Podcast: Radio Mukambo #454 – Sounds of the Sun

caoa RM454

This week we starts with a big up to Black Lives Matter and the global movement that is rising to end racism and take down statues of mass murderers and slave traders. We have a reggae track dedicated to all the haters out there!Radio Mukambo announces the first NYP Records release, a compilation by Global Riddims including Les Frères Smith featuring Seun Kuti.

We finish with plenty of global bass by Guedra Guedra from Morocco, Nihiloxica from Uganda, Zenobia from Palestine and Caribombo from Venezuela. Hailing from Casablanca, DJ/Producer Guedra Guedra delivers our cd of the week, Son Of Sun, exploring tribal polyrhythms of the past and dancefloor innovations from the current Moroccan underground.

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CD of the week: Guedra GuedraSon Of Sun



  1. Alpha Blondy – Sales Racistes
  2. Tiken Jah Fakoly – Christopher Columbus
  3. Pura Vida – Heart of the Last Ark
  4. Guedra Guedra – Black Wax
  5. Jungle Fire – Biri Biri
  6. Les Frères Smith feat. Seun Kuti – No Waiting
  7. Lucien Bokilo feat. Lokassa Ya Mbongo – Welcome To Colombia
  8. Caribombo – El Loco
  9. Guedra Guedra – Juke Lockstep
  10. Julinho da Concertina – Diabo Tocador
  11. Nihiloxica – Black Kaveera
  12. Zenobia – Edine
  13. Guedra Guedra – Anlo Kinka

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