Podcast: Radio Mukambo #447 – Think Global, Play Local!

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Corona and the lockdown are causing a huge financial crisis in many sectors of the economy, hitting the musical sector extra hard with all club concerts and festivals cancelled until the end of August. The sector launched the hashtag #playlocal to support local bands once the club gigs and festivals will be back on track. Playing local bands is also smart keeping in mind there will be travel restrictions for a considerable time. So the Flemish VRT-radio decided play more local bands, but only the Flemish pop & rock they usually play. They forget all the local bands playing global sounds. So Radio Mukambo proposes to launch a new hashtag: #playglocal! This is of course a wink to the famous slogan: think global, act local!

This podcast is a taste of what Belgium has to offer in 2020. With music ranging from afrobeat & ethiogrooves over reggae & Latin rock to global hiphop & gnawatronics.


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CD of the week: Proyecto SecretoAlto



  1. Proyecto Secreto – Ethiopian Gipsy

  2. Azmari – K’aïsita

  3. Black Flower – I threw a lemon at that girl

  4. Kolonel Djafaar – Jamuka

  5. Daniel Dzidzonu – Afro Dream

  6. M.Chuzi – Samurai

  7. Fredy Massamba feat. Muthoni The Drummer Queen – Nkembo

  8. Dizzy Mandjeku – Qui A Crée L’Argent

  9. Baloji feat. Royce Mbumba – Le Jour d’Apres / Siku ya Baadaye (Independance Cha Cha)

  10. Anavantou! – Maracatu Êta

  11. El Juntacadáveres – 3-3-2

  12. La Chiva Gantiva feat. Speech (Arrested Development) – Cuero

  13. Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers – Sali Lento

  14. Proyecto Secreto – Rocksteady nr1

  15. Jamaican Jazz Orchestra – Scorcher

  16. Ozferti feat. Etenesh Wassié – Hagir Fikir (Love of the Country)

  17. Kosmo Sound – Furious

  18. Kel Assouf – Fransa

  19. Ammar 808 feat. Cheb Hassen Tej – Ain Essouda

  20. Cheb Runner feat. Maälem Hicham Bilali – Yabalini

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