Visions of Sound – November 2017

Visions of Sound – Novembe

We’ve partnered with Groovalizacion Radio to bring you a monthly collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

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Rio Mira - Adios Morena (Official Music Video)

Buy Rio Mira's debut album: Buy Rio Mira's Adios Morena EP w/ remixes by Nicola Cruz, Chancha Via Circuito and more: Co-produced by Grammy nominee Ivis Flies and Grammy winner Ivan Benavides, Rio Mira is a marimba supergroup with Afro-Pacific binational heritage consisting of some of the most in-demand and respected musicians from Colombia and Ecuador. Their music is the sonic rejoining of the region known as El Pacífico Sur, one connected by history, ecology and culture and divided by the national borders of Ecuador and Colombia. The people throughout this area have similar music, food, speech, fashion, and background, and it is no coincidence that the band takes its name from the Mira River that flows across these borders, connecting rather than dividing people and cultures. This area is home to a great many people of African descent and the rhythms of Africa have become entwined with the lilt and grooves of Colombia and Ecuador. Marimba music has become firmly established, a sound so sacred it was added to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2015. Marimba Del Pacifico is a beguiling showcase of this protected sound, a celebration of a unique cultural heritage found nowhere else on the planet, by a band of young musicians keeping this strong tradition alive. Video by Crack Rio Mira Spotify Facebook Instagram Bandcamp AYA Records Instagram Twitter Facebook Bandcamp SoundCloud Merch


ALBUM: Mother Nature 2017 Conceito / Realização: Gui Branquinho Produção: They Must Be Crazy & Gui Branquinho Modelo: Ligia Kellerman Fotografia: Rodrigo Albuquerque Make Up: Marta Baptista Monteiro Grade: Leone Niel Art Work: Fernão Cruz Design: João Lanita 👍 👍 BOOKING: +351 966477513 #TheyMustBeCrazy #TMBC #CanNotSee #Afrobeat #MusicVideo #Videoclip #FelaKuti #musicistheweapon

Nightmares on Wax - Back To Nature ft. Kuauhtli Vasquez, Wixarika Tribe

‘Back To Nature’ is an emotional journey into humankind’s relationship with the natural world. The accompanying video, directed by João Pombeiro, follows this narrative through its cut-up collage of magazines, postcards and vintage film, with positive glimpses of a future harmonious utopia. Words of wisdom by Kuauhtli Vasquez recorded at House of Colors Ibiza. Chant / Hikuru from a member of Wixarika Tribe recorded in ceremony at Sacbe, Mexico. Taken from the new album ‘Shape The Future’, out now on Warp Records. Stream: Vinyl, CD, Digital: Listen to a selection of new music and N.O.W classics on Spotify:

TootArd: Laissez Passer

TootArd: Laissez Passer Order here: I do not exist on an ID card A string and a piece of wood are my gunpowder A Laissez Passer. Let him pass. That’s the document the stateless carry. It’s all that those from the occupied Golan Heights possess. Since 1967 the area has been part of Israel, but the inhabitants aren’t Israelis. They don’t have any citizenship. They don’t have passports. Just a Laissez Passer. And for the members of TootArd who all grew up in the village of Majdal Shams in the Golan, it’s a very apt name for their new album. “Laissez passers are special situation papers,” explains singer and guitarist Hasan Nakhleh. “It took us a while to realise the effect. We’re permanent residents in Israel, but not citizens. We have no travel documents. When we travel we need the laissez passer. With no nationality, we’re officially ‘undefined.’” But in statelessness, the five-piece has discovered musical freedom. TootArd grew up understanding that borders are something imposed by governments, lines that only exist on a map. On a disc, in concert, they can go wherever their imagination carries them. They carry their citizenship inside. “What we do now is the result of everything we’ve ever done and heard,” Nakhleh says. “We began listening to Tuareg music and we fell in love with it. It resonated with us. North African music is something we’ve heard since we were children. We all grew up with classical Arab music. In finding our own sound, we’ve discovered things from all over.” With Laissez Passer, the past has helped create the future. On the title cut, Nakhleh notes, “the first verse is the reality, the second is our solution. Our people are stateless. We have no flag, no sense of belonging. It also reflects our emotions. We feel undefined, we don’t know where we belong, when everything in the world tells us we should belong. People always want you to say who you are.” With its insistent riff that evokes the space of the desert, glorious driving, funky percussion, and an electric guitar that Nakhleh modified with extra frets to sound like an oud, the song builds a manifesto that bonds West Africa and the Maghreb to the Levant. It’s a thrilling opener; more than that, it’s a very catchy one, with the subtle reggae flourishes adding a very organic, international feel. But those were a natural touch for the band, a nod towards their musical beginnings. Laissez Passer is the sound of a band that’s found its voice. The songs seemed to be pulled from the air, to have found them, whether it’s the catchy optimism that transports “A’sfur,” the biting groove that propels “Oya Marhaba,” or the flickering shadows-and-light shifting guitarscape of “Sahra.” The album closes with the yearning “Syrian Blues,” a gaze across the Golan Heights into the distance and history of another country. “It’s something calm to finish, a very emotional quality. Our region used to be a part of Syria. Historically we’re Syrians, but I’ve never been to there. I feel the music has an emotional quality, and sadness in the harmonies. I even wrote it in the Rast scale, the one that’s most used in Arabic music. I thought it would evoke Syria.” The result is an Arabic blues, the quiet, sad music of people who have a home but no nationality. With music I become a flying bird I change my feathers, I change my strings. TootArd are not ‘undefined’; they’ve fashioned their own identity in their music, creating a bond of the stateless that reaches from the Levant to the Tuareg – another people without a real home - and reaches out far beyond. Let them pass. Camera by: Wael Abu Jabal Melad Awidat Jenan Shokair

Poirier - "Sowia" ft. Samito [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Poirier's "Be Alright" EP out now on Wonderwheel Recordings. Bandcamp: Spotify: iTunes: Directed by Manuel Roumer & Poirier Video produced by Poirier. Director of photography: Jonathan Brisebois  Assistant prod: @pekafeller Editor: @craeonworkshop Choregraphy / dancers: @cherylleshyne @jayane_b @amotiondance_canada Special thanks: Alexandre De Bellefeuille


To Buy : Images shot by Thomas Freteur / Generative manipulations By Ofer Smilansky Cat. No. 18 Ångström ep18 Artist : Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers Format : 7 inch Vinyl / Digital Download Electric Mambo (Pawol Jatibwa) - written by Jean Claude Dorvil Credits : Jean Claude « Sambaton » Dorvil lead singer Jean Rigaud Aimable drums & vocals Riscot Cedieu drums & vocals Gomez « Djopipi » Henris chime & vocals Edèle Joseph vocals Sadrack « Mazaka » Merzier drums & vocals Nicolas « Ripit » Esterle modular synthetiser Frederic Alstadt modular synthetiser recorded live at Café central Brussels on the 09/28/2017 Produced & mixed by the Ångstromers Mastered & cut by Frederic Alstadt Management Michael Wolteche -

Mina ma Pelo - Son Palenque ! Feat MIchi Sarmiento - Video CLIP

Son Palenque, tema de su nuevo disco con el maestro Michi Sarmiento video clip realizado por Lucas Silva, Juan Daniel Taboada y Alejandro ardila, Hollywoodoo Films y Mapale films. otro hit de Palenque Records

Systema Solar - Mi Caribe (Video Oficial)

Escucha está canción en tu plataforma digital favorita LETRA: Así es Mi Caribe papá sombrero vueltiao hamaca  gente buena y otros que no pero Te saludamos con el deditoooo, gorditooo eeeehh  decimos bacano , la buena mi Hermano  Oe! Oe ! Primero que nada llego y Te explico  en toda mi costa se come rico  patacón en la playa con bocachico  y Te pongo a bailar pegao con el Picó Aunque no es parecido no es lo mismo un trago largo pal primo , no te preocupes primo que yo lo sirvo  y cuantos tragos son uno dos mi son Hey!  Colombia ok! se dice ok!  si no te gusta se dice que no hay Güey (way)  es que le gusta le gusta a los chicos play y si la rumba está buena se dice Bacano hey !  Cómo fue?, Eh!  Eh! Eh! Eh!  Así es Mi Caribe papá sombrero vueltiao hamaca  gente buena y otros que no pero Te saludamos con el deditoooo, gorditooo eeeehh , Como?  decimos bacano , la buena mi Hermano  Oe! Oe ! Cómo fue?, Cómo fue? Cómo fue? Eh! Eh!  Eh!  Mucho que le gusta que le pongan la Champeta  en la caseta va en chancleta con la plata encaletá  en toda mi zona costera algareteadera  aunque la nevera entera esté bien pelá  Colombia ok! se dice ok!  si no te gusta se dice que no hay Güey (way)  es que le gusta le gusta a los chicos play y si la rumba está buena se dice Bacano hey !  Así es mi Caribe Cómo fue ? por si no sabía , Cómo fue?  Gente buena, mala pero hay poesía pa Tí  Así es mi Caribe Cómo fue ? por si no sabía , Cómo fue?  Gente buena, mala pero hay poesía pa Tí  Desde la Zona Estelar Berbenautika con ustedes El Systema Solar!   Así es Mi Caribe papá sombrero vueltiao hamaca  gente buena y otros que no pero Te saludamos con el deditoooo, gorditooo eeeehh  decimos bacano , la buena mi Hermano  Oe! Oe ! Booking & Management: Producción y Dirección AudioVisual: Escucha toda nuestra música en tu plataforma digital favorita aquí Síguenos en Instagram: Facebook:

La BOA - Calle Luna Calle Sol (Willie Colon)

Subscribe to Fania: Fania newsletter: Bienvenidos a los Fania Chapinero Sessions! Nos asociamos con Arbol Naranja para producir las mejores interpetraciones de la Fania con nuevos artistas de diferentes ciudades del mundo. Continuamos nuestros Fania Sessions con la zona de Chapinero en Bogotá, Colombia. El ultimo video es una tremenda interpretacion por La BOA de la cancion "Calle Luna Calle Sol" originalmente de Willie Colon. Sobre La BOA La Bogotá Orquesta Afrobeat es una agrupación musical fundada y establecida en Bogotá, que desde el año 2013 viene desarrollando un proceso artístico y creativo que involucra legados del Caribe Colombiano, herencias del afrobeat nigeriano y una serie de aportes y recursos de las culturas afrocubanas y del funk estadounidense. En este proceso La BOA ha definido un estilo inconfundible y un sonido único al que ha sumado la presencia de artistas como las cantantes Nelda Piña Quezada y Nidia Góngora, en una apuesta por re descubrir las tradiciones culturales del país y en nuevas posibilidades de aportar a la vanguardia musical colombiana.  Banda Daniel Michel – Bajo/Director Musical Deimar “Pio” Molina – Cantante/Percusiones menores Diana Sanmiguel – Cantante/Percusiones Menores Alejandro Calderón – Batería David Cantoni – Percusiones Sebastian Carrizosa – Guitarra Carlos Tabares – Trompeta Luis Alejandro Niño – Trombón Marco Fajardo – Saxo tenor Terry Romero - Teclados Sigue a La BOA Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Production team/Equipo de produccion Productor: Maykol Sanchez Music Supervisor: Pablo Ahogado Productora: Fluxus Visual Dirección de fotografía: Nicolás Caballero Cámaras: Nicolás Caballero / Daniel Acosta Color: Daniel Acosta Producción: Angélica Acosta Asistentes de producción: Maria Paula Cardenas /Alejandra Quintana Asistente de dirección: Felipe Silva Making of: Camila Guerrero Gaffer : 24 Cuadros Ingenieros de grabación: Pedro Rovetto y Paula Peña Asistentes de grabación: Antonio Suárez y Juan Manuel Rassa Mezcla: Pedro Rovetto Masterizacion: Camilo Silva A Fania Records production with Arbol Naranja Don't forget to subscribe to our channel/no te olvides de suscribirte roman

Flox - A Taste Of Grey [Official Video]

Anglo-French binational FLOX has been sowing his “NU REGGAE “seeds for years now in venues all around France, and a new genre has sprung up [sprouted ?], somewhere between roots reggae and electro.Deeply influenced by the Jamaican Culture, from LKJ to The Police, to the more modern Fat Freddy’s Drop, Naaman, Biga Ranx... #reggae #dub #flox Stream : Flox Underdog Records - Subscribe: Underdog Compilation (Free Download) : Flox new album "Taste Of Grey" out now : • Bandcamp : • Deezer : • iTunes : • Spotify : -- Flox - Taste Of Grey [Official Video] Underdog Records latest releases : -- Listen to Flox's albums here : - Homegrown (2015) : - All Must Disappear (2012) : - In Dub (2011) : - The Words (2009) : - Take My Time (2006) : -- Follow Flox : Facebook : Website : -- Follow Undergod Records: Facebook : Twitter : Website : Booking / Publishing / Licencing : --

Melanie De Biasio - Your Freedom is the End Of Me «the arena of failed obsessions» (Official Video)

- The ring of relationships - A man. A woman. And egos struggling. "Your freedom is the end of me" is a reflection of it. Melanie De Biasio's new album 'Lilies' is out now. Buy / Stream 'Lilies' here: On tour : Directors : Melanie De Biasio / Yves Kuperberg Executive production : NADA Cast​ing​ LADY MAN CATCH & his Director Pietro Badiali,​ ​Talents 'Black Diamond, Fab Mottiaux, Jason Tnk & Kev' Rahino ​Executive Production ​ : Simon Vanrie & ​Barbara Dauby Director of photography : Léo Lefèvre 1st camera assistant : Elvis Fontaine-Garant 2nd camera assistant : Guillaume Gry Assistant Director : Alex Forge Camera operator : Camille Langlois Gaffer : Cyril Dupont Best boy : Ludovic Destrebecq Assistant : Angel Paredes Key Grip : Corentin Geisen Grip : Jérémy Tondeur & Cyril Jean Steadicam operator : Nicolas Savary Stylist : Alice Eyssartier & Elise Draux Make-up : Barbara Chila ​Decor : ​Lady Man catch ​Assistant Deco : Jean Delvoie - La Supérette Hairdresser : Sabrina D’Antoni Catering : Eva Széchenyi ​Warm Up Audience : Mochelan Assistant Catch : Micka Director Lady Man Catch : Pietro Badiali ​ Editor : Paul Millot / yves kuperberg Color grading : Loup Brenta Post-production : Cobalt Films - Lucien Keller Thanks to ​Patrick David, ​ Pietro Badiali, 'Mochélan', Perrine & BFC, Frank & Eye Lite​, ​ Joël & KGS, Joachim & Kinodoc, Eddy, Benito, Tom, Monique, Clément, Thomas & Eventcom, Antoine & Otomn, Julian & La maison Regnier. A very Special Thank ​to ​Michael Sacchi ​& ​Globul from The Rockerill (p) & © 2017 LE LABEL – [PIAS]

Eskorzo - La Tumba ft. Amparanoia

La Tumba · Eskorzo feat. Amparanoia 2º Single adelanto de ”Alerta Canibal” ”Este videoclip es un homenaje a los desaparecidos en cualquier conflicto bélico. Una crítica a la sin razón de cualquier guerra, una metáfora de lo que le ocurriría a estas víctimas en un plano astral sin definición,  en un limbo, y donde los protagonistas se abrazan a la utopía de la paz.  Una triste fábula donde las consecuencias, por desaparecer en esas circunstancias, es dejar a los vivos con una herida que nunca cicatriza siendo víctimas, muertos en vida, del dolor, el calor y el color del que se tornaran sus vidas”. REPARTO TÉCNICO: GUIÓN Y DIRECCIÓN M.A. Caro DIRECCIÓN DE FOTOGRAFÍA Iñaki Gorraiz PRODUCCIÓN Jaime Walfisch y David Hierro AYTE. DE PRODUCCIÓN Lope Molina LOCALIZACIONES Manuel Mateos, Guía de montaña DRONE Aerialrotors Team MAKE UP Miri Martínez ARTE / VESTUARIO Mariquilla Cuevas GAFFER Juan Felipe Tomatierra ELÉCTRICO Juan Puerta Morales VFX / ETALONAJE Cristian Martín Vicente EDICIÓN M.A. Caro FOTO FIJA Jaime Walfisch CATERING Tania Dominguez ARTWORK Laprisamata CRÉDITOS FINALES Jaime Walfisch REPARTO ARTÍSTICO Marius Makron, Sara Galisteo, Iker Gutiérrez, Elena Arroyo, Teresa Arroyo, Juan de Dios González, Josefa Vargas, Antonio González, Salvador Melguizo y Angustias Prieto AGRADECIMIENTOS Amparanoia, José Sánchez Alonso, Ruiz Bus S.L, La Abuela Produce, Bebidas Ferrer, Juan de Dios González, Senay Ibáñez, Materiales de Construcción Cuevas López S.L, José Baza, Fito Dogarrá, Matías Ruíz, Nicolás Serrano, Adam Kichi LA TUMBA Grabado por Alejandro Martínez en Producciones peligrosas. Mezclado por Carlos Díaz en la Vega. Masterizado por Mario G. Alberni en Kadifornia Mastering Studio. UNA PRODUCCIÓN DE: Rootsound Music 2017

The Halluci Nation - The Light II Ft. Lido Pimienta (Official Music Video)

Get "We Are The Halluci Nation" now: Juno Award winning group A Tribe Called Red release their video, For You with Polaris Music Prize winner Lido Pimienta on their collaboration off of, "We Are The Halluci Nation". Catch us on our upcoming live dates throughout 2023! For tickets head here: We acknowledge the financial support of FACTOR and Canada’s private radio broadcasters. Location: Santiago, Chile - 2017 Original Idea: Lido Pimienta Director: Lido Pimienta - Paz Ramirez Producer: Trevor Blumas Production Co.: PORCH / Patria ( Chile) Edited By: Andres Landau Post-Production: VICTORY SOCIAL CLUB CREW Line Producers: Paula Guiaquinta - Rodrigo Quintanilla ( PATRIA) Produccion Assistant: Camila Lescovich Director of Photography: Marcelo Liberona B Camera Director: Sebastian Sabelle Art Director: Alejandra Ortiz Wardrobe: Francisca Torres MakeUp & Hair: Roma Manfredini MakeUp & Hair Assitant: Camera Assistant: Cesar Urra Mejias Data Manager- Drone Operator: Fabiola Matamala Locacionist: Eder Hepp Gaffer: Jose Ocare Sound: Gonzalo Zamora Runner: Jorge Bueno Talent: Celine Raymond, Iara Espinoza, Consuelo Achurra, Soledad del Rio, Daniela Sepulveda, Camila Gonzalez, Sergio Soto, Tarix Sepulveda, Gabriela Claveria, Katalina Sanchez, Amanda Rozzi, America Navarro, Federica Larrain, Malu Sierra Grafitti Artists: Fiya Bruxa, Nacho Nass, Marcia Sol, Skaters: Carmen Benito, Lucrecia Andrades, Ricardo Vargas,Antonio Espinosa, Swami Fabregas Dancers:Monserrat Guevara, Camila Guerrero, Fernanda Lagno, Rodolfo Robles, Jean Paul Bayer, Nicole Ojeda, Isidora Arrve, Special Thanks to: Benjamin Ramirez, Ximena Sanches , Sofia Camus Catch us on our upcoming tour dates! For tickets head here: July 25 – Calgary, AB – Calgary Folk Fest Aug 7 – Online – Noon Chorus Aug 22 – Regina, SK – Queen City Ex Oct 20 – Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Cultural Centre Oct 21 – Chicago, IL – Chop Shop Oct 23 – Detroit, MI – Tangent Gallery Oct 26 – Philadelphia, PA – World Café Live (Lounge) Oct 30 - Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s Alright Oct 31 – Burlington, VT – Higher Ground (Showcase) Nov 2 – Ottawa, ON – Bronson Centre Nov 3 – Montreal, QC – SAT Nov 5 – Toronto, ON – Danforth Music Hall Nov 6 – London, ON – London Music Hall --------------The Halluci Nation------------- Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Merch: https://atribecalledred.myshopify.c...


Talk Memory is out October 8th on XL Recordings and Innovative Leisure. Available to pre-order now: - Directed by Flockey Ocscor Filmed - Christopher Behrmann / David Füsgen / Amir Quadahi Steadicam - Jonas Hauser grip - Paul Schön , Yannick Benavides , Declan Burski Supported by GROWN


This is "Trainyards" from our freshly released 3rd full length record, Solstice. Video by Martinez. Full record out now on Rootfire Cooperative.

Rosalía - Aunque Es De Noche

Single ""Aunque Es De Noche"" ya disponible aquí: Sigue a Rosalía en: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Si te gusta el vídeo suscríbete al canal de YouTube aquí:

Watch the full playlist:

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