Visions of Sound – September 2017

Visions of Sound – September (layers)

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Hammock House "Santiago Sessions" PART III (Celia Cruz - Herencia Africana / Remix)

Subscribe to Fania: Fania newsletter: Fania is pleased to announce the release of HAMMOCK HOUSE: SANTIAGO SESSIONS, the newest installment in the highly-regarded “Hammock House” remix series, produced and mixed by internationally renowned LA-based producer and DJ, Jose Marquez. The iconic entertainment brand, which has evolved from a legendary NYC-based music label to an innovative and digitally-driven global music, entertainment and lifestyle company, is known worldwide for their work with influential DJs, and one of the best examples is their highly-regarded ‘Hammock House’ series. This three-part music video directed by Carlos Escobar ( takes you on a dance journey through different worlds with one goal, bringing the party alive! Directed by Carlos Escobar Production by Full Lock Media Choreography by Zedrick Bembry Art Direction by Lauro Salas Wardrobe Zal Pastor Dancers: Taurean Devoe, Skyler Cartwright, and Kailtlyn Hendry Makeup: Nathalie Georges Click hear to download on Click here to stream on Spotify Click here to stream on Apple Music

The Souljazz Orchestra - Dog Eat Dog (Official Video)

Official music video for 'Dog Eat Dog', by The Souljazz Orchestra, featuring Nigerian author, activist and artist Mabinuori Kayode Idowu, of the Afrika 70. From the Souljazz Orchestra album 'Under Burning Skies', released 22nd September 2017 on Strut Records (on Do Right! Music in Canada). The Souljazz Orchestra is back with one of its finest albums to date, a brand new journey into tropical, soul and jazz styles on its scorching new release, ‘Under Burning Skies’. Turbulent times call for strong voices and this new set packs a suitably heavy lyrical punch, with wry observations and an urge for progressive change. Musically, the band continues to push the limits, dusting off ‘80s vintage synthesizers and early drum machines for the first time, bringing lo fi disco, boogie and electro touches to its trademark horn arrangements and earthy analogue sound. Pre-order the new album "Under Burning Skies": Get Connected:

Joey le Soldat - Zambfo - (Official Video - Full HD)

Lyrics: Joey le Soldat / Music: Redrum Images: Drasco Jah / Montage: Tentacule Records NOUVEL ALBUM !!! - BARKA 👉 (Itunes, Spotify, Deezer) 👉 (CD DIGIPACK) (Tentacule Records // Distribution: Differ Ant - Idol) Joey le Soldat - EUROPE TOUR 2017 21.09 - Bordeaux - Campulsations Fest 22.09 - Toulouse - Le Métronum 23.09 - Lille - L'Aéronef 28.09 - St-Nazaire - Le VIP 29.09 - Paris - Nuits Zébrées Nova / La Bellevilloise 30.09 - Venice - Aero Spazio 04.10 - Chalon-Sur-Saône - La Péniche 05.10 - Dijon - Tribu Festival 06.10 - Coustellet - La Gare 07.10 - Tenerife - Keroxen Fest 11.10 - Bruxelles - Ancienne Belgique 12.10 - Bern - ISC 13.10 - Bulle - Ebullition 14.10 - Geneva - La Gravière 19.10 - Paris - MaMA Festival 20.10 - Amsterdam - Amsterdam Dance Event / Paradiso 21.10 - Marseille - Fiesta des Suds JOEY LE SOLDAT /// BIOGRAPHIE Biberonné au Rap US et français d'un côté et aux paroles des griots africains de l'autre, Joey le Soldat est petit-fils de tirailleur et fils d'un militant indépendantiste époque Sankara. En 2010, il sort diplômé en Lettres Modernes de l'Université de Ouagadougou et remporte le clash d'improvisation du festival Waga Hip Hop. Pendant trois ans, il enchaîne les petits boulots comme jardinier et donne des cours aux enfants de son quartier. Le samedi soir, il monte des sounds system. En 2014 - 2015, grâce au succès de son album "Burkin Bâ", la popularité de Joey le Soldat grandit en Europe. (...Mais aussi notamment auprés de la jeunesse burkinabè qui renverse le président Campaoré à la tête du Burkina Fao depuis 1987 !). Joey devient dans le même temps "Ambassadeur de la Marche contre Monsanto". Avec son flow puissant et un style unique qui mélage Hip Hop 90's, Electro et samples africains, Joey le Soldat revient aujourd'hui avec, BARKA, un nouvel album spectaculaire, taillé pour la scène. JOEY LE SOLDAT /// BIOGRAPHY Joey le Soldat is the grandson of a sharpshooter and the son of an independence militant fighter, raised with American rap in one ear and the words of traditional African storytelling musicians in the other. In 2010 he graduated in Modern Letters from the University of Ouagadougou, and won the Improvised Clash rap battle at the Waga Hip Hop Festival. He worked as a gardener and taught the children in his neighbourhood, while running sound systems and block parties on Saturday nights. After the release of his first album “Burkin Bâ” in 2014, Joey’s popularity grew in Europe, while his fame exploded in Burkina Faso as he joined a massive youth uprising overthrowing President Campaoré, a ruler who had held power for 27 years. Joey continued to bring the fight with his activism as an official Ambassador of the March Against Monsanto in 2015. With his deep, powerful flow and unique style that mixes ‘90s hip hop and electro melded with African samples, Joey le Soldat returns today with “BARKA”, a spectacular new album cut for the stage.

Diron Animal - Kema (Official Video) Born and raised in the Angolan ghetto of Cazenga, the now Portuguese-based instrumentalist’s new record is a melting pot of musical styles and cultures. Diron Animal’s debut solo album, Alone, was released on 13 October 2017 via Soundway Records. Click here to subscribe to Soundway Records - MUSIC FROM PLANET EARTH: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE Soundway Records was conceived in 2002 by label owner Miles Cleret whilst returning from Ghana with a hoard of dusty old 45s and LPs that had mostly not been heard outside the former Gold Coast since their original release. Planned on a whim the trip was not one of the carefully planned research expeditions that Miles would later embark on to any number of far-flung tropical destinations. On the contrary he left England with no idea of what he might find or that it might be the start of a career in the record business. Although the label has it's roots in West Africa the scope has grown to include many other parts of the tropical belt with the aim of making available recordings that have in most cases never been available outside of their original countries and often not even there for over 30 years. Over the years Soundway's modus operandi has been to approach the music from a different angle from many of the more established "World Music" labels. By focusing on more obscure artists as well as big names and often concentrating on progressive recordings more in sync with Cleret's generation and background in DJ culture and dance-music. Styles have included afro-beat, funk, highlife, ethio-jazz, molam, calypso, cumbia, champeta, biguine, latin-jazz and disco as well as many unclassifiable recordings. Since 2012 Soundway has begun releasing new material from a carefully selected handful of contemporary recording artists including acclaimed acts Ondatropica, Bomba Estereo and Ibibio Sound Machine

Širom - Maestro Kneading Screams of Joy

Order CD/LP/DL: tak:til / a glitterbeat label Release date: September 8th, 2017 Video: Srđan Đuranović Trša Širom are: Iztok Koren – banjo, three string banjo, bass drum, percussion, chimes, balafon, various objects Ana Kravanja – violin, viola, ribab, cünbüs, balafon, ngoma drum, mizmar, various objects, voice Samo Kutin – lyre, balafon, one string bass, frame drums, brač, gongoma, mizmar, various objects, voice Hailing from Slovenia, Širom play vividly textured and (mostly) imagined, instrumental folk musics. Handmade and global instrumentation meets fearless sound exploration. The 3rd release from Glitterbeat’s new label imprint: tak:til Before plunging into improvisational and complex compositional musical waters, Ana and Samo cite punk rock as the starting point of their music ventures. While Ana was busy playing bass guitar in a punk band in Ljubljana, Samo, along with his twin brother Jani, formed numerous local line-ups including the punkish Štrudls; the more acoustic Migowc and Čarangi; while eventually morphing into the experimental collective Salamandra Salamandra, which still enjoys a somewhat legendary status amongst Slovenian music aficionados. “As a schoolboy I experienced a strange feeling of shame when listening to music, so I just didn’t. Later, when I indulged myself in music, I realized that this was because it was a very powerful medium for me,” admits Iztok, who cut his teeth in noise, metal and post rock bands such as ŠKM Banda and Hexenbrutal. Samo and Ana first met at the improvisational music workshops, conducted by the leading Slovenian “improv-man” Tomaž Grom and Japanese improvisational percussionist Seijiro Murayama respectively. Other shared influences include classical minimalism and global musics. The couple eventually formed the kalimba-based duo Najoua. Iztok lent an ear, liked what he heard and invited Najoua to join his band on a European tour, during which time they decided that the three of them should collaborate. But at the beginning it was not a smooth ride, as Samo recalls: “It was not easy to create music that would satisfy all three of us, but that’s kind of crucial, since it is this intersection of different personalities that created Širom. It is through conflict that new ideas emerge.” The band’s emergent sound oscillates between a wide array of acoustic folk sounds and contemporary post rock meditations, often drifting from improvisation to structured composition and then back. It is described by the members themselves as imaginary folk or folk from a parallel universe. “Our music creates emotional landscapes. When I was still painting every day (Ana holds a degree in painting) I was trying to paint my dreams but that didn’t work out,” Ana remembers. “I discovered that by using an abstract image I can draw nearer to what I felt in my dreams. Our music is based on a similar principle.” According to Samo, the guiding concepts of their music-making are: “To play on acoustic instruments, to work with repetition and a common sound. Each of us can play a simple thing, but the overall result is that a complex thing comes to life. The quality of sound depends on the combination of the instruments and that’s why we modify and prepare instruments or create our own.” As an avid sound-seeker, Samo began to develop an interest in building instruments out of everyday objects like drawers, computer boxes and other “junk” (as he lovingly calls his creations) as well as re-tooling the ones he brought back from his globetrotting adventures that have included personal encounters with local musicians in India, Morocco, Mali, Greece and elsewhere. Ana, who also nurtures a very personal relationship with music paraphernalia, adds: “There is a different attitude at play if you make an instrument yourself. It already tells you a story. If you buy it, it takes longer to get to know it, to tame it.” In the little village of Lesno Brdo, tucked in the rolling hills ten kilometers south of Ljubljana, Ana and Samo organize music performances and festivals on a farm they rent, and divide their time between music making and vegetable farming. A close connection with nature is also important to Iztok who now resides in the capital city. “It’s a sort of a contact with the past but it also has its own life in the present.” Fearlessly textured sonic landscapes – both linked to and unbound by – the past and present, geography and tradition, the real and imagined. Hypnotic, otherworldly and epic. Širom’s music moves like the restless waters of their homeland. No matter how hushed or slow it may seem, it is never ever standing still.

Shadow Puppet by Oscilliard

Music by Oscilliard Dancer: Ni Madé Pujawati More than any other track this is where the influence of my ten years of gamelan playing can be heard. My arrangement blends processed gamelan instruments gender and trompong with synthesised sounds and brass. The bass parts are from bowed and pizz double bass heavily processed and some more synthesisers. I always had Puja in mind for dancing this piece and was thrilled when she agreed. Top notch solos from Andre Canniere on trumpet and Sam Sharp on sax. Choreography notes by Ni Madé Pujawati. Justin asked me to choreograph a dance that would go with the changing mood of the music, which I found would fit nicely with a range of classical Balinese and Javanese styles. There is no narrative. Rather the dance develops the feelings that the music inspired in me. The first section uses Balinese female style dance, which draws on movements from Lègong until 3.02 mins. Then I switched to cross-gender dance (Bebancihan), making use of moments from Tarunajaya before I make a transition to Baris Tunggal at 4.36 mins, then switch back to a variety of Bebancihan movements at 5.18 mins. Finally, as the music changes, I used classical Javanese Surakarta-style refined female (Putri Alus) from 6.47 mins until the end of the piece. Musicians Andre Canniere trumpet Kath Pollard trumpet Sam Sharp alto sax Sarah Mann trombone Justin Foster double bass written, produced & mixed by Justin Foster mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering art work by Charlotte Williams-Foster recorded at Fossil Studios London Ⓟ & © 2017 Justin Jon Foster

Mungo's Hi Fi x Eva Lazarus - Amsterdam (Official video)

Out now: Video by ABOVEGROUND ---------------- Broke up with my man and went to Amsterdam alone. So I packed a bag and I called a cab, I switched off my phone. Empty chair next to me, just my luck window seat. I'm already loving being on my own, I'm already loving being all alone In a little cafe with a little high grade maybe it's a little too strong But when in Rome l, I do as the Romans do build me up a spliff or two, Inhale exhale say hi - hi - to the new. Need to get lifted needed to get lifted needed to get lifted after you. If you're waiting for the smoke to clear keep waiting my whole week Is eating nuff origami preeing paintings I will never feel alone Jamming with Van Gough and Frida Kahlo bun on the stress and bun trouble floating around the city save up in this bubble You couldn't burst if you tried hate to say it to you killed my vibe but You killed my vibe and harshed my buzz Life is blessed till there was us rode until the wheels fell off crushed the whole thing into dust dug a hole buried us nothing left to reconstruct Last few months were kinda dead saltiness the sourness them kind of flavours ain't the one need some seasoning some rum Need to jet needed fun need to do it on my ones need to get you off my cloud heaviness it brings us down put some space between us then put the sea between us then put this weed between us I wasn't wrong was right to leave us behind been kinda low and I needed to climb hurt for a second but giving it time I am on my j's and it's feeling so nice 'Dam's a healer booked a flight Needed to get lifted.. Part timer in the city set the trail ablaze Eyelids kind of happy that I'm wide-awake Broken from the day we had to separate But I'm feeling so much better now I'm miles away In a haze lose myself for days Find myself again boarding on a plane hungry for change little change of scene Colour it in green Sprinkle it with herbs Happy in my world never been better Needed to get lifted... ---------------- Follow:

📺 Mista Savona - 'El Cuarto De Tula' feat. Maikel Ante, El Medico & Turbulence [Official Video]

Official Music Video for 'El Cuarto De Tula' feat. Maikel Ante, El Medico & Turbulence Havana Meets Kingston is out !!! 📀 Purchase & 🎧Listen : All formats available here: Europe/UK here: * Filmed & Directed in Cuba by El Medico * Xclusiv dancecrew filmed in Kingston by Marcus Bird * Produced by Mista Savona Download links here: iTunes: Bandcamp (WAV & all formats): Spotify : Deezer : MUSICIANS Sly Dunbar - drums Gaston Joya - double bass Winston 'Bopee' Bowen - guitar Bongo Herman - Jamaican Percussion Changuito, Yaroldy Abreu, Oliver Valdes - Cuban Percussion Rolando Luna - Piano Juan de la Cruz "Cotó" Perez - Tres Julito Padrón - trumpet Juan Carlos Marín Elósegui & Antonio Leal - Trombones David Suárez - Saxophone Jake Savona - Hammond Organ Backup Vocals: Cotó, Ramón E. Padilla Pérez & El Medico HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON: The Album & Film Management: World - Anna ( EU - Vianney ( 'Picture this - Kingston Meets Havana!' Although the two islands of Jamaica and Cuba are only miles apart, there has never been a recording project that truly fuses the music of the two islands together - until now. HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON is a world first album due for release in November 2017. The project began in 2015 when Australian producer Mista Savona teamed up with Sly & Robbie, Bongo Herman, 'Bopee' Anderson and other legendary Jamaican musicians and personally flew them to Havana to work with members of the Buena Vista Social Club, Los Van Van, Havana Cultura & more. Alongside these highly experienced musicians Savona also scouted for young & up-and-coming artists from both countries, and it's this fusion of age, experience, culture and musical styles that makes this project so exceptional. The joy in the studio and the sheer skill of the musicians involved has resulted in something truly unique and extraordinary. Recorded at the famous Egrem Studios in Havana, the project is called HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON and will be released in two parts - album #1 in 2017, with album #2 and a feature documentary following in 2018. Our first introductory video has already gone viral! Watch here: ) The first single to be unleashed from this amazing project is ‘Carnival', featuring Jamaican born vocalist Randy Valentine and Cuban singer Solis. It is a triumphant anthem and a song that speaks of the transformative power of music & dance. With its hypnotic rolling basslines, deep roots reggae feel and strong Afro-Cuban influence 'Carnival' is a song that may well open a new chapter in the history of Caribbean music. Sung in both English and Spanish, it switches effortlessly between the sounds and languages of the two islands and yet somehow feels completely natural and catchy - despite the very different rhythms and traditions of Cuban and Jamaican music.

Hot 8 Brass Band - St. James Infirmary (Official Video)

St. James Infirmary (Official Video) Director: Alan Gastelum Editor: Chris Miyasaki “St James Infirmary” is the spellbinding new single taken from ‘On The Spot’, the fifth album by New Orleans’ Grammy-nominated Hot 8 Brass Band. Recorded as a way of paying tribute to the culture and traditions of New Orleans, the song was originally made famous by the city’s own Louis Armstrong and became one of the most popular tunes all over the world. The track was taught to the band by legendary New Orleans brass band musician, the great Keith ‘Wolf’ Anderson. Buy / stream the album 'On The Spot' Hot 8 Brass Band 'On The Spot Tour' Apple Music: Tru Thoughts Online:

Emicida e Miguel - Oásis (Videoclipe)

Clipe oficial do single "Oásis" de Emicida e Miguel. Inscreva-se no canal VEVO oficial do Emicida: Ouça a faixa via streaming: Curtir Emicida: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Curtir Miguel: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Ficha técnica música: Compositores: Emicida, Dj Duh, Dudu Marote e Miguel Intérpretes: Emicida e Miguel (artista gentilmente cedido por RCA records, uma divisão da Sony Music Entertainment) Produzido por Dudu Marote e DJ Duh Mixagem: Mauricio Cersósimo no Estudio Eiffel e Dudu Marote no estúdio La Cocina Masterização: Mauricio Gargel Assistente de Estúdio: Tofu Valsechi Direção artistica: Evandro Fióti e Emicida Produção executiva: Evandro Fióti e Raissa Fumagalli Gravadora: Laboratório Fantasma Distribuição: Sony Music Vídeo: Coordenação executiva: Evandro Fióti Produção executiva: Raissa Fumagalli Roteiro: Emicida e Fred Ouro Preto Diretor: Fred Ouro Preto Assistente de direção: Tays Perez Diretor de produção: André Bernardes Assistente de produção: Natalia Mecatti e Renana Queiroz Diretor de elenco: Kevin David Diretor de arte: Vinni Tex Diretor de fotografia: Fábio Politi Montagem: Rodrigo Sobreiro Coordenador de pós : Ricardo Souza Colorista: João Moreira Tratamento de cor: Marla ColorGrading Chefe de elétrica: Diogo Costa Assistente de elétrica: Eduardo Neves Assistente de câmera: Caíque Barboza Drone: JrDrones Produtor de locação: Cris Silveira e Samuel de Castro Produtor local: Edailton dos Santos (Binho) Figurino: Suyane Ynaya Maquiagem: Lídia Thays Logger: Jonas Hercoles e Marina Soares Motoristas: Ricardo de Souza e Diego Santos Elenco: Samira Carvalho, Larissa Tayla da Silva Lobo, Sandra Cristina da Costa e Silva Figuração: Pedro, Jackson, Ancelmo e Alexandre Agradecimentos: Comunidade Vila dos Pescadores - Cubatão, Exército da Salvação, 22 Locações e Cinevan Uma produção de Laboratório Fantasma Produções

Moh! Kouyaté - Vivons de l'amour (Official video)

« Vivons de l'amour » (“Let's live on love”) : Pour être heureux, je propose tout simplement que nous vivions d’amour. To be happy, I simply suggest living on love. Written and performed by Moh! Kouyaté Engineering: Alban Sautour - Mastering : Raphaël Jonin – Studio J Raph i.n.g Booking : - Management : Follow Moh! http// P&© - Foli Son Productions - All rights reserved

Tony Allen - Wolf Eats Wolf, composed by Tony Allen Video Director Bernard Benant Editing Aurelie Cauchy Music video by Tony Allen performing Wolf Eats Wolf. (C) 2017 Decca Records France

Ibeyi - Me Voy feat. Mala Rodriguez

'Me Voy (feat. Mala Rodriguez)' is available everywhere Taken from Ibeyi's new album 'Ash', out now on XL Recordings: Stream / Buy 'Ash' here: Directed by: MANSON Produced by: CANADA

Kaleema - Ritual (Video Oficial)

Música original: Heidi Lewandowski ( Video dirigido y filmado por Swann El Mockkeddem ( / Asistente de producción: Juan Pablo Alberton Make up, hair & vestuario: Lucía Scarseletta ( Diseño gráfico: Emiliano Aranguren ( Tropical Twista Records 2017 Bandcamp:https://tropicaltwistarecords.bandc... Spotify: Soundcloud: iTunes:

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