Visions of Sound – A Look & Listen Back to 2018

2018 was the first full year of Visions of Sound; our section dedicated to video clips and compiled every month in collaboration with our friends at Groovalizacion Radio.

It grew so much that episode after episode we started to get used to relating thumbnails, still frames or short clips to songs…and it constantly happens to us when we think about the tracks/videos below. Some of them are cinematic masterpieces, others brilliant and funny works, genuinely inspiring stories or artistic strokes of genius. All of them are a different but still riveting way to listen to music.

As we are used to saying… Listen with your eyes!

47SOUL - Gamar (Official video) | السبعة و أربعين - حبيت القمر

Gamar [official music video] From the album "Balfron Promise" Buy and Stream "Gamar" from the album “Balfron Promise” on: Music and Lyrics: 47SOUL Executive Producer/Director: Hamida Issa  Cinematographer: Ghassan Nazmi Editor: Nana Dankwa story development/ Editor consultant: Hamza Arnaout VFX: Alex Hatjoullis, Shroomstudio  Colorist: Walter Cavatoi C. S. I.  Post-Production Coordination: Cedargen Productions Lyrics: It’s getting between us and the goal. This time I’m not gonna move it too slowly. حبيت القمر طلع القمر اصطناعي شميت الورد طلع الورد بلاستيكي  – تكاتكا تيكي – يقطع هالعمر, ما اسهل فيه خداعيلحفرلي قبر٬ وأدفن فيه أوجاعي ضجرت البشر٬ حان وقت الوداع حجزت الكرت٬ على المكوك الفضائي والعلم اكتشف كوكب الأرض الثاني مخده ولحف٬ وحملت كل شراشي طرت انا في السما٬ تبحبش عاللي ببالي بسرعه صدمت انا بمشروع استيطاني فضا الكون فضا ما بدنا من الأرض إلا دارنا خدوا انتوا زحل و القمر احنا اكتفينا بنجوم الظهر تجاري الأسى فلتونا… من شان الله تمشّيتوا على القمر… طيب شو بدكم بعد بتتمشّوا بحيّنا شو بدكم منا٬ شوي انسونا٬ منشان الله٬ فلتونا حبيت القمر طلع القمر اصطناعي شميت الورد طلع الورد بلستيكي – تكاتكا تيكي – It’s getting between us and the goal, Too high to get under, too low to get over the hold. This time I’m not gonna move it too slowly I’m stripping the stars and folding them all. Distribution and Publishing: Cooking Vinyl Management: El-Wekala Global Productions

AMMAR 808 - Ain essouda (feat. Cheb Hassen Tej)

Order 'Maghreb United' CD/LP/DL: Stream/Download 'Maghreb United': Follow AMMAR 808: Follow Glitterbeat: Deep TR-808 bass meets pan-Maghreb beats, timeless voices and futurist visions. AMMAR 808 is Sofyann Ben Youssef, the sonic mastermind behind the Tunisian sensation: Bargou 08. The future is right now. We have driverless cars, robots taking over jobs, and commercial space travel is on the event horizon. Somehow, humanity has slipped into a science fiction life. But you can’t have a future without a past, something AMMAR 808 knows very well. On his debut release, Maghreb United, featuring the singers Mehdi Nassouli (Morocco), Sofiane Saidi (Algeria) and Cheb Hassen Tej (Tunisia), he connects the two to offer a radical, electronic reinvention of ancient North African music. “The past is a collective heritage,” explains AMMAR 808. He started the project a year ago, after working with the lauded Bargou 08, searching for something to link the sense of what has been with what will be. “It’s what we all call on, what we all share. The music on Maghreb United is the past with now and the future with now. I’m trying to weave threads from folklore and mythology into futurism. And I’m not necessarily projecting a positive image; from all we can see, things aren’t going in the right direction. What I hope is that it will raise an alarm.” Yet there’s also plenty of hope here. With singers from Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, songs from the Targ, Gnawa, and Raï histories, and a TR-808 alongside a distorted gumbri (Nassouli), gasba flute and zokra bagpipes (Lassaed Bougalmi), this is an album that reaches out to encompass the entire Maghreb area of North Africa. Things can change in the blink of an eye. In life as well as music. “When you talk about today’s problems,” Ammar 808 says, “it’s already too late. People talk about what should be, when you need to project about the future.” And with Maghreb United, that’s exactly what AMMAR 808 does. It’s the great reinvention of a region’s music. It’s a call to action. It’s the future, right now.

Anandi Bhattacharya: In Between Us

Taken from her debut album, Joys Abound Joys Abound introduces the golden voice of Anandi Bhattacharya on a contemporary exploration of her musical roots. With sublime accompaniment by her father Debashish and other leading instrumentalists, Anandi’s outward-looking approach imbues Joys Abound with real musical wisdom which belies her years. For more visit:

Baloji - Soleil De Volt

"Soleil De Volt" is taken from Baloji's upcoming album "137 Avenue Kaniama" due for release 23 March 2018. Pre-order here:

Bixiga 70 - Quebra Cabeça

taken from: Quebra Cabeça order CD/LP/DL: digital: São Paulo’s acclaimed 10-piece instrumental collective return for their 4th album. Urban Afro-Brazilian grooves, empowered horn-driven melodicism and massive dance floor inspiration. One of South America’s most exhilarating musical propositions. “From the very beginning, what we have always had in common is African-Brazilian music,” explains baritone sax player and flautist Cuca Ferreira. ‘Some of us come from candomblé (the African-Caribbean religion), others from jazz, reggae, dub, everything. The whole idea of the band has been to take all these different elements that form us, from Africa and Brazil, and create a hybrid from them.” With Quebra Cabeça, that hybrid has taken on a slightly different form. As Ferreira notes, this time Bixiga 70’s music “is more complex. We worked harder on the compositions than in the past, spent more time on them. Each song has a lot of different parts, they can seem like a journey.” “We’ve been exposed to so much,” Ferreira notes. “So many of the people we’ve played with have had an impact on us, like Pat Thomas, the Ghanaian highlife singer or [Nigerian saxophonist] Orlando Julius. And then we toured and recorded with João Donato. He’s over 80 now and still playing piano, one of the icons of Brazilian music. We’ve learned from them all, they’ve made us think about what we can do with our music. Those new ideas have found their way into this album.” Throughout though, the heartbeat of everything remains utterly African, refracted through the prism of the band’s home in the Bixiga neighbourhood of São Paulo. “What we put on top of that is essentially urban São Paulo music. This city has been a huge influence on us. It has that sense of urgency, always running to catch up. It’s expensive, and services are awful, with so much pollution and violence. But it’s our home and it was developed through immigration. Bixiga is where people come first of all. It’s always had that influx; it’s the story of São Paulo in miniature.” And Bixiga 70 has always been a reflection of the streets where they live. The band played their first show in October 2010 and released their debut album a year later. Eight years on they are still the same 10-piece collective, honing and shaping the music, evolving towards the changes found on Quebra Cabeça. “We knew we wanted this record to be different. Our other three albums were all recorded live in the studio, because we’re more of a live band, the stage is our habitat. This time we decided to use the studio to experiment with arrangements and voicings. We began composing in early 2017. It took us a year to write everything, then we began recording in May this year. And for the first time we used a co-producer, Gustavo Lenza (Céu, Marisa Monte). He was a friend even before we formed the band, but it recent years he’s become a very big producer in Brazil.” The result still captures the incendiary excitement of Bixiga 70 live, but the freedom of the studio brings more shade and subtlety than before. The rhythms are more sinuous than ever, snaking through the funk in way that looks more to Ghana or Nigeria than Memphis or Muscle Shoals, while the horns strut in powerful harmonies. It’s music that forges connections and retraces history while sounding absolutely contemporary. But for Bixiga 70, African will always be the root, and Brazil its beautiful, vibrant flower.

Blue Lab Beats - Say Yes ft. Ruby Francis, Ashley Henry

‘Say Yes’ (Feat. Ruby Francis & Ashley Henry) taken from Blue Lab Beats’ debut album ‘Xover’. Buy/stream the single & album here:

Bokanté + Metropole Orkest - All The Way Home (Official Music Video)

"All The Way Home" Bokanté + Metropole Orkest (Conducted by Jules Buckley) What Heat (Real World Records 2018) Bokanté's first single "All The Way Home" from their sophomore album "What Heat", available worldwide Sept 28th and Oct 5th in the US and France on Real World Records. Listen to "All The Way Home" and pre-order "What Heat" here: Director - Michael League Co-Director - Rhyan LaMarr Editors - Ninef Sargis, Jep Jorba, Michael League Colorist - Jep Jorba Film Locations: Beykoz Shoe Factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Alvin Ailey Dance Studios in New York, NY. La Casa de Fidi in Els Prats De Rei, Catalunya, Spain. Special thanks to Buse Yildirim, Pelin Opcin, and everyone at the Beykoz Shoe Factory. Choreographers: Hope Boykin (New York) Ömer Ongun (Istanbul) New York Dancers: Hope Boykin (soloist) Sarah Daley-Perdomo Jamar Roberts Martina Viadana Shaina McGregor Marcus Williams Sho Miya Istanbul Dancers: Ömer Ongun Zilan Kaki Levent Soy Betül Zenginobuz Meltem Aravi New York Crew: Director of Photography - Rhyan LaMarr Camera Operators - Zack Yan Steadycam Operator - Sean Kujo Istanbul Crew: Cinematographer - Emrah Karakurum Line Producer - Cihan Abdullahoglu Production Coordinator - Yagiz Boylu Production Assistant - Ali Dundar Belentepe Focus Puller - Kerem Arica Camera Assistant - Mert Bayazid Gaffer - Ozkan Bagcecik Bestboy - Orhan Gencal Ronin Operator - Furkan Varisli DIT - Cemre Cobanli Catalunya Crew: Director of Photography and Lighting - David Bretones Camera Operator - Jep Jorba Bokanté: Malika Tirolien - vocals Roosevelt Collier - pedal/lap steel guitar, vocals Chris McQueen - acoustic guitar, vocals Bob Lanzetti - acoustic guitar, vocals Jamey Haddad - percussion Keita Ogawa - percussion André Ferrari - percussion Weedie Braimah - vocals Michael League - acoustic guitar bass, daf, oud, vocals This video is set in three different continents- North America, Europe, and Asia- and was filmed in three nations encountering very turbulent political changes. The idea is not to represent the struggles of these countries specifically, but to show the ability of the individual to create change in society. In this case, a deposed dictator sits as a citizen tells him the story of his own fall from power. Through a friend of mine who is a choreographer at the Alvin Ailey dance company in New York and the four dancers from Kardeş Türküler in Istanbul, we tried to convey this message through dance. Special thanks to Buse Yildirim, Pelin Opcin, and everyone at the Beykoz Shoe Factory for their generosity, and also to Fidi The Great. --------------------------------- English (Translated from Creole) All the way home You thought it wouldn't be hard You thought you were strong enough You thought you couldn't lose Without lifting a finger You thought you could do as you liked And force the people to comply You thought they would do as you say But too many resisted So now you're shamed, you lost, you fell Now is the time for you to take your leave Time’s up, you need to go You thought yourself important You thought the people would love you They don't want to see you here anymore They want you to go back from where you came All the way home If you look deep inside your heart You will surely find This task wasn't yours to handle Your ego made you stay Don't lie, you must be sad at night With all that has passed It is not too late to leave it all Just start walking All the way home You can take a motorbike You can take a Vespa You can take a boat Or a Honda You can even use your feet If you want the time to meditate The only thing we are asking Is for you to go home So now you're shamed, you lost, you fell Now is the time for you to take your leave Time’s up, you need to go We say this to help you get your life back together Leave with us what you can't do Don't force it, just find your path Get home safe Ah Please do whatever you need to So that we don't see you anymore We saw you too much Ah It is not your misfortune we want We just don't want to see you anymore We saw you too much

Chancha Via Circuito - Alegria (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Song: Alegría Artist: Chancha Via Circuito Album: Bienaventuranza Labels: Wonderwheel Recordings / Estamos Felices Directed and animated by: Kati Egely 2018

Chinese Man - Step Back (Official Music Video)

Subscribe Youtube : Album Shikantaza out now : 45T/7" : Music video by : Fred & Annabelle avec l'aide de Lise Corriol à la modélisation Characters design : Julien Loïs aka produced by : Chinese Man Records Facebook : Twitter : Insatgram : Listen Chinese Man's Music :

Criolo - Boca de Lobo

* Clipe indicado ao 20o Grammy Latino na categoria Melhor Video Musical Curto * Clipe finalista como melhor videoclipe do ano, melhor direção e melhor edição no Music Video Festival m-v-f- awards 2019 Dirigido por Denis Cisma Direção criativa: Pedro Inoue Cinematografia: Will Etchebere Edição: Paulo Augusto Diretor de efeitos visuais: Luciano Neves Direção de Arte: Ale Maestro Figurino: Tica Bertani Make-up: Mima Mizukami Produção: Saigon Filmes Produtor Executivo: Marcelo Altschuler Pós produção: Clan VFX Desenho de Som: 1927 Audio "Boca de Lobo" (Criolo, Daniel Ganjaman e Nave) Voz: Criolo Nave - Programação e Samples Daniel Ganjaman - Synths e Bass Synth Citação de Waly Salomão em Câmara de Ecos Produzido por Nave e Daniel Ganjaman Gravado e mixado por Daniel Ganjaman no estúdio El Rocha Masterizado por Fernando Sanches no estúdio El Rocha Capa / Direção de arte: Pedro Inoue Ilustração: Luciano Neves Direção geral: Beatriz Berjeaut Produção Executiva: Kler Correa Gravadora e Editora: Oloko Records Oloko Records: Direção geral: Beatriz Berjeaut Direção criativa e de conteúdo: Pedro Inoue Direção de comunicação e storytelling: Tino Monetti Coordenação administrativa e jurídica: Kler Correa Coordenação de operações e logística: Giovanna Scarano Consultoria imagem e conteúdo: Gil Inoue Fotografia e edição: Fred Siewerdt Site: Henrique Sarhan Comunicação: Codex Uqbar & Perfexx Assessoria Ficha técnica completa em Gravadora e Editora OLOKO RECORDS

DJ Lag and Moses Boyd - Drumming (Official Music Video)

DJ Lag and Moses Boyd - Drumming from the "Stampit" EP. Get it now on Goon Club All Stars: Credits: Director: Chris Saunders (Believe Media UK) Executive Producer: James Covill Producer: Shabana Mansuri Runner: Noemi Varga Choreographer / Movement coach: Andrea Spisto DOP: Alex Jamin (ECHO) 1st AC: James Woodbridge 2nd AC: Elisa Spigariol Sound Recordists: Andrea Cremonini & Ollie Drummond Gaffer: Amir Moulfi Spark: Sonny Horwell Make up and hair: Grace Sinnott Audio Mix: Okzharp Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: DJ LAG is managed by Black Major Bookings:

Emicida e Fióti - Rap do motoboy (Clipe Oficial)

Escute onde quiser: Curtir Emicida: Twitter Facebook Instagram Curtir Fióti: Twitter Facebook Instagram Curtir Lab: Twitter Facebook Instagram Música Composição: Emicida, Nave e Julio Fejuca Intérpretes: Emicida e Fióti Direção artística: Fióti e Emicida Produção musical: Nave e Julio Fejuca Produção executiva: Raissa Fumagalli Mixagem: Maurício Cersosimo Masterização: Maurício Gargel Gravado no Lab Estúdio por Tofu Valsechi Gravadora: Lab Fantasma Clipe: Direção: Fred Ouro Preto Direção de fotografia: Lícia Arosteguy Assistente de direção: Thatiane Almeida 2º Assistente de direção: Alice Stamato Direção de Produção: André Bernardes Assistente de Produção: Supper Biro Assistente de produção: Tom Bertrand Maquinária: Habib Elétrica: Tin Tin Maquiagem: Tibby Ramos Figurino: Winnie Ramos 2º unidade de Câmera: Jorge Dayeh Assistente de Câmera: Cristiano Machado 2° Assistente de Câmera: Caio Rodrigues Logger: Dariely Belke Montagem: Douglas Aguiar e Fernando Freitas (Magnata) Colorização: Felipe Ino Elenco protagonista: Adriano Inocêncio, Danilo Oliveira Alves e Márcia da Conceição Soares Elenco de apoio: Charles Douglas Lopes, Daniel De Lima Siqueira, Denyel Nunes, Francisco Pereira, Humberto Sousa, Luiz Henrique Ruiz Monteiro, Pedro Junior Camargo, Renata Ramos Alves, Thalia Carvalho dos Santos e Welington Miranda Uma produção de Laboratório Fantasma Produções Letra: É sempre a vida sobre duas rodas Tipo um par de toca discos, enquanto o disco roda É sempre a vida sobre duas rodas Tipo um par de toca discos, enquanto o disco roda A cidade passeia pelo meu visor Quero ver os problemas só pelo retrovisor Desenrolar o esquema é tema, porque sou liso O sol nasceu, nóiz se benze e vai embora Com Jesus, oxalá, Buda e nossa senhora Com Jesus, Oxalá, Buda e Nossa senhora Com Jesus, Oxalá, Buda e Nossa senhora Com Jesus, Oxalá, Buda e Nossa senhora A fluir pela via, fui entre as faixa Suinga no bumbo, a toque de caixa Vô metendo marcha É toda uma vida sofrida Corrida nessas avenida, relaxa! Salto sem vertigem Origem, fuligem e graxa O vento me abraça O tempo que passa é sempre pouco Sem pipoco, suave meu parça, cachorro loco Conecta massa Comé qui tá? Massa? Firmão? Irmão, Motoboy é verbo de ligação A cidade passeia pelo meu visor Quero ver os problemas só pelo retrovisor Desenrolar o esquema é tema por que sou liso O sol nasceu, nóiz se benze e vai embora Com Jesus, oxalá, Buda e Nossa senhora Com Jesus, Oxalá, Buda e Nossa senhora Com Jesus, Oxalá, Buda e Nossa senhora Com Jesus, Oxalá, Buda e Nossa senhora É liberdade, adrenalina? Verdade! Junta o brilho dos olhos das meninas na cidade Tá achando que é esbórnia? Uhuu, Califórnia? É o Speed Racer, o The Flash Na capital do stress Samurai do trecho Nóiz que é o eixo Progresso é o que eu peço Saudade é o que eu deixo Na maior metrópole da América, band Qué sobreviver? Você tem que ser grande O coro preto a se fundir com a escuridão Entre os pontos de luz, eu briso na imensidão Sinal da cruz, uma oração Eu faço jus, jão Família de casa, família de rua Todo mundo a milhão, filhão Treta de gasolina, confusão Na general, os menino da América Sports deu mó atenção Nóiz ganha quem é de quebrada Atenção na caminhada E o grave do ronco das danada É sempre a vida sobre duas rodas Tipo um par de toca discos, enquanto o disco roda É sempre a vida sobre duas rodas Tipo um par de toca discos, enquanto o disco roda A cidade passeia pelo meu visor Quero ver os problemas só pelo retrovisor Desenrola o esquema, é tema por que sou liso O sol nasceu, nóiz se benze e vai embora Com Jesus, Oxalá, Buda e Nossa senhora (8x)

Everything Is Recorded - She Said (ft. Obongjayar & Kamasi Washington)

Taken from the album Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell, out now on XL Recordings. Director: Dear Mr Quistgaard Producer: Lee Groombridge Production Company: Somesuch

Fofoulah - Seye (official video)

Taken from Daega Rek Order CD/LP/DL: Stream/digital: The London based afro-dub ensemble Fofoulah, have followed-up their trailblazing debut album (“Fofoulah”/Glitterbeat 2014) with an even more shapeshifting and adventurous recording. Slippery sabar beats, dystopian electronics and echoing, shamanic chants ratchet up both the dub quotient and the dramatic tension. Creating a soundworld that is both earthy and urban, futurist and rooted - the new album “Daega Rek” (The Truth) is brought into sharp focus by the rhythms and vocals of Gambian sabar drummer Kaw Secka and the vivid production of keyboardist/saxophonist Tom Challenger. After the release of their self-titled first album, the band played extensively in the U.K. and Europe where - spontaneously - every concert would see Kaw Secka rise to the microphone (with his tama - a talking drum) and rap over the last song, cuing rhythmic patterns for the group to play in unison (called Bakas). It was decided to take this exploratory part of the shows forward into the next realm. The concept that emerged for the new album – “Daega Rek” – involved combining recordings of drums and percussion (laid down at Real World Studios) with improvisatory vocalizations and a production aesthetic that pushed the band’s collective sound in a much more electronic and dub-based direction. The resultant tracks were shaped by Challenger in his studio (Brockley, London), fusing the new rhythm sessions with a variety of manipulated, previous recordings of the band – while also adding an array of synthesizers and a vast sample palette. Secka then came in to lay down vocals and it was these contributions that went on to define the final songs. Every song has a different meaning, or message, all of them sung in Wolof, a language central to coastal West African countries such as The Gambia and Senegal. Secka’s lyrics explore a myriad of topics - ‘Njite’ for example, focuses on the importance of leadership, and all that it entails; ‘Seye’ (Marriage) explores the nature of human connection; and the title track ‘Daega Rek,’ sets its lens on truth and the riddles of reality. Says Secka: “The truth is only true; Where is death coming from? Something true, but what is the truth?” The rhythmic propulsion of the initial recordings made by drummer Dave Smith and Secka at Real World, melds with a backdrop of constantly shifting sonic colors - Johnny Brierley’s deep, melodic bass lines, underpin the evolving patterns of Phil Stevenson’s guitar which in turn, intersect with Challenger’s keyboards and the urgency of Secka’s incantations. The emphasis on the sonic structure and the identity of the material showcases its influences - traditional sabar drumming meeting glitchy electronics; and dub textures blending with elements of footwork and drum & bass. Moving outward, the band will tour their new show - alongside their original singer and dancer Batch Gueye - and will not only feature the music of “Daega Rek,” but also sounds from their past catalogue cast through a new lens. Fofoulah remind us that sonics and human experiences combine, resonate and land where they will. “Fortress” mentalities can slow this down, but the spirit of morphing and connectivity still flashes forward.

FUTURE AFRICA - "Ntombi Endala" (Official Music Video)

This is the first visual from the new act introduced by Aewon Wolf. "Future Africa". The song is about the bond and love shared between a mother and child and the visuals reflect how deep that bond goes Director: Aewon Wolf DO.P : Rey Editor : Aewon Wolf Vocals by: Sibu Nzuza, Mnqobi Yazo General: Mbondli Innocent Nkomo Soldier 1: Siphamandla Emmanuel Mdunge Soldier 2: Nkosingiphile Xulu Soldier 3: Sibusiso Sithole Mother: Yenziwe Sithole Son: Nqobile Hlela Executive Producer: Aewon Wolf Make Up: Petunia Ntuli and Phakayisiwe Onamandla Mbanjwa Styling: Sandile The Stylist Colour Grade: Aewon Wolf

GoGo Penguin - Bardo

Facebook : Twitter : Newsletter : Music video by GoGo Penguin performing A Humdrum Star - Album Teaser. (C) 2017 Decca Records France Video Producer : Antony BARKWORTH-KNIGHT Music video by GoGo Penguin performing Bardo. (C) 2018 Decca Records France

Homeboy Sandman & Edan - Grim Seasons

MC: Homeboy Sandman / Beat: Edan / from the record Humble Pi, coming 10/26/18. Animated by Kagan McLeod.


Produced by Scènégal Ethic & TAAW Directed by BenRichard & Ibaaku With the participation of Danniel Toya, sculptor Alien Cartoon - Akwaaba Music Order at: Stream at:

Imarhan - Ehad Wa Dagh (Official Video)

Imarhan's new album 'Temet' is OUT NOW Imarhan - Ehad Wa Dagh (Official Video) Directed by Visions Particulières - Cinematographer Paris : Lionel Rigal - Follow Imarhan on Facebook, Instagram and more This is the Official Youtube channel of Imarhan. To be kept up to date with all of the latest releases, new videos, tour information and more, SUBSCRIBE NOW

Jazzanova - Rain Makes The River feat. Rachel Sermanni (Official Video)


Kasper Bjørke Quartet - Dur For Vitus (Official Film)

Produced, arranged and mixed by Kasper Bjørke All synthesizers written and performed by Kasper Bjørke and Claus Norreen All piano parts written and performed by Jakob Littauer All cello, viola and violin parts written and performed by Davide Rossi Copyright Control / Peer Music Publishing Courtesy of Kompakt C & P Kompakt Records 2018 Listen to / buy The Fifty Eleven Project album here: Website: directed by JUSTIN TYLER CLOSE director of photography SNORRE RUHE produced by Prxjects (a culture laboratory initiated by Mercedes-Benz), Kasper Notlev (ArtOfficialAgency) & Institute of Weather editors KAMILLA BRUUS, JEFF WATTERSON colorists SAM GILLING, NURALI KUSHKOV featuring… KRISTJÁN INGIMARSSON, JENS BRENAA, KASPER BJØRKE, FIE PAARUP LARS BAHL, INGA BECK, AMALIE HOLM, INGA SKJULHAUG production designers MARIE BOYE & ANNE GRY SKOVDAL production design assistant Line Hvid first assistant camera Frederik Haslund second assistant camera Asger Ryø gaffers Frank Omø, Benjamin Ingvorsen, Jens Nedergaard & Malik Thomas Bruun drone operator ALEX SUHR location scout SOFIA LINFELDT post-production supervisor JEFF WATTERSON assistant editor JAKE SANDERS vfx COOPER VACHERON producer assistants Laura Vasegaard & Rikke Weischenfeldt production assistants Jasper Spanning, Nicoline Erdinger, Julius von Kauffmann, Nicholas BlUFF, Caroline Rievers & Rasmus Kyed thanks to SUS HAGEN, HENRIK LUND, HENRIK BUCHARDT, METTE BUCHARDT, LIVØ FERIECENTER, ALL THE PEOPLE LIVING ON LIVØ, BIRGITTE RASK, NANNA LETH FUGLSANG, IB MÅLØE, DORTE LETH, FUGLSANG HINDAL, EMILIE LINSAA, TØT MICHAEL KROMAND, BEREDSKABSCENTERET HEDEHUSENE, MONA BRAJKEA, FORBRÆNDINGEN ALBERTSLUND, SKT. HANS HOSPITAL, MERCEDES-BENZ DENMARK, KODAK, MAAN RENTAL, KAMERAUDLEJNINGEN, KIM JENSEN, FILMGEAR, NEWLAND, OUTSIDER EDITORIAL, AiAiAi, LOOM POST, ANOUK AUMONT, JOSH CLOSE, ALLDAYEVERYDAY, SOFT CITIZEN

Kirani AYAT - GUDA (Official Video) Directed. David Nicol-sey

Music Video by Kirani AYAT Performing "GUDA" Directed by David Nicol-Sey (North Productions) Stylist: Nana Kwasi Wiafe (Get Up Stand Out). "GUDA" is the 2nd single off AYAT's upcoming Aisha's Sun album. #kiraniayat #guda Stream/Download "GUDA": More "Kirani AYAT" Music : Follow Kirani AYAT: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: © 2018 AYAT Music Group.

Khruangbin - Evan Finds The Third Room (Official Video)

Buy album: Credits: Lady in green - Han Li Choreographer - Chris Miller Concept - Felix Heyes, Josh King Directors - Felix Heyes, Josh King, Mi Tian DP/Editor - Mi Tian Production - Wenshu Fan "We found the happiest lady in China. We told her that you don't need a real hula hoop to have fun. She agreed." - Josh King

Lonnie Holley - I Woke Up... (Official Video)

“I Woke Up in a Fucked-Up America” from ‘MITH' by Lonnie Holley out 9/21 on Jagjaguwar Stream & preorder now - Directed by Matt Arnett and Ethan Payne Produced by Matt Arnett and Lonnie Holley Shot and Edited by Ethan Payne Additional camera by Lee Garmon Song performed by Lonnie Holley, Marlon Patton, Dave Nelson, and Shahzad Ismaily Mixed by Phil Weinrobe Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk Featuring- Lonnie Holley Marlon Patton Dave Nelson Joe Minter Hilda Minter Dan Dial Richard Dial William Arnett Featuring the art of: Lonnie Holley Joe Minter Thornton Dial Purvis Young Ronald Lockett Mary T. Smith James "Son" Thomas Charles Williams Mose Tolliver Jimmie Lee Sudduth Mary Lee Bendolph Mozell Benson Gee's Bend quilters Richard Dial E.M. Bailey Joe Light Viva Vadim Hawkins Bolden Special thanks to Bradford Cox, Deerhunter, Ric Geyer, Virginia Prescott, Erin Brauer, Paul Arnett, Jagjaguwar, Eric Deines, Jessica Park, Chris Swanson
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