Podcast: Rhythm Passport On Air with Christina Hazboun – Beirut And Beyond


There is before August 4th 2020 and after August 4th in the history of Lebanon. But there is also music and sound. What is the music scene like in Beirut? What artists and venues are there? And how has history been scored into the sound of a city exploded due to corruption and negligence?

Beirut and Beyond’s director Amani Semaan joins DanDana’s Christina Hazboun in an intimate, deep and honest conversation about the music scene in Beirut and the latest Beirut 20/21 compilation.

With an experience spanning a decade in the music scene in West Asia and North Africa, Amani Semaan recalls the events of the October Revolution, the exceptional, homegrown edition of Beirut and Beyond’s showcase festival in February 2020 and takes listeners through the last twelve months on the music scene in Lebanon.

From an intersectional socio-political and mainly musical perspective, you will hear about Beirut’s indie scene and how a whole community of artists, festivals and cultural operators came together to release a sonic postcard of the time of Beirut 20/21.

Take a seat and choose a quiet corner to soak in events unfolding within the music of Lebanon.

For the full compilation visit: https://beirutandbeyond.bandcamp.com/album/beirut-20-21

Elyse Tabet – We Slept Through The Day
Sandy Chamoun – Siret El Ro3eb
Jaafar Touffar – Nitrate
Liliane Chlela – 2025
Jana & Scarlett – Hyperbolic Funk
Dani Shoukri & Tarek Khuluki – Sari – A tribute to Rafeeq Shukri
Rust – Mawali

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