Visions of Sound (May 2021)

Visions of Sound – May 2021

Every month, we bring you a collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

Listen with your eyes!

Galathea - Afrique feat. Kadi Koulibaly (Vocal Video)

digital buy: stream: Cameramen by Vincenzo Alberino - Producer Angelica Malaika - Director by Marcello Bumbica Taken from the album Galathea on Space Echo Records SED802 release date June 18th, 2021 Music by Massimo Napoli e Salvo Bruno Produced by Massimo Napoli (Galathea) for Space Echo Records 2021 Space Echo Records -

JARR - Lonely Men (Video)

Lead single off the debut album 'An Echo In Her Skin' by JARR, a collaborative project between British musicians Yellow6 & Wodwo. CD + Digital:

Rodrigo Amarante - Maré [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Listen/Buy: "Maré" is taken from Rodrigo Amarante's highly anticipated new album, Drama, out July 16, 2021. Featuring Rodrigo Amarante Music by Rodrigo Amarante Edited by Marcela Amarante Costumes & Hair by R. Amarante Production Design by Rodrigo Amarante Photography: Jackie Bao Assistant Director: Matt Marder Gaffer: Matt Keppler Executive Producer: Juliana Mansur Post Production Manager: Veruska Bauerle Color and Visual Effects by Pedro Conforti, Cinestetika Thanks to Michelle Cable, Alex Kweskin, Lauren Ward, Todd Dahlhoff, and XIX Studios. Written, Produced, and Directed by Rodrigo Amarante This story is based on real life events, any character's resemblance to Todd Dalhhoff, Andres Renteria, David Ralicke, or "Lucky" Paul Taylor is a product of sheer coincidence. Lyrics: A maré que leva é a maré que traz em cada porto um cais eu só via o céu não bastou Iaiá outra correnteza a me levar fosse só sentir precisei saber só me resta entender. Sonho o destino tem entre a razão e a fé sorte é não querer mais que viver. A maré que leva é a maré que traz salvo engano um tanto mais lua puxa o véu mexe a mar em mim de Pierrot à Arlequim não bastou saber precisei sentir só me resta insistir. Sonho o destino tem entre a razão e a fé sorte é não querer mais que viver é ter amor pra dar quem não tem. Rodrigo Amarante Website:​ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: © 2021 Polyvinyl Record Co. Polyvinyl Mailing List: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: #RodrigoAmarante #Drama #Maré

Sons Of Kemet - Pick Up Your Burning Cross ft. Moor Mother, Angel Bat Dawid

Reconnect with ancestral energies by confronting your fears and insecurities - watch the new music video for Sons of Kemet’s “Pick Up Your Burning Cross”. Listen to “Black To The Future”: Follow Sons of Kemet everywhere:​ The new album from Sons of Kemet, “Black To The Future”, is out now on all platforms. The follow up to 2018’s Mercury Prize nominated breakout release Your Queen Is A Reptile, this release finds the UK-based quartet at their most dynamic – showcasing harmonically elegant arrangements and compositions, coupled with fierce, driving material. Video Credits: Director: Ashleigh Jadee @ashleighjadeeee Producer//Production Manager: Adi Alfa @producedby_adi Assistant Producer: Eleanor Hann @eleanorgracehann_ Production Company: Dynasty Entertainment @dynastyent DOP: Eric Myers @ericmyers_ Steadicam: Gary Kent @karygent 1st AC: Rob Hayward @robhaywar Gaffer: Lighting By Joe @lightingbyjoe Runner: Edward Patrick @edward_patrick MUA: Danielle Benn @daniellebiancabenn Supporting Actress//Dancer: Laura Lucious @luciousxviii Location Scout: @_loud.ent Graphic Designers: MaraLee @_maraleevisuals// Eyerusalem Lema @eyerus_creates Costume designer: Niall Harrison @paulbert_ Editor: Amber Saunders @ambersaunders__ Colourist: Jason Wallis @jasoncolour Grading Company: Electric Theatre Collective @etc.colour Commissioner: Liz Hart @iwenttoartschoolforthis Lead Actress//Dancer: Kelechi Okafor @kelechnekoff #SonsOfKemet #BlackToTheFuture #PickUpYourBurningCross #ImpulseRecords Music video by Sons Of Kemet performing Pick Up Your Burning Cross. An Impulse! Records release; © 2021 UMG Recordings, Inc.

MANUDIGITAL - Noumea Hotel Room (Official Video)

Manudigital "Noumea Hotel Room" official video taken from "Dub Trotter" EP available here 👉 Stream "Dub Trotter" here 👉 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ☛ 🚌 On tour 👉 ● Réalisation et scénario: Maurin Garcia pour Beasts&Beats ● Montage et FX: Ivory Concept pour VPCOM ● Direction graphique, animations et FX: Charles Paradis pour Acides animés ● Décor et artworks: Sioul le jardinier Manudigital is back today to present “Dub Trotter”, his first and highly anticipated dub EP. Manudigital recorded this EP on the road during the last two years of tour around the world, hence the name of "Dub Trotter" in the manner of a globetrotter (Manudigital was 13th in the Live Export Awards of Le Bureau Export in 2019 - 130 gigs / 20 countries). Each track is named after where it was composed: "Mexicali", "Canada Airport", "Noumea Hotel Room"... Manudigital revient aujourd’hui nous présenter « Dub Trotter », son premier et très attendu EP dub. Cet EP, Manudigital l’a enregistré sur la route lors des deux dernières années de tournée à travers le monde, d'où le nom de "Dub Trotter" à la manière d'un globe-trotter (Manudigital était 13ème au Palmarès Live Export 2019 du Bureau Export - 130 dates / 20 pays). Chaque morceau porte le nom de l'endroit où il a été composé : "Mexicali", "Canada Airport", "Noumea Hotel Room"... 🇬🇧 With 2 solo albums ("Digital Pixel" in 2016 and "Bass Attack" in 2018), ten EPs and more than 500 gigs around the world, Manudigital has become in a few years one of the most look-after French beatmakers on the international Reggae scene. Manudigital has collaborated with numerous artists from all over the world such as Walshy Fire, Alborosie, Beenie Man, Soom T, Skarra Mucci, Babylon Circus, Biga Ranx, Panda Dub and many others and hides behind countless albums, singles and maxis in which one can immediately recognize all his savoir faire and unique sound signature. Followed by more than 115,000 subscribers and counting 34M views on his YouTube channel, Manudigital is also known for his video concepts such as the essential “Digital Kingston Session”. With his Casio MT40 aka "Sleng Teng Keyboard", he sets out through the streets of Kingston, New York and elsewhere, in search of singers from the golden age of digital Reggae. Artists such as Capleton, Elephant Man, Queen Omega or Junior Cat meet Manudigital and his portable keyboard for a live street mash up session of their hits. After having produced a dub EP in 2020, Manudigital is about to release an EP in collaboration with French song crooner Camille Bazbaz. In 2022, the one who was in the top 10 in the Bureau Export's 2019 Live Export Awards, will finally be back on the road to venues and festivals with his overpowering electro-dub show accompanied by his incredible MCs! In the midst of all this excitement, Manudigital will also take the time to enter the studio to record his 3rd solo album scheduled for 2023! FOLLOW MANUDIGITAL : ● WEBSITE ☛ ● FACEBOOK ☛ ● TWITTER ☛ ● INSTAGRAM ☛ ● WEBSITE LABEL ☛ #Manudigital #NoumeaHotelRoom #DubTrotter

WUJIDAT - ABADIR and Pie Are Squared (Video)

ABADIR and Pie Are Squared: Wujidat Akuphone AKU1032 Video by L'Aubaine Songs: Al-Anesa Malak - Ya Am Ya Khali Laure Daccache - Munyati Ezz Istibari Aziz Osman - Ansuna wa Taaloulna Tamalli Recomposed by ABADIR & Pie Are Squared Visit: It’s 2120, it’s been 10 years since the WHO’s latest health guidelines signaled the end of music. Noises over 30 dB are no longer allowed, and global governments have imposed strict laws to ensure that these regulations are enforced. Noise detectors are now planted everywhere, and noise levels are subject to constant surveillance. Talking is discouraged, yelling is a criminal offence, singing is now a foreign concept to younger generations. Courses designed to rid musicians and music lovers of their desire to sing or play instruments have been deemed a resounding success. It must have been exciting for her to find this tape on a walk by the riverside, even though she had no idea what it was and how to use it. Many would have been tempted to discard it, probably rightly so, but Yolande Khouzam had been an Acoustics Researcher before the obsolescence of the entire discipline and this object seemed vaguely familiar to her. We’re not sure if she managed to find a way to play it. If she did, it would’ve been badly mangled, the sounds at times completely indiscernible, especially towards the end of each side. We’re not sure if Arabic was one of the 4 remaining languages, if it was, she would be able to tell that these are songs from a completely different time, played with instruments that she hadn’t heard before. The music seemed to come from the same era, but as the mixtape progressed, the instrumentation, scales and sound seemed to gather a more western influence. Using whatever resources she could find, her research helped her trace most of the recordings and she dated them to the early 20th century, mostly between the 1920’s and 1940’s. She found that the change in sound, scales and instrumentation over the duration of the mixtape, with a more pronounced Western influence on the more recent songs could be attributed to a Congress of Arab Music that reportedly had been held in Cairo in 1932 under the patronage of King Fuad I. That remains only a guess for now. While no legible writings were found on the cassette tape, she did find an archived online review of a mixtape released almost a century before her time which seemed to contain something very similar to the tape she found. The tape, titled Wujidat w as made by Egyptian musicians ABADIR and Pie Are Squared to experiment with dissecting and degrading traditional Egyptian songs by known and unknown artists. What Yolande might have assumed was a mixtape made to provoke nostalgia, was almost the exact opposite of that. What made it even more intriguing is that the mixtape she found had been intentionally made to sound broken and degraded.

Charlie Parr - "Last of the Better Days Ahead" [Official Music Video]

Watch the official music video for "Last of the Better Days Ahead," the title track and first single off Charlie Parr's upcoming Smithsonian Folkways debut. 'Last of the Better Days Ahead' available July 30, 2021, on CD, 2xLP, and digital. Pre-order/stream: Smithsonian Folkways: All other platforms: Lyrics: Money can’t buy back that ʼ64 Falcon that you sold in your 20s and then regretted it was gone because you thought it contained some meaning or some answers to a life that you never bothered to question or even take a good close look at And it broke your heart to see how it had been so important from the feeling of the steering wheel to the rubber on the road and now it’s grown to unrealistic proportions in your mind Now you’re in your 50s why can’t you forget how the chrome bumpers shined in the sun if you could just go back even for a minute you could forget how you don’t even know what it was you’ve lost Why do you always feel so empty in spite of all you have were those feelings you remember even real and were they honestly about some junky old Falcon or any other thing that you could own Because now it’s all so stale and you feel so very old like you’ve taken all your chances and tossed them all aside for some stupid piece of metal like shiny bits of trash that line the stolen nest of a greedy neighborhood crow So you drive back to your hometown to visit with your past but nothing looks the same anymore except you can see all that you squandered while you were shining all that chrome you were handed all you needed without cost but you were too blind to see it and you took it all for granted now you wanna complain—tell me just what was it that you’ve lost And now you start to panic and your gas is running low and you need to find some meaning before you’re stranded on the road and when the engine finally dies near a soybean field at dusk you just sit and watch the sunset turn the entire sky to rust --- Charlie Parr’s newest album, Last of the Better Days Ahead, is a collection of powerful new songs about how one looks back on a life lived, as well as forward on what’s still to come. Its spare production foregrounds Parr’s poetic lyricism, his expressive, gritty voice ringing clear over deft acoustic guitar playing that references folk and blues motifs in Parr’s own exploratory, idiosyncratic style. When it comes to what it all means, Parr says it best: “Last of the Better Days Ahead is a way for me to refer to the times I’m living in. I’m getting on in years, experiencing a shift in perspective that was once described by my mom as ‘a time when we turn from gazing into the future to gazing back at the past, as if we’re adrift in the current, slowly turning around.’ Some songs came from meditations on the fact that the portion of our brain devoted to memory is also the portion responsible for imagination, and what that entails for the collected experiences that we refer to as our lives. Other songs are cultivated primarily from the imagination, but also contain memories of what may be a real landscape, or at least one inspired by vivid dreaming. The album represents one full rotation of the boat in which we are adrift—looking ahead for a last look at the better days to come, then being turned around to see the leading edge of the past as it fades into the foggy dreamscape of our real and imagined histories.” Charlie Parr: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Smithsonian Folkways: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: The content and comments posted here are subject to the Smithsonian Institution copyright and privacy policy ( Smithsonian reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any content at any time.

The Funkin' Machine feat. Speaker Cenzou - L'Ora d''o Groove

Testo - Buongiorno a te ca mo arape ll’uocchie ca comme e mme spisso pienze troppo ma tu nun si fatto pe’ te chiagnere ‘ncuollo l’ha ‘itt pure James Brown “ i know you got soul “ Si chiove o iesce ‘o sole scinne e nniente ‘e nuovo ma tu tiene genio e n’tené mente ‘a ggente ca’ t’appesta sempe , te ne ‘a vere’ bbene piglia l’indecisioni e preoccupazioni e mmiettele a pparcheggio ‘a vita è ccomme a ‘na femmena e tte fa ‘na pusteggia Si sta jurnata arape l’uocchie già stressato ‘a sveglia sona stu sound pecché è ll’ora d’’o groove. Si stamattina t’he’ scetato già ‘ncazzato pecché stai senza ramm’ scinne e nun ce penza cchiù. So’ sciso ’a coppa ‘o sciaraballo comme ‘o zappatore mo me soso e abballo si me siente tu t’azzicche ‘a sindrome e’ Stendhal si tiene ‘o ppoco ‘e funk : Fallo ‘o Groove sona bello senza fusi orari ‘a sveglia m’ha scetato si ma vatte ‘e n’aria ca stamattina ‘a vita tene n’ata faccia secuto stu mumento comme a Starsky e Hutch stongo ‘e casa dint’ ‘o groove d’ ‘o ’76 e ‘a Macarena mia se chiamma “Soul Train” si ancora nun l’he’ capito ‘o ppuò’ capi’ d’ô Sound ca mo addò jammo jammo è ssempe “Funkytown” 'ncapata cu sta musica parte ‘a Machine simmo comme gli Avengers simmo ‘o Dream Team ‘a capa toja s’abboffa comme ‘e rrote d’ ‘o SUV si m’addimanne “che ore so’ ?” ‘o frà’ è ll’ora d’’o groove. Si sta jurnata arape l’uocchie già stressato ‘a sveglia sona stu sound pecché è l l’ora d’’o groove Si stamattina t’he’ scetato già’ ‘ncazzato pecché stai senza ramm’ scinne e nun ce penzà cchiù Zupp’ ‘e Latte e Funk .. Zupp’ ‘e Latte e Funk .. Zupp’ ‘e Latte e Funk .. Zupp’ ‘e Latte e Funk .. Zupp’ ‘e Latte e Funk .. Zupp’ ‘e Latte e Funk .. Zupp’ ‘e Latte e Funk .. Zupp’ ‘e Latte e Funk .. . . . Zuppa 'e Latte e Funk: un piatto che viene dalla tradizione e automaticamente si interpone tra il funk e la colazione attore: Guido Polese Video diretto da @Frè brano estratto dall'album "Allerta Meteo" https://periodicarecords.bandcamp.c... Includes digital, MP3, FLAC and more

ESINAM - NEW DAWN feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi (Official Video)

‘New Dawn’ is the first single from ESINAM’s upcoming first full album (03.09.21 on W.E.R.F. Records). ESINAM Album release's show at Botanique - Brussels 17.09.21 Come and join us for this special night: h Music composed, played and produced by ESINAM Vocals & poem by Nadeem Din-Gabisi (London) Mixed by Jonathan Vanneste (Brussels) Mastered by Kelly Hibbert – Almachrome (Los Angeles) Video directed by Esinam & Selasi Dogbatse Shot in Ghana (Accra & Volta Region) Video team: Scilla Owusu (theyoungtrepreneurs) Kwame Black Dancers: Illy boy Eflex Selasi Dogbatse Starring: Sitsofe & Dzifa Ati Color Grading by Maxime Tellier __________________________________ "Wanted to undo what the herd had said Listen to the few who heard then said Speaking with a wisdom not of my head That’s the fruit of the divine that e-entered Touched my tongue, had me speaking with the c-entered Balanced vision seeking wisdom not no pleasantries Adulation applause what do I do with these? Peace of mind I search to find, I must do better Go deeper, look further than the eye doth see Slay the beast, dragons, demons that be in my head Close the curtain on illusion. Open door, see the day Let the light, bright light, show me the way Just before the dark reign and cycle, it start same If light go, it go come again In storm, shout maintain Just before the dark reign and cycle, it start same, If light go, it go come again Open door, See the day, Let the light, Bright light Show me, Show you, New way, New way" Nadeem Din-Gabisi ________________________________________________ A big thank you to Nadeem for his poetry. Big thank you to all the people who made this video possible. Huge thank you to my Sister. Shout out to IllyBoy and EFlex. Thank you for your art of dancing. Thank you to the video team in Ghana. Big thank you to my whole family, my cousins, my father, my Auntie Charlotte for the love and support. FOLLOW ESINAM: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: BANDCAMP: SPOTIFY: TOUR DATES: Management & booking: https://www.aubergineartistmanageme...

Yôkaï - Désir Chimique (Official video)

New EP here: Directed par Stéphane Manzone Music by Yôkaï Yôkaï is Fred Becker - Eric Bribosia - Yannick Dupont - Louis Evrard - Axel Gilain - Jordi Grognard - Clément Nourry - Ivan Tirtiaux Recorded at Jet Studio, Brussels Mixed by Vincent Poujol Mastered by Frédéric Alstadt Publishing : Humpty Dumpty Records © & ℗ Humpty Dumpty Records

Lucidvox - My Little Star (Звёздочка) (Official video)

Taken from the album "We Are" CD/LP:​ Stream/DL:​ Lucidvox are an influential voice in the burgeoning Russian DIY rock scene. Incendiary mix of atmospheric psych-rock, heavy riffs and Russian folk mystery. My Little Star is about a young girl who lost the most important thing in her life – her mother. People say that those that are closest to you, will never leave you and will always be there. All the time this young girl looks for her own star, one that shines more vividly than all the others in the world. But the thing that she actually finds is a little star inside of herself - and that becomes for her the star that shines the brightest. Written by Nadya Samodurova Directed by Egor Sheremetyev Starring | Еkaterina Zhelnina and Irina Zhelnina Dancers | Ekaterina Karpova Kristina Kim Elizaveta Stepanova Darya Frolova Maria Zhdanova Arina Shatunova Mira Epelman Elena Khodareva Elizaveta Koshkina Lucidvox | Alina Evseeva Galla Gintovt Anna Moskvitina Nadya Samodurova Producer | Anna Fedorenko, Andrey Ukolov Co-director | Yulia Savitskaya Operator | Dmitriy Ekimov Production designer | Anna Gavrilina Costume designer | Alina Nigmatulina Prosthetic artist | Margarita Stepanova Choreographers | Elizaveta Koshkina & Vera Sannikova Executive producers | Andrey Ukolov & Polina Shalunova Production assistant | Sergey Fomin Casting assistant | Aleksandra Khmelinina Location manager | Olga Khudoshina Gaffer | Andrey Sevostyanov Focus puller | Aleksander Savelyev Lighting technicians | Kirill Pastukhin & Dmitriy Zorin | Mihail Korneev Property master | Mihail Maksimov Costume designer assistants |Aislu Mursalimova & Sofia Ivanova & Zhinan Dzhaber Make-up artists | Daria Vladimirova & Varvara Klyushkova | Elena Maksimova Stage staff | Nikolay Arutyunov & Aleksey Tarvi & Anton Belyakov & Ivan Biryukov & Askold Peshkov Stage installation | Gleb Krohin Photographer | Philipp Zaytsev The film crew thanks all the staff of The Gorky Moscow Art Theatre and would like to express special gratitude to artistic director Eduard Boyakov and music producer Vasily Pospelov for their active involvement in organizing and conducting the filming.

Kishi Bashi - Wait for Springtime (Official Video)

"Wait for Springtime" by Kishi Bashi off 'Emigrant EP' out on Joyful Noise Recordings. Director: Kishi Bashi Illustrations: Phil Jasen Animator: Geoff Hoskinson Puppetry: Phil Jasen, Alan Guerra, Klée Schell Stream the audio: 12" Clear EP/Digital: Lyrics ------------- the magic of the seasons were second to no one when we came to gather in springtime the summer came to fast the acre of our hill was suddenly big and small ’twas empty in the winter I’ll just wait for springtime i wanted you so savage as a gentleman admirer the most famous of the sinners we were silenced all but one I was reaching for the stars but rockets fare thee well oh the view on earth is magic I’ll just wait for springtime (wait for springtime) Sunny days are behind every clouds up in the sky winter’s coming from above and below  we’ll be ready some how heaven save us for now (heaven save us from the rain) wait for springtime (wait for springtime) They sentenced us forever imprisoned for no crime our hearts are made of tender With no room to nickel and dime When the carriage stops at night Will you think of my farewell? The music plays in silence I’ll just wait for springtime (I’ll just wait for springtime) I’ll just wait for springtime Sunny days are behind every clouds up in the sky winter’s coming from above and below  we’ll be ready some how heaven save us for now (heaven save us from the rain) (wait for springtime) #WaitForSpringtime #KishiBashi #EmigrantEP


Taken from the album DEVIL'S WORKSHOP Video by OVERVIEWED

Little Simz - Woman feat. Cleo Sol (Official Video)

"Woman" featuring Cleo Sol is taken from my new album 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert'. Listen/buy now: Listen to "Woman" ft. Cleo Sol now: SUBSCRIBE: Directed by Little Simz Music produced by Inflo Creative Directed by Little Simz & Jeremy Ngatho Cole Guest features Jourdan Dunn, Zeze Millz, Sienna King, Kesewa Aboah, Denai Moore, Miraa May, Alewya, Nish Rowe, Joy Crookes, Caroline Adeyemi, Peju Adeyemi Dancers Esme Benjamin Mira Jebari Anna-Kay Gayle Elishia Edwards Nathalie Zangi Anmol Kaur Production Company PRETTYBIRD UK MD/Exec Producer Juliette Larthe Exec Producer Chris Murdoch Producer MrMr Production Manager Lucy Bradley Production Assistant Ella Knight 1st AD Ed Bellamy 2nd AD Ato Yankey 3rd AD Sonny McMillan DOP Rina Yang 1st AC Brendan Harvey 2nd AC Chris Rogers Steadicam Josh Brooks Camaera Trainee Adenike Oke Grip Jamie Monks DIT Jayson Hunte Gaffer Elliot Beach Spark Caspar Jones Spark Matt Markham Spark Ramzey Sabbagh Spark Craig Gambell Spark Max Halstead Production Designer Ranya El-Refaey Art Department Assistant: Hannah Eccles Art Department Assistant: Esme Lewis Stylist: Luci Ellis Stylist Assistant: Nadia Dahan Stylist Assistant: Florence Armstrong Seamstress: Kate Steward Artist's Makeup Artist Nibras Makeup artist Sandra Hadi Makeup artist Angela Stewart Hairstylist Diana Francis Hairstylist Regina Meessen JD’s Hair Stylist Issac Poleon JD’s Make Up Artist: Alex Babsky Choreographer Kloe Dean B-Unit Camera Natasha Duursma Animal Handler Jo Mayston Runner Jaered Glavin Runner Lucia Ritucci Runner Arthur Studholme Production Runner Tyshan Dwyer Medic/Covid Supervisor Richard Hayward AM Covid Testing Nurse Florence Smartson PM Covid Testing Nurse Linda Namuyiga Edit Laura Cairney - Keize Edit Producer Polly Kemp Colourist Jason Wallis Color Producer Melissa Trindade Motion Graphics Mikko Label AWAL Commissioners Bianca Bhagat & Cheyenne Miller Camera supply Panavision Lighting supply SHL Lighting With thanks to @Monkey47DryGin & @gucci Lyrics Naija women Got the melanin dripping L o n d o n City girl living In the back looking like fire chilli pepper Yoruba girl tougher than imperial leather He was getting bitter while she was getting better Diamonds are forever Miss Sierra Leone looking like a gem Works hard in the week Party on the weekend Know you wanna live with no one watching how you spend Got a thing for the finer things and the finer men Miss Tanzania she a do or die Say she wanna know more bout the Sukuma Tribe We hit the zoot Once wasn’t enough Got an ocean full of knowledge you could scuba dive Miss Ethiopia can play so jazzy Then sit you down and school you on Selassie Telll em your nothing without a woman no Woman to woman I just wanna see you glow Tellem what’s up I love How you go from zero to 1 hundred And leave the dust behind you’ve got this All action no talk Bajan honeys Know you repping for your country Sun kissing your brown skin looking like money Say she focusing on being an accountant When you have beauty and brains they find it astounding Why? She been getting it on her own nigga Self made ain’t nobody doing gold digger Now Miss India always speaks with her chest Got respect from her people cos she leads them the best Real life queen in the flesh Know the crown get heavy still it beez on your head Brooklyn ladies Know you hustle daily Innovative just like Donna Summer in the 80s Your time they seeing you glow now Intelligence and elegance show em how Miss Jamaica understand food for the soul if she get up in the kitchen know she throw down Ain’t nothing without a woman though Woman to woman I just wanna see you glow Tellem what up I love How you go from zero to 1 hundred And leave the dust behind you’ve got this All action no talk I see your glow you’re the finest gold When you walk in the room they feel your soul Your style it shines so ahead of time And you know that you’re fire you’re so damn fine girl She a Ghana girl Calm with it never let the marijuana fail Though a sucker for the romance Take you to the home land One way she ain’t coming back nah All I see is black stars And I friggin love it yeah yeah Times up tell the people that we coming yeah yeah Done being in the shadow going public yeah yeah Don’t know how to bare it how to stomach yeah yeah Hand over this shit and let us run it yeah yeah All we know is looking flawless all they know is stare stare Ain’t nothing with a woman though Woman to woman I just wanna see you glow I love How you go from zero to 1 hundred And leave the dust behind you’ve got this And lead them with your light you’ve got this All action no talk #LittleSimz #Woman #SometimesIMightBeIntrovert

Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray - Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen) [Official Music Video]

Donate to The Artists Institute, Haiti: Buy/Stream 'Leave the Bones': Buy/stream 'Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen): Follow 'Leave the Bones': Release Date: 18 May 2021 ‘Ogou’ is the Vodou spirit of Iron and War. A Vodou follower asks for protection from the brutality of life’s daily battles - “Ogou, you brought me here, take care of me.” The video follows a father and son as they prepare to take part in the annual Kanaval (carnival) celebrations in Jacmel, Haiti. Credits: Father: Jean François Augustin Son: Anderson Widner Augustin Co-directed by Kaveh Nabatian and Joseph Ray Assistant Director: Wood-Jerry Gabriel Producers: Joseph Ray and Zach Niles DP: Kaveh Nabatian Editor: Yivvy Colorist: Anthony Tocchio Thanks to Hotel Cyvadier and Bel Madigra Lyrics: Ogou hoo se oumenm ki mennenm isi pran ka mwen Ogou hoo you are the one that brought me here, watch over me Papa Ogou hooo se oumenm ki mennenm isi pran ka mwen Papa Ogou hoo you are the one who brought me here, watch over me Pran ka pran ka mwen Ogou Watch over me Ogou hoo Pran ka pran ka mwen Feray o Watch over me Feray o Se ou menm ki mennenm isit pran ka mwen You are the one that brought me here, watch over me Ogou hoo se oumenm ki mennenm isi pran ka nou Ogou hoo you are the one that brought me here, watch over me Papa Ogou hooo se oumenm ki mennenm isi pran ka nou Father Ogou hooo, you are the one that brought me here, watch over me Pran ka pran ka mwen Ogou Watch over me Ogou hoo Pran ka pran ka mwen Feray o Watch over me Feray o Se ou menm ki mennenm isit pran ka mwen You are the one that brought me here, watch over me Follow Leave the Bones: Follow Joseph Ray: Instagram: Facebook: Soundcloud: Spotify: Youtube: Follow Lakou Mizik: Instagram: Facebook: Spotify: Youtube: Listen to Anjunadeep: Listen to Anjunadeep New Releases: Discover the Anjunadeep Discography: Listen to Anjunadeep Radio 24/7: Follow Anjunadeep: Youtube: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Instagram: SoundCloud: Reddit: Twitch: Discord: #Anjunadeep #LeavetheBones

Labelle - Benoîte (feat. Nathalie Natiembé) Official Video

"Benoîte" is the first video from Labelle's new album "univers-île" to be released on September 2017 on InFiné Music. Réalisation : Lenz x Kid Kréol & Boogie Direction artistique : Tika - Lenz - Kid Kréol - Boogie Chef opérateur : Eric Lafargue Production et postproduction : Pixel Dealer Avec le soutien financier du PRMA et de la région Réunion dans le cadre du dispositif A.M.I. About InFine: Web - Facebook - Twitter - Soundcloud - Bandcamp:

Watch the full playlist:

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