Visions of Sound – November 2021

Visions of Sound – November 2021

Every month, we bring you a collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

Listen with your eyes!

Nightmares On Wax - Wonder (feat. Shabaka Hutchings and Haile Supreme) [Official Video]

Nightmares On Wax - Wonder (feat. Shabaka Hutchings and Haile Supreme) [Official Video] “When souls connect at any given time, for any amount of time. We never realise their impact until that moment or physical connection has gone. All we can do is wonder.” - N.O.W Wonder is taken from the album Shout Out! To Freedom... available now → Credits: Director: Sean Frank Executive Producer: George Evelyn & Kazim Rashid Producer: CiEsta! Director of Photography: Sachi Bahra Steadicam Operator: Kyle Derry Production Coordinator: Don Marin 1st Assistant Camera: Chris Cruz 2nd Assistant Camera: Donovan Loew Production Assistant: Jamarli Hailē Sebastian Editor: Sebastian Zotoff Color By: Ethos studio Colorist: Dante Pasquellini Sound design: Theo De Gunzburg, Kai Rizzuto, Diego Arancibia Sound mix: Citizen Music Production Company: kleenslatecreative Video commissioner: Rik Green Thanks to Henoch Moore, Ash smith, D'Netra-Celeste   Cast: Boy: Tyler Ashley Girl: Emma Smith Saxaphone Player: Henry T. C. Saxman Lost Love: Marie-Jeanne #nightmaresonwax #wonder #shoutouttofreedom

Ibeyi - Made of Gold feat. Pa Salieu (Official Music Video)

‘Made of Gold’ feat. Pa Salieu out now on XL Recordings: On le fait? Make sure they hear us Feel it We are the anger and the hunger. Dale! Holy Water Crying at the altar Ignite your desire Freedom for the mire, mire Fire Burning at the altar Rewriting sacred scripture So we could be together, together My Spell made of Gold, Gold, Gold Meet me at the altar Prayer Kneeling at the altar Gathering our power Heat is getting higher, higher I have dreams My Forefather told me « Complete mission now » They ain’t really broke us They can never make our story now My soul shows them passion Your history walks through them golden lines Your blood carries Diamonds When they thought they cleared that spirit away We are the reincarnation. My Spell made of Gold, Gold, Gold Meet me at the altar You know that it’s good, you know that it’s good for you My Spell made of Gold, Gold, Gold Meet me at the altar Oh you with a spine, who would work your mouth against this Magic of mine It has been handed down in an unbroken line The sky encloses the stars, I enclose Magic I enclose Magic Follow Ibeyi: CREDITS Director: Daniel Sannwald Producer: Chiara Lafour Executive Producer: Isla Gordon-Crozier Music Video Rep: Andre Reid Production Company: Somesuch Creative Director: Theo White Production Manager: Benjamin Mailing Production Assistant: Maya Bury Production Assistant: Grace O’Connor DOP: Jeremy Valender Steadicam Op: Jake Whitehouse 1st AC: Mark Gee 2nd AC: Kairo Jones Trainee: Max Gabbay Gaffer: Greg Probert Spark: James Leech Spark: Jon Prentice Spark: Tom Parkinsons Production Designer: Tom Schneider Art Assistant: Leviticus Hinds Art Assistant: Aliou Janha Art Assistant: Harry Beedle Art Assistant: Rory Paterson 1st Assistant Director: Danny Rumbelow Runner: Billie Corcoran Dodds Runner: Alfie Jacobs Runner: Jack Foulkes Jib Operator: Mike Drury Jib Technician: Sean Webb Projection: Luke Halls Studio Projection Designer: Charli Davis Technical Director: Zakk Hein Projectionists: Greg Rice & Mike Dorrie Video Equipment: Blue-i DIT: Elliot Chyi Talent: Ebinum Brothers - Victory Ebinum & Marvel Ebinum Movement Director: Lee Rose Editor: Mah Ferraz @Cut + Run Colourist: Ruth Wardell @ Okay Studio CGI: New Format Compositing & Shot Extension: Felix Green VFX: Simon Kounovsky Retouching: Boss VFX Hair Stylist: James Catalano Hair Assistant: Bianca Porter Makeup Artist: Porsche Poon Makeup Assistant: Eddy Liu Stylist (Ibeyi & talent): Julie Velut Stylist Assistant (Ibeyi & talent): Apolline Coquet Stylist (Pa Salieu): Holly MacDonald Rigger: Sydney Erasmus @ Fabulous Rigging Rigger: Joshua Hales Boat Handler: Richard Carless Telehandler Driver: William Haynes Medic & Covid Supervisor: Karl Omar #Ibeyi #pasalieu #madeofgold

Walaa Sbait, Feras Naddaf Prod. Deeb Amoury - Saeeda سعيدة (Official Video)

Listen to the Single “Saeeda - سعيدة”. Out Now! Stream: #WalaaSbait #FerasNaddaf #DeebAmoury #سعيدة #LevantineMusic #EMPIRE Official Video by Walaa Sbait, Feras Naddaf & Deeb Amoury - © 2021 Levantine Music سعيدة-أغنية مُصورة من إنتاج ولاء سبيت كاتب ومغني ديب عموري ملحن وموزع فراس نداف جيتارة ومخرج Saeeda-a music video by Walaa Sbait song writer-singer Deeb Amoury producer and bass player Feras Naddaf Director and Guitar player Walaa Sbait: Feras Naddaf: Deeb Amoury: CREDITS - تصوير سيارة من برا – أسيد مساد تصميم غرافيكي – رشا بنا شكر خاص : أمير در أمير خطيب مجد عموري نزار الياس كلمات سعيدة يا حلوة سعيدة مهما كانت بلادك بعيدة سعيدة، يا حلوة سعيدة وانا كتبت هاي القصيدة من معزلي وانا كتبت كل اناشيدي من معبدي وانا وديت هاي القصيدة من محجري وانا كتبت كل اناشيدي من غربتي اه يا غربتي اه يا معبدي اه يا معزلٍ اه يا ملجئي اه يا عورتي اه يا سترتي اه يا اجوبة لكل اسئلتي 2×سعيدة يا حلوة سعيدة مهما كانت بلادك بعيدة سعيدة، يا حلوة سعيدة مانتي وعدتيني بيني وبينيك في رقصة لسا للمرة الجاي وعدتيني كل شي يرجع طبيعي ولو ما تغيرت الحكاي وعدتيني بيني وبينك لسا في رقصة للمرة الجاي وعدتيني كل شي يرجع طبيعي ولو ما تغيرت الحكاي اه يا غربتي اه يا معبدي اه يا معزلٍ اه يا ملجئي اه يا عورتي اه يا سترتي اه يا اجوبة لكل اسئلتي 2×سعيدة يا حلوة سعيدة مهما كانت بلادك بعيدة سعيدة، يا حلوة سعيدة Lyrics: Be Happy, oh sweet one be happy, No matter how far is your country Be happy, oh sweet one be happy And i've wrote this poem from my solitude I've wrote this poem from my timple And i've wrote all my chants from my quarantine I wrote all my poems from my diaspora My diaspora my timple My solitude my shelter Oh my nakedness oh my cover to all my questioning is an answer Be Happy, oh sweet one be happy, No matter how far is your country Be happy, oh sweet one be happy You promised, you and I we have one more dance to do You promised, things will go back to normal even if this fairytale away won’t go My diaspora my timple My solitude my shelter Oh my nakedness oh my cover to all my questioning is an answer Be Happy, oh sweet one be happy, No matter how far is your country Be happy, oh sweet one be happy

LISTWAR ZANSET - Small Island Big Song ft. Emlyn & Putad

"Our voices silenced, our songs and languages banned, the land lost its custodians." 'Listwar Zanset' draws from the heart of Emlyn, a song inspired from the story of maroon slaves of Mauritius; the untold heroes of the slavery on her island. When slaves were brought to work in the cane fields, their singing was silenced, in turn their culture disconnected. Emlyn hums in solidarity with her ancestors, building to an overwhelming crescendo… meeting Putad from the Amis people of Taiwan, the two together reclaiming their identity, that was hidden and repressed by colonization and slavery. Selina Leem joins them sharing the core focus of the song, “their people displaced, their land taken, my land, drowning” highlighting the affect of the sea levels rising, forcing her people to leave their ancestral land.  'Listwar Zanset' unites the Indo-Pacific, a vast regions sharing similar pasts, histories and current climate consequences. LISTWAR ZANSET is a collaboration of - MAURITIUS Emlyn - Lead Vocals, Ravanne, Triangle, Kalimba, Percussions, Kokol - Ravanne Kan Chan Kin - Ravanne TAIWAN Putad of Outlet Drift - Lead Vocals 戴曉君 Sauljaljui - Moon Lute MARSHALL ISLANDS Selina Leem - Spoken word MADAGASCAR Tarika Sammy - Vocals, Valiha TAHITI & FRANCE Luc Totterwitz - Electric Guitar PAPUA NEW GUINEA & AUSTRALIA Airileke - Kundu & Warup drums AUSTRALIA Tim Cole - Korg MS20 Music Video director Kan Chan Kin Videographers Kan Chan Kin, Ajay Boodhoo, Tim Cole Drone Kan Chan Kin, Cameron Hanson Music Producer & Mixer - Tim Cole Recording - Tim Cole, Kan Chan Kin, ​Tafita, Luc Totterwitz, Andrew Reissiger Project producer - BaoBao Chen _____LYRICS _____ Emlyn - Originally in Creole Mauritian Sometimes I wander How it was back then In chains for days and nights We will remember all the braves that wanted to be They fought for us to be free today Wanting to be free They fought for us to be free today Putad - Originally in Amis of Taiwan Such a beautiful place. They took it away. “What are you saying?” “I don’t understand” Learn our language. Even at the end we have nothing left I believe the land and ocean will protect us We are going to be part of Kawas Selina Leem - Originally in Marshallese & English The ancestors Our islands/lands Land Their people displaced, Their lands taken, My lands, drowning Supported by Taiwan Creative Content Agency Australia Council for the Arts 'OUR ISLAND' album out 31 Dec' 2021

Mamak Khadem Official Video feat. Chris Martin "Across The Oceans"

Poetry of Maulana Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī, Translated by Coleman Barks If you want to be a lover, give up trying to figure the odds on what you should do next. Be a moth!  Dive off the cliff! Become the fearless flame. Tear down your house. Live with lovers.  Wash your heart of any anger.  Wash it seven times! Be the wineglass.  Toast with yourself! You are the wineglass.  Toast with yourself! You are the wineglass;  The wine here is love.  This love Composed by Mamak Khadem& Jamshied Sharifi produced, arranged, recorded, and mixed by Jamshied Sharifi Mamak Khadem – voice Chris Martin – voice, piano Coleman Barks - poetry recitation Roubik Haroutunian – duduk Ivan Chardakov – gaida Marc Copely – acoustic and electric guitars Megan Gould – violin, viola Christopher Votek – cello, guzheng Jamshied Sharifi – keyboards, bass, percussion Alona Mor Freedman, Mirabai Gould, Kai Sakamoto Sharifi, Pema Sukhmani Sieber – children’s choir

Montparnasse Musique - Makonda (Official Video)

Download, stream or pre-order on vinyl: Makonda is taken from Montparnasse Musique's debut self-titled EP, and features Kinshasa band Konono No1. It will be released on limited edition neon orange vinyl on 14th January 2022. Filmed on the streets of Kinshasa by award-winning documentary filmmaker Renaud Barret (Systeme K, Benda Bilili!), the music video offers a glimpse of the Congolese capital city’s unique street art movement — a fitting visual accompaniment to the sound of Montparnasse Musique, which connects the acoustic grit of traditional Africa with the pulse of modern Johannesburg through collaborations with Congotronics innovators such as Konono No1 and Kasai Allstars. Featured in the video are members of the Bakoko collective, a group of fashion designers who combine their unique art with body performance. In their weekly ghetto catwalks, the performers pay homage to the Congo’s famous La Sape movement, representing it in a brand-new way. The costumes are inspired by the ancient Kingdom of Kongo — the Bakoko collective’s interpretation of an era for which there is very little documented evidence. The garments are exclusively made of bamboo and Mayaka seeds (a plant particularly associated with the area of Lake Mai Ndombe, in the western part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The name ‘Bakoko’ means ‘spirit of the ancestors’, and the collective’s primary creators Arnold Mbo and Pipiyu see their creations as a political statement, and part of a process of de-alienation. They urge Congolese youth to reconnect with ancient spiritual values instead of diving into heavy consumerism and imported spirituality of the ever-growing Evangelical churches. Their work is also dedicated to great historical figures of the Congolese rebellion against colonisation such as Maman Kimpa Vita and Simon Kimbangu. Lyrically ‘Makonda’ conveys the message that ‘man is all alone in the face of life and death’. It features the first new music from acclaimed Kinshasa-based band Konono No1 since 2016, with frontman Menga Waku.

Puerto Candelaria - Uy Qué Linda [Video oficial]

Uy Qué Linda, una declaración de amor propio. Suscríbete a nuestro canal de Youtube 💙 #UyQueLinda #iIloveme #MeAmo #SomosLaMúsica Escucha aquí Uy Qué Linda ➡️ ----- Visítanos en: [Website] [Patreon] [Facebook] [Instagram] [Twitter] [Newsletter] ----- Letra: Juancho Valencia (Sargento) y Catalina Calle (Catt) Música: Juancho Valencia Grabada, mezclada y masterizada en el estudio de Merlín Producciones por el ingeniero Gabriel Vallejo Realizada con el apoyo de Americanino Mostra: Tatiana López Trujillo Coreografía: Lala Correa Bailarinas: Lala Correa, Melissa Quintero, Sara Rincón, Kristen Weymouth Idea original: Juancho Valencia Guión y dirección: Juancho Valencia y Sofía Carvalho Asistente de dirección: Marisol García Dirección de fotografía: Mario Barrios Dirección de arte y diseño gráfico: Nicole Gómez Diseño de vestuario y styling: Diana Echandía Producción de vestuario: Diana Echandía Lab Asistente de vestuario: Diana Meneses Maquillaje: Leidy Durango Asistente de Maquillaje: Ana Bedoya Producción ejecutiva: Juan Felipe Arango y Vanesa Mejía Producción general: Sofía Carvalho Asistentes de Producción: Verónica Ceballos y Adrián Flores Asistente de cámara: Mateo Aristizabal Gaffer: Mauricio Henao Asistente de luces: Jhon Fredy Ospina Postproducción: Mario Barrios y Marisol García Alimentación: Ana Elsy Carvalho Letra: Soy discreta, pintoresca Enigmática en la fiesta Soy cazadora de desamores Y a veces soy rompe corazones Soy una deuda de dos patas Pero con el mínimo soy mágica Frívola, mística, soy paradoja científica Si me caigo, me levanto Me quito el polvo me quito el fango Tengo una amiga que no me falla Y unas otras cuantas que ya no aguantan Soy lunatica y demente Cuando suena un buen merengue Y si me miro al espejo Me digo: ¡Uy qué linda! Yo soy really, really bombón Yo soy really, really bombón Yo soy really, really bombón Really Bombón, really bombón (x2) Shala lala lalala shala lala lalala shala lala lalala Really Bombón, really bombón (x2) Talla sube, talla baja mi cintura hace acrobacia tengo un cuerpo singular y siempre me resbala el qué dirán Soy matemática analista Computadora futurista Creo en fantasmas y extraterrestres y si la tierra es plana no me sorprende Auténtica, excepcional Soy un fenómeno paranormal para divertirme profesional vivo a mi manera sin igual Soy lunatica y demente Cuando suena un buen merengue Y si me miro al espejo Me digo: Uy qué linda! Yo soy really, really bombón Yo soy really, really bombón Yo soy really, really bombón Really Bombón, really bombón (x2) Shala lala lalala shala lala lalala shala lala lalala Really Bombón, really bombón (x2) Sin igual, sin igual Auténtica Sin igual, sin igual inédita Sin igual, sin igual excepcional Sin igual, sin igual Singular Uy qué linda! (x4) Si me caigo, me levanto Me quito el polvo me quito el fango Tengo una amiga que no me falla Y unas otras cuantas que ya no aguantan Soy lunática y demente Cuando suena un buen merengue Y si me miro al espejo Me digo: Uy qué linda

for the both of us (Official Music Video)

Stream + Download - for the both of us - #EgoEllaMay #forthebothofus #officialvideo LYRICS Verse 1 when I get a dog I’ll still name him ‘Bear’ Might still move to Brighton even if you’re not there Life don’t stop living because you left Guess I’ll keep our dreams alive… Chorus For the both of us Verse 2 When I get the chance I’ll meet Gregory Porter, And drag my new man along though he probably won’t want to He won’t get The sentiment I’ll just keep our dreams alive.. Chorus Outro We wanted all the things Ended up with nothing Video Credits Dir/Prod - Dan Aremu @danaremu DOP/Grade - Billy Kendall @billyykendall Focus Puller - Owen Diplock @owendiplock Steadicam - Lee Brown @_steadilee_ Photographer - Amy Shields @brunetteamyxx MUA - Min Sandhu @minnie_mua Prod Co - 33 Bound Executive Waterboy - Eddie Smith Special thanks to Spit N Sawdust Track Credits Produced by - Ego Ella May and Shivum Sharma Guitar - Ego Ella May Keys - Shivum Sharma Flute - Lluís Domènech Plana Violin - Saskia Horton Cello - Raffy Bushman Trumpet - Johnny Woodham Backing Vocals - Ego Ella May and Shivum Sharma Mix + Master - Tumai "Turkish" Salih A&R - Eddie Smith

Mal - Ana tijoux - Videoclip Oficial

Mal - Ana tijoux - Videoclip Oficial Producido: Suff Daddy / Ale Ortiz Producer: @njgl Directora: @lopezlugodaniela 1st AD: @gabrielaescobarazza DOP: @alvan.prado 1st AC: @maeh.cinematographer 2nd AC: @diegoohervas Gaffer: @hector.s.aguado Eléctrico: @medeleitas Producción Coordinator: @mtverdiel PA: @beatrizjustamante Runner: @tadej_magdic Art Director: @estoyhechauncuadro Art assistant: Irene Herrarte Stylist: Néstor Alonso MUAH: @merytigrilla Stills: @angelvidarte & @inti.gajardo.g

MUTHONI DRUMMER QUEEN - African Fever (Official Video)

Muthoni Drummer Queen - African Fever Written and performed by Muthoni Drummer Queen Chorus written by BienAime (Sauti Sol) & Fena Gitu Production, Composition & Arrangement: GR! & Hook Mixing: Pascal Deshayes @ Royal Studios, Lausanne Mastering: Philippe Weiss, Paris Director/ D.O.P – Ludovic Damiano Producer: Marlene Bett Assistant Camera - Gatehi Mwaniki Stylist: Lucy Robi Make Up Artist: Dennis Karuri Choreography: Dancers: Tonni Neisanker, Eunice Mwikali Special Thanks: Zereniti House, Nairobi Apparel District, Ralph Hairworks and Barber Shop CAST (in order of appearance): Mayonde Masya Ronoh Chebet Naiboi Kagwe Mungai Orinah Norah Kanja Kerril Ote Janet Mbugua Karun Debby Follow us: IG | Facebook | Website | Spotify- Apple music - Deezer - Boomplay Playlist - LYRICS Intro: You shot me You missed me I’m guided I’m lifted I’m high grade Expensive No you can’t fuck with me no not me, not likely not sorry, Chorus: Navyosema me am a 10 out of 10 na rudi tena na tena over and over again Nanikisema anything under the moon, I swear hakuna kitu st’ado, to show you ni nani m’true Verse 1: Nilikuwa nina dream nitasing one day, nijaze stadi na wasee Sasa venye nili dream Ni na live per day, ni na live per day, Na ka life ni ka movie, (huh) Guess who’s starring Guess nani starring hapa nimereach Nikubeast on this beat Nikubeast on this beat Verse 2: Nilikuwa niki wish nita hit one day, toa hits per day, saa hii gig zime come saa hii stress ni kuplan hiyo day isha come Real life kama movie Guess whose starring Guess nani starring Flavor, mchuzi, Ongeza ujuzi, S’taki upuzi, wanavyo nitarajia wanavyo niangalia wanavyo nikubalia wanavyo tii Ninawapa fever Hahaha African Fever hahaha

Hey Mama - Emmanuel Jal feat. Check B || OFFICIAL VIDEO

A Journey to South Sudan... "Hey Mama is a song for us to imagine our future in a positive way and how we can be part of the solution." - Emmanuel Jal Sticking to his message of peace, love and unity in his home country of South Sudan, Emmanuel Jal releases “Hey Mama” an Afro pop record that pays homage to his motherland and it’s rich cultural diversity. Jal collaborates with Juba’s Check B, a young activist who was wounded as a chid in the war and who also uses the arts to promote a positive future for young people. Together they sing, "South Sudan is my mother, tribalism has no place, languages don’t discriminate, we are all equal, no war, love is our cure.” The single is picked from Jal's up & coming studio album titled - Shangah. Remixes will also be released in December 2021, through Kenyan based record label Gondwana Ke from South African producers Da Capo and Black Motion, Kenyan DJs SURAJ and Euggy and Moroccan based Dj/Producer Fnx Omar with more to come! The video directed by acclaimed Kenyan Director Enos Olik and sponsored by the ethical footwear brand Twins for Peace takes Emmanuel and friends on a road trip across the country as it name checks the different regions and towns dotted across South Sudan with the visuals celebrating the beautiful textured culture of South Sudan and its people. Hey Mama is the first single off Emmanuel's upcoming album 'Shangah' which will be released in May 2022. Executive Producer: Tania Campbell Golding Director: Enos Olik EOP Films Music Producer: Jesse Bukindu Back up vocals: Nyaruach & Nyamal John Guitar: Vickie Ngelelo Special Thanks: Ahmed Khan Nana Baffour Samantha Duang - Arop East Africa/ South Africa: Gondwana KE International: Gatwitch Records

Ben LaMar Gay - Aunt Lola and the Quail (Official Video)

Ben LaMar Gay's "Aunt Lola and the Quail," from the album 'Open Arms to Open Us,' out now on International Anthem / Nonesuch Records: Music / Physical Performance: Ben LaMar Gay Cameras: Chris Strong / Sean O'Connor Editing / Post: Chris Strong #benlamargay

The Buttshakers - Hear Me [Official Video]

#soul #funk #blacklivesmatter #animation #animatedvideo THE BUTTSHAKERS - Hear Me The rewind button brings the tape back several times and, with it, The Buttshakers. From the tape to the studio, the décor changes to an America lost in its own reverie, the America that Ciara Thompson left in 2008 to settle in Lyon, France. Untethered from the idealistic veil of her childhood, this America, her America, now appears in its crudest reality: disfigured by violence and racism, the streets transformed into a make-shift shelter for those without a home. -- STREAM : BANDCAMP : -- Underdog Records latest releases :​ -- Follow The Buttshakers : Facebook : --- Follow Undergod Records: Facebook : Instagram : Website :​ --- Official animated music video for Hear Me by The Buttshakers. Animation studio: Millihelen Design --- Label : Underdog Records Publishing : Underdog Records --- COUPLET 1: Like a bad dream Your love is getting me down And I can’t help it Oh no They tried to tell me But I couldn’t see No I couldn’t hear the sound REFRAIN: Can you hear the sound? Hear me! COUPLET 2: Like a bad dream Your love is so unreal We’re going faster and faster Around the bend This spells disaster When I’m looking to the end. REFRAIN: Can you hear the sound? Hear me! OUTRO: Oh baby hear me! Hear me! Oh baby hear me! Talkin to you right now. Oh and you’re talking and you’re talking Talking, talking all night long.

Cimafunk - Te Quema la Bemba (Official Music Video)

Listen to the album : Subscribe & Follow Cimafunk : Facebook: Instagram: Twitter : Store & Concerts : Te Quema La Bemba forma parte del nuevo álbum de Cimafunk 'El Alimento' (2021). Este Cha Cha Trap es una metáfora extendida entre comida y sexo. El video se grabó en las chinampas de Xochimilco, en la ciudad de México. Te Quema La Bemba is part of Cimafunk's new album 'El Alimento' (2021). This Cha Cha Trap is an extended metaphor between food and sex. The video was filmed in the chinampas of Xochimilco, Mexico City. Music produced by Jack Splash & Cimafunk Production - Warehouse Media Direction - Elias Campos Color correction - DP Diego Fuentes Edition - Axel Ballinas Production coordination - Eduardo Partaca Foto Fija / BTS : Fernanda de la Torre, Karla Bocanegra, Santiago Ayala Drone: Alfredo Lima Hair & Makeup : Joan Sokey Art design : Warehouse Media, Maia Ourgant

Sho Madjozi - Amajoy (Official Music Video) ft. Russian Army

Sho Madjozi - Amajoy (Official Music Video) "What A Life" available at: "Amajoy" Official Audio: Follow Sho Madjozi: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: (C) 2021 Black Cinderella, Inc. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment #ShoMadjozi #RussianArmy #WhatALife

Hiatus Kaiyote - 'And We Go Gentle' (Official Video)

Remix album 'Mood Variant', released 8 April 2022 on Brainfeeder: Subscribe: Taken from 'Mood Valiant', out now on Brainfeeder: 2022 UK & European Tour just announced. Tickets on sale Friday 10am Local ( UK/EU TOUR DATES 29-09-2022 Huxley, Berlin, Germany  1-10-2022 National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland  3-10-2022 Brixton, London, UK  5-10-2022 Albert Hall, Manchester, UK  7-10-2022 De Roma, Antwerp, Belgium   9-10-2022 Ronda, Utrecht, Holland  11-10-2022 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland  12-10-2022 Schouwburg, Rotterdam, Holland  14-10-2022 Salle Pleyel, Paris, France  18-10-2022 Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain Directed by: Grey Ghost (Jeremy Koren) - @grey_ghost Concept by Nai Palm @artykarateparty Producer: Leah Oborn - @leahlauraine DOP: Joey Knox - @joeyknoxy Editor: Rachael Harding - @raechelharding Colourist: Daniel Stonehouse for Crayon - @danielstonehouse @wearecrayon 1st AD: Hayden Flynn - @hayden_flynn Gaffer: James Thompson - @james_thompson_lx 1st AC: Drew Collins - @drewcollins95 1st AC: Lachlan Wright [email protected] _lachlanwright 2nd AC: Anthony Taranto - @anthonytrantoo Neglab Film Processing: Werner Winklemann Fixa Film Canberra (Arri Scan XT): Peter Richards Best Person: MJ James - @mj_filmreel Production Assistant/Covid Marshall: Madison Hegarty - @madmaree Lamp Build Artist: Mishka Beckmann - @lightning.comfort Set Dresser: Rebecca Jarvis - @rebeccajarvisdesigns Assistant Set Dresser: Verity Adams - @verityada Runner: Caitlyn Cabrie - @caitlyn_cabrie BST Photographer: Michelle Grace Hunder - @michelleghunder Risk and Safety Advisor: Trent Bekis CAST Moth: Nai Palm - @artykarateparty Lamp: Fembot XYZ - @fembotxyz Bar Patrons: Jace Excell, Laura Christoforidis, Myka Wallace, Esther Henderson & Caitlyn Cabrie Speed dealer: Perrin Moss Bikey: Paul Bender Store Clerk: Simon Mavin Special Thanks Mirabella Lighting Store - @mirabellainternational Heartbreaker Bar- @heartbreakerbar City of Melbourne- @cityofmelbourne Follow Hiatus Kaiyote - Spotify: Apple Music: YouTube: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: Twitter: #HiatusKaiyote #Brainfeeder #Music

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