Podcast: Radio Mukambo #519 – Metropolitan Maloya


Ti’Kaniki pursues its passion for maloya and its various evolutions on Douz, album of the week on Radio Mukambo. United by their common passion for maloya, the collective brings together musicians from Reunion Island and metropolitan France with diverse origins.

This French Maloya fusion is only the start of one hour of musical encounters where afrobeat meets ethiogroove, Afro-Cuban rhythms strand in Mali and Caribbean beats echo in the Sahara desert.

You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: Ti’Kaniki Douz


  1. Tisdass – Assouf Nakal
  2. Polyrhythmics – Chelada
  3. Abdul & The Gang – La Fille Du Commissaire
  4. Marcus Gad meets Tamal – Tempo
  5. Yohann Le Ferrand feat. Mylmo – Doussoubaya
  6. Jembaa Groove – Suban
  7. Ti’Kaniki – Kadanse
  8. Afro-Zen Allstars – Lemon
  9. Juanita Euka – Baño De Oro
  10. K.O.G. – No Way
  11. Bonga – Ivuenu
  12. Ti’Kaniki – Vey Ta War
  13. Ti’Kaniki – Makillon
  14. Dowdelin – Tan Nou
  15. Afro-Zen Allstars – Guragigna



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