Podcast: Radio Mukambo #458 – Groove Revelation

ethioda band

During a trip to Ethiopia, pianist and composer Daniel Moreau was inspired by the sounds he heard at “Timkat”, the mystical festival that gives title to our cd of the week, an encounter between the French ethiojazz band Ethioda and rapper Mac Singe.

Radio Mukambo also serves Brazilian afrobeat, a forgotten coladeira album from Rotterdam, new Afro-Latin singles by La Dame Blanche, The Rebel, Jah Sazzah feat. Nidia Góngora

++ Balkan beats by Kottarashky

++ a collaboration between Nina Simone & Lauryn Hill imagined by Amerigo Gazaway.

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CD of the week: EthiodaTimkat


  1. Nina Simone & Lauryn Hill feat. The Fugees – Ready Or Not (Amerigo Gazaway edit)
  2. Ethioda – Ambassel Blues
  3. Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – Blue Light
  4. schroothoop – Plastic Is Burning
  5. Ethioda – Fleur de Béton
  6. Andre Abujamra – Alma Não Tem Cor
  7. Zé Bigode Orquestra – Tikulafe
  8. Voz Di Sanicolau – Fundo De Maré Palinha
  9. Ethioda – Tis Abay
  10. Jah Sazzah feat. Nidia Góngora – Ya Casi Tarde
  11. La Dame Blanche – Cogelo con Calma
  12. The Rebel – El Ray Del Boogaloo
  13. Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra feat. Kottarashky – Macedonian Nightcrawler (Kottarashky Mix)
  14. Son Palenque – Ane Tacole

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