Podcast: Radio Mukambo #465 – Backwoods grooves

capa RM465 frankosun

With roots in the voodoo backwoods of Benin, Frankosun and The Family from Helsinki (Finland) deliver the cd of the week on Radio Mukambo. Their self-titled debut sounds like a resurrection of the Black President, Fela Kuti!

We focus on the third NYP Records compilation and “African Electronic Diaspora – Black Lives Matter”, a compilation by Rebel Up Records ++ new singles by Ammar 808 (Tunisia), Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos (Venezuela) & La Dame Blanche (Cuba).

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CD of the week: Frankosun And The Family


  1. Frankosun And The Family – Welcome to Benin
  2. Supergombo – Aluna
  3. Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos – Bocon
  4. AMMAR 808 – Marivere Gati
  5. AMMAR 808 feat. K.L.Sreeram – Mahaganapatim
  6. Frankosun And The Family – Malaria
  7. Blair French – Genes
  8. La Dame Blanche – La Maltratada
  9. Bahama Soul Club feat. Arema Arega – Mango
  10. Contento – Dale Melon
  11. Telefunksoul – AJA-YO (Dj Incidental Remix)
  12. Maga Bo feat. BNegão – Tempos Insanos

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