Podcast: Rebel Up Nightshop #103


New Nightshop show for February online, with songs of the day from Brussels/Morocco and Mauritius island.

12 albums of the month, starting with the compilation Padang Moonrise set in 1950’s Indonesia, followed by the lost album of Mauritanian family group Ahl Nana in desert traditional vibes, desert rock from Niger via young guitarist Moussa Tchingou, Northern Ghanaian social kologo funk & beats by the strong King Ayisoba, experimental southern Indian spheres by Seljuk Rustam and dubby grooves by Ghent band Kosmo Sound.

Studio Shap Shap from Niger unveil their EP with modern life sounds, while Lisbon afro Portuguese band Scúru Fitchadú bring fiery social political funana activism, DJ Rata Piano from Colombia with his champeta picotero remixes, the new jewel by Acid Arab & guests in heavy bass sounds, Deena Abdelwahed and her EP about LGTBQI rights in the Arabic world and finishing with noisy rolling beats by Belgian percussionist Kabaal.

Track list:

Sheikhs Shikhats & B’net Chaabi – Complainte Chaabi / Awmaloulou

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Various Artists – Padang Moonrise (Soundway Records)
Orkes Lokananta – Tari Bali
Orkes Lokananta – Nganggo Teklek Nang Krikilan
Orkes Kelana Ria – Ya Mahmud

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Ahl NanaL’Orchestre National Mauritanien (Radio Martiko)
Ahl Nana – Yer Sabou Yerkoy
Ahl Nana – Ahlane Ouassahlane
Ahl Nana – Timidawane Hewana

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Moussa TchingouTamaditine EP (Sahel Sounds)
Moussa Tchingou – Tamiditine
Moussa Tchingou – Derhan

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: King AyisobaWork Hard (Glitterbeat Records)
King Ayisoba – Good Things God Knows est. Raskuuku & Twinkle
King Ayisoba – People Talk Too Much feat. Ayuune Sule & Zea
King Ayisoba – Kokoko Enter feat. Zea

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Seljuk RustamCardboard Castles (Hivemind Records)
Seljuk Rustam – Body Of A Dolphin, Breasts Of A Cloud
Seljuk Rustam – Desi Bunny
Seljuk Rustam – The Dancer Is Seen Not Heard

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Kosmo SoundFruit Of The Void (Zephyrus Records)
Kosmo Sound – Amethist
Kosmo Sound – Ototoxic
Kosmo Sound – Banoffee Pie

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Studio Shap ShapLe Monde Moderne EP (Escalier 227)
Studio Shap Shap – Le Marché
Studio Shap Shap – Le Parc
Studio Shap Shap – La Porte

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Scúru FitcháduNez Txada Skuru Dentu Skina Na Braku Fundu (NubianRiot!)
Scúru Fitchádu – Korre Manuel
Scúru Fitchádu – Moku Na El
Scúru Fitchádu – Bakan

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: DJ Rata PianoCañonazos Picoteros (Palenque Records)
DJ Rata Piano – La Calabaza
DJ Rata Piano – La Propia Palenquera
DJ Rata Piano – La Botellita
DJ Rata Piano – Las Palmitas Taquilleras
DJ Rata Piano – La Cola

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Acid ArabTrois (Crammed Discs)
Acid Arab – Leila feat. Sofiane Saidi
Acid Arab – Döne Döne feat. Cem Yildiz
Acid Arab – Ya Mahla feat. Wael Alkak
Acid Arab – Habaytak feat. Ghizlane Melih

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Deena AbdelwahedFlagranti EP (Shouka)
Deena Abdelwahed – Flirt
Deena Abdelwahed – Homosapiens

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: KabaalKéké (Kitten Rhetorics)
Kabaal – Diyaki
Kabaal – Kéké



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