténéré, I give you my oath That as long as I’m alive, I will always come back to you.

La Dame Blanche - Dos Caras (feat. Celso Piña & Serko Fu)

La Dame Blanche & Babylotion presentan "Dos Caras" Con la participación de Celso Piña & Serko Fu From the album "Bajo El Mismo Cielo" (2018) Filmado en Monterrey (Mexico) Dirigido por Wolff Producido por La Tuna Films & Boa Viagem Music Director de fotografiá - Guailo Sattva Producción ejecutiva - Alejandro Zea, Adan Pérez & Shaman Castruita Producción en linea - Rudo Peña & Aleks Ochoa Director de arte - Tavo Murder Vestuario - Alexiz Sylvania Asistente de dirección - Carlos Ramirez & Anahi Guajardo Guion y edición - Mauricio Alanis & Arturo Carcaño Corrección de color - Edwin Lara Locaciones - Mauro Cantu Casting - Minerva Contreras Coreografiá - Lianne Valdes Lamar Management & Bookings --- ---

M.anifest - B.E.A.R (Official Video)

M.anifest - B.E.A.R (From the album Nowhere Cool) iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Director: Garth Von Glehn (Flourish and Multiply) Executive Producer: Fui Tsikata Production: Maya Wegerif & TTD Media Stylist: Daniel Quist Song produced by Drvmroll Shot on Location @ Anloga & Keta (Ghana) © Singitdamnit Music 2017

Yorkston Thorne Khan - Bales (Official Video)

Yorkston Thorne Khan - Bales (Official Video) taken from Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars available now. Stream Bales now: Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars: Order Deluxe LP/CD: Order Digital: Yorkston/Thorne/Khan are an experimental group that includes James Yorkston, one of the most “influential singer/songwriters on the Scottish folk scene”, Suhail Yusuf Khan, award winning sarangi player and classical singer from New Delhi and Jon Thorne, best known as jazz double bass player with electro outfit Lamb. For more info visit:

DUB INC - Maché Bécif (Acoustic in Ouagadougou)

Website / Shop / Tickets : Spotify : Deezer : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : ************** LYRICS : Afhabdeeun marra Widdèche ourneussoui Médiékeur yéwoune yétskelikhhh ce dine Manssousseu oudneuni Ourtheli tougda ourtheli Noukeuni neutshazive N'habri tagara Médiékeur yéwoune yékkelikhhh ce dine Afhabdeun marra Widdèche ourneussin Qoulhouwallaou Dimadagimis Damousnaw ne dine Ihsseuve imanisse Qoulhouwallaou Dimadagimis Ayath'ma icharha Adwalire oudmisse Mâtché becif arrakameunar Rabi ouryili gouliwe Tsameunar imanew Yal yiwoune yillak'nivran Noukeni dtcheutch ournoud doukoul Al ouarch el ravan Sèlheumiche narian Mansousseum matchitsougdar Ourkevrire alla Oukharmeulralla Afhrabdeum marra Widdeche ourneussin Al ouarch el ravan Ouryelite alla signa Couplet 1 Chante ta version mais chacun à la sienne, On n’a rien en commun mais je te dis « pas de problème », Chacun ses convictions, chacun sa mise en scène. Mansousseum matchitsougdar Même couleur dans nos mains malgré notre épiderme, Les consonnes peuvent se lire s’il y a des voyelles, Le futur de nos vies se conjugue au pluriel. Maché becif arrakeumenar Je n’ai aucune réponse, que des questions, Rien ne me convient dans toutes les explications. Ce qui s’annonce, n’est pas ma direction, Et si je me trompe d’où viendra la sanction ? Qui peut croire nous imposer, Un seul regard sur notre idéal ? On ne fait que rechercher, Un équilibre entre le bien et le mal. Refrain Couplet 2 Quand l’eau est trop profonde je reste sur la rive, Noyé dans un désert, une terre aride ! Et quoiqu’il arrive, il faut trouver l’équilibre Entre accepter nos chaines et rester libre. Et tant qu’il le faut ! Prévenir les autres de la dérive, Car beaucoup d’entre nous sont unanimes. Et tant qu’il le faut ! On le dira dans toutes nos rimes, Le monde sera celui qu’on s’imagine. Koulhouwallaou Dimadagimis Damousnaw ne dine Ihsseuve imanisse Koulhouwallaou Dimadagimis Ayath'ma icharha Adwalire oudmisse Refrain Couplet 3 Qui est dans le faux ? Je ne sais pas. Chacun ses convictions mais respecte la mienne Qui est dans le faux ? Je ne sais pas. De l’or entre nos mains, nos différences nous l’enseignent. Manssousseu oudneuni Ourtheli tougda ourtheli Noukeuni neutshazive N'habri tagara Médiékeur yéwoune It's kelihhh ce dine Afhabdeun marra Widdèche ourneussin Mâtché becif arrakameunar Rabi ouryili gouliwe Tsameunar imanew Yal yiwoune yillak'nivran Noukeni dtcheutch ournoud doukoul El ouarch el ravan Sèlheumiche narian Mansousseum matchitsougdar

Inna de Yard - "The Soul of Jamaica" Part 1 - Feat. Kiddus I, Ken Boothe, The Viceroys

Pre-order the new album : New tour dates : Album "Inna de Yard" : Album "The Soul of Jamaica" : Follow us on social media : Website : Tracks : - Kiddus I "Jah Power, Jah Glory" - Ken Boothe "Let the water run dry" - The Viceroys "Love is the key" Label & contact : Booking : Film : Bernard Benant / Editing : Aurelie Cauchy (P) 2017 Chapter Two Records

BaBa ZuLa - XX (teaser)

BaBa ZuLa: XX // OUT NOW order 2xCD // 2xLP+CD+DL here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A kaleidoscopic, two-disc, career-spanning compilation from Istanbul’s revered psychedelic explorers. Esteemed collaborators include Sly & Robbie, Mad Professor, Dr. Das of Asian Dub Foundation, Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) and more. Without a doubt one of the planet’s great musical adventures. All too often these days, the world can feel like a dark and dangerous place. But music remains a light in the bleakness, offering a constant sense hope and joy and celebration. In Turkey the ominous shadows have been growing longer for several years but Baba Zula have been a shining beacon for 20 years, bringing the West and the Orient together in a glory of Istanbul psychedelia. To celebrate those two decades of existence, XX brings together tracks from across Baba Zula’s history, along with a second album of dubs created by artists like Mad Professor. Dr. Das of Asian Dub Foundation, and Dirtmusic. “We wanted to have a compilation that was a little different,” explains group founder and electric saz player Osman Murat Ertel. “None of the pieces here are in their original forms. Instead, we picked remixes, re-recordings, collaborations, live tracks, all the possibilities, but none of these have been released before. And it’s a mix of recording techniques – digital, analogue, tape, mp3.” Formed by Ertel and Levent Akman in 1996, Baba Zula took Turkish psychedelic pioneers of the 1960s like Moğollar as their inspiration and foundation for what they called Istanbul psychedelia, the fathers of a scene that’s since grown up around them. Since then Baba Zula have played all over the world, won awards for their work in film and theatre, often been rewarded at the Turkish Billboard awards, and had their albums counted among the most prestigious ever released in Turkey. They’ve also built a global network of like-minded performers, experimental souls in all genres of music, working with people as varied as Turkish opera singer Semiha Berksoy, dub mixer Mad Professor, and Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit. And that, to Ertel, is one of the band’s great successes. “It’s exciting to collaborate with people you listened to when you were young. It’s a great inspiration and a huge fulfilment in dreaming something and having it come true. And it becomes a link of friendship.” And now, with 20 years behind them, what’s next for Baba Zula? “I never thought it would last this long,” Ertel admits. “Maybe another 20 years is possible, maybe not. But living here in Turkey, I don’t know about the future. I hope the band could continue without me. We give our messages very carefully for those who can understand them. But I do know it’s important to carry on; you can be gone anytime.”


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