Visions of Sound – May 2019

Visions of Sound – May 2019

Every month, we bring you a monthly collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

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Mungo's Hi Fi x Eva Lazarus - More Fyah

Fusing modern dancehall with half time drum and bass More Fyah encapsulates the experience of the UK festival scene, bringing flavours of carnival, underground clubs and soundsystems together. More Fyah was as commissioned as part of the live theatre production, KID_X. The show has been created by the combined skills of Bassline Circus, MHz and Feral. Mungo's Hi Fi were asked to write the music for the show and Eva has a starring role in the performance. It is showing throughout Scotland and beyond from April. The title track is from the forthcoming album, 'More Fyah' out in July. The creation of 'More Fyah' was Funded Creative Scotland and PRS Foundation Open Fund.' Follow:

Muzi - Stimela Segolide (Official Music Video)

Official music video for 'Muzi - Stimela Segolide' Stream EP here : “Mom used to tell me stories about how her parents had to take trains to JHB to go to em mines. How granma left her homeland to go clean up white people houses to put food on our table. How people left their farms to go dig up some diamonds/gold and how that fucked up the black family. These are the stories i’d like to tell in my music . We have to find ways of putting our history, culture into our art. Tell these stories ourselves. These are the visions. " Afrovision 1 year anniversary free track : ------------------------------------- FOLLOW MUZI

Otun - Montoya feat. Nidia Gongora (Official Music Video)

Buy/stream 'Otun' now: While the internet’s universality means once-inaccessible traditional and indigenous styles of music across the planet can be appropriated, sampled, and commodified with ease; it also means they can be integrated and celebrated, reflecting humanity’s idiosyncrasies as well as our shared communality. Montoya, recently signed to ZZK Records, personifies the very best of this musical globalism. Montoya, who grew up in Colombia and now resides in Italy, entered music as a classically trained violinist. He’s keen to stress his gratitude for this adolescent education, not only in how it exposed whole new worlds of music, but permitted him travel places and sample different cultures from a young age, including playing at such renowned orchestra theaters as Gran Teatro de La Habana in Cuba and the Musikverein in Vienna. This classical upbringing naturally informed his inclusive, and methodically exacting, attitude to songwriting and production. He eventually joined Fabrica, a “cultural subversion center” based in Treviso, Italy, which he explains as providing the creative framework for him to experiment with art, photography, film and design; evidently apprising the cinematic qualities of his music. The pan-international musicality of his Montoya project is rooted in the musical diaspora of his native Colombia. This diaspora is vast; indigenous folk music hailing from Amazonian and Andean tribes; the cosmopolitan synthesis of modern reggaeton and traditional salsa taking place in Bogota and Medellin, and the Afro-Caribbean stylings of Cumbia and Champeta. Fusing the multi-layered precision of his classical education, his innate curiosity for Latin and “world” music, and affection for melodic electronica; his discography is at once ambitious and comfortingly familiar, as desirous of a catchy harmony as conceptual melding of Latin folk and modern electronics. He himself described his attitude to songwriting as indebted to his love of cooking: “I love how certain chefs make combinations that make you think ‘are you crazy?’, I like to imagine myself as a chef who chooses his ingredients - in my case, indigenous voices, techno, and IDM - and try to combine them, creating a process that allows me to arrive at the final result represented by what comes out of this.” So far, under the moniker Montoya, he’s produced the stirring 2015 album Iwa and 2016 Ep Lux, where you can detect him refining his cooking skills of the indigenous and the electronic. He’s also remixed the gifted Ecuadorian Nicola Cruz’s pleasantly plodding “Cumbia del Olvido”, adding another layer of melody with a soothing string arrangement. Moreover he’s played Sonar Bogota and Musicbox Lisbon, and various European venues, but his latest album Otun looks set to both break him properly on the continent, and produce his best work so far; a fiery and flavourful gourmet dish, with British expat producer Richard Blair providing refinement as a proverbial sous chef. On Otun, the breadth of Montoya’s influences and tastes is at its most striking; the dulcet techno hum of “La Pastora” is perforated by sprightly flutes and percussion, while lead single “Solo Quiero” deploys a languid reggaeton pattern beneath Bogota rising star Pedrina’s distorted, wilting croon anticipating a euphoric synthesiser-lead climax. The title track, featuring a sultry guest vocal from Nidia Gongora, is a fierce and vigorous club anthem, amplified by hissing synth pads and sordid breakbeats. Even a more straightforwardly techno track like “Tatacoa” is stylized with intoxicating Indian vocal samples, and more traditional folk selections like “Orun” still use an inobtrusive bassline drone. Montoya’s palette is simultaneously expansive and curious, yet coherent, with a steadily melodic electronic through-line running through Otun’s duration. Montoya absolutely sustains ZZK’s pedigree of platforming the most exciting and inventive electronic artists from Latin America, joining the storied legacy already built by the likes of Nicola Cruz, Chancha Via Circuito, and King Coya. Whether it’s through the intricate patterns of his synthesisers or the analogue beauty of his violin, what unifies his instrumentation is the candid expression of Montoya’s experiences, ideas and dreams: “I want to feed me of all these emotions, composing and putting into music all that I’ve lived.” Idea y dirección: Andrés Gómez Protagonista: Faderly Valdez Asistente de dirección: Jonathan Vargas Direccion de fotografia: Mario Arroyave - Andres Gomez Direccion de arte y vestuario: Sabrina Saab Produccion general y ejecutiva: Andres Gomez Edicion: Jonathan Varas - Andres Gomez Colorizacion y post: Luis Rojas Crack Montoya Spotify Facebook Instagram Bandcamp

Heavy Baile feat. Goes: Ciranda

London-based director Alex Tiernán returns to NOWNESS with a high-spirited music video for the Brazilian group, Heavy Baile. Soundtracked by the music collective’s infectious fusion of carioca funk and electronic music, this energetic film shows the journey of a neighborhood cook who shirks his responsibilities in order to dance the streets of Rio de Janeiro. “The cook in this film resembles ‘the malandro’ of brazilian literature and music,” says Tiernán.“The malandro is a lovable scoundrel who eschews work and relies on his wit to sidestep authority. In a country that is deeply unequal he has become a national hero.” Jonathan Neguebites, the dancer who plays the absconding cook, performs elements of the passinho, popping and locking, and chicago footwork with an exuberance that typifies the playfulness of modern Brazilian music and dance. “Carioca funk comes from the favelas and represents a lot of the malandro’s values of defiance and resourcefulness," says Tiernan. “Ultimately, this film is an expression of the unique spontaneity and genius of the Brazilian spirit” See more Heavy Baile: ___ Subscribe to NOWNESS here: Like NOWNESS on Facebook: Follow NOWNESS on Twitter: Daily exclusives for the culturally curious: Behind the scenes on Instagram: Curated stories on Tumblr: Inspiration on Pinterest: Staff Picks on Vimeo: Subscribe on Dailymotion: Follow NOWNESS on Google+:

OSHUN - Blessings on Blessings (Official Video)

Get "Blessings on Blessings" here: This is an official music video from our debut studio album, #bittersweetvol1, available on all digital platforms NOW!!! Catch us in a city near you on the #bittersweetTOUR! Tickets available at Follow OSHUN: ▶ Stream Bittersweet vol. 1: ▶ Stream OSHUN: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram: — Follow ONErpm: ▶ On Socials: ▶ On Spotify: ▶ On Apple Music: Written by OSHUN | | @oshun | @oshuniverse Directed by WhoTheWizz | @whothewizz Starring OSHUN & Ile Osunfikayo Ile Ogundase | @alaje256 Song Produced by Proda | @praiseproda Intro Music: “Iba Osun” by Osundara Oyawale, Chief Alaje | 256 Records Production Design by Ile Osunfikayo Ile Ogundase for Osun Fest 2018 Wardrobe by Zunyda | @byzunyda Make up by Nzingha | @nothingnessinadress Jewelry by Uniquely Wired M | @uniquelwiredm_ Produced by Renee Esubola Smith & Chief Sekou Alaje ALL inquiries: for any inquiries related to Ifa and Yoruba Spirituality visit

Qasim Naqvi - No Tongue (Official Music Video)

Taken from the album 'Teenages' Order the LP/CD/DL: Directed by Christina Burchard Starring Matthew 'ET' Gibbs

Gaye Su Akyol - Bir Yaralı Kuştum (Official Video)

İSTİKRARLI HAYAL HAKİKATTİR - CONSISTENT FANTASY IS REALITY released 2018 on Dunganga Records and Glitterbeat Records Subscribe to Gaye Su Akyol on YouTube: Söz & Müzik: Gaye Su Akyol Düzenleme: Gaye Su Akyol, Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Görkem Karabudak Yönetmen: Aytekin Yalçın BİR YARALI KUŞTUM Keder, feza üstüne Yayılır elem içimden gökyüzüne Onu benden çok sevmiş Paramparça bir hikaye Ömür ömür üstüne Yaralar sirayet etmiş her yerime İzini kaybettim artık Yarım kaldı bu hikaye Bi’ yaralı kuştum Uçtum uçtum senden uzaklara Acın içimde bıçak Kesiyor damarlarımdan eski ben’i Yakalandım sevda çölüne Su ver yangınıma heyhat Yıkın bu şehri yıkın Sokağı, sevdamı, hatıramı yıkın Geceler saklar sırlarımı Bitmiyor bu yangın Bi’ yaralı kuştum Uçtum uçtum senden uzaklara I WAS A WOUNDED BIRD Blues all over outer space Sorrow oozes out of me to the skies He loved her more than me A story in tatters now Lifetime over a lifetime Wounds have spread all over me I’ve lost the track A story unfinished now I was a wounded bird I flew and flew away from you Your pain is a knife stuck in me Cutting through my veins, the old ‘me’ I was caught in the desert of love Alas! Come douse my fire with water Ruin the city, ruin it Ruin the street, my love, my memory Nights keep my secrets This fire never ends I was a wounded bird I flew and flew away from you Bir Yaralı Kuştum video Directed by: Aytekin Yalçın @aytekinyalcin DOP: Serdar Özdemir @srdrozdmr Editor: Doruk Kaya @dorikkaya Colorist: Elif Tekneci VFX&CGI Artist: Ayhan Uruk @ayhanuruk Production Design: Sarp Prodüksiyon @sarproduksiyon Line Producer: Şiran Akgün @sheradise Unit Production Manager: Sedat Dilsiz @sedattdilsiz Production Assistant: Ömür Murat Uruk @omururuk GSA Make up: Rıfat Yüzüak @rifatyuzuak GSA Styling: Rabia Yaman @rabiaymn / GSA GSA Necklace: Zeitgeist by Chloe @zeitgeistbychloe GSA Hair: Murat Bulut @mrbuluttt Choreographer: Büşra Firidin @busrafiridin Focus Puller: Ulvi Çakmak @ulvickmk Gaffer: Muratcan Yozgatlı @muti Taxi Driver’s Costume: Koral Sagular @koralsagular Band’s Mask Design: Sadi Güran @sadiguran Cast Styling: Rabia Yaman @rabiaymn Cast Make-Up: Nihal Dinç @nihaldncc Yardımcı Cast Sorumlusu: Pınar Satılmış @pinars87 Costumer: Gizem Diler @istiridyekiz Decor By: Ece Nur Uruk @ecenururuk Key Grip: Ersin Yıldız Cast: Didem Soydan, Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Görkem Karabudak, Kübra Uzun, Gia, İris Mozalar, Süha Kurtuldum, Benhür Işıksal, Ezgi Ulusal, Furkan Yılmaz, Aminu Mustapha, Nezahat Oynar, Zekeriya Yesir Special Thanks To: Sadi Güran, Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Görkem Karabudak, Gökhan Doğum, Fatma Okumuş, Hazal Gürel, Melikşah Altuntaş, Aylin Güngör, Hakan Dedeoğlu Get Gaye Su Akyol's third studio album İSTİKRARLI HAYAL HAKİKATTİR now: Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: Follow Gaye Su Akyol facebook: instagram: twitter:

Blue Lab Beats - Hi There (Official Video)


Emicida - Eminência Parda part. Dona Onete, Jé Santiago e Papillon

Música: Letra: Emicida, Jé Santiago e Papillon Voz: Emicida, Dona Onete, Jé Santiago e Papillon Música: Nave Gravadora: Laboratório Fantasma Direção Geral: Evandro Fióti Produção executiva: Raissa Fumagalli Assistente de produção executiva: Lohana Schalken Mixagem: Maurício Cersosimo Masterização: Maurício Gargel Preparação vocal Emicida: Thiago Jamelão Gravado por Emicida no estúdio Paraíso dos Novos Ricos e por Tofu Valsechi no Lab Estúdio Dona Onete interpreta "Cantiga de caminho", obra em domínio público do folclore brasileiro. E foi gravada por JP Cavalcante & Geraldinho Magalhães num quarto de hotel durante turnê com Dona Onete pela Oceania em março de 2019. Clipe: Roteiro: Emicida e Leandro HBL Direção: Leandro HBL 1º assistente de direção: Pietro Sargentelli 2º assistente de direção: Giovanna Postglione Direção executiva: Evandro Fióti Coordenação executiva: Raissa Fumagalli Produção executiva: Lohana Schalken Coordenador de produção: Luis E. Milliet Produção: Marcela Sutter Direção de fotografia: Vagner Jabour 1º assistente de câmera: Bernardo Nunes Nielsen 2º assistente de câmera e logger: Elisa Manuella Ratts 3º assistente de câmera: Sabrina Cristina Duarte Coordenação de pós produção: Diego Nascimento Montagem: Talles Martins Edição extra: Lucas Rangel Diretor de produção: Amiten Produtor: Fábio Augusto Rosa Produtor de locação: Rodrigo Assistente de produção: Bruno Azzi, Thiago Pupo de Almeida Mercês e Gustavo Bueno Dantas Produção de elenco: Rodrigo do Santos Correa e Viviane Barbosa Simões Preparador de elenco: Flavio Nastasi Falcone Caracterização: Daniela Gonc Som direto: Samuel Braga Produtor de figurino: David Loreti Assistente de figurino: Rebecca Beolchi Vieira Maquiagem: Eliana Mendes de Oliveira Assistente de maquiagem: Karina H. Pedrosa Assistente de maquiagem e cabelo: Monica Barboza da Cunha Diretor de arte: Marcelo Larrea Produtora de objeto: Fernanda Vilarinho Bley Assistente de arte: Aristides Coimbra Chefe de elétrica: José Adalberto de Paula Assistente de elétrica: Alexandro Alves de Brito Maquinaria: Marco Antonio Almeida Assistente de maquinaria: Marcelo Lopes de Andrade Leite Contra regra: Leandro Paulino de Souza e Marcio Parafina Elenco: Bruna Misio D’Col, Buiu, Dani Moreno, David Wendefilm, Dudu Sá, Fábio Mazzini, Fania Espinosa, Livia Camargo, Marco Marfia, Nill Marcondes, Paulo Balistrieri, Roberto Borenstein, Vensam, Victoria Reis, Vitória Kétlyn, Telma de Araújo e Yraió Parcerias: Warriors VFX, Psycho In Look e Cabaret Um produção Laboratório Fantasma Produções

Sarazino feat. Toots Hibbert & Albert Watson "People" - (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Sarazino is the alter ego of singer, songwriter and producer Lamine Fellah. Born in Algeria and now living in Ecuador, Sarazino recently released his third album, "Mama Funny Day" with Cumbancha. For more information: Cumbancha Store: iTunes: Amazon: Spotify: Apple Music: Sign up for updates at From the Album: "Mama Funny Day" Out now on Cumbancha ( Production: TMFcine Producer: Daniela Ribadeneira & Jonatan Schutz Director: Pett Camera: Andres Cornejo, Daniela Ribadenira, Pedro Alvarez Editing: Daniel Prieto Post-Poduction: Baby Pride & Pett Filmed in Esmeraldas, Ecuador In Memory of Michael Cacia "People" Music by Lamine Fellah, Lyrics by David Greenberg & David Siskovic. Published by Cumbancha Music Publishing (BMI). LYRICS: Make love your religion And forgiveness your mission Don’t let greed cloud your vision Just make love your religion People ! I know! Go for the money! Go for their homes! Everybody need a little time alone Everybody want to feel safe at home They keep running running up that hill Running running but they just stand still Everybody need a little time alone Everybody want to feel safe at home They keep running running chasing that dream Running running but they want to be free

Sho Madjozi - Idhom (Official Music Video)

Sho Madjozi presents the official music video to Idhom, off her debut album, Limpopo Champions League. Available To Download/Stream Via: iTunes: Director: Sho Madjozi DP: Garth von Glehn Editor: Iodewicus Thabang Animation: PUKS Follow Sho Madjozi: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: © 2019 Flourish & Multiply #ShoMadjozi #Idhom #LimpopoChampionsLeague

Cimarrón - Tonada de la palomita (Official Music Video)

“Tonada de la Palomita” by Cimarrón from the Latin Grammy Nominated Album ORINOCO. 🎵 Play and download ORINOCO here: Spotify Youtube Music iTunes Apple Music Deezer 🎵 Follow Cimarrón! Official website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: Letra Interpretada por Cimarrón Álbum: Orinoco (2019) Palomita, palomita Párate con atención Recibe cuatro palabras De este pobre corazón Palomita, nube de agua El pensamiento se acaba Y se muere el corazón En lo que nunca se muere Te llevo escondida yo Palomita, nube de agua Paloma, no salgas fuera Mira que soy cazador Que si te tiro y te mato, paloma Para mí será el dolor Palomita, nube de agua Si te preguntan quién canta No digas que ese fui yo Diles que cantó en tu rama Turpial madrugador Palomita, nube de agua These are Cerros de Mavecure, three marvelous monoliths hidden in Colombian Amazonian jungle. In the heights of this Indigenous spiritual mountains, over the fury of the Inírida River, a beautiful song called “Tonada de la Palomita” evokes of cow-milking songs that peasants from the Plains of Orinoco took as heritage from ethnical oral traditions. Directed by Jeremiah. Production consultancy and audio mixing by Samuel Lizarralde. #CerrosDeMavicure #Amazonas #Orinoco

TSHEGUE - M'Benga Bila (official video)

‣ Stream Tshegue on : ‣ Listen Tshegue on YouTube : ‣ Follow Tshegue on Facebook : ‣ Follow Tshegue on Instagram : - Director: Sacha Barbin Production: Division Avec la participation du CNC. - Release May 15th 2019 on Ekleroshock records. TSHEGUE - M'Benga Bila Written by Faty Sy Savanet and Nicolas 'Dakou' Dacunha Ⓟ & © 2018 Dakou Studios under exclusive license to Ekleroshock - TELEMA TOUR 2019 10.05.19 RIS ORANGIS (FR) Le Plan 24.05.19 PARIS (FR) Release Party Telema EP - Exposition Music Migrations Paris /Londres - Palais de la porte Dorée 30.05.19 COUTANCES (FR) Jazz sous les pommiers 08.06.19 CUILLE (FR) Festival Les Mouillotins 14.06.19 SAINT JEAN DE LA RUELLE (FR) Festival Le Grand Unisson 15.06.19 CHOUILLY (FR) 18.06.19 BARRANQUILLA (COL) 19.06.19 PEREIRA (COL) 20.06.19 BOGOTA (COL) 21.06.19 QUITO (ECU) 22.06.19 LOJA(ECU) 29.06.19 LOULE (PT) Festival MED 05.07.19 EWUK (NLD) The Rabbit Hole Festival 06.07.19 VITRY SUR SEINE (FR) Les nouveaux imaginaires d'Afrique 15.07.19 FRIBOURG (CHE) Les Georges 19.07.19 CARHAIX (FR) Festival Les Vieilles Charrues 26.07.19 SHEPTON MALLET (UK) Womad Festival 02.08.19 NEUKIRCHEN (DEU) SKANDALØS 03.08.19 DIEPHOLZ (DEU) Apple Tree Garden 24.08.19 BREAL SOUS MONFORT (FR) Festival du Roi Arthur - Follow us ✌︎ ‣ #Ekleroshock #Tshegue

Bryony Jarman-Pinto - Saffron Yellow

“Saffron Yellow” is the second single from London-based vocalist and songwriter, Bryony Jarman-Pinto. Taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Cage and Aviary’ (out 16th Aug, pre-order link below). Bringing together a soft, soulful feel with touches of folk, “Saffron Yellow” is about the battle not to give in on the things that make us anxious but to instead take a moment to discover the excitement of everything again. Buy/Stream the single here: Pre-order the album now: Filmed by Hugh Pottinger Edited by Bryony Jarman-Pinto Production and concept Bryony Jarman-Pinto and Hugh Pottinger Bryony Jarman-Pinto Online: Tru Thoughts Online:

Guts - Kenke Corner (Official Video)

🎧 Commandez ' Philantropiques' → 📖 Lisez notre article → Réalisé par Catarina Limão. Le vétéran du beat-digging dont le crossfader n’a cessé d’osciller entre soul, funk, reggae et hip-hop offre son meilleur scratch à ce jour avec Philantropiques : 14 prods maison inspirées par 29 années de chinage, dépoussiérage et découpage digne des musicophages les plus sauvages. La preuve en est avec “Kenke Corner”, véritable hymne au highlife du Ghana. Heavenly Sweetness → PAM Site → Facebook → Twitter → Instagram → Spotify → Deezer → © Copyright: 2019 Heavenly Sweetness ℗ Production: 2019 Heavenly Sweetness

Systema Solar - Es El Amor (Video Oficial)

Systema Solar - Es El Amor (Video Oficial) _____________________________________________☀️ Suscribete a nuestro canal: Letra Es el Systema Solar El Systema para que sepa Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor El amor es una cosa maravillosa Como la oreja rosa, que en mi mente se posa Como alguna mariposa, por amor a vivir A existir, a reír, a seguir ir Es el amor y no deprimirme, no sirve La vida sin amor, a todo color Para quitar dolor enorme, del hombre Que no ve todo lo que sucede Hermosura pura, del amor que cura Toda cosa dura, una a una que no quepa duda Como dice Willy, todo suma Es que el amor solo trae felicidad, más na' Es el amor Es el amor Que se meta en tu vida Y te despierte toda la pasión Que te encienda los sentidos Como volcán haciendo erupción Y te guía en el camino, sin complicación Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor Yo vivo por el amor Yo vivo entregando amor Es el amor Es vivir y rimar en salud Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor Es el amor El systema solar Es el amor Es el amor Playlist Alternativa: Playlists del Systema Solar: ➤Discografía completa: Más del Systema Solar: 🌴: 🔥: 🌊: Escucha toda nuestra música en tu plataforma digital favorita aquí Síguenos en Instagram: Facebook: #11Son11 #LoMejorDelSystema

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