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Interview: Juanita Euka  – ‘Music, It’s a Trip’ (April 2022)

Interview: Juanita Euka – ‘Music, It’s a Trip’ (April 2022)

The end of March saw Juanita Euka release her first self-penned album called Mabanzo with Strut Records. Meaning ‘Thoughts’ in Lingala, it’s a sonic pot of musings. It’s laden with hooks and ever so danceable with a mix of Afro-Latino influence from soukous and son, to rumba and hip-hop.  She spells...
Podcast: Out Of Africa #7

Podcast: Out Of Africa #7

Out Of Africa A trip into world music through an African perspective, insight and inspiration! We all came from Africa! In this show, we travel from Congo's beautiful voices, Franco and its famous O.K Jazz Orchestra, jazz from Ethiopia, the famous ethio-jazz, with its oriental expressions, and South African jazz, with...