Visions of Sound – October 2019

Visions of Sound – October 2019

Every month, we bring you a collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

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Ekiti Sound - Testify (English Subtitles)

@ekitisound feat @real1official Track ID: Testify Album: Abeg No Vex Label: @CrammedDiscs Dir: Leke Chif Awoyinka DOP: David Wyte Producer: Ajifa Atiluku Edit Asst: Mohammed Jose Location: Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria Featuring: Odion Iruoje , Abiodun Wurasamba Oke , Tajudeen Karimu, Yaya Aliyu Many thanks to everyone involved in this video, especially to Joseph and the Prophecy Studios team. “We killin the show!” Loading credit From debut album "Abeg No Vex" Buy/stream : Follow Ekiti Sound : Director” Leke “Chif” Awoyinka Prod Co: Vraaam Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Power To The Women - London Afrobeat Collective (Official Video)

Lead single from the forthcoming album "HUMANS". Scheduled for release on 25th October 2019 Animation video by Mathieu Choinet

Juana Molina - Paraguaya Punk (official music video)

From the "Forfun" EP Buy/Stream : Hand-drawn and created by Dante Zaballa

Hiromi - Mr. C.C. (Official Video)

Hiromi - Mr. C.C. (Official Video) Hiromi's new solo piano album, “Spectrum”, is out now! Buy or stream ”Spectrum": Director: Takaumi Furuhashi Follow Hiromi: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Follow Concord Jazz: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Charlie Chaplin ™ © Bubbles Incorporated SA 2019* #Hiromi #MrCC #Spectrum #Jazz

Joey Le Soldat - J'ai mal au Congo (Clip Officiel)

Joey Le Soldat - J'ai Mal Au Congo (Clip Officiel) Filmé et réalisé par Adama Yatt Produit, mixé, masterisé par L Rey, Studio X8 Extrait de "FAASO" EP SORTIE LE 14 DECEMBRE 2019 Follow Joey Le Soldat : Follow Studio X8 / Red Lebanese: JOEY LE SOLDAT /// BIOGRAPHIE Biberonné au Rap US et français d'un côté et aux paroles des griots africains de l'autre, Joey le Soldat est petit-fils de tirailleur et fils d'un militant indépendantiste époque Sankara. En 2010, il sort diplômé en Lettres Modernes de l'Université de Ouagadougou et remporte le clash d'improvisation du festival Waga Hip Hop. Pendant trois ans, il enchaîne les petits boulots comme jardinier et donne des cours aux enfants de son quartier. Le samedi soir, il monte des sounds system. En 2014 - 2015, grâce au succès de son album "Burkin Bâ", la popularité de Joey le Soldat grandit en Europe. (...Mais aussi notamment auprés de la jeunesse burkinabè qui renverse le président Campaoré à la tête du Burkina Fao depuis 1987 !). Joey devient dans le même temps "Ambassadeur de la Marche contre Monsanto". JOEY LE SOLDAT /// BIOGRAPHY Joey le Soldat is the grandson of a sharpshooter and the son of an independence militant fighter, raised with American rap in one ear and the words of traditional African storytelling musicians in the other. In 2010 he graduated in Modern Letters from the University of Ouagadougou, and won the Improvised Clash rap battle at the Waga Hip Hop Festival. He worked as a gardener and taught the children in his neighbourhood, while running sound systems and block parties on Saturday nights. After the release of his first album “Burkin Bâ” in 2014, Joey’s popularity grew in Europe, while his fame exploded in Burkina Faso as he joined a massive youth uprising overthrowing President Campaoré, a ruler who had held power for 27 years. Joey continued to bring the fight with his activism as an official Ambassador of the March Against Monsanto in 2015.

Xylouris White "Ascension" (Official Music Video)

Track from the album "The Sisypheans" by Xylouris White, available on LP & CD on November 8, 2019 from Drag City. Music by Xylouris/White, Lyrics Mitsos Stravrakakis Video by Shelagh Hannan Ascension It’s not obsession, it’s persistence Η μοίρα μου με στράβωσε, ή μ’άνοιξε τα μάθια? Και βρέθηκα στο δρόμο σου ρόδο μου με τ’αγκάθια Has fate blinded me or opened my eyes? I have found myself on your path, my thorny rose Order here: Follow Xylouris White: Follow us on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: #XylourisWhite #JimWhite #DragCity #Sisypheans

Sudan Archives - Glorious

from the album Athena. Subscribe to Sudan Archives: Directed, shot and edited by Ross Harris Featuring: D-Eight Styling and movement by Autumn Randolph Lighting: Michael Winokur Production Design: Lauren Kim Prop Stylist: Simone Moscovitch Hair: Lena Jaye Makeup: Nelly Santiago Key Grip: Josh Wilson #sudanarchives #glorious

ASM - Honey feat. Chinese Man (Music Video)

ASM - Honey feat. Chinese Man From "Color Wheel", available here : Follow & Stream ASM : Réalisé par High Ku, Vincent DELPECH, Fred & Annabelle. Sur une idée originale de High Ku. Images et animations : Vincent DELPECH et Fred & Annabelle. Produit par Chinese Man Records - 2019. Taken from ASM new album "Color Wheel". Réalisé avec le soutien de la SPPF. Rhymes: Green, FP Beat: RHINO, Chinese Man Contains a sample of «Ala Dalouna» performed by Sabah & N. Shamsh Eldine - Licensed courtesy of A. CHAHINE & FILS __________ LYRICS : Why not? Might just gotta try it out Why not? Might just gotta try it out Why not? I just might just gotta try it out Try it out. Why not? Try it out Folklore summons coming from the farthest reaches sound the horn, ha Hoards for the stomping of the scorched earth harvest of the corn, ha Gather round, gather round Call to the lost and the found And he wears a five-spiked crown, tell ‘em From the top of the cerebellum Initiate the god sequence  MLD come to officiate the off-seeing  Slick hawking but I'm not Steven  Serve a swerved curveball, topspin like Venus or Serena Williams Millions and millions of fine filaments simmering In the path of the Mistral, Marseille to Languedoc Forecast gale force non-stop Better summon all your flock to the rock when the bomb drops   CHORUS Why? Why not? Try it out Gather round, gather round Call to the lost and the found And he wears a five-spiked crown tell ‘em From the top of the cerebellum Thick Honey glazed symphony  Sun rays glisten on the surface of the ancient sea Wind whistles over waves like a melody  Age of the centipede … M-L-D Coming through your city murder them gently Got plenty plenty bangers and the natty bottles Just to make your fatty wobble wrote it like a trashy novel We keep it knocking like a sassy brothel,  Eat Pakistani waffles, I see you've swallowed all the tangy awful Soon or later get your granny ogled wearing these new brandy goggles Sing it like a modern day gospel a la Andy Warhol, go pick up your sandy golf ball CHORUS Why not? Might just gotta try it out Why not? I just might just gotta try it out Folklore summons coming from the farthest reaches sound the horn Hoards for the harvest of the corn Stomping the lawn to build the foundation   Calm is the sea As he holds a handful of pomegranate seeds Still water runs deep, low-tide coast-liner Part-time ghostwriter, full time gold miner Old timer, still hate po-niner, Co-sign a deal to hit em with the clothes-liner Iron out the ting, heads are now about to ring Slept on the announcement yo, a Jester cannot joust a king CHORUS __________ More on #ASM #ColorWheel #CMR

Aziza Brahim - Hada jil (official video)

CD/LP: Digital: Release Date: 15/11/2019 Glitterbeat Records On the front cover of Aziza Brahim’s new album, Sahari, a young girl poses in ballet shoes and a glistening white tutu. It’s a common childhood scene, but it’s tipped upside down. She’s not privileged and the backdrop isn’t a comfortable suburban home. She’s an exile, living nowhere near her homeland, and behind her stand the tents and buildings of a refugee camp. There’s a desert on the ground and a burning sky above. Yet even in this bleakness, she has optimism. She believes in a better future. The music Aziza Brahim makes reflects both the sorrow and the hope of these people. She grew up in one of those camps in the Algerian desert, along with thousands of other Saharwai who were removed from their homes in the Western Sahara. The refugee camp was the place that formed her. It lives in her every heartbeat. Her grandmother was a famous Saharwai poet, her mother well-known as a vocalist, and they passed their strength and fearlessness to her. Now, as one of North African most lauded singers, Brahim uses her position to make the plight of her people known – and of the refugees across the world who have no choice but to exist in the camps. Sahari is for them as much as it’s for her own family. The political remains intensely personal for Brahim. She lives in exile, in Spain, and the music for Sahari – her third album for Glitterbeat - was written there. And while her songs remain grounded in her homeland, her gaze is increasingly global. To achieve that, Brahim worked with the acclaimed Spanish artist Amparo Sánchez of the band Amparanoia on the album’s pre-production, and the collaboration has made a transformative impact on the music. The focus is broader, with programming and keyboards a vital part of the new sound. “Amparo is an artist I’ve always admired,” Brahim observes. “She suggested introducing electronics, and that meant recording in a different way. Before, we’d record everything live. This time we all worked in different studios then put the pieces together. I produced the album, the first time I’ve done that since Mabruk in 2012, and it was a very difficult job, a very interesting challenge: to work in a new way yet make your own songs sound exactly as you want.” When Brahim began as a composer, her work reflected her own reality, growing up in the far, rocky desert known as the hamada. These days she’s become a voice for refugees across the globe, and what she sees every day on the news has inevitably affected her writing. “The normalisation of injustice is something that the Saharawis know well,” she observes. “By addressing that in the songs, I’m trying to fight against the prejudices some people have. We all see tragic news caused by the policies of reactionary governments. Of course that’s influenced the writing of the songs on this new album. How could it not?” And one of the most powerful pieces on Sahari is a cry for home from someone caught in the flux of exile. “Ard El Hub,” Brahim explains, speaks of “the impossibility of returning to the homeland for us. The lyrics of the song are by Zaim Alal, a great Saharawi poet. I saw him the last time I was in the refugee camps, and he wrote this poem for me to sing.”

David Sztanke - Le temple (Clip officiel)

Ecouter l'album de David Sztanke “Air India“ paru le 11/10/19 : S'abonner à la chaîne de David Sztanke : ---------------------------------------- Un film Maison Croco' ---------------------------------------- Suivre David Sztanke : Instagram : FB : (p)&(c) 2019 Les Disques Entreprise

Sam Lee - The Garden of England (Seeds of Love) | Official Music Video

The Garden of England (Seeds Of Love) taken from the new album, 'Old Wow', out now: Follow Sam Lee: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Official Site: Directed by Jon Kwan With thanks to Corin Stuart & Windyridge, Forest Row, Sussex THE GARDEN OF ENGLAND (SEEDS OF LOVE) Lyrics We sowed the seeds of love We showed them how to sing Grown with a knowing of something in their blood Where ceremony begins When the apron string unpinned My garden was forsook To weigh in on industry Raised beyond the altar, under oak and ash I grew to a bony rowan tree Freely in my own country But some oak trees won’t twist For they’re brittle beneath the bark Better that limbs be broke and brought to ground And service the light to dark We’re just servants unto the dark For the gatekeeper can’t stand by For they must be bound to be free Lightworking the liminal, listening to the land Fingering at mystery Not Sally, fee and easy Oh grief, oh grief have I For the songs they go to decay The garden of England once bloomed it’s sound assault Now destined for some bouquet No roses in this display For the rose it bore a thorn A spritz of wilful spark But taming its temper to never pierce the palm We’ll never touch the heart, the heart No poison tip to the dart We sowed the seeds of love We showed them how to sing Grown with a knowing of wildness in their blood More than the sum of the everything The old wow never wears thin... Sweet as the birds in the spring Home is when the heart sings The songs that tell of our own kith and kin The old wow never wears thin... Out of decay new life springs As the anima sheds its own skin While this pebble rolls its big rings The old wow never wears thin The old wow never wears thin Some of my favourite things The old wow never wears thin #OldWow #TheGardenOfEngland #SamLeeMusic

Qais Essar | To Mars and Back

Qais Essar - To Mars and Back from 'Letters to My Best Friend' EP Feat. Neelamjit Dhillon Directed by Safi Aryan Download the EP: Follow Qais Essar: Feat. the art of Kvon Moore Out on Qaissar/ Art as Catharsis © 2019 Qais Essar #qaisessar

Yero gaynaako: Kiwal

#kiwal extrait de #Yerotrip disponible sur toutes les plateformes de téléchargements legales.. #Mauritanie #Pulaar #Yerogaynaako

Tanika Charles - Look At Us Now [Official Video]

3rd single taken from "The Gumption", the new album by Tanika Charles, out NOW on Record Kicks. Want more? Subscribe here: | Buy: LOOK AT US NOW Written by Kevin Henkel, Tanika Charles and Michael Warren. Produced by Kevin Henkel. All instruments performed by Kevin Henkel. Recorded by Kevin Henkel and Michael Warren. Mixed by Michael Warren. Mastered by Bryan Lowe at João Carvalho Mastering. VIDEO CAST The Stargirls: Annabelle, Ad'Ria, Kenza, Naliyah, Rihanna, Veronica The Aunties: Diana Agudelo, Jennifer Arango, Keisha Cameron, Nehal El-Hadi, Arij Elmi, Tamara Jones, Akira Joseph, Deena Nina, Christine Vu, Tevonne Willie VIDEO CREW Producer: Simone Ince, Director: V.T. Nayani, Art Director: Nicole Simmons, Cinematographer: Lester Millado, Editor: Nicole Sison, Key Stylist: Charlene Akuamoah, Key Stylist: Jess Mori, MUAH: Meeka Charles, Gaffer: Edward Hernandez First AC: Vikas Vasudevan, Assistant Art Director: Justin Campbell, Assistant Stylist: Stephanie Ilago, Swing: Igor Alves Colourist: Patrick Samaniego, Executive Producer: 43 Degrees North Productions, Special Thank You: Alter Ego Post, This video was created thanks to the generous support of the MVP Project, a joint initiative of RBCxMusic and the Prism Prize (administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television).

Vula Viel x Dora the Drawer - My Own Skin

Official Music Video for Vula Viel - My Own Skin From the upcoming album 'What's Not Enough About That?' Lyrics: Even not fitting in, hey! I am comfortable in my own skin. Bandcamp : Spotify: Live painting by Dora the Drawer, prints available: Vula Viel are: Bex Burch - Gyil Ruth Goller - Bass Jim Hart - Drums Guest vocals - Jamie Doe, Tamatha Weiser, Jahleel Weiser, Tara Franks, Lyra Knapp Franks, Jim Hart, Ruth Goller, Bex Burch, Peter Zummo Music and lyrics by Bex Burch Directed and edited by: Louise Boer Concept by: Quinton Scott Filmed by: Louise Boer and Silvia Gin Supported by PRS Foundation and Sound and Music

Jungle - Smile

Listen to Jungle's new album 'Loving In Stereo' now: 'Smile' is taken from Jungle's second album 'For Ever'. Buy & stream it here: A JFC Worldwide Production Directed by Josh Lloyd-Watson (@j.lloyd) & Charlie Di Placido (@charliediplacido) Director of Photography – Olly Wiggins (@olly10) Steadicam Operator - Luke Snowball Focus Puller _ Tom Askew Camera Assistant _ Matt Ward ‘Smile’ Starring Che Jones (@che_jones) Graded by Alex Gregory (@alexgregorycolour) at The Mill London (@mill_ldn) Producer @mill_ldn - Charlie Morris - @charlesedmorris Special thanks to Nile Rodgers, The South Bank Centre (@southbankcentre), Kz Creatives (@kzcreatives) , S+O Media (@sando_media) and Verdigris Management. Visit the Jungle store: Sign up to our newsletter: Follow Jungle: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Tik Tok: Spotify: Apple Music:

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