Podcast: Rebel Up’s Nightshop #80


Best wishes to everyone, up to a much more positive and hopeful year!

We start January 2021 with 3 hours of new global sounds, presented by Sebcat & Didi. 5 songs of the day from qawwali to gnawa, Brazilian indigenous activism, Arabic electro and Zanzibari pop.

Our albums of the month are Georgian folk group Zedashe (Electric Cowbell), experimental ethnic sounds by Raed Yassin (Akuphone), psych-rock by Cyril Cyril (Bongo Joe/Born Bad) and South African Makgona jive on Umsakazo Records. Followed by global electronic albums by Congolese & French project Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin (Jarring Effects), Botswana female singer Lollise based in NYC, Peruvian compilation Ilegal Internacional (Terror Negro Records), an action packed fundraiser compilation on Nyege Nyege Tapes and the new EP by Lisboa crew Tia Maria Produçoes (Principe Discos)

Download here: http://tiny.cc/rup80


Ustad Saami – True Notes (”Happy Morning”)
TsouKina – Chalaba
Criolo, Elza Soares, DJ MAM, DJ Dolores, Batida, Sônia Guajajara, Octa Push, Luana Flores – Blablabla
Ko Shin Moon – Al Ghali (feat. Sara El Rawy)
Zaza – Nduzangou

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: ZedasheSilver Sanctuary (Electric Cowbell Records)
Zedashe – Kakhuri Maqruli (Wedding Song, Kartl-K’akheti)
Zedashe – Aseti Ghame (Such A Night, Tusheti)
Zedashe – Shemomeqara Qivchaghi (I Met Qivchaghi On My Way, Kartl-K’akheti)

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Raed YassinArcheophony (Akuphone)
Raed Yassin – The Rain Prophet
Raed Yassin – A Fistful of Stardust

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Cyril CyrilYallah Mickey Mouse (Bongo Joe / Born Bad)
Cyril Cyril – Les Gens
Cyril Cyril – Al Boustan
Cyril Cyril – Yallah Mickey Mouse

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – Makgona Tsohle Reggi (Umsakazo Records)
Makgona T Band – Inkalakatha
Big Bad Boys – Paul Reggi
Marks Mankwan and His Alto Sax – Shaluza Marks n.3

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin – Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin (Jarring Effects)
Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin – Meki
Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin – Bordel du Rap
Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin – Mbila

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: LolliseLooking At You
Lollise – Afronaut
Lollise – It Goes On

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – Ilegal Internacional (Terror Negro Records)
Sonidos Profundos & Elena Mish Mish – Camina
Orieta Chrem – Fuego Violeta
Rathero – Lince

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: V/A – L’Esprit de Nyege 2020 (Nyege Nyege Tapes)
MC Kadilida – Amsha Dude
DJ Diaki – Calaman Diena Cheick
Nilotika Cultural Ensemble – We Love Nilotika
Yao Bobby & Simon Grab – Black Revolution

– ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Tia Maria ProduçoesLei Da Tia Maria (Principe Discos)
DJ Danifox – Xupetilson
DJ B.Boy – Kuribotas
Puto Márcio – Coisas da Vida

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