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Rebel Up started in 2007 as a DJ collective & promoter of global and diaspora sounds from all over the world.

With concert & party nights in Brussels (Belgium) & Amsterdam (Netherlands), the aim of Rebel Up! is to spread sounds from the global underground, cultural youth movements and social or political music styles. In early 2018 the Rebel Up! Records label has been created for digital and vinyl releases of contemporary global sounds & artists, already counting 20 releases and up.

Check out our remixes on soundcloud, mixtapes on mixcloud and several radio shows (Rebel Up Nightshop / Rebel Up @ Bruzz / Rebel Up & Friends on Kiosk Radio), enough sounds to select global and play local!

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Podcast: Rebel Up’s Nightshop #76

Podcast: Rebel Up’s Nightshop #76

Sweet September, 2,5 hours of music with 7 albums of the month and songs of the day. Starting with 3 songs of the day by Andy One, Penny Penny and Kemal Rachid. Our albums of the month start with traditional ritual Hauka folk music from Niger by Lingo Seino and...