Out of Africa

DJ Jota P is from Luanda – Angola. His passion for music starts at an early age, listening to his uncle vinyl collection (45 RPM). Growing up listening to different kinds of music made him wonder about the connection between all of these genres: jazz, reggae, rumba, afrobeat, funk, soul, hip-hop, Latin, bossa nova, blues, Afro-Cuban rhythms, African traditional music and several other. He then became a DJ (consequently vinyl collector and events organizer) in 1999, playing in Lisbon, Cabo Verde, Angola and in the UK since then.
The Out Of Africa radio show music project started in Lisbon at the University, in 1999, as a university radio show, inspired by the out of Africa theory, in which the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, was originated in Africa and then spread throughout the remaining continents. In this movement throughout the continents, Homo Sapiens took with him cultural elements, one of them, music. In this project, we explore world music and global beats with an African perspective, seeking connections with Africa. Mostly, searching for Africa in the music we play and share.

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Podcast: Out Of Africa (April 2021)

This show is a trip through world music and global beats searching for the Oneness in humanity, regardless of all geographical, political, economic and all kinds of divisions, and identifications we might all have, in these times of uncertainties we search for Unity.   The unity that music brings to...