Podcast: Rhythm Passport on Air w/ Eno Williams – Ibibio Sound Machine (April 2019)


We never made a secret of the fact that we love Ibibio Sound Machine music, so we were really looking forward to hosting at Soas Radio for the April episode of Rhythm Passport On Air, their frontwoman. Eno Williams.

Have a listen to our interview with Eno enriched by a selection of some of the hottest tunes of the month.


Ibibio Sound Machine – Doko Mien [from Tell Me (Doko Mien); Merge Records; 2019]

Liquid Liquid – Optimo [from Optimo EP; 99 Records; 1983]

IKOQWE – Pele [from Pele; A Lata; 2019]

Jhon Montoya feat. Pedrina – Solo Quiero [from Otun; ZZK Records; 2019]

The Comet Is Coming – Summon the Fire [from Trust In The Life Force Of The Deep Mystery; Impulse! Records; 2019]

Snarky Puppy – Bad Kids to the Back [from Immigrance; GroundUP Music; 2019]

The Bongo Hop feat. Kephny Eliacin – Grenn Pwonmennen [from Satingarona Part 2; Underdog Records; 2019]

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