Visions of Sound – May 2022

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Every month, we bring you a collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

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Nadine Altounji- 3ALA BALI ft. Dana El Masri & Ali Omar El-Farouk (Official video)

For more on Nadine Altounji's upcoming audiovisual EP "The Stories That Tie Us To Trees Vol.1" you can visit: ​ Download, stream or follow Nadine Altounji: Watch the Audiovisual EP: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS Video Director: Victorine Yok Art Direction & Concept: Nadine Altounji, Layan Buftain, Dana El Masri, Victorine Sentilhes HMC: Layan Buftain & Lisa Sim _____________________________________________ Lyrics & Vocals by Dana El Masri Music written by Nadine Altounji & Mark Alan Haynes Musicians: Nadine Altounji, Mark Alan Haynes, Ali Omar El-Farouk Mixed by Mark Alan Haynes Mastered by Brad Yost at Outrage Productions We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Art © 2022 Nadine Altounji

Jessica O'Donoghue - Rise Up (Official Video)

Art As Catharsis is proud to release Jessica O’Donoghue’s new single, Rise Up – a dark and visceral piece of art-pop: "The video for Rise Up is a collaboration with dancers Anca Frankenhaeuser, choreographer Alana Jeverett, director Joanna Joy and editor Phoebe Taylor", says Jessica. "The clip explores aspects of the self, the relationship between generations and expectations on women from themselves and from others. It also explores personal trauma, generational trauma and cultural trauma; how we can reconcile and heal past hurt and pain within ourselves and from others in order to Rise Up and take positive action for a better future." Jessica O'Donoghue's debut album Rise Up is out 2 September on Art As Catharsis. Artist Jessica O'Donoghue Director Joanna Joy Producer Raeanne Chami 1st Assistant Director Tamra Heinzel Director of Photography/Camera Op Babi Bertoldi 1st Camera Assistant Annalise Kefetzi 2nd Camera Assistant Irisha Adnyana Lighting Design Urania Recchioni Production Design Jordan Wednesday Leah Art Assistant Eileen Kenny Costume Design Jordan Wednesday Leah Costume Assistant Amy Warner Make Up Tara Hillier Production Assistant Madeleine Woods Editor Phoebe Taylor Colour Grader Daniel Pardy Dancer Anca Frankenhaeuser Dancer Christiana Stewart Dancer / Choreographer Alana Jeverett

Say She She - Blow My Mind [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Stream the new single and pre-order the 45 here: Director & Editor - Spencer Bewley Produced by Eraserhood Sound SAY SHE SHE Instagram Facebook COLEMINE RECORDS Colemine Records Spotify Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram

Slow Burn Official Video

Slow Burn is about that which we find ourselves always returning to that keeps our inner flame burning. Through love, faith, art, nature, our passions...we return to our humanity.  The video was a collaboration between Julia Baccellier, myself and long standing collaborator D888. The visuals and movements are an unveiling in which we accentuate the beauty of that journey - vulnerability, a shedding and in finality, empowerment. It's a personal journey with a universal message.  Julia was inspirational to work with and took a giant leap of faith (literally even) to physically interpret Slow Burn on a chilly morning along the Atlantic coast. D888, my mentor and lifelong musical/visual collaborator brought more grace a beauty to this visual than I could ever have imagined. Capturing both the magnitude of nature and the intimacy of the story.   Elenna Canlas' addition to the musical composition and production, with her choice sounds and exquisite synth playing, suspends our reality and creates a vast space that calls to be investigated. Collaborating with these two visionary women is a career highlight.  Featuring Julia Baccellier Directed & produced by D888 Written by Kirsty Rock Composed by Kirsty Rock & Elenna Canlas Produced by Elenna Canlas & Kirsty Rock Mixed by Matt Stein Mastered by Robbie Robinson @ Robinson Mastering Vocals: Kirsty Rock Keyboards, synthesizers, programming: Elenna Canlas Guitar: Shelton Garner Bass: Nate Edgar Trombone: Buford O'sullivan Saxophone: Matt Bauder Recorded at : The Attic, West Wardsboro, VT & Swan7 Studio, NY NY

Monophonics - Sage Motel [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Order Monophonics new album 'Sage Motel': Directed by Kassy Mahea The world's premier psychedelic soul band, Monophonics, cordially invites you to attend the grand re-opening of the once thriving, once vibrant establishment, the legendary Sage Motel. A place where folks experience the highs and lows of human existence. A place where big dreams and broken hearts live, where people arrive without ever knowing how they got there. It's where individuals find themselves at a crossroads in life. What started as a quaint motor lodge and a common pitstop for travelers and truckers in the 1940s morphed into a bohemian’s hang by the 1960s and 1970s. Artists, musicians, and vagabonds of all types would stop there as seedy ownership pumped obnoxious amounts of money into high end renovations, eventually attracting some of the most prominent acts of the era. But when the money ran out, The Sage Motel devolved into a place where you rent by the hour. Sage Motel, Monophonics' fifth studio album since 2012, tells its story. Once again produced by brilliant bandleader Kelly Finnigan, the album captures a timeless sound that blends heavy soul with psych-rock. With their previous album, It’s Only Us, selling over 10,000 physical units and garnering over 20 million streams, Monophonics have built a reputation over the past decade as one of the most impactful bands in the country. If these walls of the Sage Motel could talk, this is what they'd say. So join us as we examine where the stories are told and experiences unfold.....and sink into a soft pillow of soulful psychedelia.....down at the Sage Motel. MONOPHONICS Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube COLEMINE RECORDS Online Store Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Instagram SAGE MOTEL LYRICS I want to share my story Bout a girl who I met at the Rafael Kept me in a daze For some weeks Down at the sage motel Oooh and Every day And every night She’s something like addicted when I do the things she like And I know She can take it She’s the type who gives it back cause She can’t help it It’s every single night Look what you’re doing to me Making me fall in love (deeper and deeper and deeper) See what you’re doing to me Baby got me weak in my ways (Oooh at the sage motel) Show what your feeling with me Tell me that its all you’ll ever need (Forever and ever and ever) Look what you’re doing to me And never let me leave what I like Believe in this my life Verse 2 Right from the start I saw the signs I knew she’d jump my heart Clear the fear from my eyes And when it’s right Ooh Hold on tight She got the best around And she’ll keep you up all night likes to whisper when she’s aching I climb inside her love And her souls for the taken So I know We can make it I'm the type to love all night cause I can’t help it I mean every single night Bridge Ooooh oooooooh oooohh oooh ooh ooh ooh Outro La la la la la la la She’s the type who gives it back cause she can’t help it La la la la la la la Im the type to love all night cause I can’t help it La la la la la la la Every day every night We’re something like addicted cause we do the things we like La la la la la la la And I know We gonna make it 3X Oh we gotta

MAN (Official video) - Sushma Soma - HOME

#homesushmasoma #homebysush #earthday MAN is a take on our everyday choices in all our homes which impact the Earth and an appeal to rethink those very choices. ____ Note from Sushma: I struggled to reconcile my love for the natural world with the apathy, complacency and convenience in my everyday choices. From using plastic bottles and plastic bags, to taking multiple long showers, to running the air conditioner all day long, I had continued to choose convenience over having to make a harder environmentally-friendly choice. As I looked around, I realised that I was not the only one who was turning a blind eye to the consequences of our choices. It was then that the magnitude of harm we were imposing on Earth as collective individuals hit me. And I wondered, can the reverse not be true? If each one of us took a step towards environmentally-friendly choices, we can all make an impact on sustainability and the environment! MAN is a track from HOME - an album created by Sushma Soma with Aditya Prakash. Cast: Aditya Prakash, Kiran Gollapudi, Mythili Prakash, Rumi Prakash-Gollapudi & Sushma Soma Story: Aditya Prakash, Mythili Prakash, Sushma Soma Video: Brian Hashimoto Production Design: Justine Maldonado Editing: Brian Hashimoto, Mythili Prakash, Sushma Soma ____ HOME is available on all streaming platforms. LINK TO STREAM BELOW: ____ Follow Sushma Soma: Facebook: Instagram: Website: HOME is supported by National Arts Council Singapore, Olam International, Indian Council For Cultural Relations, High Commission of India in Singapore and AKAM.

Davido - Stand Strong (Official Video) ft. Sunday Service Choir

Davido - Stand Strong (Official Video) ft. Sunday Service Choir Listen/Download: ---------------------------------- Follow Davido: ---------------------------------- #Davido #SundayServiceChoir #OfficialVideo

UJI - Kinto (Official Video)

KINTO Chapter 5 - Uji's Mercurial Elixir An alchemical ritual is about to take place, UJI along with a group of artists and creators have conjured up a mercurial potion strong enough to make them enter altered states of consciousness. ------- From visionary artist Uji comes TIMEBEING, an 8 part visual album directed by renown Jazmin Calcarami, as part of the multi-platform work by the same name to be released throughout 2022. The film stars Kanako Ognoh as Asuka, Gerardo Melo as Gen, Mariela Puyol as Niax, and Uji as himself. Jazmin Calcarami makes her debut as director and brings her mesmerizing vision into the timebeing universe. Uji’s original screenplay was adapted by Mariano Gorostiaga and Jazmin Calcarami. Welcome timebeings ----------------- Original idea and music by Uji Directed by Jazmín Calcarami Uji played by Uji Supporting Actors: Satira la Castrada, Luciano Javier Zabaletta, Nazareno Misael Avino, Giuliana Marenoni ,Melany Angelina Vilchez ,Yailin Channel Montero, Macarena Gutiérrez Zaldívar y Aristoteles De la Rua Art Director: Sofia Suaya DOP: Alfonso Vázquez Choreographer: Juan Onofri Barbato Camera Operator: Azul Rossetti Styling: Julieta López Acosta Key Hair & Makeup Stylist: Pola Amengual & Joaquin Vega Caro 1st AD: Miguel Angel Vazquez Editor: Cami Crespo Color: Daniela Medina Silva Chief of Production: Federico Ricaldoni Production Coordinator: María A. Blanco Super 8: Manuel De la Rua 1st Assistant/foquista: Julián Andrés Calichio 2nd AD: Maria Angeles Elias AD intern: Serena Rosa Cruz Calcarami Asistente grip: Juan Braian Castette ELT: Ezequiel Calafell ELT: Edgar Yesid Leal Godoy ELT: Dolores Garay Gisela ELT: Juan Francisco Pedriel ELT: Ernesto Portela Gaffer: Pablo Brizuela Grip: Emilio Razzetto Costume asist: Octavio Pedro Alejandro Ferrero Costume asist: Julieta laura sarraf Hair & Makeup Assistant: Agustina Quiroga , Priscila Rosenstein, Galo Sapaia Agustina Visser for Kabuki makeup School Art assistant: Meduza Summer Art assistant: Feliz Busso Production Assistant: Jimena Gonzalez, Juan Lorca, Joaco Gutierrez, María Mozzi, Lorena Sosa. Prop Master: Julián Ángel Spagnol 3D Printing: Gisela Kraisman Backstage/BTS Photographer: Paula Menga Artist Management: Allie Silver Graphic Design: Leandro Ibarra, Macarena Fatne Script: Uji Script Co-writer: Mariano Gorostiaga & Jazmin Calcarami ALBUM Label Manager: Grant Dull Mixing Engineer: Andres Oddone Singer: Kristine Barrett Singer: Zola Dubnikova Mastering Facilities: Manmade Mastering Artist Management: Allie Silver SPECIAL THANKS Nicolas Pauls Lucas Valiente Mateo Calcarami Tramando JT Matias Hidalgo Esteta Estudio Sosa Alexis Fernando Kabuki Makeup School Catering: Alan Joshua Bracamonte Catering: Celeste Ayelen Carvallo Catering: Emma Lucero Catering: Gustavo Medina Catering: Luis Marcelo Regules Catering: Tania Carballo Catering: Tomas Agustin Caraballo Catering: Walter Mateo Lucero

Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna - Por que se fue la paloma (Video Oficial)

Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna - Por que se fue la paloma (Video Oficial) Escucha esta canción en tu plataforma favorita: Encuéntranos en redes sociales: Editado por Cooperativa Rueda Licencia Warner Music Chile, 2022 Letra: ¨ Si has de llamarme paloma no puedes no ver mis alas si has de llamarme paloma no puedes no ver mis alas me construiste una casita sin siquiera preguntar no es pa mi cuello el collar ni mi casa un palomar así como soy paloma toca volar, toca volar Si has de quererme palomo no puedes quebrar la rama si has de quererme palomo no puedes quebrar la rama a veces vuelvo palomo me vuelvo para anidar a pesar que soy del cielo también tengo mi lugar a veces vuelvo palomo para anidar, para anidar. Si has de llamarme paloma no puedes no ver mis alas si has de llamarme paloma no puedes no ver mis alas me construiste una casita sin siquiera preguntar no es pa mi cuello el collar ni mi casa un palomar así como soy paloma toca volar toca volar así como soy paloma así como soy yo así como soy yo toca volar, toca volar.¨ (Pascuala Ilabaca) Créditos: Realización Audiovisual: Dirección y cámara: Pablo Miranda Dirección de Arte y Vestuario: Andre Alvarez Oliva ¨La Zurcida¨ Guión: Vanessa Gonzales y Pascuala Ilabaca Asistente Produccion: Gerardo ¨Suave¨ Valencia Maquillaje y Pelo: Nelson Wonka Locación: Limache, Chile Música: Composición y Letra: Pascuala Ilabaca Arreglo: Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna y Makarena Mondaca Interpretación: Pascuala Ilabaca: Voz y acordeón Juan Gustavo Núñez: guitarra Victor Choque: charango Klaus Brantmayer: saxo alto Francisca Vilches: trombón Makarena Mondaca: trompeta Christian Chiang: bajo Jaime Frez: Batería Grabación y Mezcla: Jorge Abarca Grabación 2: Jaime Frez (Estudio Samadi, Valparaíso) Master: Andrés Mayo (Andres mayo Studio, Buenos Aires) Agenda de Conciertos: Chile: Interdimensional bym Internacional: Lichens Family USA: Torito Artists

Faizal Mostrixx -Transitions

Taken from the Transitions (digital only EP, out May 20, 2022) Pre-order/Stream: Video credits: Director - Maranata Tegegne Stylist- xawaashiking Gouled Ahmed. Choreography- Faizalmostrixx. “Faizal Mostrixx seeks to preserve and evolve African cultural heritage. Focused on giving traditional organic rhythms an electronic touch, but without fitting them into a typical “dance music” blueprint, he has fostered his own unique strand of Ugandan dance music, using processed sounds and traditional instrumentation.” -- Stamp the Wax “(Gives) Ugandan traditional instruments and organic rhythms a poetic electronic instrumentalism. The motivation behind his work is to preserve and develop African music – combining the timeless rhythms and melodies of his home nation with modern beats.” -- Louder Than War Fazial Mostrixx is an afrofuturist Ugandan griot. An avant-garde music producer, who creates powerful and poetic narratives through multi-sensory disciplines (beats, video, dancing and choreography). Advancing bold tales of contemporary Africa through a counterculture prism, Mostrixx is one of electronica’s hottest up and coming ambassadors for a continent on the move. Mostrixx's newest release, and his first for Glitterbeat Records, is a 6-song EP entitled "Transitions” (a full album will follow in spring 2023). The EP creates a seamless bond of traditional music and chants with electronic textures. It is a fluid (and at times edgy) afrofuturist sway of regional beats and moods, and ultimately a reflection on how beauty arises when differences are respected and appreciated - and how by doing so, fresh futures emerge. The EP features Ugandan traditional folk singer and multi -instrumentalist Giovanni Kiyingi as well as a deep tapestry of ear catching samples and innovative programming. Faizal cites Black Coffee, Daft Punk, Timbaland, Diplo, CloZee, Wizkid, and Boddhi Sativaas as his production heroes and told Stamp the Wax this about his creative process: “My journey into producing is a search to find own identity. As a versatile dancer I have always experimented and explored musicality with various genres for choreography, dance workshops and audio-visual. So when I first discovered production I saw an opportunity to showcase and share yet another African story… Creation is very rewarding for me and that makes me not wanna hold back on those afrofuturist beats.” #beats #afrofuturist #uganda #dancemusic

Rita Morar - Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice) [Official Video] from Dub No Frontiers

Rita Morar - Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice) is the first single to be released from the album Adrian Sherwood presents Dub No Frontiers. Listen and order here: "Dub No Frontiers is inspired by and features women vocalists we knew from the UK or had met while travelling around the world,” says Adrian Sherwood, the On-U Sound producer and the brainchild behind the project. “Many of the singers said they felt the dub/reggae arena was a male preserve and a little intimidating even, so we decided to invite artists to write and perform a song of their choice, all with non-English lyrics on our rhythm tracks.” Rita Morar was introduced to Adrian Sherwood by Asian Dub Foundation’s John Pandit G, and Dub No Frontiers felt like the perfect fit. “As an independent female artist I wanted to write something that conveyed both my vulnerability and my strength, how through our music we are uplifted and become empowered.” Artist Peter Harris created the video in collaboration with animator Llyr Williams. "As Rita's song translates to 'Hear My Voice', I thought that sentiment could fit well with the overall theme of powerful women in history fighting for their rights that I had painted for the album artwork. Llyr suggested we begin the video in a 'garden of life' in all its diversity. This then segues into a suffragette activist being arrested. Moving forward in history to an urban New York landscape, Afeni Shakur Davis, Barbara Jordan and Flo Kennedy emerge from the background. The scene then changes from the city to Cuban greenery where Vilma Espin and other historical figures from different parts of the world appear. Finally, the scene returns back to the opening garden of life."

Cimafunk - Salvaje ft. Chucho Valdés & Lester Snell (Part I)

Salvaje is about passion and flesh, about the fragments of madness that inhabit our desires and our bodies. Salvaje, gifted [email protected] and Lester Snell’s art is part of Cimafunk's latest album, El Alimento : This is the first part of Salvaje’s visual universe... Part II is coming ! Salvaje habla de pasión y de carne, de los fragmentos de locura que habitan nuestros deseos y nuestras cuerpas. Salvaje, con el arte de Chucho Valdés y Lester Snell forma parte del último álbum de Cimafunk, El Alimento : Esto es la primera de universo visual de Salvaje… ¡La parte II está en camino! Realization by Heidi Hassan y Carlos Quintela (Cimafunk) and Elias Campos & Donbi (Chucho Valdés) Edition and Color grading by Eisbel Acosta Produced by Terapia Productions, Free Media, @venpalamanigua, Warehouse Media & Hangout Creations Music produced by Jack Splash, Cimafunk & Chico Caribe. Subscribe & Follow Cimafunk : Facebook: Instagram: Twitter : Store & Concerts :

Naâman - Maputo ft. Losso Keita (Official Video)

♫ New album TEMPLE ROAD out now : ⇓ Commandez en CD ou Vinyle : ✔ Naâman en concert au Zénith de Paris (22/10/2022) : Suivez Naâman ses réseaux : FB : Insta : Directed By Kevin Charvot Director Of Photography Damien Lejosne Produced By Big Scoop Records Producers Peter Lb, Naâman, Fatbabs Co-Production Clack Producer Valentin Beauvineau Production Manager Valerie Mabile Storyboard Victor Drapeau Line Production Mahla Filmes Line Producer Antonio "Pipas" Forjaz Line Producer / Art Dept Dario "Mickey" Fonseca Assistant Director Nelson Osman Chivite “Chivas” Production Assistant Abubacar Arrone Ibrahimo Production Assistant Agostinho Virgilio Gujaco Casting Nilza Jose Make Up Catia Bibi Manuel Munguambe Light Spark Rogerio Namburete Light Spark Leonardo Elias Nhamtumbo "Gabriel" Focus Puller Valter Pio Monteiro Unit Manager Osvaldo Raul Mauze "Ndema" Transport Captain Cipriano Adriano Chissano Police Man Ernesto Afonso Mabunda Art Department Hand Edson Miguel Da Conceicao Fonseca - "Xirico"Dancer - Main Dancer Matias Artur Dancer - Friend 1 Chelton Siego Dancer - Friend 2 Hilton Henriques Hele Dancer - Shop Owner Joaquim De Jesus Jaime Mussamo “King” Dancer - Man With News Paper Maulana Hatuibo Abubacar Bin JumaDancer Victor Pedro Dancer Eunisse Chinai Dancer Erzenia Daniel Tamele Dancer Carla Afonso Cumba Dancer Laris Láris Moisés Mucavele Dancer Wisdom Gweshe Dancer Shelzia Shelzya Malate Thanks To : Arwestud Films, Studio 411, Ambassade Du Mozambique, Dj One Up, Iva Garrido Lyrics : Maputo Maputo Maputo Maputo Down ina Maputo Chilling front bungalow Ready for the show Naâman got a big tune on the radio Hey hey much more them a wanna know Inna Maputo I’m gonna make them know Inna Maputo I’m gonna make them know Maputo Maputo Maputo Maputo Down inna Maputo (Maputo) Chilling front bungalow (Maputo) Manika no more Inano (Maputo) Watagwaan next mmm mi nah know (Maputo) Riding with the real ones (Maputo) Jaming in the very real wild (Maputo) Maputo got a real vibe (Maputo) Maputo a deh real vibe (Maputo) Inna Maputo I’m gonna make them know Maputo Maputo Maputo Maputo Kamele ya sougourou ya ye bi deou dia Sougourou ya Kamele ya ye bi deou dia Djeli ya ni ni te kier fari ye ko bes ti lon Dongilila ni ni te kier fari ye dougnen ti lon Kiaman lon na djeli ya ra mousso kiaman lon na djeli ya ra kiaman lon na djeli ya ra kier lou kierman lon na djeli ya ra A ma norgor ma norgor ma norgor ma norgor Teri en a a ma norgor ma norgor ma norgor i ye djeli ya i ye djeli ya Maputo Maputo Maputo Maputo Performers : Vocals : Martin “Naâman” Mussard - Losso Keita Guitars : Quentin “Badman” Dupont Keys : Julian “Djoul” Mauvieux Bass: Julian “Djoul” Mauvieux Machines : Benjamin “Fatbabs” Jeanne Percussions : Yves Marie Dien Trumpet : Cédric « Tribuman » Munsch Saxophone Alto : Maxime Luck Saxophone Tenor : Romain “Romux” Pivard Didgeridoo : Jasper “Eliah Jasper” Werner Additional vocals : Valentin Campagnie Backing Vocals : Obam Zoe Obianga - Valérie Belinga - Margaux Chicoisne - Madison Square Gospel Chant ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lyrics by Martin “Naâman” Mussard - Losso Keita Music composed by Benjamin “Fatbabs” Jeanne Recorded @ Faune Studio - 31e Chambre Studio Recording Engineer : Alexis “EXL” Mischler - Clément Bouyer Mixing Engineer : Laurent Dupuy - 20cent Audou Mastering Engineer : Damien Bolo

Kirani Ayat - SARKI (Official Video) Directed. Kumi Obuobisa

Official music video for “SARKI” by Kirani AYAT. Stream & Download the song here ►Subscribe for more: ►Follow Ayat online: ►Official “SARKI” Lyrics: Yea (Yea) Super Zammy da Nova mun kawo mu ku sabon labari (Yea) Wanga gaskia ne true story yea (Yea) Hausa drill ne (Ne) Kirani Ayat ne Ji mana Ji Ugh Yaron pepe natashi Akwai kudi banjin da kowa Ina shan champagne Ku na shan Hausa beer Ina shan rose Ku na shan soborodo Akwai zinaria da azurfa Kudi ya ci ka ajifu ye Banjin da kowa sound’n ga ya tashi tun Bamako mmm Sun ji ni yaron Niger coming straight from Ghana ugh Ni kenan ban jin da su na yi ni ke son yea These boys they faking ne Ba mu duba ku ne We know your Benz is borrowed Ni da nova yea muntashi Broke boys upset my tummy Firan ku be da kauri Yaran mata na so na This shit don’t even excite me Ba kowa da zai firgita ni Cos these boys pussy I know it Shout outs sanusi na Kano Ubangiji ya ka ra albarka Yaran arewa ku tashi Nan gaba de namu ne Walahi Walahi Ye e ye e yey Na dinka riga babu wuya Ye e ye e yey A izan ka yanka wuya ka sama kanka Ye e ye e yey Na dinka riga babu wuya Ye e ye e yey A izan ka yanka wuya ka sama kanka Yaron zongo natashi akwai kudi banjin da kowa Ina tuka Benzo ku na cikin aboboya Ina tuka bimmer ba za ku iya tsere ba Shekenan komi ya shirya zan ba ku mai zafi ne yea Wakan ga na mazaje ne Ban shani da zukaye Shaibu na mataa ka ja baya zan karye ka kaman itaci kai Acikin rap bayana ku ke Acikin trap ku yarana ne O wani da wance An ji ba gani ba tor Inna ku ke? Shurum shurum shurum shurum Na ce ina su ke? shurum shurum Ay yaran mata na so na This shit don’t even excite me Ba kowa da zai firgita da ni Cos these boys weak I know it ina gaisuwa Aminu na Kano Ubangiji ya ka ra albarka Yaran arewa ku tashi Nan gaba namu ne Walahi Walahi Ye e ye e yey Na dinka riga babu wuya Ye e ye e yey A izan ka yanka wuya ka sama kanka Ye e ye e yey Na dinka riga babu wuya Ye e ye e yey A izan ka yanka wuya ka sama kanka Me rabon duka bai jin bari (Inaa) Me rabon duka bai jin bari (Inaa) Wanda biai jin bari ba zai ji oho (Gaskiya) Wanda biai jin bari ba zai ji oho (Gaskiya) Me rabon duka bai jin bari (Inaa) Me rabon duka bai jin bari (Inaa) Wanda biai jin bari ba zai ji oho (Gaskiya) Wanda biai jin bari ba zai ji oho (Gaskiya) #Kiraniayat #Sarki Director: Kumi Obuobisa Production Manager: Daniel Bentsil Location Manager: Kumi Obuobisa Casting: Kumi Obuobisa D.P: Daniel Attoh @danielattoh Focus: Brown DEEPDOWN @deepdow_247 Gaffer: Joshua Fuseini Grip: Akasui Dauda Art Director: Kweku pentium @kwekupentium Stunt coordinator: David Coffie/kumi Obuobisa Wardrobe: Daniel Quist @daniel.m.quist Runners: Arthur/Issa Addy Editor: Kumi Obuobisa @kumi_obuobisa Colorist: David Nicol-Sey @davidnicolsey (North Production) Special thanks to Kokrobite/Langba community Turn a key production: @turnakeyproduction Cast Joshua Ansa Bannor - Hafiz Kirani Ayat - Ayat Ezekiel Okaija Sackey - Musa Joyce Lamptey - Hajia (Hafiz's mum) Promoter: Nenesenor Wrestlers: David Coffie Solomon Bentum Music video by Kirani Ayat performing SARKI © 2022 The Haske Group/OneRPM

Calibro 35 - La classe operaia va in paradiso

La Classe Operaia Va in Paradiso è il primo singolo estratto dall'album "Scacco al Maestro Vol. 1", in uscita per Virgin Music Label & Artist Service il 10 giugno 2022: Segui Calibro 35 su: Tour estivo: Calibro 35 - La Classe Operaia Va in Paradiso (Official Video) Scritto e diretto da TRILATHERA Coordinatore di produzione: Simone Rossi Seconda unità: Luca Fiorini Assistente operatore: Simone Sarra Runner: Alessandro Frioni Prop maker: Mattia Dell'Orco Backliner: Silvio Viscogliosi CALIBRO 35 Luca Cavina Enrico Gabrielli Massimo Martellotta Fabio Rondanini Tommaso Colliva Con la partecipazione di Sebastiano De Gennaro: percussioni Giuseppe Scardino: sax Baritono Prodotto e mixato da Tommaso Colliva presso Laboratori Testone Registrato da Tommaso Colliva e Carlo Madaghiele Masterizzato da Giovanni Versari presso La Maestà di Tredozio Musica di Ennio Morricone Edizioni: Universal Music Publishing Ricordi Srl A Virgin Music Label and Artist Services release; ℗ & © 2022 Laboratori Testone Srl under exclusive license to Universal Music Italia Srl

Cimarrón - Velorio (Official Music Video)

Official Video for "Velorio" by Cimarrón. Play and Download "La Recia" (Album) by Cimarrón. Spotify Apple Deezer Follow Cimarrón! Official website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: Cimarrón - VELORIO Lyrics: Salió la Virgen Y El Niño Para el portal De Belén Y a la mitad Del camino Pidió El Niño Que beber Y echa pa’ alante’ Mi niño Y echa pa’ alante’ Mi bien Que estas aguas Están muy turbias Y no se pueden Beber Y allá arriba En aquel alto Hay un árbol De naranjel Que la sembró Un pobre ciego Sin esperanza De ver Ciego, dame Una naranja Pa' mi niño Quitar sed Cógela De dos en dos Cógela De tres en tres Cuando cogió La primera Ya el ciego Principió A ver Cuando cogió La segunda Volvió La vista A su ser Qué Virgen Tan milagrosa La que me hizo Esta mercé’ Sería la Virgen Del Carmen O el patriarca San José The Virgin Mary And The Holy Child Walked to Belen And In the middle Of the way The Holy Child Was very thirsty And The Virgin Mary said: “Lets keep on walking, my child We can’t drink from muddy rivers” Then The Virgin Mary saw A tree full of oranges Over a mountain A tree that was once planted By a poor blind man And The Virgin Mary begged To the poor blind man: “Give me some oranges For my little child to calm his thrist” When the poor blind man Took the first orange His sight begun to slowly return When he took the second orange He had his sight back But the man never saw Who made the miracle #WorldMusic #GlobalMusic

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